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Richly-illustrated full-colour print gamebook. Go back to 1930s New York and control a group of investigators facing occult mysteries.
426 backers pledged $21,680 to help bring this project to life.

You have made Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories a success!

Thank you, everyone.  Writing now in the calm time after the project has concluded, things seem a bit surreal.  "I should be doing promo now, right?  I should be checking on recent pledges, right?"  I guess not; Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories has SUCCEEDED in its Kickstarter bid, and it's all thanks to you!

What next?

A lot of hard work, but this time it's different.  We have funding (108% of our target!), and now we need to check and double check the math.  In a couple weeks, funds will be released by Amazon Payments (barring any problems with credit cards and whatnot), and we can start printing.  Everything else can be put together and/or packaged up, and of course we'll send out backer surveys so you can tell us, e.g., dedications and t-shirt sizes.  Hopefully, shipping of physical items will happen in February as predicted.

But the math is just a little bit more complicated now.  Remember that $22,500 stretch goal where we were going to print the demo adventure in the full book?  We didn't reach that, but we'd love it if we could add those 30 pages to the book anyway.  We CAN'T promise anything, but when next week starts up we're going to talk with the printer about exact costs.  Maybe we can afford it, and maybe we can't, but we'll let you know!

People have asked about adding a PayPal donation button to our website so we can get some more funding.  Right now, we're not planning on it: if the numbers work out, then we can print the book with the extra pages, and folks can just BUY it using PayPal on our website like any other product.

(You remember "buying," right?  I hear that's how people "pledged" before Kickstarter . . . )

Meanwhile, we hope to finalize the Arcana Agency document and get you your PDF version within December as predicted.  That means editing and proofreading one final time, possibly with the demo attached.

"The season" is about to hit, and updates will slow, but we'll let you know our progress.  Next time: a "lessons learned" post!  This whole experience has been an education, and we have some words for anyone thinking of taking the plunge and starting a Kickstarter project.  Most of them are positive!  But we are so very tired, so that's all for today.

Thanks again for making this project possible.  We hope you enjoy the final products, and we hope to bring you yet more you'll enjoy in the future.


    1. Creator Megara Entertainment LLC on December 14, 2012

      Thanks for the kind words. As to "buying" versus "pledging," I'd be curious to see statistics on what projects have accomplished after their "Kickstart." That is, actual sales figures on their new product(s) in relation to the pre-orders through this site.

      Does anyone know of projects that provided this information? Any links where we could learn more?

    2. Creator ET3D on December 14, 2012

      "You remember "buying," right? I hear that's how people "pledged" before Kickstarter . . . "

      I love it. That's worth quoting.

    3. Creator James Jones on December 14, 2012

      Sounds great. I was a latecomer to the project but I'm very excited to see the finished book. Thanks for working so hard to get it out to us.