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pledged of $9,590 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $9,590 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .



War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king of the hill style card game in which all players are gods fighting over a central Territory. Become the ultimate god by using creatures and spells strategically to take down the current defending opponent. Then, defend against all other players to take the territory for yourself, getting one step closer to world supremacy and victory. 





In War of Supremacy, all players are vying for control of the central Territory.

Players will use a mixture of Creature and Spell cards to defeat their opponents.

Creatures are used to resolve combat between players and have strength in three different forms: Wild, Magic and Blade.

However, only one of these forms of combat will be used at a given time.

On a player's turn, they will attack with creatures from their hand against the current opponent defending the Territory. If the attacking creatures outscore the opponent in the current combat form, they will take control of the territory and become the new defender.

If a player manages to defend and stay in control of the Territory until their next turn, they will take the Territory as a victory point.

Alternatively, if a player can build up enough score in attack or defense to get 20 or more points they will win the territory immediately.

Players can also make use of spell cards that offer a wide variety of effects.



Try War of Supremacy today. Click below to download the print and play files (be warned, there are a lot of cards).


 Or click the below link to play on Tabletopia for free.



  • Without your support, War of Supremacy will not be possible. Help us make the game a reality and bring it to shelves around the world.
  • Let's make a better game for everyone. By reaching our stretch goals, the final product will be improved with additional content and increased quality.
  • Get more value with a competitive discounted price.  

All pledge levels include the War of Supremacy game, plus all unlocked stretch goals.


The Hero Pledge comes with the core box, plus all stretch goals.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hero in a fantasy world? This is your chance. Pledge at the Hero and we will work with you to create and design a card to your (or whoever/whatever) likeness and specifications.

We would love to design the character based on you. As an example, the above card is designed around my friend's D&D character. The character was strong, but my friend always has a problem with dice rolls (often getting 1s - critical fails). This has led to the ability on the card.

We will need you to provide three photographs within two months after the campaign is finished: a front, side and 3/4 view. The two month window is to prevent production delays.

We have many ideas for how to grow the world and game of War of Supremacy. However, we can’t implement these ideas without your help. If we can exceed the funding goal, we will continue to unlock and give additional features and upgrades for every backer.

 We would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the core game. Let us know suggestions in the comments. Alternatively, you can make suggestions or your own designs in the boardgamegeek forums here.

Want to help War of Supremacy grow? Visit, like and share our facebook page and Boardgamegeek page to bring more faces to the campaign. We will reward your help with unlocking more content!  

We would love to hear from you and discuss War of Supremacy and board gaming in general. You can find us: BoardGameGeek | Facebook | Twitter | Tabletop Generation  Or at our official website.

Add-ons can be added to your pledge by clicking the 'manage pledge' option at the top right of the campaign page and then manually editing your pledge amount, increasing it by the amount required for your add-ons. 

We will be using PledgeManager after the campaign has finished. All additional pledge costs added will be used in the pledge manager to select which add-ons you wish.

For an additional copy of the game, add $44 AUD plus the same shipping rate mentioned in the pledge.

We would love nothing more to see War of Supremacy on shelves around the world. If you are a retailer or distributor, please contact me directly at losttreasuregames@gmail.com.














There are many different and unique factions, creatures and races in the world of Mahlor. Each have their own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. You, as one of the Gods, must take control and utilize these strengths and weaknesses to outmaneuver your opponent.

Masters of time and resources, the Ancients live in the harsh, burning deserts of Mahlor. Their main race, the Atan are able to survive with the build-up of water in their bodies, able to last days without water and turning their skin a blue/purple colour. Coinciding in their society are the demigods, half human, half beast fae creatures that provide a variety of benefits and powers to the Atan. The Ancients don’t like outsiders and luckily, not many dare to visit with the conditions making it hard to travel. The Ancients strength lies in hand manipulation, able to draw more cards and resources to their aid as well as targeting and removing enemy cards in their hand.

The race of man. Under the King’s rule, the Guard live in naivety to the rest of the world, choosing to disbelieve in magic. The majority of people are farmers and merchants looking to appease the wealthy. In return, the King and Lords protect the common people, sending out knights to protect the lands. The Guard’s strength lies in their defense and banding together against the common enemy. Once in defensive positioning, the Guard are difficult to defeat.

