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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Patch 1.1 and Linux now in Beta!



We thought we’d pop our heads up for just a bit and let you guys know about the latest developments for Shadowrun Returns. The big news today is about Patch 1.1, which has two major parts: early access to the code improvements that we are putting in Berlin and the initial release of the Linux version of both the game and editor!

Beta Process

We’re doing things a bit differently than the previous patches we’ve released. We’ve pushed a version up to Steam in a special opt-in “public beta” channel before releasing it to the general public. We will be monitoring this build and the forums closely for any bugs or issues that people may encounter, and if things go smoothly, we expect to promote it to the main release after a week or two.  

So if you’re interested in helping the community by reporting bugs, or just need to play with the new toys right away, you’ll want to head over to the Steam forums to learn how to join the Beta and help out. If you’d rather wait for the main release, that’s fine, too! 

Just a quick note here: we do not plan on providing DRM free versions of Beta builds during this process. We will of course be putting up final builds in the Backer site when the patch is ready for prime time, but while we work through any last minute issues, Steam will be the only place to get the bleeding-edge (possibly slightly buggy) version of Shadowrun Returns.


Patch 1.1 will see the Linux port of Shadowrun Returns sit alongside its Mac and PC brethren as a first class citizen at last. We now have a couple of Linux machines in house, and have been busy ironing out the major kinks internally as fast as we could. We know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for this bad boy, and after we give it a bit of time to cool off in the Beta period (again, the Beta is only available through Steam), we’ll be pushing it live with the rest of the 1.1 goodness. From that point forward, it will receive updates on the same schedule as the Windows and OSX versions.

New UGC Goodies

There are also quite a few new features that come along with the 1.1 patch. We highlight a few in this update, but the full change log can be found here.

Physical Adepts: Chi abilities have been changed to provide passive benefits. They can be “activated” as before to get the full benefit. Physical Adepts now should be able to use Roundhouse Kick and Disarm while Killing Hands is active.

Text & Numpad Input in Conversation: Want to setup a keycode-accessible safe? Or password protect a data terminal? Now you can with these versatile new conversation input options. We’re already having fun with this feature in the Berlin campaign and we’re sure you’ll come up with many great uses for it too.

Light Scripts: We’ve seen a lot of clever tricks people are doing with triggers for lights. In order to make that a lot less painful (and even more powerful), we’ve introduced a small scripting language to control the fading and animation of light colors. That discotheque can now come alive like never before! Check out the wiki page for more info:

Objectives UI Labels: These are on screen elements that allow you to give players feedback toward intra-scene goals. For example: “Bombs to defuse: 2 of 5”. We figured these might come in handy. Again, check out the wiki for more info:

Triggers for Items: We’ve added trigger events for when players use items. This actually winds up being super useful for making a lot of creative and reactive levels. We’ve got our own nefarious plots for this particular feature, but we’re curious what you guys can do with it.

Visible Trigger Regions: You can make trigger regions visible in game now (with a color of your choice!). Sometimes it’s easier to “Get to tha’ choppa’!” if you know where the heck to go. Now you can!

Other Updates of Note

Shadowrun Returns Let’s Play #3: Jordan and Mitch recently had a blast getting their butts kicked in Silver Angel by Nao. If you missed it, check out the video. Perhaps you can do a better job than they did.

We’re pleased to announce that we have cued up the next Let’s Play which will be will be Razor’s Edge by Obsidian_Razor. We’ll be working with him to polish up his mission over the next week or so. Please play through it and send him your feedback. The community has been awesome at supporting SRR Game Masters to make their stories great.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the HBS YouTube Channel if you want to receive notification when a Let’s Play goes live.

Save Game Improvements: We're happy to report that progress is still being made on the improvements to our saved game system. The code architecture is now in place and we are working through all the extra logic required to save the myriad game states that already exist within the code base. As soon as the feature is complete and fully tested, we'll release it for Dead Man's Switch but we don't want to rush something this complex. We definitely plan to have it fully implemented in time for the Berlin release.

Physical Goods: Most of you have already received your Backer rewards, but there are still a few packages still in transit. The final shipments should head out the door by the end of next week -- BUT if you have never provided us with your shipping address, then we don’t know where to send your stuff! Brian in the office here has been drawing up sketches for the fort he plans to build out of leftover Anthology hard-cover books -- but we’d much rather mail them out to you! Please contact us at if you know you have never given us your shipping info.

