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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Lagoon Funded in 3 days!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Thanks to all of you, we have manifested the magically mysterious world of Lagoon from the realm of dreams into the fabric of reality! I am indebted to you for believing in me and my unconventional fantasy druid world. Collectively, our druid circle is mighty! A small contribution from each one makes a big dream come true. Thank you!

Fortunately, we still have a lot to look forward to! The first stretch goal adding a new set of druid tokens with a backer chosen design is just $2,000 away (actually, $1895 at this moment). And that's just the beginning. Now that Lagoon is funded, help spread word far and wide in your circles of friends and invite them to join the Lagoon circle! With each person we add to the circle, Lagoon gets stronger and more of its secrets and stretch goals will be unlocked.

But there's still a lot of other exciting information packed into this update. There's a site preview for one of the simplest yet most powerful sites in Lagoon. And check out the Destiny Puzzles section, which will be a regular feature of each update challenging you to mastermind one action packed turn of Lagoon every update!

Site Preview: Gruu's Refuge

Gruu's Refuge is an Elemeen haven. It's the starting haven in the recommended tile setup for your first few games. It's one of the most powerful sites in all of Lagoon, and it helps new players get going faster.

We introduced and explained havens in the first update, so go back and check it out if you're a new backer or want to refresh your memory.

The magic ability provided by Gruu's Refuge is the simplest in the game: "Refresh any druid." When one of your druids invokes this ability, you can choose any exhausted druid on the board and refresh it. (Any means any, so in a 4 player team game you could refresh a teammate's druid.)

What makes this so powerful is that normally each of your druids can only perform one action during your turn. With Gruu's Refuge, you can perform multiple actions with any of your druids. Perhaps you want to move a druid twice in one turn.

Even better, you could move a druid into a site, refresh the druid, and then unravel that site. Since you normally only get to refresh druids once, at the beginning of your turn, you would only be able to unravel a site that you positioned your druid on in your previous turn. Being able to refresh a druid makes it possible to enter a site and unravel it all in one turn! That's a huge efficiency gain, and let's you unravel sites that your opponents may have explored since your last turn.

One of the many other cool things you can do using Gruu's Refuge is take multiple actions with your Eldrid. Taking a step back, your Eldrid is your elder druid, and is vastly more powerful than your normal druids. That's because there are quite a few sites in Lagoon that offer extremely powerful magic abilities that can only be invoked by an Eldrid. However, since your Eldrid can usually only invoke a single action each turn, that limits their awesome power somewhat. But with a site that let's you refresh druids, like Gruu's Refuge, you can take 2, 3 or more actions with your Eldrid in the same turn! This makes it possible for you to accomplish so much more in a single turn, which is incredibly fun and can give you the upper hand over your opponents!

There are so many other situations in which you will love having Gruu's Refuge available to you, and you will be at a disadvantage if the site is in play and you're not occupying it. Fortunately though, since it is a haven site, you can always summon a druid from your supply directly to the site and start using the refresh ability immediately (assuming you have a druid in your supply).

Being able to effortlessly refresh your druids makes everything easier to accomplish, so many players shed a few tears if Gruu's Refuge is unraveled and its juicy magical refresh ability leaves play. Then again, sometimes you'll want to the be player who unravels it just to take it away from your opponents, or to be the player who gets to use it one more time than everybody else. Efficiency counts!

Destiny Puzzles

This section of the update will present a sample Lagoon board setup with some of your druids on it, and then pose an objective for you to accomplish in a single turn. Similar to chess puzzles for chess, these exercises will help you develop a tactical understanding of Lagoon and get some practice putting together combo plays to realize your agenda. Essentially, this gives you a way to start playing Lagoon right now! 

Every update, you'll get to discover what it's like to mastermind a great turn and develop your destiny-forging skills. And the man we all have to thank for these puzzles is Mike Mullins! I met Mike at the GenCon board game convention where, as he describes it, he was ensorcelled by Lagoon. I sent a prototype copy home with Mike, and his involvement in Lagoon has only grown since. We're incredibly lucky to have Mike's creative force helping make Lagoon even better. From here on out, this is his corner of the update.

Puzzle Master Mike's Introduction

I am very pleased to be working with David to develop Lagoon puzzles and other whole new formats to play Lagoon that you'll probably hear about soon. 

In the meantime, as inspired by the Magic puzzles I used to do in Scrye magazine, I'm going to be presenting a different Lagoon puzzle with each Kickstarter update. You should be able to play and solve these puzzles using just the board setup images we provide, but it might be a little bit easier if you've made your own print and play copy of Lagoon

Also, you'll need a basic understanding of how to play Lagoon either from watching UndeadViking's video overview or from reading the Lagoon rules. A dedicated "how to play" video will soon be added to the Game Overview section of the main Kickstarter page (or may already be there if you're reading this at a later date).

Puzzle Basics

If you have a hard time reading a puzzle, click the image to download a larger PDF version. 

Each puzzle gives you an objective you must accomplish to solve it. Every puzzle also has a "Tiles in Bag" box that shows the site tile you could draw from the bag if you were to explore, and sometimes a sequence of multiple site tiles in the bag will be indicated. You may or may not need to explore in order to solve the puzzle!

The first puzzle below includes the solution, so if you get stuck you'll be able to walk through the steps to meet the objective. Go ahead and try it! Further down below, we give you a second puzzle to ponder. But the solution to that one won't be provided until the next update! It is also entirely possible, and even likely, that for many puzzles more than one solution exists. That's what makes Lagoon fun!

Puzzle One: First Turn Unravel

(Click image to view larger PDF version)

Puzzle Two: Safe Havens

Solution to be provided in the next update!

(Click image to view larger PDF version)

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    1. Jake Roesler on

      Congrats! Good games with good components get funded! Well done.

    2. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Daniel! Me too. :-)

    3. Daniel

      Congrats on getting funded so quickly! Looking forward to the rest of the campaign.