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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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BGG.CON, Shipping, and lots more!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

This update covers a lot of topics, quickly: 

  • Shipping status
  • Customer service
  • Solo rules sheet
  • Lagoon storage
  • Oddball game tokens

Once you've played Lagoon a few times, please consider visiting the Lagoon BoardGameGeek page to rate the game, review it, or join the discussion!


3 Hares Games will be at BGG.CON next week -- please visit our booth and say hello! We'll have a range of promos to hand out, including a promo game tile, some promo druids, and promo art cards. And be sure to visit the BGG Store at the con to pick up a DIFFERENT promo game tile, which they'll have for online sale a bit after the con.

Our booth number is 304, in the "Made in Texas" exhibitor hall.

Shipping Status

All orders should have shipped by now, except 4 in Asia that had language issues in the address that are being resolved. 

If you are in the US, Canada or the EU and have not yet received your rewards, please message me. Backers in other parts of the world should start receiving their rewards very soon!

Customer Service

If your copy of Lagoon has damaged or missing components, I'll replace them. Please take a few photos of any damaged pieces, then email pics and details to: support AT

Service Schedule

I regret I haven't been able to respond to every service request yet. My work load has been quite high for several weeks now, and I'm a one person operation. I need to slow down a bit now to rest and catch up on sleep, but I also want to set a schedule so you know what to expect.

By the end of this weekend I will have responded to every service request. Next week, replacement parts will begin to ship out. I'll be at BGG.CON most of the week though, so the bulk of replacements won't ship until Thanksgiving week. If you want me to hold your shipment until after Thanksgiving, please send me a message.

Solo Rules Sheet

In addition to the main rulebook, you will notice a supplemental rules sheet (page 17/18) in your copy of Lagoon. This sheet is intentionally separate, to serve as a handy reference while playing the solo mode of Lagoon. I store this separate sheet in the middle of the rulebook.

Also, if you have questions or comments about solo play, visit this thread on BoardGameGeek.

Lagoon Storage

My preferred storage scheme
My preferred storage scheme

Unsure how best to organize and store your Lagoon components in the box after punching them out? I share my storage scheme in this thread on BoardGameGeek, which includes alternate suggestions from backers as well.

Oddball Game Tokens

Oddball tokens included with Lagoon
Oddball tokens included with Lagoon

You may have noticed some oddball tokens are included with Lagoon. There was extra space on the punchboard, so we had fun making special tokens that may see use in an expansion, or not. 

The white player marker, for example, can be used as the marker for one of the upcoming promo druid circles. And backer Jeshua suggests using the 3 Hares tokens to mark havens on the board if you want to make them stand out more. Great idea!


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    1. Pha3drus on

      Just wondering when the promo tile(s) we'll be up on the BGG store? Been watching for it!! :-)

    2. Charles on

      I received my game a few weeks ago and it is a lovely product. I'm hoping to get a game or two played before the year is out!

    3. David Chott 2-time creator on

      James/Phillip/Amraphel: I expect the BGG.CON promo tile will go up on the BGG Store eventually.

      LucasPung: I'll look into this and send you a message.

    4. LucasPung on

      Hi David, I am from Singapore and was just informed by my friend that he received his copy last week but I have not received mine till today. Pls help to check on my order thanks.

    5. Amraphel

      As much as I would have loved to make it to BGG Con this year, it didn't work out. Definitely would love to see the con promos become available for those of us who couldn't make it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Phillip James on

      Another voice hoping I'll have the opportunity to collect all the promo tiles though I can't make it to BGG Con.

      Seeing the new tiles on the BGG store would relieve my disappointment.

      Great game David!

    7. Missing avatar

      James Cameron on

      Another vote here for both promo tiles eventually being available at the BGG store, that would be excellent.

      And I have to say, just having opened and punched my copy, that the components are excellent -- very high quality and really beautiful; the game looks absolutely fantastic on the table. And the wooden tokens are great -- they definitely make the KS version something special. Nice work David, this is a game to be proud of...

    8. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Zen: Just sent you a KS message.

      Eric/Alexis: Thank you for saying that. I want to deliver the best customer service I can, but the work load at peak times of the campaign is overwhelming. It's a juggling act. :-)

      Joe: I'm sorry it was not easier to find the rules for the promo tile! I've been wanting to do as you suggest for a while, so went ahead and just added a webpage to the 3 Hares Games website with the promo tile rules:

    9. Missing avatar

      Joe Johnson on

      Perhaps linking the instructions on how to use a totem site on the website or somewhere else obvious. I had no instructions included in my KS box and finding them buried in an update somewhere was difficult. But the game looks great! I'm looking forward to introducing it to my gaming group tonight.

    10. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Received my stuff last week and I'm in Canada, so things must be going pretty well on that front; and Eric Ng is right - I know from experience.

    11. Eric Appleguy on

      Don't be so hard on yourself. From what I've seen so far, you've done much better than many 'bigger' outfits and KS projects.

