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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Linux Time!


We’re pleased to announced that the Linux version of Shadowrun Returns is now available on Steam and in the Download section of your HBS account (which you’ll find here). From this point on, Linux will receive updates at the same time as the Windows and OSX versions of the game. Thanks to all the Linux Beta Testers for their feedback. Much appreciated!

In addition to Linux support, version 1.1 of Shadowrun Returns has moved from Beta to release and the game will automatically update the next time you launch it on Steam. As mentioned in our last update, we also added quite a few new editor features in this release in anticipation of the Berlin campaign. You can find the entire change log here. Our next big code update will feature expanded save game functionality.

In other news, we are doing the final passes on the French, Italian and Spanish versions of the game which will be ready for release in the next few weeks. We anticipate the German and Russian translations to be delivered from our translators in November, and after we do a little in-house testing we will release those as well.

For GMs using the editor to create their own Shadowruns, we’re working on some new tutorial videos for you. We’ll put them up on our YouTube channel in the next couple of weeks.

And while we’re talking about the editor, Jordan and Mitch’s Let’s Play #3: Razor’s Edge by Obsidian_Razor is up on our YouTube channel now. You can grab some popcorn to watch the full version or take a look at the Highlights Reel. We’re very excited about the cool content you’re creating and the boys look forward to playing more of it! And remember, if you subscribe to the channel, you’ll automatically get mail to let you know when a new Let’s Play or tutorial is released.

Onward to Berlin!



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    1. gok on

      Great news! :-D

    2. Missing avatar

      Monsta on

      The game works fine on an old Linux Mint 11 (64-bit and no multiarch). Thank you :)

    3. The Evolutionary on

      I'll probably take the Linux version for a test spin on Ubuntu first and then Debian. Possibly CentOS. Fellow Linux Lovers: As you test the game be sure to include the distro and version. It critical for these guys to know the exact conditions.

      @Harebrained Schemes: Can you include (if you have please tell me where I can read) a list of required libraries including minimum versions? Also which distros you officially support (Steam only makes claims on Ubuntu as I recall). Debian users: May need newer libraries than Debian gives by default (they hold back on the latest updates available to improve stability). Redhad/CentOS users, same may apply to you. Guessing that Ubuntu and Linux Mint should work identically to each other. Guessing OpenSuse/Suse the Linux version may not work so well. (I could be wrong). From all I've said here, it should be clear to Linux users: List your distros/versions so these guys can nail down problems. We want Linux games, we gotta give detailed data on our OS environments. (The problem with Linux for game development: so many environment choices that may have different library versions and in some cases, slightly different directory layouts).

    4. Missing avatar

      Rick Pufky on

      Yay! Time to download this and try it out.

    5. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Valery and Xod - We're not able to recreate what you're experiencing so John, one of our testers, is going to email you directly to see if he can get some more information from you. Thanks

    6. Valeriy on

      @Thomas Arendsen Hein:
      In my case 2) happens all the time during initial title screen. If I return to title screen from the game everything loads just fine. Probably some bug in the initial loading routine. 4) happens constantly regardless of my actions :-( . Have to terminate it using cross button on the window.

    7. Thomas Arendsen Hein on

      Valery: I noticed 1 and 4, too.
      (I only checked the DRM-free version)
      Regarding 1: They probably tested the script before it went through the automatic tools (SCM, packaging or whatever).
      Regarding 2: I have background and sound in the main menu.
      Regarding 3: No German umlauts either
      Regarding 4: This only happens for me when clicking on Find More Stories on a system without xgd-open. When I have firefox set as default browser and running, clicking on the button opens the browser and quitting the game still works.
      Regarding 5: It is just a log, ignore it :)

    8. Valeriy on

      Downloaded, installed...
      1) Windows-style end of line in Did anyone tested release at HBS at all?
      2) No background, no sound in the main menu
      3) No cyrillic letters allowed
      4) The Game does not end from the "Quit" dialogue
      5) the log says SR:R constantly trying to find Steam but I have no Steam and using DRM-free version.

    9. LuckyLuigi on

      Onward to Berlin !

    10. Jo Shields on

      Confirmed, seems to be working fine. Steam/amd64/Intel/Ubuntu 13.04

    11. Paul Howie on

      Yay Linux! Only booted it up as far as the menu to test so far, but it looks like my Linux laptop will finally be able to provide shadowrunning on the go! Thank you for following through on this quickly and not making is Linux users feel like too much of a second class citizen.

