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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Two New Stretch Goals!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The number crunching is complete. I'm delighted to lay out a two phase roadmap for adding the wooden seed tokens we all want! 

Eleventh Stretch Goal - $90,000


This goal will add 36 wooden seed tokens with screen-printed seed designs on both sides. This is in addition to the 40 wooden druid tokens unlocked previously, tricking out your copy of Lagoon with a grand total of 76 wooden tokens! This will complete the upgrade of all tokens from punchboard to painted wood.

Several things to note about these tokens:

  • They will NOT be added to the base game of Lagoon sold at retail, making them a nice non-exclusive perk for backing Lagoon on Kickstarter! 
  • The game will still include all the punchboard seed tokens. 
  • These seed tokens (16mm) are smaller than the punchboard seed tokens (19mm). If that saddens you, please take a look at the next stretch goal. 
  • This goal provides 12 wooden seed tokens in each energy, whereas there are 16 punchboard seed tokens in each energy. Twelve tokens is actually the number all prototypes of Lagoon have used, which is plenty. We're doing more punchboard seeds because having extras may be handy and we have space for them. 

Twelfth Stretch Goal - $100,000


This goal will upgrade all 36 wooden seed tokens from 16mm to 19mm. The larger size is the same as the punchboard seed tokens.

This would truly make Lagoon more beautiful than I ever imagined possible, with full credit to backers for the idea!

More Art to Share

Drakinymph, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Eduardo Garcia
Drakinymph, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Eduardo Garcia

If you didn't click through to BoardGameGeek last update to see all the new illustrations, here's a closer look at the Drakinymph

Click here to see Deonium Arch and other recent illustrations, and please thumb them! 

You need a BoardGameGeek account to thumb the images (green button to the left), but it only takes a few moments to set one up.

Catching Back Up

Laying the ground work for the seed token stretch goals took way more time than I expected, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait! 

As a result though, I've fallen a bit behind in thanking new backers (welcome!), responding to backer messages (sorry!), and laying out new Destiny Puzzles. But sleep is another thing I've fallen behind on, and at this point catching up on that needs to be my top priority. Once I've rested, I'll get back into the usual crazy swing of things!

New backers, visit update eighteen if you're curious about the Lagoon Destiny Puzzles!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Karim Moussally on


      I actually agree with Anthony, the smaller size for the seed tokens is preferable. It's another way of visually distinguishing between the different types of tokens.

    2. Missing avatar

      Emily Garcia on

      Has there been any update about ordering multiple copies of the game?

    3. TheOnlyProphet on

      Almost there. Less than $2k to go

    4. David Chott 2-time creator on

      It's fabulous to see such an enthusiastic response to the latest stretch goals! Glad the wooden seeds make folks happy. :-)

      Anthony: I'm trying to keep things simple and straightforward on my first board game KS campaign, which means I'm wary of add-ons. As product variation increases, it introduces additional risk to the project. By limiting the complexity, it should be easier for me to execute successfully and meet my obligations to backers.

    5. Anthony Crider

      Actually, I kind of like the fact that the seeds are slightly smaller than the druids. They're seeds after all. :-)

      Also, once the KS ends, would we be able to add extra tokens as an add-on?

    6. Jesse Stern on

      I don't understand... It wont let me share on other peoples Facebook O_o

    7. Missing avatar

      lance on

      Amazing work, Time to start spreading the word everyone!

    8. Pha3drus on

      Pure Sweetness! This makes me so happy! We are totally gonna blow those goals away!

    9. ORCPnP on


      Talk about a good-morning AWESOME! So within reach and so gonna make the game spectacularly killer! I pity the fools who only get the retail cardboards!

      THANK YOU!!!!

    10. Ryan McLean on

      Wow, this is exciting! Receiving these updates and feeling like being part of this process has been a wonderful experience. This is super cool David!

    11. Daniel DeMars on

      This is great news! Even as someone who is not generally a huge fan of wooden components, I am really happy this game will have them. It just feels right.

    12. Fernando on

      I am fine with components upgrade (i really apreciate this kind of things and i love when a game looks gorgeous), but i will better love some expansions (or mini-expansions) to increase replayability and variety. It could also be sold later as promos.

    13. Jordan Farrell on

      Totally worth the wait, hope we can hit 100K! It looks like this campaign is trending to about that number :)