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CA$ 312 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal
CA$ 312 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal

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    1. Sir Jordi
      on February 1, 2014

      if you plan to come back, you know what to improve
      your game really looks awesome and promising, so do not give up!

    2. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 30, 2014

      I just spammed everyone with a thank you in your Kickstarter mail.
      Again, thank you for backing this project.

    3. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 30, 2014

      I have a little notebook that says all of these things.
      Thanks again for all the feedback. Overall, it's been very helpful.

    4. Sir Jordi
      on January 30, 2014

      something that can be improven in a (possible) 2nd round:
      (there are things said before, but..)

      - we don't know what this game is about and how it plays. In a videogame, the gameplay is a must, and has to be clear since the beginning of the project. Update #12 arrived too late.
      - you released a demo. While it was interesting to see a tech demo, people expected to recieve something "playable", as long as free-roaming into nothingness can be disappointing.
      - (linked to the above) too much emphasis into demos, and too little into interesting updates (showing the plot, the artwork, the music), that at the end, is what has a direct effect to the gameplay.
      - we suggested you to watch an analyze 2 other kickstarter projects. Not only you did nothing about it, but you got upset being compared with these 2 instant-funded priojects, arguing only that they got more publicity. They would teach you how to drive a project, how to get people involved, and how to release interesting updates and its timing.
      - cross promotion with other KS projects can help to reach a wider audience
      - linux comunity is very active. Contacting them could give you more support

    5. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 28, 2014

      Clearly, this Kickstarter campaign has done poorly.

      I already know several mistakes I've made and learned from in the last month, but what do you think I could have done to make this more successful? Let me know here!

    6. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 27, 2014

      New demo exclusive to you, the backers, now available!


      Thank you for your early support in this endeavor!

    7. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 21, 2014


      FINALLY! SOMEONE TESTED ON A MAC! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW YOUR RESULTS! If anyone else has any trouble running on their system, please tell me, it helps ensure that the demo can be run for as many people as possible!

      I did get a chance to test on a friend's Mac computer, and it seemed to work fine there. Some past users have had the game drop/crash because it was using too much RAM.

      Try the "Standard-Definition" versions of the demo (uses less RAM) and let me know if you still have problems:

      Windows :



    8. Stephen Reynolds on January 21, 2014

      demo drops on mac each time don't know if anyone as been mentioning that?

    9. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 15, 2014

      I'm sorry I don't have much information I can provide, the partnership I made with the two composers for this Kickstarter campaign was made under very short notice:

      - musical influences and past work can be found on their homepage websites: http://kimderome.com/ for Kim Derome, and http://krossproductions.wix.com/krossproductions/ for Kevin Morris. Contact information for hiring for additional projects can also be found on these websites.
      - both Kim Derome and Kevin Morris are among several indie artists who have contacted me directly through Kickstarter offering to be part of this project after seeing the unique art style, but also seeing parts of the project that were lacking.
      - the number of tracks is still undecided: one track from both Kim Derome and Kevin Morris are used to help promote this Kickstarter campaign. Afterwards, expect 14-24 unique tracks to be produced for "James - Journey of Existence."
      - the music will play a big part in conveying feelings and emotions during the gameplay, enhancing the dialogue and the environments as you move around.
      - keeping these two talented musicians with the project and paying them appropriately will be based on this Kickstarter's success. Otherwise, both will stay off the project until I can find additional funding or complete the game further.

      If these answers aren't satisfactory, I know Kim Derome has an account on Kickstarter, I can ask her to add a few comments here for you if you like!

    10. Sir Jordi
      on January 15, 2014

      Great explanation about the music in update #6...I'm only missing some words from those 2 musicians explaining their musical influences, how they got involved in this project, how many tracks are they planing, music will be short pieces or adaptative during the gameplay?, etc.

      As far this is a very personal gameplay design, does music plays a big role in it? I mean, how music gets involved with your character feelings, relation with environment?

      Anyway, they sound great
      (Derome's pieano piece is marvelous!)

    11. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 15, 2014

      Thank you for checking out the latest demo!
      The music was not composed by me, it was composed by two indie musicians, Kim Derome and Kevin Morris, who wanted to be a part of the project. I agreed to hire (pay them) for their work IF the Kickstarter reaches its goal (I feel uncomfortable adding someone to a time-consuming project without being able to pay them).

      You can read more about the music from this update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1618944138/james-journey-of-existence-a-hand-drawn-animated-3/posts/712509

    12. Sir Jordi
      on January 15, 2014

      Also, the music in the video is excellent. Have you composed it by yourself?

    13. Sir Jordi
      on January 15, 2014

      Great improvement in the new demo!

    14. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 12, 2014

      A new update about "Character Designs" is now up. Sorry for lack of updates lately, I can't believe how busy I am...

    15. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 9, 2014

      Wow, a ton of press in the indie game inter-webs has been posted! Check out the main page to see the quotes!

    16. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on January 7, 2014

      A lot of new updates were posted!
      What do you think of the sample music provided by our two new composers?
      Is the new Kickstarter video trailer better or worse than the last one?
      How cold is it now where you live? Canada is about as cold as it's ever been... brrrrr...

    17. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 24, 2013

      Yes, almost all of the blacked-out information from
      isn't actually revealed to the player until near the end of the game, when the world and its existence is fully explained. I really can't reveal that... you'll have to play the game to find out more!

      Gosh, Mighty No. 9 is a terrible Kickstarter example to base yours off of... it was funded within 48 hours, largely based on the fame of the creators behind it, the free press it got because of the team members, and the conventions the game was already shown at (too late for me to do at this point).

