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This project is to raise money to develop a recipe for an IPA beer, have people try it, and get them familiar with the name Jimbob’s.

This project is to raise money to develop a recipe for an IPA beer, have people try it, and get them familiar with the name Jimbob’s. Read More
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About this project

Intro: Hello my name is Jimbob, and I would like to take a few moments of your time to describe one of my dreams. I would like to start my own brewery. First off, I know you are asking yourself, “why this guy?” Why should you support me in this endeavor? I will do my best answer that question.

Sadly, I grew up thinking that I hated beer. It is easy to understand why. The only beer I had been exposed to was a heavily marketed, mass produced, tasteless beverage commonly known as beer. I thought all that beer had to offer was the tasteless crap constantly being thrown in my face by billboards and television ads. I had no idea the depth and diversity beer truly had to offer. It was not until I was at a bar and a friend offered to buy me a drink that I discovered something different. He handed me a beer from Saint Arnolds Brewery, even though I was expecting my typical drink, a double shot of whiskey. Though beer was not what I was expecting, or wanting for that matter, I am not one to pass up a free drink. I cannot even begin to describe the pleasure I experienced as I took my first swig. It was amazing! I thought that I hated beer, but this was not like any beer I had tasted before.

 That night, I found myself deep in thought. How could it be that I had been so wrong about beer? How could something like the microbrewed  beer I had at the bar and something like the mass produced crap I had in the past go by the same name, beer? After discovering many other great microbreweries, I finally came to answer that question. Beer is a special drink with as many possibilities as there are people making it. Each person prefers different distinct characteristics about a particular beer. The more people a beer tries to please, the more it has to compromise its characteristics. When a beer tries to appeal to millions of people, it is literally stripped of its characteristics. It becomes that tasteless crap that so distorted my early views of beer. Beer has so much potential, but in order for it to reach its potential, there must be as many varieties of it as possible.

 So that brings us to my Kickstarter project. My dream is to take part in a revolution that ends with the average person in Houston drinking a beer that the average person in New York has never heard of. I want to see people having as many choices as needed in the beer that they drink, so that they are never tempted to drink the trash currently occupying the majority of the shelf space in grocery stores.

The first thing I want to do is one day start a microbrewery. The second thing I want to do is create resources that will help others with everything from creating their own beers to starting their own microbrewery. Listed below is a detailed plan on how I will accomplish these two goals.

My Project: This Kickstarter project is to raise money for trying new recipes, and to get people familiar with the name Jimbob’s.

$600 is my goal.

The $600 dollars will be spent on formulating a recipe for an IPA. I plan on having four Kickstarter projects with a goal of $600 to find the perfect recipe for an IPA. IPA’s happen to be my favorite beers. My plan is to make a keg and some 90 or so bottles of beer. I am going to give it away. My goal is to have as many people try my beer as possible. Hopefully, these people will not only give me feedback on how my recipe is coming along, but also spread the word of how great Jimbob’s is. I hope to build a steady following at this point.

By supporting my project, you will be putting a smile on some happy recipients’ faces (possibly your face) as you put a delicious glass or bottle of beer into their hand.

Breakdown of Kickstarter project: The steps to completing this project and propelling Jimbob’s towards becoming a kickass brewery.

Raise at least $600 for Kickstarter project

Use about $250 to make 26 gallons of an IPA beer   

    1. All 26 gallons will be made using the same recipe and ingredients.
    2. I will freeze some of the yeast to build starters for future batches. (I will not use this yeast in a Kickstarter project until I have successfully used it for several personal batches.
    3. Upon raising the money for this project I will post a date for the party. I will start brewing when I know this will be successful.
Use about $250 to hire a live band to play at a tasting party
  1. I will post information on the band as I come closer to reaching my goal. I may have more money to spend on the band.
  2. If I earn more money, I will spend more making the tasting party better.
Use $100 or more for the shirts
  • I am going to hook you up with the most comfortable shirt possible.
  1. Details will be posted for the shirts shortly. (I feel like lots of updates will keep the project going strong.)
  2. Extra money will go for buying a domain name to start a website chronicling everything I do.
Goals upon completion of Kickstarter Project
  • Goal 1: Start a brewery
  1. Upon completing this project, I hope to quickly begin another one with a modified version of the original recipe. It will be identical to this one.
  2. I will continue to post things about my recipes, successes, and failures as well as get people things with my logo on them.
  3. My ultimate goal is to build a following, which I know will only come if I can create great beers.
  • Goal 2: Chronicle my journey in this new endeavor
  1. Start a webpage for Jimbob’s
  2. Start a blog aimed at people who are interested in home brewing discussing my failures, successes, along with steps and recipes.
  3. Post some videos showing different processes and such.
  • Goal 3: Help as many people as possible learn to never buy another crappy beer.
  1. Have a spot where people can recommend great beers.
  2. Give away as much free beer as possible.

Finally, my fourth goal is to get to drink lots of great beer. If for no other reason, you should consider supporting my project so I can accomplish this goal!

My herms system uses a mush tun made out of a 10 gallon Gott water cooler, a heat exchange made out of a Sankey Keg and twenty-five feet of copper soft tubing, a March 809 pump, and a boil kettle made out of a Sankey keg.

Steps to my brewing

Step One: Step one for me in brewing beer happens a few days before the actual brewing starts. I make a yeast starter. I buy about 1 lb. of malt extract and add it to boiling water. I cool the extract and water by putting the pot into a sink full of ice. When I get the temperature down to below 80⁰ Fahrenheit, I pitch the yeast into the pot. After the yeast is pitched, I pour the wort into a 1 gallon milk jug with an airlock on top. I place the wort in my closet and wait three to five days. This is much cheaper than trying to buy enough yeast to ferment a 13 gallon batch.

Step Two: Bring about three gallons of water to a boil and then pour it into the fermenting keg.

Step Three: Pour the grain and water into the mash tun. Then pour boiling water to cause the temperature to be about 150⁰ to 155⁰. The amount of boiling water will depend on the amount of grain used which will depend on the recipe I come up with.

Step Four: Circulate the mash through the heat exchange with the March 809 pump to maintain the temperature and clarify the wort. I will circulate the mash for about one hour. 

Step Five: Put the wort into a kettle and begin to boil it. Once it gets to a boil, put the first group of hops in. Thirty minutes into the boil, put the next group of hops into it. After another 15 minutes, put another group of hops into it.

Step Six: Bring the wort back through the heat exchange changing the hot water for salt and ice. Cool the wort to below 80⁰ and pitch the yeast.

Step Seven: Pour the wort into the fermenting keg, put yet some more hops into it, and stick the airlock on it. I will move it to my closet and let it sit for about three weeks.

Step 8: This will be a new phase for me. I will place the beer into another keg and hook it up to a tank full of carbon dioxide. The I will place it into a refrigerator and allow it to sit for about a week as it slowly becomes carbonated.

Step Nine: This is the step I will need help on. I will then drink it and have others drink it so that we can decide on how to tweak the recipe. Upon completing the tasting and tweaking the recipe, I will start the whole process over again.


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    At $35, you will receive an invitation to come to a party at my house which will feature live music. At the party, you will have an opportunity to give your opinion on my IPA. You will have to arrange travel expenses and lodging. As the project gets closer to meeting its goals, I will set a date for the party.

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