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Impurity-sensing smart textile made of Xinjiang cotton, smart-dyes and world class Japanese craftsmanship.
Impurity-sensing smart textile made of Xinjiang cotton, smart-dyes and world class Japanese craftsmanship.
Impurity-sensing smart textile made of Xinjiang cotton, smart-dyes and world class Japanese craftsmanship.
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    1. Team Mizu 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Charlton We will reach out to you via email.

    2. Team Mizu 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Leesa Not at this time but please keep a look out every now and again. We have started the shipping process but unfortunately at this time, we cannot give an exact date as to when orders will be delivered to backers.

    3. Charlton Chu
      2 days ago

      @Team Mizu, unfortunately, I need to request a refund on this. How can I contact you?

    4. Mike Heck
      3 days ago

      I've been a harsh critic about how this whole campaign has been run from the start. But I'll play devil's advocate this time.

      It appears that completed Backerkit surveys were indeed locked down last week. The April 4 update stated that products were being shipped from China to U.S. warehouse (3-4 week transit by boat). So I'm guessing that with customs, etc., orders should begin final distribution to many backers by mid-May. Still TBD is whether what's been posted is true or if the towels live up to what was promised.

    5. Missing avatar

      Leesa 7 days ago

      If shipping has started, should we be expecting emails with tracking number?

    6. Missing avatar

      on April 13

      @Team Mizu. I kindly ask you to check the email I sent you and you didn't reply to even though you committed to checking every 12 hours (quoting your own words). thanks in advance

    7. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 12

      @Oğuzcan - We have begun the shipping process. You can get more information from our recent update:

    8. Missing avatar

      Oğuzcan Atıl on April 12

      Did you guys start shipping ?

    9. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 9

      @Jeremy - Thanks for the kind words; we really appreciate them. We should be able to get your towels to you before the year is out. Thanks for your support.

    10. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 9

      @Martin - Mint Towel is our Chinese brand - lower quality fibers and smaller sizes. If you look everywhere, you won't see the option to buy a bath towel version of these, nor will they use the same cotton. The founder of Mint Towel is the Forbes 30 under 30 person on our campaign page and here is a link for more information on him: (if you use Chrome, a Translate option should appear to convert the text on the page to your normal language).

      We DO have many resellers, but Mizu Towel is our US brand. If you try ordering Mint Towel, you may not see an option to ship to the US. If you order off Alibaba, with shipping it'll be the same price as our hand towels however, you won't get:

      1. The silver threading
      2. The higher thread count which is being used for the international model
      3. A warranty or servicing

      We hope this information helps. If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.

    11. Jeremy Bass on April 6

      I just have to say I am really glad I backed this campaign. Every two or three days I log in and read the comments, and that alone is totally worth the backing. It's about $100.00 for most people, and it is a towel. Kickstarter is a risk, there are always a lot of delays. Originally I was fairly perturbed that the manufacturing was in China, not Japan, but the amazingly entertaining backlash this has caused was kinda worth it. It has just been a really entertaining ride, and I think some of that entertainment comes from the stake I have in the game. Perhaps I should seek help. Looking forward to getting my towel shipment soon, and both enjoying the hopefully high quality of the towel and the memories of this comment board. I would back the Mizu team again....assuming I get some towels this year. Cheers.

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Zecher on April 6

      And..... another lie!! It is in fact possible that EmporiumPop took the images from your campaign or somewhere else. But the product existed long before under the name of "Mintowel", manufactured apparently by this guys:

      In Internet Archive you can confirm that this towel was announced at least at 25th April 2017, long before you launched your campaign:
      If you search enough you will find hundrends of chinese pages selling the same towel in more colors than you, including of course aliexpress:

      You are really shameless.

    13. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 6

      Hi everyone - we have just locked down surveys! Remember, please contact us at for any adjustments to your survey!

    14. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 6

      @Martin @Mike - Additionally, if Emporium Pop was a reseller, if you were to order from them you would actually get your order at a later date than ours.

