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Larger metal creatures arise in this undergraduate exhibition of the world as humanity has shaped it. Bring home your own metal beast!
Larger metal creatures arise in this undergraduate exhibition of the world as humanity has shaped it. Bring home your own metal beast!
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Until the show opening! Thank you for all of your WONDERFUL help!

The show is looking fantastic! 

Today the books came in and I am super excited to show them! I only did a limited run, but they are here thanks to all of your support!

As soon as I can, I will make an album of photos so you guys can see all of the work that you guys inspired :)

I will post it on my facebook page (

Now I just need to bust butt to get the last few things done!

I will be back soon!


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Goal Met! And other important news!


Thanks to all of your guys for all of your help! You guys are awesome! Even with our goal being met, feel free to check out some more prizes and keep me busy this summer!

Also- for those of you who have donated a dollar or so- I appreciate every wonderful penny you guys donate! Thank you all so much! I do need to clarify, however, that your hand done sketches (particularly for you awesome foreign backers) will have to be sent digitally, or I will spend more than a dollar on postage and will not have made any money at all ._. Sorry if anyone got confused by the lack of clarification there. 

Other news-

The sculpture Wild Cat has now been claimed by my very own mother who, in a panic, called me and insisted she keep the big kitty. You are adorable mom! Thank you for your wonderful donation (to be in soon) :D 

Two $500 prizes remain, though beloved backer Carolyn Todd has yet to claim her prize, so it is unknown which of the two pieces remain! Will it be The Death of Australia? Or Unnatural Selection? Contact soon- as people have been asking me about them!

Here are the updated pictures-

Unnatural Selection- a bulldog sculpture laying on his back, waving his feet in the air. Nature could not have created such a lovable little beast. Perfect for a garden, he would love to have a permanent home in the dirt of a flowerbed :)

The Death of Australia- one of the many introduced species that have run rampant through Australia's wilderness, the rabbit. This springy young fellow can go anywhere you want him!

This sculpture is in a Juried show at the moment and may be sold at any time. If this does sell outside of Kickstarter, a replacement piece will be constructed to keep with the number of sculptures available. For this reason, it is extremely important that you claim your sculptures as soon as possible. This way you get what you want and there are no conflicts. It is truly amazing to me that I have the support from you guys. Thank you so much! :D

Additionally- I have been working on a GIRAFFE sculpture that will be LIFE SIZE! I am so excited! It is like a giant jungle gym right now and is fully climbable! Pictures to be posted soon (WHEN IT'S NOT TOO DARK!) How am I gonna move this stuff????

Please contact me for further images and with any questions! 

Happy Donating!

K. Alex Soler 

Update on one of the "Small Sculpture" Prizes.

One of the small sculpture prizes is the pouncing cat that is as tall as I am in the video

Another of the small sculpture prizes is this piece:

A rabbit that may still get some beauty treatment, but I have just gotten it to a point where I can share with people! :)

Sorry for the poor quality- it is a camera picture. Better pic up soon!

Happy Donating!