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$5,186 pledged of $40,000 goal
By Say Cheves Games
$5,186 pledged of $40,000 goal

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    1. Lawrence Myers
      on February 23

      It does not look like this game will be funded, maybe because the crypto market is going thru a shakedown from the World Bank and crountires that are afraid of losing their control over the world finances. Just me 2 Satoshi.
      I do not think the name of this game reflects the spirit of what the Blockchain is. This game to me is more like dealing with a cryptocurrency exchange. I play around with the exchanges, ICOs, and do some crypto mining myself (but no hacking), so I have a basic understanding of how these concepts work. This game is more trading/mining/hacking and building up coins to a wallet. I think the more fitting title would be CyptoExchangeMaster (or something along those line). Just a thought IMHO, I think a game of Blockchain would be more like a (*Redacted* my idea sounded too good I might design something myself) to show what the blockchain technology really is: DLT- Decentalized ledger technology.
      As a kickstarter backer, I am sorry to see that this project did not make it. I wish the creators good luck in the future and encourage them to try again.

    2. David Batu
      on January 31

      Hoping to see bitcoin cash coin

    3. Say Cheves Games Creator on January 31

      Hi Lynda,

      Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry you found chaining confusing. This playthrough video by DruidCityGames might help:…

    4. Lynda Orm
      on January 31

      The game sounds interesting. I am not sold on the theme, in fact I dislike it. But, the idea of changing markets and blocking your opponents is intriguing. I will keep my eye on this game.

      After watching the gameplay videos, I still find chaining confusing.

      I believe your campaign needs to "pump it up" to make this game sound more appealing.

    5. Say Cheves Games Creator on January 26

      Thank you Michael and Simon for your pledges! We’re hoping to get featured by Kickstarter soon to bring us closer to the funding goal!

      - Say Cheves Games

    6. Simon Hildreth on January 26

      Great theme, backed!

    7. Michael Zipkin
      on January 26

      I'm in! This looks like fun. Hope you successfully fund!

    8. Say Cheves Games Creator on January 26

      Vũ Trần Hoàng, The 200 coins in the base game (not miner's pledge) are made from high density 2mm greyboard, with a gloss varnish finish. This is the same as the early bird pledge. Both the early bird pledge and the normal pledge include the exact same reward. When we reach the $100,000 stretch goal, each coin in the base game will be upgraded to have a foil stamp over the logo.

    9. Vũ Trần Hoàng on January 26

      which is material of coin from early bird or normal pledge?
      Can you tell me more detail? is it made from card board ?

    10. Bry Hearn on January 26

      Wow this did not take off well wow