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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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    1. Pedro on

      I need an Expansion for Lagoon pliz :)

    2. Matt Mock on

      Whats going on out there? Havent heard from David on new projects he mentioned in past.

    3. Nicholas Luthy on

      Has anyone heard any news on future or expansions?

    4. Joel Hammonds on

      Is there any chance anyone has any extra copies of the wooden bear tokens?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Such a shame David has abandoned Lagoon.
      I only just discovered he tried to convert to cards.

      Maybe he should team up with Gamelyn games of tiny epic fame.

    6. Missing avatar

      Reiiya on

      Popping by to say that game is amazing!

    7. Eric Appleguy on

      Same here. Was just going through all the projects I've backed that are still waiting to be delivered. Then I thought about Lagoon and it brought a smile to my face. Thank you for doing an awesome job.

    8. Marc J. Kolb

      I can't wait to hear about expansion announcements! Any coming up soon?

    9. Mydienon on

      In case anyone in interested in a nice field on which to play Lagoon, here's a quick Kickstarter campaign for fantasy-themed game mats:

      They're generic enough to be used for any game, aren't like so many bright and shiny mats available elsewhere that distract from the game being played on it, and are developed by a reliable Kickstarter project creator with just a 1 month turnaround on delivery (which he's met before). Don't be scared off by the shipping charge -- for US backers, even with shipping the cost is $15 or less per mat (which is cheaper than many other options for game mats, and I like these better).

      The Forest mat with the odd-shaped tree looks like it'd work really well with Lagoon...

      Anyway, it's tough for smaller Kickstarter projects to get noticed sometimes. Figured I'd do my part to spread the word where the game mats might be compatible with (and not compete with) another project...

    10. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Laura, your comment made my day! I really appreciate you taking the time to come back and share your experience with me. :-)

    11. Laura Cabral on

      Hi David. I am just stopping by to thank you again for running the absolute best Kickstarter campaign that I have experienced. It was so much fun watching your project grow and your updates really made me feel like I was a part of something special. I love the game and I am thrilled to be one of the few people in my area to actually own one (at least for now). I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Until then, wishing you all the best!

    12. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thanks for sharing info here, Cole! I shipped the Forest Sentinel / Ancient Sentinel promo to the BGG store last month, but they weren't able to get them ready in time for the March BGG store releases.

      Peter/Cole: I'm sorry the newsletter is late! Some things in my non-game life have taken precedence, but I hope to send it out soon.

    13. C3

      Just to update those who care, it was stated in the comments of the March BGG store update announcement that the Lagoon promos would be released in the BGG store in April.

      @Peter I haven't gotten anything from 3Hare in my email yet so I hope it hasn't gone out.

    14. Peter Hofland on

      Is the newsletter already out?

    15. C3

      Whats happening with the BGG.con promos?

    16. Marc J. Kolb

      Congrats on winning runner up in Best Abstract Games on BGG!!!

    17. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Ebear: I did have promos with me at Unpub. A number of people approached me for them, and I hope you were one of them!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ebear on

      Will there be a possibility of you having the tiles at unpub?

    19. Missing avatar


      Awesome David. Thanks for the effort!

    20. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Nico: The remaining replacement parts orders should ship by next week. Thanks for your patience as I catch up on my backlog!

    21. Missing avatar


      David, how is replacement shipping going?
      And can't wait for expansions!

    22. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the positive feedback, you three! It makes me happy to know you're enjoying the game. I am interested in doing expansions to Lagoon, and have already done some design work for them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ebear on

      I finally got a chance to play it tonight after being worried that I wouldn't be able to find anyone to play with. As it turned out, I was worried for nothing. Both my friends liked the game so much they offered to buy it from me. They also remarked on how wonderful the components are and how pretty the game looks.

    24. Lance Hawvermale on

      I love the look and play of this game. Consider me a backer of any future 3 Hares projects.

    25. Marc J. Kolb

      My wife and I love the game. The quality is wonderful and the gameplay is simple and thoughtful. We were wondering if Three Hares has an expansion on the horizon.

    26. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Tom! It's been a heck of a year for me alright. :-) Best wishes for a fabulous 2015 to you as well.