    15. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 6

      @Martin - We are extremely sorry for the delays and we have been working to get the orders out. As you can see by our latest update, we are starting the shipping and fulfillment process. If you have specific questions that you would like answered, please let us know.

      @Martin @Mike - The site you linked is actually stealing our assets and not the other way around. If you look at the content, it includes terms like "Mizutech" which is right off our campaign page and part of our company brand.

    16. Mike Heck
      on April 6

      @Martin Zecher Thank you for finding the link. If nothing else, this is a blatant violation of KS rules. Miizu event had the gall to lift one of the pictures and use it in this campaign. Added to all the other lies, it really speaks of fraud -- and should be enough to be banned from KS forever.

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin Zecher on April 5

      The problem is not the delay but the constant lies, starting with where the towels are made. It's definitely not the same an Imabari towel (a licenced brand mark, that some random Chinese one, even a "good quality" one. Also the refusal to refund the backers not happy with the unilateral change of plans, excusing with a lie too ("we already started production".... at 17th January? Really? And 2 1/2 months after you don't have a single towel ready to ship?). And the lies about the team, including some Forbes guy that never existed, who were deleted from the campaign page. And so on. If you're happy with this, good to you. But please don't blame the rest of us, since this is in fact considered fraud under most regulations. Not because of the delays, I insist, but because of the deliberate false advertising.

      @Melissa When you say "make their dream come true" you mean filling their wallets, right? Because this product existed long before the campaign, it's not actually a "project".

    18. shawn m. on April 5

      Glad to see you guys are shipping! Looking forward. To the people complaining about delays, 3 months isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Relax. Or just wait for a product to hit stores and then make your purchase.

    19. Missing avatar

      Oğuzcan Atıl on April 5

      I think you took it wrong cuz it’s not just about “towels” or “guaranteed product” no body talks about it. Here people are mad because if someone promises you something and doesn’t do it again and again promises and doesn’t keep the promise you will lose your patience
      and motivation
      and your trust.
      That’s what happened here about the project.
      Yes projects might delay, it delays a lot but I always received my item after 1 or 2 delay.
      But here is no deadline it’s ridiculous.
      It’s ridiculous because you manufacture something at the factory right and that factory has a capacity you make sort of amount of that item each day and you know how many people pledged for that protect and the delivery will take some time to deliver so you gotta calculate everything and give people an exact deadline for delivery. It shouldn’t take people 3 months to calculate that simple deadline.

    20. Melissa
      on April 4

      I've backed a lot of campaigns and not one of them has ever shipped on time. I've only had one where I never received my product (Odo). I've had more than one where I received a piece of crap, but this isn't a store. I'm buying into someone's idea and getting their Beta product. I know what I'm getting into. It's a gamble every time I choose to pledge.

      I don't like that Mizu changed the product and they have been terrible with communication, but why should I get irate over it? If this is something that will change my life and make me get angry, then I need to reevaluate my priorities. There's plenty of things to be upset about. A towel campaign where I gambled and said I'd help them make their dream come true is not one of them. If I get some towels, great. If they're crap, that's sad. If I never get them, then I'll be irritated and even more cautious about who I trust. But is it worth coming here every day to ask for my money and getting fired up? No.

      This is Kickstarter. Go to Walmart if you want guaranteed towels.

    21. Michael Koby on April 4

      @kommando you’re right they are towels. Waiting over three months for towels is pretty patient I’d say, especially when they stated deliveries would go out at the end of December. It’s not being entitled, it’s having expectations that people can have honor and integrity by doing what they say they’ll do, when they say it.

    22. Kommando on April 4

      bloody hell people, chill out, theyre towels.
      No need to dump hate upon these guys for taking a little longer. Quit being entitled and be patient.