Living in the lush forests of Mahlor is the Sylvan faction. Wood Elves are the core race and live harmoniously with the woodland creatures and treefolk. They care and are one with nature and hate anyone who destroys the environment and their home. The Sylvan are given power through the forest and nature, so they give back and protect it. The Sylvan have strength in numbers. They are able to swarm the battlefield and use casters that are able summon additional creatures. They are strong in Wild combat form, so be prepared.

The Arcane are a society of Gnomes all about learning and knowledge. They use their understanding in the fields of magic and mechanics. While physically weak, their knowledge makes up for it; used to enhance everyday living and in war. Engineers and Mages hold equal footing in the Arcane society, both holding the power for future growth. The gnome’s intelligence stems from runic powers infused in their system, and will glow when they cast magic. They are able infuse their mechanical robots with the runes in the construction process, giving additional strength and powers. The Arcane’s strength lies in their magic abilities, able to cast spells of devastating damage against their opponents.

Dwelling in the dark depths of the Oceans, the Atlans are a society of Merfolk and sea creatures. They worship the Moon, which grants them the power and force of the tides to use for their advantage. They do not like outsiders, and will often manipulate the ocean and tides to attack and sink ships. The Atlans are able to manipulate the battlefield with movement and change, disrupting and changing the Players, their resources and creatures in combat.

Mercenary cards are creatures and spells that don't fit in any specific faction. They are "wild" and can be played with any other creature. Use Mercenaries wisely, as they could be the difference between winning and losing. 

We have partnered with "Ship Naked", a well-known fulfillment company that has already delivered on hundreds of previous Kickstarters. They offer customs free shipping all around the world.

Shipping is free for USA and Australia and is subsidized for all other regions. Shipping costs have been added to all pledge levels. Depending on where you are in the world, you will see the additional shipping costs added to your pledge.  

Nathan Everett: A board game designer from Sydney, Australia who has been designing games since his school days. Although now working in the digital game industry, he wants to showcase his tabletop designs starting with War of Supremacy, and then become a more permanent part of the tabletop community.

Lost Treasure Games has partnered with a range of talented freelance artists and graphic designers to create the world and game of War of Supremacy.

  • CJ Centeno
  • Rosauro Ugang
  • Roman Jirčík
  • Anil Baydir
  • Asher Ben Alpay
  • Dimitar Torbakov
  • "Babeskull"
  • Max Sheynihovich
  • Neb Obradovic
  • Petr Joura
  • Piotr Mukin
  • Ruslan Lyzko
  • Ryan Lowe
  • Sarayu Ruangvesh
  • Sergey Ashihmin
  • Vladimir Prodanovic
Special Thanks: There has been a lot of help in creating War of Supremacy and the Kickstarter. I would like to give a special thanks to the following people:
Maricar San Andres, Andrew Neubeck, Nick Benecke, John Campradt, Jessie Campradt, Glenn Murphy, Aaron Scott, Marinel San Andres, Aaron Mahboobs, Shannon Kelly, Mitch O'Keefe, Lindsay Castle, Ken Clemson, and Kim Brebach.
Also, a thank you to Jamey Stegmaier and James Mathe for the wealth of information you have provided the community. 

Share your support of War of Supremacy by saving and using one of these Legendary creature avatars.







Risks and challenges

War of Supremacy might be Lost Treasure Games first Kickstarter project, but we have done a lot of research and feel confident that we can give you a fun, successful game. There will likely be a few road-bumps and delays along the way (shipping, manufacturing, etc), but we will communicate with you as much as we can to see it through smoothly.

To make the Kickstarter go as smoothly as possible, we have:
1: The majority of art is complete and we have our artists ready to go once funded to complete the project.
2: Spoken to and have quotes from our manufacturer Whatz Games.
3: Partnered with Ship Naked who have previously delivered on hundreds of Kickstarters successfully.
4: Backed and researched numerous other Kickstarter campaigns to learn the whole process.

This is a dream for us; to have a boardgame on shelves across the world. We hope to work with you to make that dream come true.

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    Hero Tier

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    Create and design a card with the designer and artist. Become a hero of the world with your own unique mechanics, statistics and feel. We will base the card art off an image you provide.

    *We will have the right to provide final balance of the card, as well as making sure there is nothing inappropriate.

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