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A Japanese Police Cat Girl tries to stop an Evil Genius Cyborg Mouse from world domination. Think Mega Man meets Temple Run!!
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    1. Rebecca VixyNyan Loveheart on

      B fits him nicely~ would also be cool if the scarf from C could fit in somehow~ ^^

    2. Missing avatar

      Ron Sie on

      C has character.... Trust me!

    3. TouchTen Games Creator on

      Hi Guys! Thank you as always for your kind feedback!
      Please keep them coming!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Budiman on

      Head - C
      Body - they're all great, i think you should have them all

    5. Thomas Edge on

      I'm gonna have to say B!

      A great addition to the game!
      I look forward to seeing the end result. :D

    6. Mayra Vinhal Viamonte Avila Dutra on

      I'd go with B with the color scheme in A.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Rock on

      I vote C. He has Arin's hair and a cool scarf.

    8. Tiso Spencer

      And of course this is silly but you have spoken to Egoraptor about this inclusion? See if he can cross-promote on "Lame Grumps" or "Steam Train" or whatever his channel is doing to get the awareness out?

    9. Venron

      Another B vote here

    10. Flávio Stresser on

      I vote for B. It's more badass and looks more Egoraptor-ish for me.

      Egoraptor on the game?! AWESOME!
      I always loved Egoraptor, especially his Sequelitis video about Megaman X!
      I'm more hyped than ever for this game.

    11. Tiso Spencer

      B actually looks more like him face wise.

    12. David Anderson Bell III on

      B! I think it matches his voice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Clarissa on

      I will go for B! Great to see a new character!