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STTF is a free, volunteer-run, print publication for fans of the band Phish. We want to get our 33 back issues online for our readers!

How Kickstarter Works

      If you're new to Kickstarter, you need to know that we only get the money if our goal is reached.  Once the goal is reached, and this project ends (on April 10th), all credit cards are charged; if we get to the deadline without reaching our goal - all money goes back to you.  So please, help us reach our goal!  Now... about our project....

Who We Are

          Surrender to the Flow is a volunteer run, advertising supported, free publication written for fans, by fans of the band Phish.  We've been around since Fall of 1998, and since then, we've created thirty-three issues - one for every Phish show, tour, or run since (except Big Cypress, which we've always regretted!).  Surrender includes travel information, reviews, articles, essays, poetry, games, news, and other information about this great band and about other topics of interest to our readers.

           Our issues range in length from eight pages to seventy pages, and they are distributed free at Phish shows by a team of volunteer distributors.  We also have a number of subscribers, but we pretty much manage to just break even on printing costs each time around.  From our humble beginnings - photocopying 500 copies of our first issue to now commercially printing 8000+ per run, we've grown a lot - but now we'd like to go a step further and get PDF versions of all our back issues (and all future print issues) online for our readers to enjoy. 

What We Want To Do

           We've found a fantastic digital magazine software to help us get Surrender to the Flow online, called 3D Issue.  A one time purchase of this software, paired with .pdf versions of our back (and future!) issues, will allow us to digitize our publication and put it online for all to enjoy.  One of our readers has offered to host these issues for free - so that's covered.  We just need to raise money to cover the cost to purchase this software (plus one update/upgrade).  Once we have our issues online, readers will be able to view our issues on a PC or a Mac, plus on any tablet (iPads or Android) or e-reader (Kindles & Nooks), and even on their phones! (**Any additional money raised in this Kickstarter project will go towards other STTF costs - printing, mailing, advertising, etc - as always, all money made by Surrender goes right back into Surrender!).  

Check It Out!

         We're really excited about this, and you should be too.  You can check out the software in general at, but to get an idea of what Surrender online will actually look like, check out this link:  That sample gives even more information on this awesome software, demonstrating the format it provides.  It's great because we're very dedicated to the concept of PRINT media at Surrender to the Flow, and the 3D Issue software allows us to maintain our layout and other aspects of print media that are important to us.  By "turning the pages," it's almost like you're reading the real thing! (Here's another sample, if you're interested:

Thank You

     We'd like to thank you in advance for your contribution.  Surrender to the Flow is written for our readers, so we love for our readers to contribute in any way that they can!  We are always looking for new writers and artists, and help with lot distribution, and we also greatly appreciate financial support of this kind in this instance.  Thanks so much!  We hope to start putting our back issues online by mid-April, and when the time comes, we'll contact donors to this project FIRST, for the very first look at Surrender to the Flow online! 

        If you have any questions or comments - feel free to email us at  If you're not yet our fan on Facebook - you can find us at and "like" us - we update daily!


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