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Barony is a 3D first-person RPG featuring co-op multiplayer, roguelike dungeon-crawling, procedural content and complex enemy behaviors

Barony is a 3D first-person RPG featuring co-op multiplayer, roguelike dungeon-crawling, procedural content and complex enemy behaviors Read More
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About this project

Welcome to Barony

Barony is a rogue-like romp through the vast subterranean complex known as the Devil’s Bastion. You are an adventurer tasked with the destruction of the Baron Herx, an evil lich responsible for terrorizing the world above. Make your way through procedurally generated levels filled with a diverse array of friends, foes, challenges and cubetastic new scenery. The game is primarily inspired by first-person RPGs of the early 90s, such as Ultima Underworld, System Shock, and Daggerfall. The game is being developed for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Sound interesting? You can download a public alpha of the game which we've prepared especially for this kickstarter right at this link:

Download (15.3mb)

Diversity in the Depths

Each new level of Barony is as much an ecosystem as a dungeon. The creatures which inhabit the depths are each driven by basic needs (such as food, sleep, and shelter) and unique personalities—from the greedy gnome to the deadly demon. In Barony, any character can perform any action—though success may vary. Each of the ten character classes start with bonuses to certain skills, but you can become proficient in anything with sufficient practice.

Fight, Die, Fight Some More

In the Devil’s Bastion, dead is dead. If your character dies, you simply roll up a new one and experience a fresh new game world. If you want to defeat Herx, you’ll have to survive the Bastion’s gauntlet. To better your odds, you must acquire stronger equipment, amass followers, and hone your skills.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Barony fully supports cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. Experience the adventure on your own, or journey alongside your friends over LAN or the internet!


Roll Up Your Character

Your adventure begins with character creation, where you select your gender, appearance, and one of ten different classes. Your choice of class will determine your starting equipment, skills, and attributes.

The Classes

Barbarian: Barbarians are skilled combatants in unarmored brawls. They have the strength to deal heavy blows and the constitution to withstand the same. Nonetheless, their clumsiness and lack of intelligence does not make them very able spellcasters.

Warrior: Warriors are a class of people who specialize in armored and orderly combat. They have the strength to perform strong attacks and the dexterity to wear heavy armor effectively, and they also have moderate amounts of charisma and perception, making them capable leaders of any company of adventurers.

Healer: Healers are talented physicians who specialize in the well-being of the mind and body. Their studies and lifestyle have given them strong constitutions and high intelligence, but these qualities are offset by their clumsiness and physical weakness.

Rogue: Rogues are professional hooligans who depend on their high dexterity and perception to profit from others' misfortunes. Their dealings with the underworld have also given them moderate amounts of constitution and charisma.

Wanderer: Wanderers are experienced travelers whose time on rough paths and hard trails has tempered their dexterity and constitution, making them very capable adventurers overall. Despite this, Wanderers have little combat ability and instead must depend on worldly experience with roads and tools to survive.

Cleric: Clerics are servants of the church whose frequent prayers and fastings have rewarded them with both hardened bodies and minds. That being said, their strength and intelligence is nonetheless offset by their lack of worldly experience, which has left them less than charismatic.

Merchant: Merchants are a class of people whose experience trading goods has afforded them high amounts of charisma and perception. However, lack of meaningful exercise has also made merchants slow and soft, and they lack all but the barest combat abilities.

Wizard: Wizards are extremely talented spellcasters whose devotion to the study of magic has given them uncommon amounts of perception and intelligence. Nonetheless, they are physically weak, and their lack of social contacts have afforded them little in the way of personal charisma.

Arcanist: Arcanists are capable spellcasters with high intelligence and plenty of charisma. Though their magical abilities are not as powerful as wizards, they make up for it with good stealth and slight of hand, causing some to view them more as tricksters than anything else. Nonetheless, an experienced arcanist is none to be trifled with.

Joker: Jokers are the wild-card, the black sheep, the odd man out; put simply, they are peculiar individuals, and are known widely for their uncanny ability to approach problems from unusual perspectives. Indeed, they must truly depend on their own wits to survive, as their frailty on the surface does not appear to lend them well to the horrors that await within the Devil's Bastion.

Smarter than your Average Dire Bear

The denizens of the Devil’s Bastion react intelligently to your behavior. Approach a human with your weapon drawn, and they will be wary. Save a group of gnomes from certain death at the hands of a vicious troll, and they may be inclined to join you in your quest for a time. Creatures don’t exist simply to make your life more difficult; each one has its own personality and agenda. Some creatures would beat you to death for their own amusement, while others prefer only to be left alone.

The Treacherous Descent

As you delve deeper into the Devil’s Bastion, your battles become more intense. This is not only because you face stronger opponents the farther you go, but because the farther you progress, the stakes of dying get even higher. However, fearsome foes are just one of the Bastion’s many trials. Traps and puzzles abound—but with great risk comes great reward!

Keep a watchful eye out for items that may aid you in your journey; weapons and armor degrade naturally with use, and helpful items can be scarce! Don’t worry though; whether you should fall or live to face the mighty Herx, Barony’s procedurally generated dungeons will keep serving up fresh content. Each playthrough will be as exciting and new as the last.

Totally Moddable

Each copy of Barony comes bundled with a level-designer tool that lets you modify or create entirely new sections of the Devil’s Bastion for you and your friends to enjoy. On top of that, all of the game's assets (item definitions, sounds, models, textures, etc.) use open and easily accessible file formats to encourage you to customize your game experience any way you see fit.

