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The Lone Wolf fantasy gamebooks raised a generation of gamers.  After 30 years on his shelf, Gary Chalk has a surprise for us.
The Lone Wolf fantasy gamebooks raised a generation of gamers. After 30 years on his shelf, Gary Chalk has a surprise for us.
404 backers pledged $36,000 to help bring this project to life.

Status report, arrived goods, tough decisions, and many orders ready to ship with your help

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)

This update has two parts: a first part written by Richard S. Hetley for Jamie Wallis

A second part written by Mikaël Louys for Megara Entertainment SARL.

Please read the two parts to get the whole picture.


This is Richard S. Hetley here, reporting with the word from Jamie Wallis.  It's been a long time but we're nearing the project's end.  This update covers:

What is ready to SHIP TO YOU RIGHT NOW, if you can help Greywood Publishing with the expense.  (Also notes about what has been shipped already.)

A request for you to pay your shipping, and what we'll give you in return for your help.

An updated explanation of the money problems.

Acknowledgment of where it may be impossible to fulfill SOME rewards from this project.  (If more funding is available in the future, this can improve.)

As I said, this information comes straight from Jamie: I'm the one writing because I've been the face of these many Kickstarters, and I want to talk with you kind people about this project that matters to all of us.  I hope it makes sense somewhere in the seven-page text document I'm translating into an update.  Now . . .

What rewards are ready to ship

The BOARD GAME exists and is in Greywood's hands!

Pallets right before they were moved into storage
Pallets right before they were moved into storage

We need to credit Jamie for all he did here.  He writes "they are stored in a damp free garage on pallets with a huge tarp under them to keep them dry," so they are ready and safe.

The FIGURE PACK (duplicates of all the figures in the main game) also exists and is in the same pile!  Jamie doesn't yet have spare plastic stands for these, but that's easy to resolve and he has promised they will be ready to deliver.

The 3-D MINIATURE OF LONE WOLF exists and all packs are in Greywood's hands!

Blister pack of a miniature (see below for packaging note)
Blister pack of a miniature (see below for packaging note)

The miniatures are protected in plastic.  We should emphasize this packaging is designed to be utilitarian, not "collectible."  Because getting the miniature to you intact is what's important, Jamie will open the blister packs by hand to stuff them with extra bubble wrap before shipping.

AUTUMN SNOW is in active shipping!  It is Megara's project and so Mikaël Louys is sending them himself.  You can see progress on the Facebook page.

The SCENARIO PACK .PDF will exist soon!  This electronic file requires only a layout effort and then it can be distributed to you backers.  Jamie says it is ready to announce.

For the high-level pledge rewards, the 1980's ORIGINAL ART has been shipped, the HAND-PAINTED 3-D MINIATURES have been shipped, and the ORIGINAL ART PIECE DRAWN FOR THIS CAMPAIGN has been shipped.  Are our records wrong about any of these?  Please let us know.

Then, of the REDRAWN CLASSIC IMAGES IN FULL-COLOR, Gary Chalk has completed one and we are still waiting on the other.

The SIGNED PRINTS are not ready: we have only a few of the total.  Also, two of you who pledged for signed prints never filled your survey!  Best do so now!

This leaves the MAP PACK and ARTBOOK.  We will discuss these further: they are in partial completion only.

What we ask you to pay, and what we'll give you

Jamie Wallis has done the math for current shipping expenses.  Again, we acknowledge that you already paid for shipping: the financial problems will be discussed in a moment, but in short there is no money left to ship as we had originally budgeted.

Jamie has shipping methods lined up that will work for any parcel up to 5 kg for all relevant parts of the world.  This works fine since the board game is around 2.75 kg (Didn't we say it was 2.2 kg?  More on this is in a moment) and no add-ons are heavy enough to push it beyond that boundary.  Therefore . . .

If you have pledged for anything OTHER THAN THE MAP PACK, ARTBOOK, AND SIGNED PRINTS, we ask you to pay the following by location and you will receive all your rewards:

  • UK, £10.50

  • USA and Canada, £24.50

  • Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Austria and Belgium only), £18.50

  • The rest of the world (including the remaining European countries), £33.00

These pay for shipping, the shipper itself, and a small fee because this time we're using Paypal.  Please send the funds to Jamie Wallis at via Paypal:

If you are an existing Paypal user, be sure your shipping address is up-to-date.  In the "Special instructions to seller" field, please state your Kickstarter username and the listed price of your pledge level.  For example, suppose your username is "Chalkfan" and you selected the $58 for the game and 3-D miniature, but actually paid $63 to add on the scenario pack.  You should state "Chalkfan, $58" on Paypal.  Then Greywood would look up "Chalkfan" on Kickstarter and know to ship the game, one miniature, the add-on scenario pack, and your new freebies (see below).

If you are unfamiliar with Paypal, don't worry: it is simple and secure.  Go to the site and click the "Send" button at the top.  Input and the amount in "GBP."  Select "This is for a good or service" when prompted.  Follow the steps for account creation (trust me, you'll use it again someday), then use "Special instructions to seller" as above.

If for whatever reason you cannot set up an account, then contact Jamie at the above address and make an arrangement personally (but please use Paypal if there's any way you can).

Greywood will give you the following in return for your help:

  • Your rewards will receive priority in shipping, as Jamie will start shipping as he starts receiving funds.  (Note: it still will take months to complete the shipping.)

  • You will receive a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE CUT-OUT MAP BOARD.  This is the special board from the map pack.  Not everyone wants to cut up an original board, so this lets you print them at your leisure.

  • You will receive EXTRA GAME COMPONENTS.

