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CA$ 312 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal
CA$ 312 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal

Character and Story Details (plus new Web Demo)

So, is James the only character in "James - Journey of Existence?" Does he just wander aimlessly around the strange world he's in? No, there's a lot more to it than that. That's why we're showing you...


This pdf has a list of all the characters, as well as gameplay elements, story plotline from start to finish, and more! And this is just a small sample of what the "Developer's Script" will contain... the rest will be available as a reward in the Kickstarter reward tiers! But to read the preview, click on the link below:


Yes, this may contain some spoilers. But I took great pains to make sure that certain information is blocked out so that the entire game wouldn't be spoiled for you, so I encourage you to read it for more details on the story and gameplay!

Also, the free Web Demo has been updated. The new one is slightly more like the offline builds, to give you a better taste of what it'll be like for convenience, and it fixes a bug one of our commenters mentioned. But I still highly recommend downloading the offline builds to get a full taste of what the HD visuals are like and for extended gameplay, the difference is incredible! You can find all the free demos at the link below:


THIS IS NOT THE DEMO THAT COMES TO BACKERS OF THIS KICKSTARTER! I am hard at work to update the current offline demo for free, but the extended demo exclusive to Kickstarter backers should be ready before the end of January as well. Stay tuned...


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