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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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    1. Jonathan Venezian

      @Mike I'm used to puzzling through the old "how do you win in 1 turn" M:tG puzzles in Scrye magazine, so I am a fairly tough customer :-D

    2. Peter Wocken on

      I'm going to be pushing for some fox druids. I shall call them Ylvis-ites, and they shall continuously ask the important question, ever. What does the fox say?…

      Seriously though, really excited about the idea of a bear faction. Would there be a preference for a bear head, profile of a standing bear, or on all fours?

      –Peter Wocken

    3. Bartosz Rzepka on

      Firstly - yay for your succes and for better components for us…
      Secondly - I love the idea of puzzles (maybe I would prefer more complex, but I can wait for them)
      Thirdly - I nominate sickle (but I agree - bear is the most awesome)
      Fouthly (I had to check this word in dictionary - my english never came thus far :P ) - I know that it could be out of scope, but with tiles so gorgeous I would love some minis or meeples instead of chips.
      Fifthly - I would love some excuse to put stone circles, obelisks and oak trees into game (maybe a little rule to make a tile invincible or provide extra energy) - but 1) I know the tiles are places, so it could be redurant and not thematic 2) I would not dare to interfere with original rules

    4. Michael Mindes on

      I nominate and vote for Bear! It makes me wish I had supreme voting authority, because bear is the most awesome.

    5. Mike Mullins

      I'm glad you're trying the puzzles out Jonathan, and thanks for the feedback. The "first turn unravel" puzzle is absolutely easy. It's purpose is just to introduce the concept, and get folks used to the way the mechanics work.

      The second puzzle is more open-ended, again intentionally. You are quite right however, that I should have added something to the effect of "find the *best* way..." in order to clarify. Having three druids on the board without spending a seed is the optimal result.

      Based on your puzzle chops, you'll likely also find the solution to Very Vowelon without much trouble. It's quite linear, but its a great way to show off what red energy is capable of. Fear not, more taxing puzzles are lying in wait...

    6. Jonathan Venezian

      Or I guess, if in general "find the best solution that does X" is a general goal, that's fine too. I just found the first answer so blindingly obvious I spent half an hour trying to figure out why that *couldn't* be a workable solution...

    7. Tim on

      Solid stretch goal. Higher quality components are always welcome!

    8. Jonathan Venezian

      Puzzle One, I found easy, and I could find no path other than the one listed.

      Puzzle Two - You can do it many ways if spending the seed is OK, or if ending with 3 druids is ok, or... so I think the goal needed tightening up a bit.