What "extras"? It so happens that the board game shipment included spares:

Spare game components shipped from the printer
Spare game components shipped from the printer

The 5 kg threshold means Greywood has space in each shipment that will cost him nothing to fill.  Jamie will add two extra map boards to every reward fulfillment where he receives your help in shipping; and, if he runs out, he will include other bonuses instead.

Sound good?  We've tested this and determined that an international shipment is pretty solid:

Partial unpacking of test shipment (shown next to some books I had lying around)
Partial unpacking of test shipment (shown next to some books I had lying around)

You can see slight damage in the packaging, which is why Jamie will add bubble wrap to the miniature blister packs.  If you're interested, I'd gladly fill another update with an illustrated unpacking.

Now, you may be concerned about the map pack (which is used by the scenario pack) or the artbook.  It's long been the plan to minimize shipping by doing only a single shipment per person, and the latter are not ready yet.  If you have (or want) any of those in your reward shipment, you might wish to hold off on paying as you read the rest of this update.

The money challenge, revisited

If we're asking you for yet more money, you deserve to know why.  If you followed us before, you've seen this is the most difficulty we've ever faced in a project. 

Here's an updated run-down of what challenges we surmounted and what ones smacked us in the face.

We planned, of course, for plenty: your pledge was to pay for the production of each item, its shipping worldwide, the time and effort (and royalties) of the people at work here, and Kickstarter and credit card fees.  "Shipping worldwide" was discussed in that above link: it costs more than the item itself.  So, as stated, rising shipping costs have been downright horrible.

The Kickstarter and credit card fees were around $3,000, which is a little less than 10% (as usual on this site). 

Now you add the expenses discussed earlier: rising shipping costs.  Recall the board game turned out heavier than expected?  Twice?  It's the map boards.  They are 2.5 mm thick, which matches the playing pieces and will be awesome for play, but they were supposed to be 1 mm thick.  The box is full to the brim and somewhat awkward now.  Jamie reported this:

"Because we needed to get copies of the game to Indiecon, the long advertised launch for the game, we omitted the usual proofing methods that [the printers] insist on.  I proofed the product via photographs rather than a physical proof copy to my house.  I had it in my head that the boards would be 1 mm thick and I didn't see any reason to question the photo as it just looked like a flat game board of really good quality.  The first we knew about the board thickness was when we opened the first box at Indiecon.  I asked to get the boards changed to a thinner stock but as the game was approved they had already moved to mass production."

Then, as Mikaël stated recently, there were taxes involved in receiving the goods.  This was part of deciding which printer to use, and should have fit within the initial budget, but by this point ate up the rest of the money.  We did everything we could once we started seeing problems with the plan, but the fact remains that the Kickstarter money is spent.

Thus we have two faults that sapped the money: unplanned losses in simply getting the money where it needed to go, and problems in production and shipping that raised costs thereafter. 

We want to do everything we can.  That means thinking about the future.

"Finish what you start" versus "understand your limitations"

As stated, there is no money left.  The map pack and artbook are only partially completed, as follows:

Map pack: The graphic design part is straightforward.  The printing is the problem. If the map boards are 2.5 mm now by accident, doesn't the map pack have to match?  This means the map pack would cost more than expected (and . . . more than you paid during the campaign).  A quick estimate suggests 80% of the cost of a board game.

Artbook: The problem is that only about half of Gary's legally-available artwork has been found and scanned.  All Lone Wolf art is ready.  Gun Dogs, the more recent project Gary Chalk released with Jamie Wallis, was available from the start.  Sundered Lands has a few pieces ready.  But there is zero Redwall.  Now what?

The map pack has a corollary issue that the scenario pack (my .pdf of extra battles) makes use of the new boards!  This is one reason to give you the cut-out sheet for free electronically, but obviously this doesn't cover everything.

So we are talking internally about what to do.  Now ask yourself.  Do we:

Admit defeat and ship only the products that exist, annulling the map pack and artbook?

Ship the products that exist, hope for money to appear sometime in the nebulous future, and then ship the missing add-ons months later?

Ship the products that exist, lower the quality on the missing add-ons, STILL have to wait for more money to manufacture the lower-quality versions, and then ship the add-ons?

And if we "ship the missing add-ons in the nebulous future," do we ask you to split your rewards and pay shipping TWICE?


"Nebulous" wait time is built in anyway: people who pledged for existing rewards but who DON'T help with the Paypal shipping campaign will have to wait while Greywood gets the money to fulfill these.

"Lowering the quality" would mean printing a thinner map pack (that would not match the base game in thickness) and accepting fewer illustrations in Gary Chalk's artbook.

I know, I know: I'm a Redwall fan too.  I'm the one who went hunting for Redwall fan communities in order to advertise the campaign.  I don't want to abandon the quest.  But unless someone can produce more cash for Greywood, these are the options.   

Inevitably, there arises the question of refunds.  A small number of people have asked for one.  I will record the username of everyone who asks, but the answer is the same: the money isn't there to do anything yet.

Now we ask what you think.

In conclusion

We think that the quality on everything that's been completed is up to expectations.  Gary Chalk's creation is amazing.  We hope you'll be satisfied with your shipments once you receive them, and that you can help the process get started.

Me, I'm heartened by the successful work of other people on Kickstarter who've gotten to this state: the short version is that it's not uncommon to need more cash, and Kickstarter projects typically deliver even if they must do so late.

The long version is that I learned some lessons following the struggles of Lori and Corey Cole in the Hero-U project and American McGee in Alice: Otherlands, creators with a history of mainstream success.  Despite appearances, a project financed on Kickstarter has a better chance of success than anything financed in private game development.  Projects by private publishers are launched and cancelled all the time.  But Kickstarter creators have an audience; and we CARE about our audience, mind you!  What's unusual isn't that creators suffer delays and rising costs: what's unusual is that Kickstarter is a place where these people admit it in public.

