James - Journey of Existence (A Hand-Drawn/Animated 3D Game)

by Andrew Hlynka

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    1. Gearsoul Dragon

      Are the 'A' versions the ones we are choosing from?

    2. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, I read everything you say here and take it seriously.

      Consider all the designs, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, or the fourth one, or the original. Or say the all look bad, and give me an example on what might make them more appealing. Absolutely any one of these is possible to make.

    3. Gearsoul Dragon

      I like 1B, 2A and 3A! :3

    4. CYBR Labs on

      I like 2A and your new one that's animated.

      2A seems like a more serious/realistic/mature face.

    5. mikejkelley on

      I like the original. Rather than redo the character (which is what convinced me to pledge) I think you'd be better off elaborating the environments. IMHO.

    6. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on

      I'm surprised at the wide variety of comments so far! Thank you everyone for the feedback!

      I definitely have to at least re-animate the character (his current animations were rough from the start, I know they can be better). But the opinions below will be a huge help in deciding how James should look before seriously finishing the animation.

      So far, I'm leaning on the idea of changing how James looks depending on which area/environment he's in... there's great potential there in story and it allows more interesting visuals by having different versions of the same character...

      But the coat simply has to do be done with the new texture design as seen in the gif above (it's actually easier for me to make than the original). If anyone disagrees with that, let me know here.

    7. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on

      Oh yes, the environments will be completely redone/improved, of course. But that will take more time, should be done later this year.