Bannermen - Single/Multiplayer RTS with Dynamic Environments (Canceled)

by Pathos Interactive

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    1. Matt Perry

      This really sucks. I don't get the credit card thing though - Kickstarter charges cards after the campaign - not during....?

    2. Liviu on

      @Matt Yeah... + if the CC is invalid it will be known from the moment you try to pledge... I have backed some projects and I have neves seen this! I have seen somebody that pledges >1000 and then drops (or CC invalid) and it hit the project hard, but never 200+ users

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Swierczek on

      Oh shucks. I think you made the right decision by canceling instead of investing more time and effort into something that won't hit the goal.

      I'm sorry it won't work out. I was really looking forward to this game. I wish you all success in the future - related to Bannermen or otherwise.

    4. Planky on

      It was only a few days into funding... very disappointed to see it cancelled so early on. Seems shortsighted.

      Echo the thoughts by the others, there are no transactions until the end of the campaign period?

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      Stefan Midjich on

      @Matt Perry some companies make a small transaction to test if the CC works.

      I'm very sad to hear this, and I can't help but think that the cancellation was a bit too soon. Either way, I can tell you guys want this game produced so whatever you decide just ensure you communicate it to everyone so we can support you.

    6. Planky on

      Still, Kickstarter must know trends and the like to accurately tell how a given campaign will go.

      Look forward to the demo

    7. Lebster on

      It's sad to see this cancelled. There has to be some technical issue - it's hard to believe that so many people just happened to have bad credit card information.

    8. lastforone on

      wait what? how?

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Miller

      Kinda bummed.. I never declined anything I have backed. But I do think that the people who backed you should be able to preorder off your own website you make, thus you keep all the money.

      I never seen a company cancel any of their KS's its almost like you are a scam now. Again, you should of had a website rdy to take payments of people who did back you to restore confidence. To me now your just some china company trying to flip money or assets.

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      ewa0725 on

      This is a pity, but I am still very excited about this game. Keep up the good work, guys. Let's make Bannermen an awesome game!