Not to excuse the faults or minimize the problems.  For these Greywood Publishing wants to apologize.  I just say all this because I'm dedicated to transparency with you, and I'm here to share games (and related products) that I hope make people happy.

If you are affected by the issues (especially the map pack and artbook), feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.  And, of course, we're available for private discussion.

Thank you again for your patience and support.


Hello Lone Wolf the Boardgame backers.

I would like to offer a few precisions, as the Founder and CEO of Megara Entertainment worldwide, to what has been explained by Richard above in Part One.

Since the start and before the campaign started, we had agreed with Gary and Jamie that Megara would take 10% of the campaign to manage it because neither Gary nor Jamie wanted to do this and they asked us for our help and expertise. Greywood wanted to manufacture and ship the product from start but they asked us to run the campaign page ; and they wanted as well to benefit from our ealier Kickstarter customers fond of Lone Wolf and gamebooks. The 10% was splitted as follows : 5% for Richard (only to do updates and run the page until the campaign ends ; normally Jamie was supposed to take over the updates after this) and 5% for Megara SARL (owning Megara LLC) because it was normal that Megara would take 5% because Greywood would access all our previous customers and it's normal that this isn't free.

That 10% Megara took was known from the start by Jamie and he was supposed to do his maths and the shipping and manufacturing based on the fact that a bit less than 10% was going to (Kickstarter+Amazon Payment) and 10% to Megara. I remember advising him at the time to set up a higher unit price for the game and higher shipping fees in order not to be in a difficult situation afterwards. Apparently in the end he did not listen to me. So first of all it's Jamie's fault because HE decided alone without Gary all the unit prices and shipping fees. Maybe Richard gave him a few advice as well, as far as I remembered, but in the end it's Greywood who has set up all the pledges levels and I hoped at the time that Jamie decided wisely ; he didn't. I am not to be blamed for this.

Recently, Jamie started to insult me with not apparent reasons, just because I was pushing him to fix his mistakes and go talk with the customers directly, or maybe because I reminded him all his mistakes during this campaign. So far I have been hiding the other reasons why Greywood is lacking cash after manufacturing, because I thought Jamie was a friend. It apparently turns out he doesn't respect me any longer.  I received insults while just trying to help him sort his problems. Not to mention that for months Richard Gary and I were running after him to get answers for the backers and he would not show at Skype meetings or answering emails on time, and sometimes the info wasn't clear. We often got the same excuse : "I'm sorry guys I am bipolar". Fine. But Jamie decided all alone without Gary how many units to produce, which manufacturer to use and so on. Fine again.

I have been trying to build a good reputation for Megara for years. Before the few Kickstarter Megara has run, we sold thousands of other products on other various platforms. Each time Megara was responsible. When there was a problem I took on my own money to refund customers. Why ? Because to me, a good repute is better than having plenty of cash and being detested.

For the Lone Wolf Campaign, Megara only got around 2000 euros (the 10%). We also got the money for the Autumn Snow add-on (around 40 add-ons produced by Megara instead of Greywood). That's all. All the rest of the money went to Greywood and I had myself no control on how Jamie would spend the money or manufacture this or that.

At the beginning I just wanted to help Gary and Jamie because they didn't feel like running a campaign themselves ; and they were happy to benefit from our customers against the 10%. I said yes because I was seeing Gary and Jamie as friends and helping friends is good for your karma. I am still now friends with Gary and doing business with him ; he suffered like me from some of the poor decisions Jamie took.

I also need to protect my back and show if needed some proof that Jamie was responsible for the shortfall of money. Because I have a reputation for Megara. I have protected Jamie long enough, only to end up being insulted by him (when I NEVER insulted him). I am deeply saddened by this behaviour of him. Maybe he doesn't remember the time when he had a big personal problem years ago and he asked me to lend him some money to move to a new house because he could not afford at the time moving, he had to but he had no friends except me at the time to help him. I gladly helped him and sent him money - money that he never refunded to me years ago, now that is situation is better. At the time he told me 'You are my best friend, thank you Mikael, for the constant psychological help (I would listen to all his problems) and for the financial help, so I can start a new life and pay my moving to a new city'.

Now I regret having helped him at that time, and I regret having helped him a second time with this Kickstarter campaign. Because in the end he is insulting me and telling me 'I never want to talk with you again, if you write me again your email will directly go into my recycle bin'.

Maybe because I have put him in front of his responsibilities many times and he did not like it at all in the end. Such a childish behaviour, and despicable attitude.

As I have been insulted and assured that we will never be friends again (HE decided this for me, I was shocked), I don't see know why I would go on protecting his back and hiding stuff that even Richard is hiding. The point is, I am not sure Jamie deserves any additional money, but if you want to get your games you  will probably have to. I hope he will deliver and fulfill. He will probably! But I am not happy that we are to the point that he needs more money.

I will repeat what I have said in past comments and tell you more of the truth about what happened. I don't do it in a revenge spirit : believe me I have other things to attend, and I am at a convention right now.

Here are some hidden facts about what happened. I kept any emails by Jamie. I will not disclose details because it's his business.

Why doesn't Jamie have money to pay shipping and do refunds ?

1) Because he has set up a too low unit price and shipping fees for the game back then when he designed his pledges.

2) Maybe because he printed in China and had several thousands pounds of import taxes to pay when receiving the games. He is based in the UK, if he had ordered from a EU manufacturer = no import tax to pay! Maybe the retail price would have been a bit higher, but it was worth studying it - he did not study and went for China directly.

