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Earth is home to aliens, magic, super-tech, & monsters. Survive, rule, or fight to seal our dimensional borders in this D6 RPG.
Earth is home to aliens, magic, super-tech, & monsters. Survive, rule, or fight to seal our dimensional borders in this D6 RPG.
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$10.5k just about there, check out this huge $11k bonus and beyond


Quick note to everyone. You're all kicking some serious tail in the homestretch of this campaign! We're almost to the $10,500 Stretch Goal, which will unlock the Fighter add-on class for Breachworld, as discussed in the previous update. As we have more than a day remaining and are still going strong, I've decided to pull out all the stops.

If we hit $11k, every single Digital Backer and higher will get the Fighter add-on (unlocked at $10.5k), including access to the beta/playtesting materials. Beyond that, I'll also open up the next character type, the Power Armor Pilot, which I'll also give for free to every single backer of $10 and beyond.

For every $500 beyond that, I'll develop, write, and give away another class add-on for free, including full access to the playtesting materials. The next several are, in no particular order:

  • Robot Jockey - pilots large robotic vehicles
  • Cyborg - some basic cybernetics are part of the core game, but this is about augmentation
  • Sneak - using stealth to a wide number of combat and skill advantages
  • Cavalry - provides mastery of a mounted animal or (in some cases) vehicle
  • Doc - master of a variety of healing arts
  • Fixer - beyond just a mechanic, this is a full-on engineer who loves to upgrade
  • and more

These would become available some time after the delivery of the RPG, of course.

Remember that there are still higher-tier add-ons and pledges available, including a coveted Collector's Edition numbered at #10 or lower. Review all of your add-on options and make sure you have enough pledged to get everything that you want.

So, consider upping your pledge. Perhaps even more importantly, share a link to the Kickstarter Campaign Page on gaming forums, Google+, Facebook, or just by chatting it up to your friends.

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    1. The Dungeon Rat on

      Ahhh! A Doc and Fixer class sounds amazing!

      We are just cruising right along now, let's keep up the hard work pushing it!

    2. Jason Richards Publishing 2-time creator on

      @MysticMoon, yep, unlike most of the other materials, the new character types will need a little working through once they're written up. What better way to get your hands dirty in the rich soil that is Breachworld, right?


    3. MysticMoon on

      I'm happy to hear about access to playtesting material. I am currently putting together some short adventures to test out the already released preview and I look forward to doing that again with the full beta.

      Super psyched about the progress of this KS!