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Quadcopter flight control system with built in IMU and Cortex-M4F processor.
Quadcopter flight control system with built in IMU and Cortex-M4F processor.
32 backers pledged $7,444 to help bring this project to life.

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Everything has Shipped!

We shipped the last of the Kickstarter levels ($159-$199) this week, so you can expect them within a week if you live in the US, 10 days if you don't. Depending on the level you pledged for we included a few extra pieces to replace some things we no longer use or we integrated into the main flight board.

  • The power board is gone, the flight board now has the regulator and connections to power directly from a LiPo battery (upto 6S). 
  • We included a new interface board that maps the AshimaCore's output to a standard PWM interface for up to 8 channels, and provides standard connections for the Spektrum satellite receiver and GPS UART. We even broke out the programming pins to let you to reprogram the board without a bootloader installed.
  • Almost everybody gets a case. We're in the middle of designing a case to protect the AshimaCore, while exposing the relevant pins. We tried to include a 3D printed case with every shipment (white is version 1, blue is version 2, grey is version 3). The cases are not perfect, but they will cover the board and let you mount it on a standard flyer frame. I'm hoping version 4 will be the final version and we'll look at getting some printed/molded and on the website. If you look carefully at the case, you'll notice a tiny cosmetic error that we made in the design. We'll call that a 'Kickstarter exclusive' feature!

We'll have some instructions & help on the website in a few weeks, but every board we shipped was tested and we left the test code on there so you can also run it yourselves. If you connect the board to a USB port on your computer it should run the self test and blink the LEDs in sequence. If you connect over serial (Cool Term is what we use, but other programs exist) then you will see the serial number of the board, the date the test code was compiled and the results of the test. If you see a "fail" message by the SD or Xbee features, do not worry! This just means you don't have an SD card or Xbee plugged in. You can then press 'R' to put the board into bootloader mode and be ready to program.

This will probably be the last post here on Kickstarter, but please follow us over to for support, forums, and coming soon, a store to buy AshimaCore boards and accesories.

Your Quads have shipped!


We shipped all of the Quads (and one Hex) on Friday to everybody who pledged for one. Depending on where you live, you should get them in a week or two. We shipped the battery to you separately direct from a vendor but they will get to you in about the same time.

Each flyer was tested last week so they should fly out of the box with a 7 channel controller. We're now working on getting the website up and running to provide a forum for you and a store to buy extras/spares (if you fly like me, you will need spares!). If you need spares before is up and running, email us and we'll point you in the right direction.

If you haven't received a tracking number from us yet check your SPAM folder, and contact us if you didn't get your tracking number.

A friendly warning.

We have tested the quads. They work. But they still deserve some respect and care when flying. The blades are hard plastic and spin at about 10,000 rpm - if they hit your leg it will hurt, if they hit your hand it will cut - don't let anyone go near moving blades! The Quads will take off at about 40% throttle on a charged 3s LiPo battery, and at full throttle will be out of sight in less than 5 seconds.

Rarely, the quad will fail from/during use - a rotor will literally spin off its motor, or an unbalanced motor will shake itself loose from the arm (last week for me!). Please don't fly over people or expensive things unless you are certain of your ability to control the Quad. We can't be responsible for damage you cause. 

We can't program for every radio controller out there, but with our Spektrum DX7s controller we have configured the quad to use the 'flap' toggle switch as the arm/disarm switch. Spektrum controllers use this switch as a safety feature and won't switch on the transmitter until you are disarmed and at low throttle. Some transmitters don't have the same behavior (e.g. Turnigy 9x) and allow you to arm the quad as soon as you switch on the transmitter. To work properly with a new controller you'll probably need to reverse the aileron and yaw controls on the transmitter.

We've developed some really simple flight rules:

  • The pilot is busy, do not interact with him/her unless it's absolutely necessary. He/she probably hasn't seen you and can't track you and the flyer.
  • Never approach an armed flyer, upside down, right side up, or in a tree. There is only one person who knows what it will do next.
  • Decide before you fly what happens if you get into trouble. We always disarm the flyer and deal with the broken Quad rather than have it fly into a nearby street with spinning blades.
  • Whenever you test something new go slowly. Throttle up to 30% and see if you get a response from the sticks - the quad will tilt in the direction it wants to go but won't move much. Hover a foot above the ground and move the sticks to check the response of each stick control. If it doesn't work and you think it should, unplug the battery for a minute, look over the quad carefully, check electrical connections, fan directions, transmitter switches, battery voltage. Then plug in the battery, press the reset button on top, leave it for 10 seconds, and try again.

Having said all of that, we'd love to see video/photos of you flying. Send us an email to or send us a youtube link and we'll check it out!

We've started shipping!

Now that we have the main flight controller and almost everybody has responded to the survey we've started shipping the pledges. If you bought a flyer, it's already built and will be tested this week before shipping. We'll give it a quick run around the park before packing it up :)

If you pledged $159 or above you'll get a small interface board as a replacement for the ST-Link adapter (that we've used twice in 3 years). The interface board will make it easier and cleaner to connect the AshimaCore directly to a multicopter or other RC receiver and exposes a few pins in groups (like the GPS header and RC connector!).

We have two dozen USPS boxes with shipping labels waiting for those interface boards to arrive this week and your boards and flyers will be shipped as soon as the mailman comes by.

AshimaCore Boards Finally Here!

We took delivery of the final AC boards earlier this week.  For those with flyer's, they're being assembled.  But nothing beats images:

AshimaCore Boards in their packaging
AshimaCore Boards in their packaging
Flyers being assembled
Flyers being assembled

It's alive!

It's been a really, long time.  Even for a Kickstarter project... We're really sorry for the silence.

The good news is that the project got spun back-up en mass during the last several weeks.  Over the interlude of the winter, the board was upgraded to keep up with the sensor technology (the board now includes an MPU 9250 as opposed to the original 9150) and includes both the BMP180 and MS5611 pressure sensors.  The mounts are also now consistent with a 'standard' 45mm square on M3 holes.  In the last few weeks the final QA test procedures for the fabricator were finalized and we're now out into the manufacturing loop!  Most of the hard work for getting things going again goes to Paul Long, one of our talented new hires at Ashima Devices!

As one of our backers and good friends told us, the only real requirement on Kickstarter is to keep everyone informed, and we lapsed on that badly during the last 6 months.  

We'll know in about a week when the delivery dates will be.  I will post that up when we get it.