3) I was shocked to learn from Jamie that he ORDERED 1000 GAMES instead of the 300+ needed to ship the backers. Officially, he told me "It was a minimum they would not manufacture for less". I don't believe it so much, why : We are in a world where printing on demand is well established whether it is for boardgames or books. I know it myself, I use print on demand to print my Megara gamebooks. He could have at least asked many other providers to see if he could order just the minimum number of boardgames (300+) to fullfill the campaign, and in order to keep what's necessary to fulfill the shipping afterwards. Instead he paid a very high sum to the manufacturer...guess what... you guys have helped him get 700 extra games to sell by himself. This is so shocking. And then he tells you he doesn't have any more money. It's normal : I saw the bill, and he used almost all the Kickstarter money he got to order the games, knowing he would not have anything left for shipping. This is outrageous for the customers.

4) Last but not least, we were supposed to send the Kickstarter money from the Megara LLC's account in the US directly to Jamie's account in the UK. To minimize banking tranfer fees. As it's around 1500 USD to transfer around almost 30K USD from the US to the UK as the sum is large. Jamie told us : 'No problem. You can transfer the sum for the manufacturing and shipping of the games to my account at Greywood right after the campaign'. Then in November we were going to do it. He said to Richard : 'Richard, wait, in fact I don't have a business bank account ready to receive the Kickstarter funds. But it will be ready before the end of the year as planned'. Richard said : 'Good, because for tax reasons I can't keep the Kickstarter funds eternally and will have to send the funds to you before Dec 31st'. Jamie said : 'All right Richard and Mikael, noted, it will be ready.' At that point I wondered why he would not have a corporate bank account ready already since he was supposed to be in business before and he never said he didn't have one. We chased him all December and he said "Oh well I can't manage to open my company bank account on time, it seems my bank account will only be opened in January". We were shocked. He spent all December on what? To create a bank account it's usually fast. Richard said that as warned before for tax reasons he could not keep the Kickstarter funding on the LLC account because it was 80% Jamie's money (after the Kickstarter fees and Megara takings). I asked Gary what to do. Gary could not receive the money himself. Everybody asked if I could helped with Megara's SARL account in France (Megara SARL used to own 51% in Megara's LLC), holding the money on the Megara French account in January meanwhile Jamie finishes setting up his account. I told Gary, Richard and Jamie : 'Guys, if we do this, there will be twice bank transfer fees. In the end on Dec 31st the LLC in the US will send the funds (1st bank transfer fees of 1500 euros) to the SARL in France (holding it for Jamie) and then the SARL will have to send from France the funds to Jamie's Greywood accound in the UK (a second transfer fee of 1500 euros.)'
Gary and I blamed Jamie for not having respected what he said and having completely slacked. As a result, 3000 euros of banking fees were taken off the project instead of 1500 should Jamie would either have had from the start a corporate bank account or would have kept to his word of setting his account by the end of December at the latest. In fact, he took until February to do it, and then I sent him the funds....

It's the last time I help another company. And Jamie should apologize to me for having insulted me several times. Now I don't want to hear about him or his company, I just thought you guys backers had the rights to know what Jamie (and partly, Richard) were hiding you. Because I'm also a backer of that game, anyway.

Mikael Louys

Founder, Megara Entertainment SARL


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    1. ConraDargo on

      I'll probably pay for the extra shipping even if it means throwing another 33£ at you. Wouldn't have minded it as much if it had only been 18.50, but unfortunately, living here in Sweden ups it to 33 ._. That's a lot of money for sure and I probably wouldn't have backed this project in the first place if the shipping cost had been that high.

      But, I do love everything that is "Lone Wolf" and I want to help you out here. So, I'm gonna wait for another 7 dado receive something from it in the future.

    2. Charles-Emmanuel "Bonhomme" Ouellette on

      Same here - my family, job situation and the Canadian dollars have all changed quite a bit since I backed this project.
      The shipping fees are roughly the same as what I paid to get the game. If they're a way to get a refund that would be my prefered option.
      As much as I understand your troubles, I hope you understand how I feel about a refund as a backer you was certain to already have paid in full for the product, shipping included.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wells on

      If it is possible, I would prefer to have my money refunded than have to give out more on what appears to be a very thin chance of actually receiving the items I was very much looking forward to. If there is a list somewhere for refunds, put me on it.

    4. Pleasant Company Games on

      A decision was made to print (and ship) additional units in order to make minimum production order. That is perfectly good business.The shipping costs to the backers should be recouped from future sales of those units. Our last KS raised USD52k and we were still USD6k in the red after shipping to backers was complete, but, we were left with 2500 units of product for general retail. If cash flow is as critical as you are suggesting, I would prefer you present a plan to sell those additional units, and offer to send our pledges when those sales have generated the required funds to do so.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael R Black

      I dealt with Jamie through email today. He responded to my inquiry quickly and appears sincere about shipping.

    6. Ben Turner

      Right - everyone has had a chance to present their part of the story - that's been done and the cards are on the table now. For some people, they should never have been on the table, for others at least this gives us more insight into my everything is currently screwed up.

      But I think it's time to pick the cards up, and go back to interacting with whoever is running this kickstarter (I understand Megara are still doing this) and ask them to resolve this mess. The backers have put forward thoughts, but we have no other point of communication than here, so here we will communicate and here we will respond / react to further information if and when it becomes ready.

      I understand things are messed up, but assuming we are trying to do what's best for backers to get some (if not all) of what they pledged for, we need to revert back to professional relations again. If we are only here to point fingers now, then it's probably time to walk away, as that's not going to achieve anything more than catharsis now.

      Mikael / Richard / Jamie - I hear what's happened, I hear problems have occurred. If ANYONE can present a professional solution to get games to backers, my ears and eyes remain open.

