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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Shipping Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

My most recent shipping estimate was mid-October, but unfortunately it's looking more like late October now. Games are scheduled to ship in the EU next week, but a few hiccups with fulfillment in other regions leave me without hard ship dates yet. Full details by region are below.

I appreciate you understanding that my estimates are my best guesses made in good faith. Thank you for your patience as I navigate the complexities of global logistics for the first time! 

United States and Canada

I learned on Monday that the container carrying the retail copies of Lagoon had arrived at my distribution partner's warehouse. I was expecting the pallets of the Kickstarter copies of the game to be arriving at my fulfillment partners ( and Snakes & Lattes) about the same time. 

Unfortunately, when I emailed my freight broker for an update I was disappointed to learn the pallets are still in Chicago. I was told earlier that pallets take 2-3 days more to process than do full containers, but for some reason in this case it has taken much longer and I don't know why I wasn't informed of the delay earlier. It's frustrating, but I've expressed how important it is to get these moving ASAP and I anticipate having an ETA from my freight broker soon.

Also, to be clear, I've given firm instructions to my distribution partner that Lagoon cannot hit retail shelves until backer copies have shipped.

Bottom Line: I anticipate the games will probably arrive at my fulfillment partners next week and begin shipping shortly thereafter. I would be very surprised if they don't ship before the end of the month.

European Union and Vicinity

Spiral Galaxy was not able to ship these before heading to the Essen game fair in Germany that's happening right now, but will next week.

Bottom Line: Spiral Galaxy plans to commence shipping on Wednesday, October 22.

Other International

I continue to be frustrated by the slow communication with my fulfillment partner 4PX. They setup an account for me to upload all the fulfillment details a week ago, but the login didn't work. I've sent multiple emails pushing to resolve this issue and they tell me they're working on it. I just sent another message imploring them to fix my account before the weekend so we can get on with fulfillment.

Bottom Line: I'm escalating my pressure on 4PX, and am still optimistic we can get your games shipped in October.

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    1. Brandon Kempf

      Yeah, getting the game after retail would only really bother me if it were a long time after retail, a couple days is not a huge deal to me. Heck, we might even be able twist that into a positive and see how fast they fly off the retail shelves. :)

      Thanks for keeping us up to date David!

    2. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Tyson: Yes, my manufacturer's factory is in Shenzhen and that's where 4PX will be shipping games from.

    3. Missing avatar

      Victoria Franc on

      already getting excited ;) thank you for all the updates!

    4. Tyson Cross on

      @David Thanks for the update! I am very impressed with your project organization, and I can't wait to play my copy of the game.

      May I ask, are the copies to be delivered by 4PX currently waiting in Shenzhen?

    5. Jeff Hiatt on

      Thanks for all of the updates. I am very excited to see this project come to life. I am very much looking forward to playing this. I am also one of those that don't mind if it hits the retail shelf before I get mine. Keep up the great work!

    6. Brett MacDonald on

      Keep up the great work David!

    7. David Chott 2-time creator on

      I appreciate all the support, thank you!

      It's kind to say you don't mind if games hit retail stores before your copy ships. I said I wouldn't do that though, and so I won't. We'll get the hiccups cleared soon!

    8. Missing avatar


      Yeah, I agree. Good intentions are OK, but when there is people not thinking the same it's best to avoid the issue.

      On the delay, if all that it has done is moving it from mid-october to late-october, then it's not a big deal at all, though I appreciate your effort on keeping us informed, and that's why this was a great campaign.

      Keep up the good work. I hope these hiccups are solved quickly and everyone of us, each of the 3,503 backers, can get the game quickly and without problem. Then let the games hit retail one point three seconds later.

    9. Mydienon on

      Thank you for keeping us updated! Backers who comment are frequently more understanding (not always, but usually). I agree with Shane White, and you, that holding back retail until Kickstarter shipments have gone out is the right decision.

      (Although I personally, like the backers below, also don't mind my game arriving after retail.)

    10. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      I wish I could agree with the backers below that you should allow retail sales as soon as possible. Unfortunately I've read the backlash and vitriol that ensues from this kind of decision, from backers that are less understanding and appreciative of your efforts. I'd encourage you to stay the course as planned, just to avoid that can of worms.

    11. David E. on

      You should release the retail copies asap! I have zero problem with others buying the game before I get mine! This is kickstarter not a pre order site. I backed a game I believed in and want it to succeed!

    12. Make Big Things on

      Thanks for all the great updates. Shipping is a many-headed hydra! :)

    13. Travis Bryant

      If Kickstarter has taught me one thing (and it's actually taught me quite a few) it's that shipping is terrible worldwide, for everyone but the biggest of the bigs.

      No worries on the delay and I look forward to the game when it arrives.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kolten Rozell on

      I would've understood if I got my copy after retail release due to factors outside of your control. Thank you for keeping us updated I really appreciate it. Look forward to playing Lagoon.

    15. Hugo Souza on

      For whatever this may be worth, I don't mind getting my copy after retail, as long as I get it. I fully understand you are not in full control of all the gears in the machine, so I personally feel it's a waste of resources to keep retail copies of the game in stock, just for the sake of fulfilling my pledge before somebody else gets a hold of the game. I'm probably the only backer that feels this way, but there you have it.

    16. ORCPnP on

      Thanks for the update and thanks for placing your backers first! Can't wait to dig in!

    17. Jamie Drakos on

      Go David! Wrestle those shipping companies to the ground. :) not worried about the delay and excited to get our copies around Halloween sometime. Yay!