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We're back with more of the Purrista Pawfee coffee shop plush cats! Meet Torta-shell and the lavender and green Mewcarons!
We're back with more of the Purrista Pawfee coffee shop plush cats! Meet Torta-shell and the lavender and green Mewcarons!
We're back with more of the Purrista Pawfee coffee shop plush cats! Meet Torta-shell and the lavender and green Mewcarons!
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    1. dea

      FYI: I received the second package yesterday.

    2. Kilkeykai

      The magnets and plush were even bigger and nicer than I realized they would be. Thanks so much!

    3. Missing avatar

      Christine C. Hill on

      I got my plushes in today! They're so adorable, definitely looking forward to future kick starters of your's!

    4. Pheermee

      Thank you for the quick reply! I will let you know if it doesn't update.

    5. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi William, I processed all labels but have been forced to send out in small batches due to the fact that I don't have a car and scheduled pick up is a bit limited in my area. All packages should be at the post office or on their way by tomorrow. Let me know if tracking isn't updated by Monday.

    6. Pheermee

      Can I get confirmation that my reward has actually shipped? I have a tracking number from Feb 20th but it says "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" and no updates for 4 days. Did this one accidentally not make it to the post office?

    7. Jess Turner

      I got my box of goodies Tuesday, and they are amazing!!

    8. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Maddison and Gwen! I'm still aiming for packages to go out by the end of Jan. Waiting for an update from the factory on an ETA.

    9. Maddison Hoag on

      Just curious, has the expected arrival of our packages with plushies been pushed back or should I still be expecting in January? :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      Just wondering if all orders already shipped or if some were still waiting for plushes to arrive and ship. Thanks for everything.


    11. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Emily, I'll PM you :)

    12. David on

      @Cassandra Szmajda: The funding period for this campaign has ended so you cannot adjust your pledge through KS. Try sending a private message to the creator (click "Holly Guenther" above and then "Contact me"). She may be able to help you out.

    13. Missing avatar

      Emily Morris on

      If we only backed for the "add on" shops (ex $7 for a key chain) will we receive backer surveys?

    14. Missing avatar

      Cassandra Szmajda on

      Hi can anyone tell me how to adjust my pledge to add on other items? Thanks!

    15. Sarah

      Is it possible to get all three mewcaroons for the 3 plush reward?

    16. Jess Turner

      Heh I have also been changing my pledge around to try to do the math right. Pretty sure I have it now!

    17. dea

      Holly...sorry if my pledge revolving door is driving you nuts. I have been trying to do some math and hopefully finally got it right. Did the three plush to get Torta and the 2 unlocked mewcarons ($78) + $101 for one each of the add on items (3 stickers, 4 key chains, 4 magnets, 4 of something else I cannot remember, one tee) + 103 for the first 4 add on plush (4 cat-related ones @$27, $27, $27 and $23).

    18. dea

      Thanks, Holly. I understand the challenge and appreciate the flexibilty. I am not asking for a few dollars...only if it's significant.

    19. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Christine, Flappy's price here has the shipping built in. The SE buyers are paying the same, it just doesn't show the total price with shipping until they check out. Hope that helps!

    20. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Deborah, I tried to cut costs as much as possible and it's difficult to get an exact rate on Kickstarter packages, but yes, I will be offering the difference in either refund or product should it be less than estimated :)

    21. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Cat, Yep $26 for all four. I'm thinking they will only have one post, but I'll be checking with my manufacturer to see what they recommend. They will have a standard metal clutch.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christine C. Hill on

      Is the Flapjack Octopus in the add-on shop $32? That's much higher than your site's preorder cost so I just wanted to check if it was a typo!

    23. dea

      Holly, I ship items all the time for my business and even at max girth for Priority the shipping seems high from uou to NY. Will you be issuing refunds for shipping paid vs shipping actual where that difference is significant?

    24. Cat

      It'd be $26 for all four pins, correct? What sort of clutch will they have, and how many posts?

      These are so cute they cause me physical pain XD

    25. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      @ Lisa Phan: Yep, that's the level to get a single plush. I forgot to update when we started on the Mewcarons.

    26. Lisa Phan on

      If I just wanted one of the mewcarons without the tshirt, would I pick the single layer cake option? The description for that pledge level says it's for the torta-shell plushie, and I would rather just get a mewcarons instead ;v;

    27. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Deborah, The shipping is high due to the size of the plush. Tortie is rather bulky and at the 4 plush level, they will have to go in a fairly large box, Priority Mail.

    28. dea

      Holly...just noticed how high shipping seems. $50 for the $200 level? What justifies that type of rate?


    29. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Athena, Yep! That would be the one you could select. Or you can select any plush tier if some have other stuff you like more than others and add on the additional plush from the add-on shop (just adjust your pledge to reflect things from the shop).

    30. Missing avatar

      Athena Lategano on

      Would I select the Triple Layer pledge to potentially get the Torta-shell and the Mewcaron plush?

    31. Jess Turner

      Just found the answer to my question, woot!

    32. Jess Turner

      Oh my goodness, these are the cutest things I have seen in a long while!! I went a bit nuts with my addons, lol. Is there a plush for the kittea?

    33. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Deborah Arndell! I wish I could offer them, but I'm afraid of overselling them and not being able to fulfill backers orders :( I'm thinking that I may just do a separate add-on post Kickstarter where I can control the amount sold and invoice via Paypal for any who are interested.

    34. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Tanya - since the plush levels on this current Kickstarter are being offered at a discounted rate, you would only be able to pick from the plush in this KS for your backer plush. You can adjust your pledge though to add on additional plush from the add-on shop :)

    35. dea

      Good morning. I too would love to see catpuccino as an add on option.

    36. Missing avatar


      If we back for 4 plushies can we pick out of the ones funded in the last kickstarter or is it only the new ones

    37. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Hailey, You can see a bigger picture of that one in my Storenvy shop here:

      Also, for adding on, you just adjust your pledge total to include the cost of whatever you're adding. I'll be sending out backer surveys after it closes on the 20th and that is where you'll list whatever you've added.

    38. Missing avatar

      Hailey Shaw on

      Hi! Do you have anywhere I can look at more pictures of the Danish Pawstry? I have seen one picture big before and think it's so cute! I would love a better look at it.
      Also, if i decided to make it an add-on, how would I do that?

    39. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      @ Samantha Ormesher: as of right now, no. I'm actually running low on Catpuccinos and since I don't collect add-on information until after the project, there would be a chance of them overselling. If funding suddenly goes nuts and we get everything planned for and still have extra, then I'll add it in and restock with the extra money.

    40. Samantha Ormesher on

      Congrats on being fully funded! :D Will Catpuccino be added to the add-on shop plush options?

    41. Elly Nuy on

      WE MADE IT!

    42. Holly Guenther 9-time creator on

      Hi Jane! Thank you! Lol, cat-lection. Anyway, this time around, there are no exclusives to the KS so these things will be offered afterwards in the regular Kimchi line up :)

    43. Jane Andreasen on

      Congratulations on launching your forth kickstarter! I can't wait to add to my cat-lection, heh. Quick question, are the rewards like the magnets, PVC keychains, and enamel pins exclusive to the kickstarter? (And apologies if the answer was listed somewhere, and I just didn't see it.) Thank you! :D