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A Japanese Police Cat Girl tries to stop an Evil Genius Cyborg Mouse from world domination. Think Mega Man meets Temple Run!!
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@EGORAPTOR will be in our game! A Tribute to all MEGAMAN fans out there!

Posted by TouchTen Games (Creator)

The Quest to search for the right character in games we make can be a daunting task.

But finally we found the right man for the job. And it is with our great pleasure and honour to reveal Arin Hanson, A.K.A the @EgoRaptor that has kindly agreed to be our in game character, and voice the character himself!

For those of you who are not familiar with @Egoraptor he is a youtube game celebrity, a great sketcher(artist), an awesome Voice Actor to name just a few of his talent, he also famously discuss about Megaman on one of his video below that got viewed over 8,7 Million freaking time! : 

Viewer discretion advised, foul languages are being used in the video below! Watch at your own risk!

 Did we told you he was good?? If you haven't please subscribe to his channel on Youtube and follow him on Twitter NOW!

We decided that it was a fitting match for him to play Officer Spike, a tribute to a great fan, who represent all the Megaman fans out there...

Who is Officer Spike?

This is our early sketches of "Spike" Heck! We even considered DragonBall
This is our early sketches of "Spike" Heck! We even considered DragonBall

Officer Spike Tommery is a mysterious companion to Yura in our game, he is a man-dog while Yura is a Cat-girl, and it is for unknown reason on how and why Spike ends up in Yura's Cat world...(He is not suppose to be, because their race is at war for centuries) 

Our producer best described him in comparison to "Alia (from Megaman X) or Agent Maria Hill from Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D." A companion that Yura cannot live without... Maybe, just maybe we might also see him as one of the playable characters? *wink *wink


We took the liberty to draw up some concept of @Egoraptor as Officer Spike

Choose between A, B or C
Choose between A, B or C

We need your help in choosing your favourite "Spike" and VOTE by commenting on this post! Is it A? B? C? or none?

If you don't have any choices, or would rather see a different "Spike" don't be shy to also comment and give us links and references.


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I hope you liked this Update, if you do, Please Like and Comment on this post! WE love to hear from you! Stay Tuned for further update, THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER!! We are excited to announce it!... Can't tell you now...wait till next week!


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    1. Rebecca VixyNyan Loveheart on

      B fits him nicely~ would also be cool if the scarf from C could fit in somehow~ ^^

    2. Missing avatar

      Ron Sie on

      C has character.... Trust me!

    3. TouchTen Games Creator on

      Hi Guys! Thank you as always for your kind feedback!
      Please keep them coming!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Budiman on

      Head - C
      Body - they're all great, i think you should have them all

    5. Thomas Edge on

      I'm gonna have to say B!

      A great addition to the game!
      I look forward to seeing the end result. :D

    6. Mayra Vinhal Viamonte Avila Dutra on

      I'd go with B with the color scheme in A.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Rock on

      I vote C. He has Arin's hair and a cool scarf.

    8. Tiso Spencer

      And of course this is silly but you have spoken to Egoraptor about this inclusion? See if he can cross-promote on "Lame Grumps" or "Steam Train" or whatever his channel is doing to get the awareness out?

    9. Venron

      Another B vote here

    10. Flávio Stresser on

      I vote for B. It's more badass and looks more Egoraptor-ish for me.

      Egoraptor on the game?! AWESOME!
      I always loved Egoraptor, especially his Sequelitis video about Megaman X!
      I'm more hyped than ever for this game.

    11. Tiso Spencer

      B actually looks more like him face wise.

    12. David Anderson Bell III on

      B! I think it matches his voice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Clarissa on

      I will go for B! Great to see a new character!