      As mentioned before, happy to wait for cash liquidity to open up, or to consider paying more to get more (extra copy etc...) - next move is with your respective professional organisations.

    7. Missing avatar

      William (Bill) Reger

      Is there any alternative to paypal? My original paypal account was hacked and the security questions changed. Now I can not create a new account without creating a new email - and I don't like either option.

    8. Megara Entertainment LLC 3-time creator on

      [Mikaël from Megara] I am still reading your comments guys, even if I have no idea what Jamie is doing. Andre, I understand your reasoning in theory. I would nevertheless remind everyone that Jamie and Gary insisted to have Megara run this campaign for them, but from the start, in the project story and in updates we explained that the manufacturer and shipper of this project was Greywood. I didn't choose a manufacturer ; it was Greywood's game from the start (Richard only helped for the scenarios and to manage the updates for Jamie and Gary). Greywood has chosen Megara because we had customers in the gaming field and because they said they would not feel up to managing a campaign and needed help from their Megara friends. Richard took 5% for his efforts, and me 5% as well. Around 1k usd for each of us. The rest went to Greywood as planned from the start. Jamie is the one who should do the refunds. Richard thinks he wants to keep his 5% for his work. As for the other 5% I got, around 1000 usd, I will soon announce I will gladly refund that Megara part to the backers. The rest of any refunds, and questions on shipping must go to Jamie's email - as HE decided to stop talking to me - I don't have enough cash to make a legal action against him to make him come talk here or anything else, anyway. That doesn't mean I am not appalled by the situation and saddened, or depressed, by all of this mess.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Chaignat on

      Ok... since I work for small game publishing association I can understand some of the problems you are in... BUT ... as a customer, big fan of Lone Wolf, I cannot afford to pay more than 100 € for that game (65 $ pledge + 33 £ ???) and as a customer, I don't mind whose fault it is... all I see is that the backers are doomed...the last updates are just pathetic ways of throwing the hot potato to each others...sorry, but I am out...

    10. Deckarudo on

      What a total mess... I'm not gonna paid £18.50 just for a metal miniatures! Badly packaged as written as well!

    11. Missing avatar

      Mattshearn on

      Shipping paid, I think it's time to admit defeat on the extras which have not been produced yet and start offering some of these extra game as goods for the pledge instead..

    12. Andre Schaupp on

      I am a little bit disturbed and took some time to write this comment, so I am not in a completely angry state. I pledged for the board game, map pack, figure pack, extra scenario and signed print. Now you tell me, that the map pack wasn't produced with the rest but is needed with the scenarios, the figure pack lacks standees and the signed print isn't ready yet (whatever that means).

      We were already told, that extra money for shipping is needed, but 24 Euros to send a parcel from Britain to Germany looks pretty much to me. Did you even compare transport companies? Topping this, I am forced to create a PayPal-Account. I don't like PayPal and I certainly won't give them my banking account information.

      But ok, let us look further: So you want extra money from me, so that I can receive less than I pledged for. I certainly won't receive the map pack, I have no REAL information about the signed print (who will be shipping it, are there any extra costs coming, again?) and the figure pack is incomplete. Looks like a pretty fair deal - for YOU!

      But you promised some extras, that "we enjoy", to make the shipping worth it. Let's look about them: First, priority shipping, which will "take months". My gosh! You know how to set priorities! Second, a digital copy of a map part. I am really getting overly excited about your generosity! Third, some people (obviously not all) will receive some extra spare parts, you received from the manufacturer and would have been useless, otherwise. Whoa! That is no compensation at all.

      For me, there are only two options: On the first, I want some confirmation what will happen with the signed print. I also don't want to pay extra shipping, if I receive less. Take the money I gave you for never produced components to handle the shipping!

      The other one: I want a full refund of my money, because you didn't fulfill your part of the contract.

      Who do I have to contact to decide this?

    13. A Hale on

      This is massive mess. I probably shouldn't have sent extra s/h money, but unfortunately I already have. I would now advise against anyone doing so. I might have just lost $100. I have sent a message to Jamie. Hopefully he answers, and ships my game.

    14. Maria Adelaide Borromeo

      I sent my £10.50 over to have at least the game set sent to me. I had pledged for the artbook as well but I give up on it...

      Money sent through PayPal is protected, as long as it's marked "for goods and services". If you don't receive your product you have 180 days (in the UK, not sure if it's different elsewhere) to open a dispute with the "merchant".
      I had to open disputes in PayPal a few times over the course of the years and they were always solved in my favour.

      I trust that Jamie will send me my game set promptly, however...

    15. Fitheach on

      As I underdand it there is excess stock so it really needs to be sold to make the money back to finance everything else. Perhaps something could even be arranged with shops that stock it to allow backers to pick it up from them?
      I guess the question is how much of the money is held in stock and what kind of time period would it take to get it back?

    16. Missing avatar

      Dan Buman on

      Hmmm. I'm not sure what to think. I am happy to have an update, but it was not what I was hoping for. I pledged for the game, art book, figure pack, and map pack. My gut tells me to cough up the shipping to get what is currently ready. I don't feel optimistic that the map pack and art book will get produced. I will wait a little to see if there are any new ideas generated to see what my final options are.

      I get a feeling in this production/fulfilment process there there is no one person in charge. This project needs a leader to take it by the horns and get things done. It appears we really only have finger pointing and dwelling on mistakes already made. I understand that things did not go according to plan, but lets salvage what we can!

    17. Clayton Smith on

      The more I think about the supposed 'solution' that has been put forward, the less I like it.

      You guys really should have been able to come up with something better than what has been offered, especially considering the amount of time it took you to come up with it.