    27. Tom van der Spek

      @David - This must has been a very special year for you. You have created a wonderful game of high quality and breathtaking art. I wish you and your team a wonderful and special Xmas, and an amazing 2015!

    28. David Chott 2-time creator on

      I'm about halfway through shipping out replacement parts. It got a bit overwhelming, but I've established a system and should work through the outstanding requests in short order after the holidays!

    29. Spouth on

      I never heard back about my missing parts email. I have re-sent it. Hopefully i can get some feedback.

    30. Larry on

      I received the replacement tokens. Thank you for excellent customer support. I wish you the best of success with all your future projects and I am certain to back any that you launch on kickstarter.

    31. GC, Frogdog Kennelmaster on

      In Minnesota here and just received my for missing blue wooden seed tokens. Thanks again David for a fantastic game AND fantastic customer service. Looking forward to your next kickstarter!

    32. Missing avatar


      David, any news on replacement-shipments? You're done with all of them? Didn't get a message that it has been send.
      No hurry, just want to make sure mine is not missed or maybe got lost :)

    33. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Scott: Just sent you a reply. I've already asked 4PX to research your shipment.

    34. Scott Kirby on

      @David - I have sent you a KS message regarding my order. Cheers

    35. C3

      @David No worries at all. I am just trying to manage my expectations. I have no problem waiting, you are doing us all a solid - Thank you! And thanks for the replay.

    36. Jeremy Espinosa on

      Received my game weeks ago in Las Vegas and forgot to say Thanks. Beautiful game and only 2 pairs of tokens were stuck together. The imperfections from prying them apart only make up about 2% of the token and not worth the trouble to replace. Overall very satisfied customer especially since I backed before wooden tokens were even expected.

    37. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Cole: They have been shipping out, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through the list. I'm sorry for the delays, but the number of issues has been a bit overwhelming on top of the other work I'm juggling. When I ship an order, I send a message to the recipient so they know it is on the way. I'll get another large batch of orders shipped this week.

    38. C3

      Has anyone received replacement bits yet? I got a confirmation email saying mine would be shipping soon but that was a while ago. I'm just wondering if I should be following up.

    39. Mike Mullins

      From David's last update:
      "If your copy of Lagoon has damaged or missing components, I'll replace them. Please take a few photos of any damaged pieces, then email pics and details to: support AT"

    40. Spouth on

      I finally opened up my set of wooden tokens and they were all stuck together.
      When pried apart they left paint on each other.
      It's a real shame that I have to use the cardboard tokens instead of the nice chunky wooden tokens.

    41. Marc J. Kolb

      I know it's early for this, but you mentioned expansions... Any in the works?

    42. Mr Mister on

      Comment #2k whoo!

      Anyways, still haven't received my copy yet, hoping it will turn up soon. I'm craving trying this out at the boys night.

    43. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

      Charles: Monitoring the color balance on the board is definitely key. Noticing when you need to pivot your explores/unravels towards different colors gets easier in subsequent plays. That's really the heart of the game.

    44. Charles on

      Had a chance to play a two-player game over the weekend. Quite the brain burner of a game. I realized about halfway in that I wanted to try to limit the amount of blue on the board. Sadly I realized this about two turns too late, as there was no longer enough red on the table to allow me to keep it in check.

    45. Spouth on

      Perth, Aus. Lagoon arrived today. Beautiful looking game.
      Thank you for such a great Project.

    46. Missing avatar

      veenickz on

      Indonesia. My copy arrived yesterday. Everything is so thick, even the game box! Totally love it :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Adelaide, Australia. Arrived today.

    48. Mike Harre on

      Got mine today! (New Zealand) Really looking forward to unpacking it and having a play. Hopefully I will be able to persuade the girlfriend to play tomorrow night. The stunning artwork will really help there :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Morten Dhalvad Mejnholt on

      Got my copy yesterday - here in Denmark - unboxed today, everything looks beautiful. Will hopefully get to playtest tomorrow evening.

    50. Kosongz on

      Got my game in Malaysia today. Everything looks lovely. Was expecting a bigger box due to all the components and am amazed that everything fits inside. Thanks a lot.

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