    12. Missing avatar

      JV on

      Super news on the puzzles! Thanks David :)

    13. Zen L

      @David: I know you said on twitter that my copy shipped on Monday, though I didn't get a tracking number. Should I have gotten one?

    14. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Janine: You are correct that the sites moved around a bit between the PnP and the production version of the game, so some of the puzzles from the KS campaign no longer match up to the production tiles. But Mike is already creating new puzzles for the production version, and we plan to include one puzzle with each issue of the 3 Hares Games newsletter!

      Donn: Currently, I would recommend using just one promo tile per game. Though you are certainly free to experiment. It's certainly possible that a good experience can be had with more than one, but I haven't tested it yet myself. There is a chance the third promo tile will appear on the BGG store at some point.

    15. donnbobhardy

      Can only one Totem site be used per game? Or can you start with all 3?
      I would propose that the BGG.COM promo be made available on the BGG Store as well. Maybe wait longer before you put it up so that the con attendees can feel special for a little while.

    16. Missing avatar

      JV on

      Speaking of solo: I really enjoyed the puzzles that mike created for the pnp. It seems that the official tiles are set up with different backs and fronts. Any chance for new puzzles that work with the tiles?

    17. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Roel: Other Europeans have expressed similar interest, and it's something I'll look into after the craziness of the next few weeks pass. Do you know how any other US publishers might have done this in the past?

      Hickname: You've got it right. All three promos feature totem sites on both sides, and the two upcoming promos can be used in play the same way as the KS promo.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hickname on

      So, we have 3 promo tiles now:
      - KS promo from Update #39
      - BGG.CON promo
      - BGG Store promo
      Am i right?

    19. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      As an international backer in the Netherlands, I would greatly appreciate the con-exclusive promo to be made available at some point through other means.
      Having said that, I'm really enjoying the "base" game so far, great work! :)

    20. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Brad: Likewise!

      Azedenkae: I think there should be a tracking number sent, because I provided email addresses. Let me research this.

      Jeremy: Always glad to hear people trying the solo mode.

      64 Oz. Games: Agreed. Really, I guess I should have said they may be used for a future variant or perhaps with a promo. If an expansion requires special tokens, it will include them.

      Daniel/Referee/Jade: One of the promo tiles will be available through the BGG Store online. Not sure what I'll do with the other one, but at least expect I'll have it at Origins and GenCon next year. And these promos are really experimental in design -- I don't think anyone's game will be incomplete without them.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jade Deale on

      Ahhh I'm really disappointed that the game has so many promo tiles now, especially where so many backers / buyers so far "seem" to be excluded from some. I steer clear of games like Magic: The Gathering where you don't have a complete game and feel a lack unless you gobble up more and more releases to keep up. Nonetheless innovations for David to make well deserved money are awesome nonetheless, of course.

    22. Missing avatar


      Do you have an alternative for those who (mainly by distance) can't make it to BGGCON?

    23. Ryan McGuire

      Can't wait to see you (and get my hands on those promo tiles) at BGG.CON!

    24. donnbobhardy

      If anyone going to BGGCON is willing to get me an extra promo tile, let me know. My email is in my bio.

    25. Daniel DeMars on

      (Sorry for the double post, I'm posting from my phone, which apparently has a lag)

    26. Daniel DeMars on

      *really* wishing I could have made it to BGG Con this year (and I would have had it been at all possible). Any chance the con promos will be available at a later date?

    27. Daniel DeMars on

      *really* wishing I could have made it to BGG Con this year (and I would have had it been at all possible). Any chance the con promos will be available at a later date?

    28. 64 Oz. Games on

      I'll see you at BGGCON for sure, but I would caution, talking about the extra stuff, relying on players keeping those for any expansions. They had no clear purpose in the game and I think you would really piss off the guy who bought the expansion just to realize that he needed a token he threw out. If you mentioned in the manual that you might use them that would be different but you didn't so error on the side of caution.

    29. Rick Scholes on

      I use the 3Hares tokens to mark where a once per turn action was taken. Looking forward to something new from David to make use of all these "oddball" tokens.

    30. Jeremy Rowland

      Finally going to break out my copy and play a solo game tonight or tomorrow in preparation for learning it before BGG.con. Hopefully I'll also get to squeeze in a 2-player game with my son and/or more players at a local gaming group. Looking forward to saying hi in person!

    31. Missing avatar

      Azedenkae on

      Yay! Can't wait for the game to arrive! :) /landdownunder

      Out of curiosity, do we international backers get a tracking number for our shipment, or is it just a matter of wait and see? I know Chinese shippers in general are hard to deal with (as you know to) and may not be entirely reliable with information, so I'm not too fazed (with when it gets shipped/arrive here either), but if there is tracking, then that's awesome. :D

    32. Brad Warren

      Sweet! I'll be at BGG Con next week too... looking forward to meeting you!