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Richly-illustrated full-colour print gamebook. Go back to 1930s New York and control a group of investigators facing occult mysteries.
Richly-illustrated full-colour print gamebook. Go back to 1930s New York and control a group of investigators facing occult mysteries.
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Arcana Agency app now on iOS/Android!

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Good day!  It's been awhile, dear backers.  As you know, we in Megara Entertainment finished the Arcana Agency project back in 2013, and it was all thanks to folks like you who supported new and exciting gamebooks.

Back when we ran the project, people asked if we planned to turn the print (and PDF) gamebook into an app.  You know, like we did for Fabled Lands, or for Arcana Agency: Prologue which inspired this book in the first place.  The answer was always "It would be fun, but there's no plan to do that."

Now there is news.

Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories for your mobile device

iOS link:

Android link:

With new help here at Megara, we've spent the last six months developing a cross-platform gamebook engine!  Yes indeed, Arcana Agency will live on both in print and on devices.  As of this moment, the engine is still new and may have lingering bugs, so please bear with us as we watch the release.

Now, as we've said before, here on Kickstarter we've (mostly) moved on from Arcana Agency and are posting further news on our newer projects.  We are in the final stages of fulfillment on The Way of the Tiger:

. . . And we are now funding Lone Wolf - The Board Game (with Greywood Publishing, who will handle its fulfillment):

So until and unless we have more word on Arcana Agency and anything related, you can hear more from us at those locations.

Thanks again, and yet again and AGAIN, for your support on this project.  It was thanks to you that we found Kickstarter a healthy (and even friendly!) place for funding and community on creative projects.

See you around!

The Way of the Tiger gamebooks now live on Kickstarter!

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Hello, fans of the gamebook!  The time has come!

Nearly one year after our opening gamebook project, we have launched another.  The Way of the Tiger series is now live on Kickstarter for you to see, share, and (dare I suggest it?) pledge!  The page is here:

We updated you back when we were in the "preview" stage, but a LOT has changed: video, graphics, pledge levels, pricing, and stretch goals.  And, yes, stretch goals might be relevant even at this early date: we have almost $7,000 in funding before finishing our FIRST DAY!

If you haven't taken a look yet, here are some updated demo files: (full quality) (smaller file)

And the pitch:

This project is the revival of a classic series of six books published in the 1980's by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson.  These "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style games put the reader in control of a ninja, Avenger, in a world of weird fantasy.  The books present a detailed combat system based on martial arts moves, and a rich story with mythic ambience (and beasts) derived from Japanese, Nordic, and Eastern European cultures.  With the involvement of the authors, not only does Megara Entertainment plan to bring it back (the Kickstarter edition would be the first reprinting after almost 30 years), but also to expand it beyond the original six books.  Interested readers and gamers can pledge to the Kickstarter through October.

We hope you will join us.  Backing for a single book, or a single PDF (where available), or a single dollar, helps build the momentum that The Way of the Tiger needs in order to become the best it can be.  Sharing the project is also critical: we'd be grateful for any good word you put in on a forum or with friends, and if you know any places we ourselves can be promoting it then please let us know!

As before, if you're still on our mailing list, then I'm sure you want to see gamebooks thrive today just as much as we do.  We will be posting updates regularly on our new page.  See you there!

Soft Launch: The Way of the Tiger, Collector's Edition and Expansion

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)

At long last, dear Arcana Agency backers, we can share our next project with you!  It's not launching on Kickstarter yet: this is a "soft launch" so we can spread the word, get feedback . . . and give out another free demo!

This October, we hope to have your help in launching a gamebook project.  But not just a single book: a series.  Preview the project page here:

Please meet The Way of the Tiger, a series of six gamebooks published by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson in the 1980's.  This is one of THE foundational series that established the "solo RPG" in history.  It hasn't had a reprint in nearly 30 years . . . and thanks to our being friends with the folks who own the rights (Fabled Lands LLP), we can change that!

What's the story/game?  Amazing ninja adventure in a world of weird fantasy.  Click on one of these links for a FREE 100-PAGE DEMO of book 1: (full quality) (smaller file)

We have permission to give these amazing books the "Arcana Agency treatment," namely full-color hardcover printing and so on.  Just check out the demo.  The writing is all Mark and Jamie's, the editing is mostly mine (this is Richard here), the art is the Megara Entertainment team's, and the layout is Mikaël's.

Further, team member David Walters has permission to write a new prequel "book 0," which we plan to be up to the same standards as Arcana Agency.  Even more, if we reach our stretch goals, Mark and Jamie have promised to continue the original series and write a new book 7!

Dave Morris on the Fabled Lands blog (who also did editing) will be running a series of guest posts on the history and legacy of The Way of the Tiger up to the launch itself:

We're very excited by this opportunity.  If you like this sort of thing (and I can't imagine how you're still on our mailing list if you don't), then please share the demo file with your friends.  Think about whether you can help us out in October, and, when the time comes, please pledge.  Meanwhile, please give us feedback either on the preview page or right here!

The last physical rewards are in the mail; the book is now available to all!

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Good day!  Yes indeed, Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories is now up on our site for all to order, both in PDF and in Kickstarter-funded hardback.  If you know anyone who missed the project, or otherwise needs some gamebook fun, just send them here:

Or to the direct link,

Today is also important as we are just about done with Arcana Agency's Kickstarter rewards.  We've finished all shipping of physical products (remember: shipping should take around 15 business days, but we've had reports of almost a month) and we're consulting with those who sought a character commission.  Let us know if you don't get what you're due.

This includes if there are any problems with the contents.  You saw in previous updates that a few books were damaged in transit, and we've replaced them.  Shipping and replacement expenses exceeded expectations, unfortunately, but we still will do what we can to correct any problem orders.

Now, what about the future?  If you visit our site, you'll see that we folks have pages for a number of projects, past and future.  There's one in particular we hope to put on Kickstarter in the fall, and we'll spend the next few months preparing it.  We're quite excited about it, but we can't actually tell you what it is yet!  Trust me, though, it's just the sort of thing you'll like.

Thank you again for supporting Arcana Agency.

Last shipping update and news

Posted by Megara Entertainment LLC (Creator)


The 2007-2013 best-of audio CD has arrived today (not only a best-of, in fact - all 12 tracks have been completely redesigned for 3 months by Faiz Nabheebucus, so that the tracks are unique to this CD and sounding differently than in our apps), along with the Angel/Demoness t-shirts! (drawn by Aude Pfister and Mary Nikol)

Proceeding to the shipping of the 25 last backers. Then I'll double check if everyone is happy and has the book fine.

Meanwhile our next kickstarter campaign will be later this year for the Way of the Tiger tabletop RPG game, and our core manual is already in open beta (even with the actual art inside) and the PDF is here:!/groups/370105323051113/
Hope you join the group! More than 180 people in there already, thanks!

Mikael Louys

Megara Entertainment

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