      It smacks of laziness and disrespect. There must be better shipping rates available than what is being quoted. I'm not sure if you just went to the first shipping method you found and didn't look any further, or if Jamie is trying to make a margin on it.

      Before your update, I thought we were going to be asked to 'help' with the shipping costs, not pay for the whole thing. And it sounded like the majority of people were willing to do that, just so we could have a hope of receiving a cool product we have been waiting patiently for. But to ask us to pay the entire shipping costs, and at such high rates is ridiculous and a little disrespectful.

      The method of sending the money is also ill-conceived. It almost sounds like a scam. There are no reassurances that our games would arrive if we send the money, and no way of getting our additional money back if we don't receive the game.

      It's even more surprising that this is the method put forward seeing as though Jamie can't be bothered to engage with this campaign at all. He has no excuse for not getting on here himself, answering questions, addressing concerns and explaining what is going on, especially since it sounds like all the troubles we are experiencing are his fault. He sounds completely irresponsible - and you are asking us to transfer funds directly into his account?

      Realistically, the money should be coming out of Greywood Publishing's pocket. It's not like they are bankrupt, they are still open for business, they are still selling games on their website and they have 700 additional copies of Lone Wolf they should be trying to sell quickly (at a reduced rate if necessary) to cover the costs.

      If Jamie sells each extra copy for £10 or £15 pounds it should be able to cover the costs of shipping easily.

      The entire campaign has dissolved into a complete shambles. Unless you can put forward a better solution, I will not be sending any extra money.

      If you can't come up with a better offer, I will expect a full refund once you sell off some of the extra stock we all helped you to buy.

    18. A Hale on

      Since Jamie does not bother with Kickstarter, how will I know when he ships my package? Is he sending out confirmations and tracking numbers? Do I need to contact him through another source?

    19. Gregory Smith on

      I too pledged just for the miniature. I am sure as heck am not paying £10.50 to post a miniature.

      I considered the art book, now I'm really really glad I didn't go for it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Toco on

      I pledged for the artbook. I see the problems. I could agree to the idea for "Lowering the quality" accepting fewer illustrations in Gary Chalk's artbook. I'd rather have a thinner book than no book at all.
      Maybe it's a good idea to create a voting poll about this. A yes or no vote for all backers of the artbook. Yes, lower quality and publish. No, wait for more art, more money, then publish. Mayority wins. Just tell me where to pick it up, I'll fetch the book myself.

    21. Joe Kelly on

      After thinking this over I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm glad that Jamie gave this a go. From what I've seen of the game it looks beautiful and while things haven't turned out as planned, which happens with kickstarters from time to time, I think Jamie deserves some credit for getting this far.

    22. Roy Pollock on

      Like many, I'm pretty disappointed by this update. I was expecting to be asked to cover increased shipping costs due to the project slipping into the next calendar year, or coming in over weight estimate, not to be asked to pay the full shipment cost. I probably should have seen the 'free international shipping' as a red flag for a small-scale project.

      At this point, I'll wait until you have enough money from the sale of additional copies to ship mine to me, OR, feel free to sell my copy and use the money to send me a refund. I'm not in a hurry either way.

    23. Ian Wright

      So, to be clear, if we only backed for the miniature ($8 - supposedly including shipping) we are required to pay a further £33.00 shipping to Australia? When you already have 700 games in excess with which to sell and cover ALL expenses for the campaign? Seems like someone is taking the Mickey, surely?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonas Möckelström on

      Yeah, this update is disappointing on so many levels. More importantly, the unprofessional behaviour of those involved, both Mikael and this Jamie character, does not make me any more confident anyone will ever get their games.

      You need to step up guys. Seems only fair to me that you – and I don't care who this "you" is of all the people involved – pay the extra shipping costs up front, ship the games to us backers, and when we've received them you can have the shipping cost back from us.

      We trusted you. Now you have to trust us. Goes both ways, see?

      I will pay the £33 shipping (that's pretty steep by the way; are you sure this is the best you can come up with?) when I have received what I paid for. Or just trade it off against the cost of the art book – which I'm pretty sure we can write off as of now.

      So sad to see the names of Lone Wolf and Gary tarnished by this mess.

    25. gatherer818

      I'll wait a few more months to see if selling those extra copies allows you (whoever the important 'you' here is) to fulfill my pledge. Or if you raise the money by other means. A quick Google calculation shows my US $58 pledge would cost me US $38 to get priority shipping. I'm not even remotely interested in paying that much extra for a game I was really unsure about backing in the first place.

      This is my first experience with Lone Wolf, Megara Entertainment, or Gary Chalk. It's still up to you how good of an experience it is. Best case: I get my game for the price I agreed to pay for it. Acceptable case: I get a refund.

    26. Akiazoth

      I pledged for just the figures at $15 dollars. I really luck out because I'm in New Zealand - 33 POUNDS! (NZD$68!) to ship just the figures?

      A PDF version would be brilliant - drop the stands even - pop them from the card frames! I can't believe that amount of money for just the characters is warranted.

      I'd like to know the exact weight & dimensions of the character sheets plus stands please. Worse case scenario I'd like to see what my own country's Postal Service freight forwarding service would cost me.

    27. Ben Turner

      Other cost saving considerations - for places far away, group shipping might be an option ?

      E.g. I am pretty sure Damage McDuck and I have traded games in the past ! And I see some other backers, perhaps around Melbourne area ? Don't mind putting some extra legwork in to do some local distribution if that will ease heavier international shipping costs.

      But, yeah, won't be paying the 33 GBP - plenty of other options out there that have been suggested, will wait and see what feedback / options are available.