    23. Missing avatar

      Davide Barni on April 3

      Can I fu***ing have a refund, you poor excuse of a scam? If not - I’m more than happy for you to choke on my 30$, while going ahead and tainting the reputation of what used to be a nice platform for ideas coming to life

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan chan on April 2

      Ching Ming festival is the public holidays in China, I would exptect there is another reason for delay since, there is no evidence to show products were completed, even that we don't know it started or not. Or are they know how to make towel. This is disaster, Team Mizu. How can we believe that you are not a fraud.

    25. Team Mizu 2-time creator on April 2

      @Oğuzcan @Michael @Mike @Damir

      We’re doing our best to deliver your orders and we’ll have a shipping update in the next few days. We are very sorry for the long delay and missed timelines and apologize for any frustration caused.

    26. Missing avatar

      Oğuzcan Atıl on April 2

      I mean it’s April cmon! 🤦🏻‍♂️ no words left to say. This is ridiculous!

    27. Michael Koby on March 31

      Do you at least have some pictures of completed towels? The Mach 16th update showed some impressive equipment. You must have a decent amount of product built up by now. I think everyone here is really just Looking for you to be a little more transparent with what’s going on. How many towels do you need to create a shipment? How many per day do you make? How long will it take for the first shipment to arrive?

      When I first pledged in December the goal was delivery at the end of the month. I’m willing to except some delays, but I want transparent answers, along with reasoning as to have a the goals are to be achieved.

    28. Mike Heck
      on March 29

      As expected, just more smoke and mirrors with every passing "response." It's now March 29 and the Backerkit survey were supposed to be locked down by March 16, at least according to the last update. I have no expectation of anything ever being produced or delivered. At this point it's more of an entertainment exercise to see what new excuse will be crafted to further delay people trying for a refund. I just hope KS get burned to the point that they start taking some fiduciary responsibility in cases like this of obvious fraud.

    29. Missing avatar

      Damir on March 29

      Mezu team please update delivery status. I read most of comments and looks you are lying about exact process status. Looks like you made the finance pyramid like Lehman Brothers in 2008. Please keep you promises as you mentioned in demo clip.

    30. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 28

      @Laura - We are very sorry that we don't have an actual date to give you at this time but we are working on that.

    31. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 28

      @Mike - We are working to get orders to our backers and we are very sorry that you feel this is a scam. We put out a production update a few weeks ago ( and we are going to put out a fulfillment update in the near future.

    32. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 28

      @Melissa - Thank you for your feedback. Every update is a blast to all our backers and with every update, we get dozens of people telling us they don't need to hear updates. Because of this we check the comments and our emails several times a day, across all time zones. Our last update was about 2 weeks ago and we are going to have a fulfillment update soon where we will show the packed boxes.

      We will be locking surveys in the next couple of days; unfortunately Backerkit had some integration issues and we are trying to sort that out with them as we speak.

      If you have specific questions that you would like answered, please let us know. We don't have anything to hide - if we did, we wouldn't be responding to comments every day and providing updates.

    33. Missing avatar

      Erin Park on March 28


      Here's my confirmation number for backer, 7db982779cee46107d3ecc1e4b79e797.
      I'd like to get 100% refund.

      Thank you,

    34. Missing avatar

      Laura Milstein
      on March 27

      What does shipping ASAP mean? Can we get a date?

    35. Mike Heck
      on March 27

      @Melissa +1 to everything you posted, which mirrors what a lot of backers likely feel, including myself. I still get the sense this is a scam with every passing day without an official update -- and no indication there is any movement towards fulfillment. There have been too many outright lies and intentional misinformation to think otherwise.

    36. Melissa
      on March 26

      Part of the problem is the lack of official updates. Most of the "communication" happens in the comments section. Why haven't you been making more updates? You can tell us where you are in shipping. Tell us that you have closed the survey. I don't even know if you ever satisfactorily explained why you changed cottons, etc. You don't do those things in the comments. They have to be made transparently, to everyone. It's hard to trust someone who seems like they have something to hide.

    37. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 26

      @Anders @Laura @Ramona - We are extremely sorry for the long wait and we fully understand your frustration. It was not our intention to frustrate our backers and for this we are deeply sorry. We'll have a fulfillment update soon, and will ship it out ASAP.