      As far as I can tell, Bloom:Memories also received press to help advertise the campaign, which was the major factor to its success (other than being a great-looking game). I fully intend to start seeking journalists to pitch this game to when they are off from holiday in January, but am improving the existing offline demo for them to see first (which of course, will be available to all of you).

      Worried about the success of this campaign? It's not over until the fat man sings! (why are there no female characters in my game? That's a direct spoiler to the world and the story's ending, you'll have to play the game... sorry!)

    18. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 24, 2013

      I could remove all of those black blocks, but that would spoil the game's entire story. Think of it as a tease, the information that is visible does give a much clearer picture of what the game is set to be like, compared to what little information I've given before.

      But I see your point, I'll look at other projects for better ideas to continue the Kickstarter...

    19. Sir Jordi
      on December 24, 2013

      I truly recomend you to check other kickstarters projects (like Bloom: Memories or Mighty n9) and learn how to successfully drive a project. Otherwise, yours won't get much attention.

    20. Sir Jordi
      on December 24, 2013

      Yes, @Andrew, but it is full of black blocks, so you only can read certain lines. That is not a kind of update with infor about the game, its characters, its plot that we're waiting for.

      What's the point of releasing info about a game if half of it is unreadable?

    21. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 23, 2013

      Did you all see the new story/gameplay/character information in the latest update?
      All within a preview of the "Developer's Script" reward!


    22. Gearsoul Dragon
      on December 23, 2013

      :3 Looking forward to the new info~

    23. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 22, 2013

      New web demo uploaded. See http://james.fromdustscratch.com to check it out!
      (I still highly recommend trying the offline downloadable demos, which will be updated further in the coming weeks.)

    24. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 21, 2013

      ... yeah, I guess I can't be mad. Bloom has so much potential (the successful Kickstarter is proof of that), too bad we won't see the finished game for a long time.

      Who are the other characters in "James - Journey of Existence?" What exactly is the story? New story/character information to be uploaded soon!

    25. Gearsoul Dragon
      on December 21, 2013

      n____n; Sorry to get off topic, @Andrew!

    26. Gearsoul Dragon
      on December 21, 2013

      Bloom... Such gorgeous art, I'm really looking forward to it! =D Love the main character/story~

    27. Sir Jordi
      on December 21, 2013

      /wave @Orson!
      Bloom was indeed a great game and campaig!

    28. Gearsoul Dragon
      on December 20, 2013

      :D Sweet~! I've wondered myself how one would go about just such a thing(traditional/3D) and here it is!

      So, you backed Bloom? Me, too! =D It was too beautiful to pass it by~

      Also, hi Jordi! Sorry, Sir Jordi ;3 Nice to see a familiar face.

    29. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 18, 2013

      :... you endless fall... as long as you don't die. Is there a way to stop it without closing the demo and start again?..."

      In the offline build (for PC, Mac, or Linux), if you fall off the platforms and down below, you should eventually fall out of view and the screen should fade to black. Shortly after, the level should restart from the beginning (normally restarts in a couple seconds, but a bug may make it stall for several seconds before restarting). Also, the ESC key on your keyboard should let you go to the main menu if you're stuck.

      In the online/browser build, it is a older demo, so you do fall forever into the abyss ("James - Journey Into The Abyss" ... I might want to rethink the title...). The browser build is convenient, but also much older, and lower quality with the sprite animations, and uglier environment. I highly recommend downloading the offline builds (you download, unzip, and play, no install required) to get the full picture of what the game might be like.

      I'm extremely grateful for all the feedback. I'll see if I can port the recent "offline" demo to be in "online/in-browser" for convenience.

    30. Sir Jordi
      on December 18, 2013

      oh! great improvement!
      Main page much clear now!

      BTW, I've tried the tech demo. Amazing animation. Only, when you jump off, you endless fall...as long as you don't die, is there a way to stop it without closing the demo and start again?
      And I've to admit that the demo in the browse option is an easy very welcome addition (you don't have to install anything) ^_^

    31. Sir Jordi
      on December 18, 2013

      No, I haven't. And now that I realize, I passed over the demo link in the main page. Maybe it is too hidden among all the black letters. You should put that with one more coloure sign, and maybe adding in tje main picture a "free demo inside"

      So nobody pass ovee that..like me ^_^!

    32. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 18, 2013

      Have you tried the demo yet for "James - Journey of Existence" at http://james.fromdustscratch.com/ yet?
      Demo is for PC, Mac, and Linux, but I never got a chance to test the Mac and Linux ports... If you have a Mac or Linux system, let me know if it works for you!

    33. Andrew Hlynka 2-time creator on December 18, 2013

      @Sir_Jordi I backed "Bloom: Memories"! Beautiful looking game (but 2015 seems so far away...)!

      I still consider this a "game" over an "experience", but likely a really easy game outside of puzzle sections. Certainly is inspired by "experience" games as well.

      If you haven't tried the existing free demo, give it a shot at http://james.fromdustscratch.com/ . More levels will be shown in coming updates, including an exclusive demo to backers like you!

    34. Sir Jordi
      on December 18, 2013

      Good intro video and well (if possible!) explained in the main page, also great tier rewards plenty offers, from digital to physical game and artbook).
      It reminds me a lot of antoher 2 KS projects I was proud to be part of, "Bloom: Memories" and "Beeswing". Excellent personal, well driven projects, and both funded.

      I'm in the basic tier now, as I don't quite understand if this is a game or it is an experience, so let's see what this intriguing project has to show!
      I can't wait for the updates!

    35. Sir Jordi
      on December 18, 2013

      Weird, personal game...I'm in!