Stretch Goals

[$9,000] Level Themes - A fog has fallen—you feel cold! At this level, we will expand the game's environment to occasionally feature unusual obstacles and creatures, keeping your adventuring experience fresh and exciting every time.

[$10,000] Extended Dialog - The people in Barony will do more than take your money or follow you for protection. They will talk to you, offer advice, and even ask questions—just like real people!

[$11,000] Weapon Crafting - While Barony will include smithies that can build you weapons by default, at this level we will be able to deepen this experience by allowing you to customize your new weapons from the hilt to the very tip of the blade, giving you weapons that are truly your own!

[$12,000] Hell Region - The game's world will be expanded with the creation of a secret Hell level which can be accessed late game if you choose to forego your original objective and attack evil at its true source!

[$15,000] Working Libraries - Barony will be populated by functional tomes filled with original content—from fiction and self-help works to game lore, and useful monster and item compendiums!

[$18,000] Procedural Storytelling - Why settle for a single plotline? At this level we will design an innovative system for constructing a unique overarching narrative for every game of Barony, like drawing cards from a deck.

[$25,000] Oculus Rift Support - Take your first-person dungeon-delving experience to the next level using your Oculus Rift!

The Current State of the Game

The game engine and level editor are virtually already complete. What we need your help with is developing the rest of the framework (which is roughly 40% done). Here’s what’s standing between us and a complete game:

  • Replacement & improvement of placeholder and existing graphics 
  • Composition and recording of the remaining songs from Barony’s original soundtrack
  • Completion and polishing of the user interface
  • The addition of missing game features (including monsters, items, stretch goals and backer-designed content)
  • Designing the remaining levels (about 50% done)
  • Polishing gameplay
  • Prodigious amounts of testing (with the help of our backers!)

What to Expect

Every copy of Barony will be completely DRM-free. That means we won’t put anything in the way of you enjoying your game (such as Diablo 3’s always-online requirement). Fulfillment will be handled over your choice of any number of distribution services (like Steam, Desura, GMG, GOG, etc.) to ensure your ability to download the game anywhere, any time, even as the years pass.

All backers from the $10 level on will be granted access to the second phase of the closed beta (or earlier, as their reward level merits) where they can contribute feedback which will help shape the final version of the game. We’re hoping for that to happen as early as this summer, as so far our closed testing group has had a blast playing the early builds, and provided excellent feedback.

Also, if this project gets funded I will personally be able to work on this project full time, ensuring that Barony gets every bit of the attention it deserves. It also means I can compensate the team for their hard work. Every dollar beyond our goal will be funneled into developing new content and features for the game, and polishing existing ones (see Stretch Goals). We are shooting for a release date of March of 2015, but we won’t distribute the game until it’s an experience worthy of our backers.

Why We Need Your Help

Turning Wheel (our indie game development group) has been working on making Barony a reality since last July. Over the months the game has grown, and with it our team. We’ve reached the point where it is no longer fair to ask everyone to devote so much of their time to finishing the game without compensation. With your help, we can support the team, enabling them to devote the time necessary to make Barony the best it can possibly can be.

Risks and challenges

Barony is a robust project by design, and it’s one we’re committed to completing. In the event of a failed Kickstarter, work on the game will continue (albeit at a much slower pace). If finishing the game without funding means reducing the game’s scope, we will do so. While we are planning for a March 2015 release date, we won’t distribute the game until we’re sure it’s done. We will communicate any anticipated delays with our backers as early as possible.

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    [FISTBUMP OF SOLIDARITY]: You get our thanks, your name on the game's website as a Kickstarter contributor, plus an early sample pack from the game's soundtrack. Sweet!

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    [SMOOTH LISTENING]: All previous tiers |+| A copy of the complete Barony soundtrack |+| Closed beta access (late Summer launch) |+| Bronze-level backer badge on the game's official forum.

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    [EARLYBIRD SPECIAL]: All previous tiers |+| SCRIBE: Leave a message for the adventurers of Barony in the form of a lootable scroll! Motivate, berate or bewilder—you decide the wording (just keep it PG).

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    [WANDERER OF WORLDS]: Everything from the Sweet Value package |+| SCRIBE |+| WAYLAID WIZARD’S TAVERN KEY: An exclusive and secretive rest-stop in the depths of Barony. Rumor has it that fearsome weapons, hearty brews, secret knowledge, and fancy duds are all within reach behind the Tavern’s impregnable doors. |+| TIME MACHINE: Travel the halls of history and play through a collection of Barony’s early alphas documenting the evolution of the game. Comes with the original source code! |+| Silver-level backer badge on the game's official forum (Silver & Gold backers will be listed in the game credits).

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    [MY FRIEND STEVE]: Everything from the Wanderer of Worlds package |+| NPC-WHISPERER: Design and name an NPC. Friend or foe, the choice is up to you!

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    [STORYWEAVER]: Everything from the Wanderer of Worlds package |+| Design a custom species of creature to inhabit the depths of Barony, with unique combat abilities and own motivations. Does it crave shiny things, or man-flesh? |+| Gold-level backer badge on the game's official forum.

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    [DUNGEON DIGGER]: Everything from the My Friend Steve package |+| Help design a small dungeon or level segment! The appearance and contents of the area are up to you! |+| Gold-level backer badge on the game's official forum.

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    [KNEEL BEFORE ZOD]: Everything from the Glorious Producer package |+| A gilded, thirty foot statue dedicated to you deep within the heart of Barony.

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