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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Final Address Changes, Shipping Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Your games are getting closer to delivery time! Full details are below, but in brief I currently expect all rewards to ship out to backers in mid-October.

Final Address Changes

This is last call for address changes! If you need to update your address, please send me a message with your new address through the Kickstarter website by Wednesday, October 8.

Shipping Update in Detail

United States and Canada

Fortunately the delays at the port in Long Beach were minimal. The games are now due to arrive by train in Chicago on October 7. It will take a few days to reload the games onto separate trucks. One is headed to an warehouse in Tennessee for fulfillment to U.S. backers, and the other is headed towards Canada for fulfillment by Snakes & Lattes. I still expect games to begin shipping to backers in mid-October, hopefully arriving in your hands before November.

European Union and Vicinity

The games have arrived in the UK, and will soon be transferred to my fulfillment partner, Spiral Galaxy. However, Spiral Galaxy advised me that their staff will be attending the Essen game fair in Germany next week, so there's a decent chance they won't be able to ship the games until the following week. I'll send an update once they know for sure when the games will ship.

Other International

I'm glad to report that communication with 4PX (my fulfillment partner) resumed late last week. They provided some of the answers I needed, and I'm hoping they'll be able to pick up the games from the factory this week. My contact at 4PX is in the Hong Kong office, and I suspect the political unrest there may be contributing to the communication delays. I'm sorry the details on timing are still uncertain here, but I'm doing all I can to move things forward. I'll let you know once I have better information. For now, I anticipate these games will ship by mid-October.

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    1. Alexander Sauer on

      First read then comment... :-/ sorry

    2. Alexander Sauer on

      Esssen Pick up would be a win win for Spiral Galaxy and for the backers who attend! :-)

    3. PBunny on

      No problem David! If everything goes as planned I may be able to pick up my SoBS pledge there, so my bags'll be full either way

    4. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Unfortunately, the logistics for offering Essen pickup are just not feasible for me to orchestrate. Sorry!

    5. Otter

      You make it seem so easy, David!

      Can't wait to play this over the holidays.

    6. Mattie Schraeder on

      It makes me sad that this is going to be 4 hours away from me today only to pass within 30 minutes of me a few days later, before making it 6 hours away and forcing me to wait for Amazon to finally ship it.

      It's going to be so close, and yet so far away :(

    7. Mikaël Le Bourhis on

      Essen pick up will be great indeed :)

    8. ORCPnP on

      Can I save y'all some money by grabbing my copy when its here in Chi-Town? ;P

    9. PBunny on

      I'm going to Essen too, a backer pick-up would be great. However I don't mind waitinvg a bit longer if that's not possible.

    10. Missing avatar

      Vincent de Wildt on

      I would like to save Spiral Galaxy some shipping costs by picking up my copy at Essen!!

    11. Brien Borchardt on

      Game looks great, and I'm super excited to get my hand on this!

    12. Archona Games on

      Essen pick up would be great!

    13. Khoral on

      Hi :)
      +1 if Spiral Galaxy is able to bring backers' copies to Essen, I'll be there too and will be able to get it if possible :D

    14. Dave Anderson on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop, very happy with how everything is going with this Kickstarter. Can't wait to get this game!

    15. Peter Hofland on

      Hi David. Will Spiral Galaxy bring Lagoon to Essen? Would love to play a demo when I'm there on the Friday. It's probably to much hassle to ask for my copy to be in Essen for pickup ;-)