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Earth is home to aliens, magic, super-tech, & monsters. Survive, rule, or fight to seal our dimensional borders in this D6 RPG.
283 backers pledged $11,090 to help bring this project to life.

First backing goal reached! Here's a preview of FIVE Player Races as a thank you.

Posted by Jason Richards Publishing (Creator)

Howdy, friends and fans.

Man, it's tough to keep up with y'all. I've just finished up the preview bonus we achieved when we hit 50 backers yesterday, and we're already well over 100. Good problems to have.

I've assembled a low-res, draft layout of the Player Races section, featuring the introductory text and five of the Player Races, with concept art. Keep in mind that this is all draft material, and the page size is as it will be laid out for the book printing, so it has larger margins than it will in the final product, after it's trimmed. It's very rough, but it should give you some idea of what sorts of things will be included in the final product.

You can see images of the pages below, or download a PDF HERE. Be sure to tell a friend so we can keep this train rolling all the way to funding, and beyond.

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    1. Jason Richards Publishing 2-time creator on

      Good eye, Daniel. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Luce on

      Looks good! I like the clean presentaiton. That said, caught a typo on page one. "if a world like..." , shouldn't that be "if a word like..." ?

    3. Jason Richards Publishing 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the support, gents. I'll have plenty more on the various Player Races as we continue on, including some exclusive stuff for backers.

    4. Chant Macleod on

      Lookin' good! Also, I said this offline, but...EYEBALL PRIESTS!!!

    5. David Larkins

      Layout looks great. Clean, attractive, easy to read. Art's quite lovely. LOVE The Holy (both the art and the description).

    6. Jason Richards Publishing 2-time creator on

      FYI, artists are: Mike Wilson, Mike Wilson, Amy Ashbaugh, Mike Mumah, and RJ Palmer. Round of applause for them, right? The most fun part about this so far has been assigning, reviewing, and accepting art. I try not to be mad at them for being too talented.

    7. The Dungeon Rat on

      Spiffing so far! There's a lot of variety here :)

    8. John Kelley on

      Wow, These samples look awesome. I was expecting 2 columns black & white. This is pretty damn impressive.