    28. Joe Kelly on

      Very sad. Thank you Richard for the manner in which you've dealt with this. Mikael; that should not have been written. Your point about the extra 700 units is not even valid; most kickstarters produce far more product than just to supply their backers, as they plan to move to general release. I have paid for shipping (for those outside the UK investigate whether your own country's postal service has a depot in the UK Jamie can send the game to. It may be much cheaper to do that then have it forwarded to you from the depot than the price being quoted. New Zealand post has this service).

    29. Missing avatar

      Geoff Thirlwell on

      I've also lost my job and could do without this expense but I've just thrown another £10.50 into the abyss. I too would quite like two games if that's where my money has been spent. It doesn't look like a good idea to hold back for the map pack. Hopefully Jamie will do the honourable thing and use the profits from the 700 games to pay for the map pack and refund my £10.50

    30. Oh Zhi Wei

      I just lost my job and is in no financial shape to pay another 33 GBP..

      Can't you sell the extra 700 copies and use the profits there to cover shipping?

    31. Tiago on

      Sorry (mostly for me, not you), but I can't pay an extra £33 for a US$ 55,00 game (less, since it was already coupled with shipping). It is just too much, especially for someone in a country (Brazil) were the value of the local currency has dropped steeply. So I won't be paying. But won't ask for a refund right now. Will wait and see how this ugly thing will develop.

    32. Missing avatar

      Backer on

      Well Mikael, I certainly hope we can hear what's going on with the artbook in more than a few "weeks," considering it's been more than a year as it is and it sounds like we've been bamboozled, as this reward seems to have as many problems as the main one.

      The missing voice in all of this does seem to be Mr. Chalk himself. Isn't this all in support of him? Comment from Gary on everything would be helpful.

    33. Clayton Smith on

      This is all very disappointing.

      I have a couple of questions:

      1: Is £33 really the best you can do to ship the game to Australia? With the current exchange rate, that is basically the same amount I paid for the game itself. Other companies and campaigns have managed to ship games and other heavy items for much less than that. Has anyone actually shopped around for the best shipping rates?

      2: What guarantees are there that I will actually receive the game after I transfer the money via PayPal? That payment method seems pretty suspect. It's basically just throwing money away on trust with no recourse if the game isn't delivered.

      I really do want this game, but at this stage I am worried I would just be throwing good money after bad.

      I appreciate the update, and it has been good to get a clearer understanding of where things fell down. But, more information on the issues I have raised would be helpful in making the decision whether to send the extra money for shipping or whether to just write this whole campaign off as a failure.

    34. DamageMcDuck on

      Please put me on the list for refunds. I'm not desperate for it and I totally sympathise with the financial pressure and stress everyone has to be under there, BUT paying another sixty odd dollars Australian for shipping isn't something I can really justify financially right now or in the conceivable future. No hard feelings and I hope to see it on retail shelves in the near future. That'd make my day!

    35. Peter Witney on

      OK, I've decided to go ahead and pay the additional funds for shipping (money sent now) - I would hope this means everything will arrive now.

      Regarding the map pack, artwork (though I didn't order that so accept my thoughts don't count for this) - suggest letting them ride for now. If / when any funds become available from additional sales of stock I would expect them to be honoured, as in effect 100% of any money taken from sale of excess stock is profit now (as we have already paid for them to be produced).

      Otherwise I'm looking forward to my game as, aside form how things may have been run and posted, the game still looks really good.

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Babbage on

      I backed the art book. I would like to get something for my money - even an art book of what you have right now would be cool. But I'm not prepared to pay (much) more for it - my original $30 pledge included free international shipping and I'd be loath to pay more than another $10 (I'm in New Zealand, so not holding my breath that shipping costs will be less than that)

      If that isn't possible, then I would like a refund. Again, not holding my breath

      Finally, if finishing the book and getting a refund are both out of the question, then I'd appreciate receiving the scanned art that you have. I'll make my own art book if I have to!

      I want to hear from Jamie. Is Mikael on the money with what he's saying about the 1000 copies?

    37. SGL, INC.

      Hopefully this is the last we'll hear from Mikael(not holding my breath), I've backed Megara before but I think I'm done with this company, regardless of the slights, the vile nastiness is completely inappropriate for this for forum. If we could just keep the updates to productive information on shipping / production on remaining items, that would be useful.

      It sounds like Greywood has 700 units which hopefully can generate funds to go towards production/shipping of the remaining items for those not willing to pony up the excessive shipping costs. I paid my fee and am now in for $90 for a cardboard game that is no where near the quality/value I would expect for that price.

      I'd also like to point out that you can pre-order the game on Greywood's website for 35GBP with "FREE SHIPPING" (no qualifiers.) I think at this point, the company is bordering on fraud.

      Thank you Richard for squeezing the update out of Jamie, hopefully this will all be over soon.

    38. Missing avatar

      Faz01 on

      I'm a "rest of the world" backer, who pledged for Game Set + Artbook.

      Actually I'm not entirely sure what it is you're asking here. But here's my position on some of these issues anyway:

      1. As it turns out that the premises of making the artbook were never there in the first place, I give up on it. Everything has been nebulous enough as it is and there is nothing tangible to suggest that this book will ever come to be. Just admit defeat.

      2. There is absolutely no way I will pay GBP33 to have the game set shipped to me. I'd rather wait and see or ask for a refund. Haven't decided.

      3. Maybe it's possible to reach an agreement where my pledge for the artbook can be used to cover the shipping expenses.

      Finally, I agree with much of the criticism here, but I still wish to add a 'thank you' to Richard S. Hetley for a constructive and responsible attitude in what seems to be pretty difficult circumstances. Hang in there.

    39. David Larkins

      Well, I ponied up the dough for shipping--it's been obvious for some weeks now that it would come to this. We'll see how things shake out now.