    12. Nemoder on

      Looks the Linux start script was changed in a windows text editor:
      bash: ./ /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
      can fix that with: flip -u

      Also the game links to which is 404

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Whipple on

      We all really appreciate you guys working to keep the game neat and tidy like you do. And some of the additional, player made content is amazing. This community seriously rocks.

    14. ET3D on

      I'm looking forward to the save functionality, especially on Android. On the PC I have no problem leaving a game running and doing other things, but on Android (which is where I've played the game) the game often just stops running, so I have to either replay or not do anything else on the tablet, which isn't practical.

    15. Datayum on

      Btw, the global menu link doesn't have an icon (in Linux), it's showing the default steam icon.

    16. Datayum on

      The menu is still full of bugs for me on Linux. It won't load the background art and music, buttons don't always react. Some process seems to be stuck.
      And is the Workshop supposed to work yet ? I've subscribed to a couple campaigns but I don't see them in the game.

    17. Ludovic Texier on

      This is great and all but I cant play until there is a proper save system. For people like us that dont have hours on their hands to play, a save system where you dont know when you will be able to save next is a deal breaker.

    18. Thomas Arendsen Hein on

      To reproduce problem 2 (Debian wheezy):
      Start Shadowrun, click on "New Game", click on "Find More Stories" (nothing happens here), click on "Back", click on "Exit Game", click on "Confirm".

      The system I used is a minimal installation and has no /usr/bin/xdg-open to open a web browser (which it does not have either), this probably causes the problem.

    19. Thomas Arendsen Hein on

      Great, thanks!
      Two minor issues for the DRM-free Linux version: 1. has CR+LF line endings instead of just LF, so simply running does not work. 2. After choosing "Exit Game" clicking on "Confirm" reproducably brought me back to the main menu. After killing the game and starting again, it now works without problems.

    20. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      awesome, thanks for the continuing updates!

    21. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Awesome, Linux even got title honors for this update. Thanks, guys!

    22. Missing avatar

      B+P-Snegge on

      Wow! I've been waiting patiently for this and you managed to release it even earlier than you said. Thank you for your great work and for supporting Gaming on Linux.

    23. Wushu on

      QQ: How hard will it be for modders to modify their mods to use the new savegame functionality mentioned in the post? Will it be just part of engine or will they need to make any changes? Or will you talk about this later?

    24. Scott Oberlag on

      What was changed in the update? Do you have a link to a page listing things?

    25. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Hope the saving system won't lead to crazy save-scumming. Even with conventional saving I try not to "oversave" - most times where I've seen people rage against the saving is where people failed to bring a healer on a run - well, that's just *dumb*. Most parts of DMS you don't need to save constantly, just be smart.

    26. drow on

      Linux ponies?

    27. cOgnaut on

      I really want to say I *like* the way the save system is now. I understand it's not for everyone, but I have a nasty habit of quick-saving right before dialogs and running through alll (usually most or all) branching paths, then going back and choosing the "best" / my favorite one. It's an addiction, and it really hurts the game's atmosphere for me. So I for one am glad SRR only saves in between maps. It was an eye-opening experience for me and I will be sure to try ironmanning other RPGs in the future.

    28. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      S.D. - We did the Linux port in house.

      There should be no compatibility issues between Linux and the DRM version of the game but it may be hard to both find the files and figure out where to put them.

    29. Devonathan on

      Hi Res UI scale is a godsend! No more playing the game 640 x 480 in order to read the text!

      As a visually impaired gamer I can't thank you enough for this update!

    30. S.D. on

      Good news!!! Thanks for coming through on Linux. It's working great for me.

      Just a couple of questions; first, regarding the port, did you end up contracting out after all, as was floated during and after the campaign, or (along with the switch-over to Unity3D) did you end up doing the port in-house?

      Second; any idea if I can copy my save-game files from the Linux beta into the DRM-free version off the HBS website? I'd really love to not reroll my campaign... I feel like I'm at a really good part :-)

    31. dulBIRAKAN on

      Can't wait for the installation to finish! Thank you

    32. Enrique Matta on

      I just want to say Thank you. This is excellent news, and although I have been playing the Beta for a week now I am pleased to hear that you are now working on all three platforms at the same time. You renewed my faith in HBS and Kickstarter in general.

    33. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Can't wait for proper save games, ROTT just recently implemented the same missing feature into their game and I've now been *actually* playing it these last couple of days. Can't wait to resume my Dead Man's switch campaign here and see how it ends... :)