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An stereoptic video installation at ventana244 Gallery about the daily life & events in Williamsburg Brooklyn over the past decade.

A year ago, I talked with Ana Busto (ventana244 Gallery) about my work capturing 3-D images and video of events and changing daily life in Williamsburg Brooklyn over the past decade. We talked more... and ventana244 offered me the opportunity and support to create a stereoptical environment installed in their gallery space during the upcoming month of January, 2013.

The stereoptical imaging was done using homemade armatures to pair up various digital cameras as they have developed to the present state of 3-D technology. I have edited the collection of footage into several groupings so that it can be shown over several long loops viewed day and evening for the duration of the month. 

Kickstarter is the perfect way for you to support the production and installation of this project. $850.00 (and more!) in Kickstarter funds will take this project to a higher and more effective production and presentation level.

For those of you who can add financial ballast to bolster this endeavor, a pair of original, virgin, and hermetically sealed Polarized Glasses from the exhibition will be yours as a token of appreciation. They possess the potential to gain value over the years, so keep them in a safe place!

This project is:

• Semi-documentary... semi-historical in its overview but non-narrative in its structure

• Experimental because steroptical is an atypical installation format

• Community minded because it is in and of the community

• Viscerally engaging

Please help us reach our Kickstarter funding goal of $850.00!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our main risk is to create an audience for the project.

We do not anticipate any production delays. The production of the video is on track and will be ready by the opening date. However, there are sometimes technical problems with the equipment. Computer storage and running the footage presents a challenge. But we see these as momentary problems we will be able to resolve on site. We are here to keep it running at all times.

We will continue to push our web presence and also advertise in the neighborhood in order to build audience.


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