      @ Pins for People - We're extraordinarily sorry to have made you feel that way, and we guarantee he'll have your towels. We know that we have disappointed our backers and we are working towards fulfilling the orders. We are also responding to comments and emails frequently in order to do our best to have active, engaging and positive customer service.

    38. Missing avatar

      Laura Milstein
      on March 25

      It’s the end of March and clearly this product hasn’t shipped. When it is going to ship?

    39. Anders Sommersang Larsen on March 24

      STILL NO TOWELS!! Fucking scam - the third I'm involved with since the end of last year. NEVER KICKSTARTER again!!!

    40. Pins for People on March 23

      Sadly I live in mexico and paid with a debit card instead of credit one, therefore my bank is not helping me with anything so im saddled with the hope they will deliver the product and it will be at least half decent or i will just lose my money. Im very angry for the way Mizu made this scam, they are making the same one in indiegogo, I already reported them there, still announcing japan craftmanship and whatelse. You are disgusting Mizu Team.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ramona Price
      on March 23

      When will you all finally start fulfillment?!? For still holding on to just the tiniest shred of hope that we may actually get a product, we would like to have an actual, tangible, idea of when. This has become quite ridiculous and gone in for far to long for you all Not to have some definites for us!

    42. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 22

      @Mads If you want more information, please let us know any specific questions you want us to cover. Again, we are sorry to see you go.

    43. Mads Christian Østergaard on March 22

      Considering you lied multiple times in your campaign, I think any sane person with enough time would want to refund your lies.

      Shall we count them down
      Fake team. Some of them don't even exist
      Fake Forbes top 30 under 30 list
      Obvious lies on delivery time
      Made in China while it was heavily implied they were being made in Japan
      Said silver was optional in the start
      Total radio silence for way too long

      Those were all from the top of my head, so you can crawl back to where you came from

    44. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 22

      @Mads - We are very sorry to see you go. We are very sorry for any frustration and inconvenience caused and we hope that when we start fulfillment, we will be able to earn back your trust and interest. We appreciate the early support that you had given us.

    45. Mads Christian Østergaard on March 20

      I think a good number of people contacted their credit card company for refunds a long time ago me included.
      Just for a quick remark. They clearly have no idea what they're doing, as they offered me a 50% refund on top of my refund from my credit card company.
      Also you don't really lose anything, other than a bit of time.

    46. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 16

      @Rich - Hi. We recently put out a production update ( and we are currently on track to start shipping at the end of March. We are very sorry about the delays and we fully understand your frustration. We want to start delivering orders as soon as possible because our backers have been patiently waiting for a long time. We don't take your patience for granted and we are working to meet the shipping time that we have provided.

      Once again we are very sorry for the delay and the extended wait time.

    47. Rich Daniels on March 15

      Oh Wow! I just read the last 30 days of comments & am now freaking out! I put in two orders. One on my US Account and one on my Canadian Account. The initial campaign said delivery ~Dec 2017. I ordered these as Xmas Gifts & now it's March 15th. The last email I send to Mizu I told them how frustrated I was at how this campaign was so far behind, They said they had production problems but everything was solved & things were moving ahead as planned.
      Has anyone received their order yet?
      Kickstarter hasn't responded to my emails.
      Should I be contacting my Credit card company?

    48. Team Mizu 2-time creator on March 15

      @Davide - Hi. The shipping commitment for the end of March is still valid; you should be receiving your order in April. When your order ships, you will get tracking information. We recently posted a production update which should provide you with more information on our current position:

    49. Missing avatar

      Davide Barni on March 14

      So, supposing you aren’t a fraud the commitment you made is to ship by end of March? Still valid as of today it changed your mind already? Will there be tracking links?

    50. Missing avatar

      Mizu Support Collaborator on March 13

      @Matteo - Regarding your other inquiries, support is handled by Mary Omote and the company name is Mizu Towel.

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