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A kids' book showing the fun and environmental benefits of the cycling lifestyle through the eyes of two dogs and their animal buddies.
A kids' book showing the fun and environmental benefits of the cycling lifestyle through the eyes of two dogs and their animal buddies.
317 backers pledged $16,616 to help bring this project to life.

Follow up book to B is For Bicycles has 10 days left in the campaign - here's the plan!

Posted by Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald (Creator)

Hey B Is For Bicycles Backers!

As most of you know we launched a Kickstarter Campaign for our second book, Buddy Pegs Taking The Lead.

Click on this Image To Pre-Order A Copy!
Click on this Image To Pre-Order A Copy!

10 days to go - here's the plan!

We are nearing the homestretch of our campaign for our second book and want to fill you in on where we sit and what we've been up to!

Good news: As of today, we are almost 60% funded thanks to over 200 backers that have pre-order our next book.  

Reality Check: We need to accelerate the campaign over the next 10 days to reach our goal. This is typical in a Kickstarter campaign, but we can't do it alone.  

Our Game Plan  

To bring this campaign across the finish line successfully, we are reaching out to all of you regarding these 4 steps.

Pre-Book A Copy:  Please log on to this link and pre-order your copy if you have not done so already!  We are so excited to continue the story from B Is For Bicycles and help raise riders.  We need your help to do so!

Personal Outreach. Email, phone, social media, you name it! We're working the personal contact lists with this simple message: please don't wait... pre-order your copy now! This is tough because even close friends wait until the last minute... and this is where grey hair comes from kids. 

Bike Shops. We're building this series of books so they have a tool to grow customer loyalty. We love local shops and want to see them succeed. But in turn we need their support. So far we have 23 bike shops who have pre-ordered a case of books - Wow! See the full list on our partners page. Imagine if we had 50! 

Sponsors. We're working this one hard to find partners who believe in our message and want to help support this project. We have 4 spots available for logo placement inside the book... forever! It means a lot to us to have this level of partnership so for the first, and all future print runs of this book, these messages of support will be in there. At $3750, compared to other print advertising packages, this is really a no brainer (not to mention all the other bonuses). Our Game Plan

Here Is How You Can Help:

1. Pre-Book a copy if you have not:)

2. Personal emails. Do you know parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles who want to inspire kids in their life to get out and ride? Send them a short personal email asking to pre-order one of our books. 

3. Social Media. Like & Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Share our posts on your accounts and please comment when you can - that really helps drive up our reach! 

4. Bike shop Introductions. Do you have a local shop who should be on board? We would love an introduction! 

5. Sponsor Introductions. Do you have a personal relationship with a company who is connected with the message of getting more kids off the couch and outside for adventures? Yup, we would love an introduction! Sure, we hope to see bike industry brands come on board, but what about health care companies, food brands, or other "non-bike" organizations that would benefit from our message? 

Ok, that's it for now. Look for more updates this week as we FINISH STRONG and bring this book to life... together! 

Cheers, The Fitzys

PS: Need Some Guilt Free Entertainment For The Kids? Be sure to check out our Podcast, The World Of Buddy Pegs!


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