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The songs are all written. Recording is nearly done. We just need a little help with mastering and duplication. Keep Rock Alive!
The songs are all written. Recording is nearly done. We just need a little help with mastering and duplication. Keep Rock Alive!
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Progress Update

All of the mastering is done. All of the album artwork is finished. The CD's will be ordered tomorrow. They should be in our hands in a little over a week. We are getting our sharpies ready. Party on!

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CD Release Party is Booked

Arson Academy has booked an epic show worthy of your contributions. On June 15th, Arson Academy will play an all ages show on the main stage at House of Blues in San Diego, CA. This will be an epic show. Ticket prices are 10 dollars in advance. Check out the facebook event for details: 

We will have CD's for sale there. If you have earned a CD or signed CD as a reward, you can pick it up at the show.

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Another band with a Full Length Album

I got my first drum 20 years ago. My aunt took me to see Slaughter, Winger, and Kiss. Some of you know what I am talking about. While I was practicing in the garage, learning my paradiddles, Kurt Cobain was in the studio getting ready to change the world. But I cut my teeth on what is commonly referred to as Hair Metal. Or, when I was on tour with my last band, they called it Butt Rock.

I embraced grunge when it came out. And I actually spent the last decade in the punk scene. But I will always love me some Butt Rock. 

After 20 years of nothing, Trixter is releasing a full length album. It comes out tomorrow. 

There are a few bands that defined a period in my life. Bands where I can put on a song, and I am transported to a certain time. And Trixter is one of those bands for me.

I look forward to hearing what they did. How they toes the line between playing the style of music that was popular 20 years ago, and what is popular now. 

These are the choices all artists must make. We make them all the time. You come of with a riff, or a beat, or a melody. Then you have to decide if it's going to fly. Does it sound like the rest of your stuff? Does it sound current enough? What the hell does that mean? Who do you want to fall in love with your song?

So much goes into writing and recording an album. One day you are hot. And one day you are not. And anyone who says they don't care if anyone likes their band is lying. We don't record and perform in front of crowds to not be appreciated. But it can't warp who you are. You can't chase every trend. You can't forget who you are.

One more thought. I just traded a message with Mark, the drummer for Trixter. Let me know that I appreciate his drumming style, and I congratulated him about his album coming out tomorrow. And he thanked me. 

It was a very non-man-crushy exchange. But it does have me thinking about social media. Ozzy Osbourne single-handedly ruined the image of the Rock God with that show of his. Now with social media, we can find ourselves one layer removed from the musicians that we love.

Does that help or does it hurt? In the 80's and 90's, you only got to hear about musicians from Mtv News, and magazine interviews. The internet has changed everything. Now that everyone knows everything about me, I wonder if it makes them like Arson Academy more or less.

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New Reward Added - $30 for Autographed CD and Personal Thank You

We just added a new reward. For $30 dollars, we will mention you by name in the liner notes. And we will autograph one of the CD's and send it to you.

Here is what the cover is shaping up to look like. Just a teaser though.

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Nick Carter is in Arson Academy

10 years ago, that would have meant something. Just putting my name in a post like this would assure premium attention. Millions of dollars would have been generated.

I will admit that life is getting easier for me. Fewer and fewer cashiers laugh when I hand them my credit card.

You remember Michael Bolton, from the movie Office Space. That joke about him going by the name Michael was fine until "that no-talent ass-clown started making records," Yeah, that's pretty much how I have been living since 1997. 

But life is getting better for me. Thank you for your prayers.

~ Nick Carter

P.S. here is a painting I made in photoshop of two cats sharing time in my parent's catbox.

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