      As for the artbook (which was as much an inducement as the board game itself), and in answer to Richard's request for ideas on how to handle it, I am fine with waiting on a separate shipment of that if/when it ever gets produced. I think shipping charges should be paid out of revenue generated by future sales of the board game and NOT passed on to backers. Obviously, if the book has to be canceled, refunds for that portion of our pledges should be issued.

      Further to that point, I have zero interest in receiving a "bonus" copy of the game, as some here have suggested, as I think the 700 extra copies of the game should be put towards generating revenue to help fulfill remaining rewards.

      Lastly, I'll just echo what others have said in saying that Mikael's portion of the update only served to tarnish his own image. We really don't need to hear about the details of a collapsing friendship, regardless of the emotions involved on your end. The only worthwhile information contained in that portion was the bit about the number of copies of the game that were produced. I am backing and have backed several other Kickstarters that have run afoul of unanticipated complications and behind-the-scenes personnel drama, and none have stooped to this level before. "Such a childish behaviour, and despicable attitude." Indeed.

    40. A Hale on

      Since I paid the international shipping for my order as soon as I found out I could, hopefully my game stuff will arrive sooner than later. It appears the only snag is waiting on the extra plastic bases for my order. I'll post again for confirmation when I receive my order. I really hope I am not being swindled.

    41. Brandon Myers

      @Mikael - in a previous update you said "Should he fails on shipping you we advised him in that case to either send all the boardgames either to Gary or Megara in order that we fulfill the campaign if he fails. But he said he will not so we trust him."

      At what point does this condition trigger? Is there any value to you just taking a road trip, picking up the 300 that need to ship, and us just sending the funds to you rather than Jamie?

    42. Brandon Myers

      Ok, so its a cluster... and a disaster.

      I honestly don't know that I care enough at this point to put out the $$$ to get the game from the UK... maybe I will just take this as lesson learned.

      That said.. people are saying they want refunds... um... it has been pretty clear that there is no cash left, and from the sounds of things, I doubt this Jamie guy will be taking dollars out of his own pocket to refund anyone...

      So I will wait and see if anyone actually gets something from Jamie, even a shipping confirmation.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jon New on

      @Jack - It's been mentioned previously that we could go around and collect our games from Jamie. Sadly this would require a 200+ mile journey, and as I no longer work it is out of the question. In fact, I will have to see if I can afford this extra levy to get the game I already paid for.

      A second copy would be a worthy reward, not just some extra bits and pieces that Jamie had printed on a whim.

      My concern is that Greywood will sell these extras, and nobody here will benefit.

    44. Billy Bradford on

      This is the heaviest email of update I have ever received. I can empathize with the stress and pressure. On the other hand, I felt that I am being told or warned that I have only myself to blame should I not get my stuff if I am not going to send any money for shipping. I do not feel comfortable to further dish out more money (in my case £33) when one of the main issues was mishandling of funds. I do not wish to pay for someone else's mistake and stubbornness. Furthermore I have just switched to freelancing from a full time job where I cannot afford to support as much Kickstarter projects than I did in the past. Sorry, I do have my own difficult times too. Either way, I just felt that I am being punished: to not get my stuff or pay the £33. I love Lone Wolf and its beautiful artworks since 1987. I pledged for the game, art book and miniature, hoping to relive the fond memories when I was flipping the game books. And I agree strongly that miniatures should not replace the pieces as I want to enjoy the artwork. Since the money has been spent on producing the extra 700 copies, I really hope they could be sold in order to recuperate some funds back for the shipping.

    45. Richard Harrison

      I'm done here now; bye folks and hope you get your stuff!

    46. Richard Harrison

      @ Peter Witney: I've just gotten a response from Greywood asking if I still wanted my copy of the game (having just also received a refund from Megara).

      I obviously stated I no longer did want anything but thought it was important to point out here that Jamie has been in touch considering my comment previously that he hadn't.

    47. Peter Witney on

      Hi all. Ok I'm willing to pay the additional shipping for the game, 3d miniature and additional figures.
      As for the map pack, I suggest leave it. If any money from game sales allows it to be shipped later then all good, otherwise just leave it.
      To confirm, if I pay for shipping can Greywood guarantee it will be delivered?
      Also, with the map pack not coming, will there be a refund for its cost or not?

    48. Richard Harrison

      @ Mikael: Well, my questions were related to release of the Gundogs gamebook and it was released so I suppose that (indirectly) answered my question.

      I really hope people get their boardgames but I'm out of this now as I'm done with the project. And it's by-and-large Megara's personal commentary about Jamie that is the cause for this. Customers shouldn't have to read such nonsense.

    49. Missing avatar


      Eesh. Well, I still don't appreciate the finger-pointing and general tone, but at least everyone's getting a chance to say their piece now.

      Personally, at this point I'm not exactly desperate to get all my stuff as soon as possible. I trust your intent and I don't doubt that I will get my game in time, but this whole project feels unstable from my perspective and like anything could change at any moment. Would it be okay to not throw extra money into this just yet and see how things develop?

    50. Jackyboy : Cursed by The Hag on

      What a crying shame. I agree with the 2 copies per customer idea! In fact if that was to happen I could almost say that this train wreck of a KS was somehow worth it. I would send the postage fee today if I was certain I would receive my game; but at the moment I am very doubtful anyone will see their game. Perhaps we could get an address for Jamie and save the £10.50 extra postage fees and go and get our game ourselves!

      I really want to get a hold of this game in one piece, I love Gary Chalk's art and want to play this game! Also don't you find it funny how in Richards post they received 'extra' copies of components' - That translates to we are opening up the spare copies and dishing out tidbits. GIVE US 2 COPIES!