That’s it for now!

As always, much love from everyone here at HBS!


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    1. Morten Poulsen

      From the post above:
      "Just a quick note here: we do not plan on providing DRM free versions of Beta builds during this process. We will of course be putting up final builds in the Backer site when the patch is ready for prime time, but while we work through any last minute issues, Steam will be the only place to get the bleeding-edge (possibly slightly buggy) version of Shadowrun Returns."

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher M. Carter on

      Will the 1.1 patch be available for the DRM-free version (the physical reward edition), and will it be available to download from the Harebrained Schemes account page please? Thank you!

    3. Wushu on

      YAY re: savegames for us *get up and go* gamers who just play a few mins here and there.. oh and for everything else, but mostly that. thanks for the snazzy shirt! =D

    4. dulBIRAKAN on

      True deckers use Linux.

    5. Datayum on

      Yepee, fiiiiinally the port to the one and only durable OS ! I'm looking forward to replaying SRR on Linux in 40 years ! ^^
      But also looking forward to playing the Berlin campaign, on my fav OS this time.

    6. Enrique Matta on

      Thank you very much, HBS. I just downloaded and started up the game (just to see it with my own eyes). Looks friggin beautiful. If it werent for my homework tonight (MBA classes can be a pain) I would totally waste my time on this.

      As an avid Linux Gamer, I say thank you for keeping your end of the deal. You made me have a bit more faith in developers promising Linux builds now...

    7. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      The Linux version will be available DRM-free as soon as we're done with the Beta test. As long as there are no glaring issues, that should just be a couple weeks.

      Still waiting for the localization to FIGS to come back to us. Once it does, we'll need to do some additional work and then we'll be getting that out as well. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for your patience.

    8. Valeriy on

      Hey, this is definite improvement over the last update!
      Good job, I guess...
      Linux beta is a nice thing! Steam-only... is not.
      Well, apart from the lack of DRM-free version, this is FINALLY something!

      Very positive news! Just what I wanted to hear for almost two months.

      P. S. I hate Steam and won't even touch it with a 10m long pole, but from what I heard about save system I should probably wait for version 1.1 anyway.

    9. The Evolutionary on

      Hey are we Linux users going to be able to get our Linux version DRM free? (Note: Steam is DRM). Looking forward to it.

    10. RC on

      @Juez They're working on it, Chummer! Small studio, limited funds, one thing at a time. ^_^

    11. Gonchi on

      Level scaling, did I read the patch release notes correctly?

    12. Juez on

      And the spanish translation ?? :_(

    13. S.D. on

      It downloads! It runs! I will try to break it \m/

    14. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Linux version downloaded, yay!

      Launching from Steam shows a black screen, but launching it directly seems to work fine; Steam overlay problem?

      The editor seems to require the 32-bit Qt4 libs, which I haven't bothered to install as of yet (does anyone actually run 32-bit Linux? Unlike Windows, 64-bit support has been solid for over a decade - even before Intel realized they needed to support the AMD64 architecture).

      When trying to exit out, clicking on Confirm does the same as Cancel, although Alt-F4 does work at all times.

      Trying to start the campaign, it shows a Loading graphic with a blank black background, and sits there forever. The output log is showing some NullReferenceException errors; here is the first one:

      NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at RunManager.loadDefaultStoryVariables () [0x00000] in filename unknown:0
      at RunManager.Awake () [0x00000] in filename unknown:0

    15. Laurent Maire on

      @Jamie A. Happy to help!

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      This Dead horse of a discussion has been beaten to death so many times here and on varying other forums that it's not worth trying to argue on these limited comments sections.
      Suffice it to say and simply put, In this day and age I shouldn't arbitrarily be at the mercy of the game dev as to where and when I can play my game. Again - the ability to save my progress was present in my pc games close to 20 years ago, how has technology regressed?
      Your solution is to leave my PC running 9+ hours as I go to work in the mornings?
      Heck I'd be happy with a simple working "Save and Quit" feature to avoid save scumming if that's the issue.

      It's just a mind boggling limitation these days, and It's sad that a lot of noise and ruckus needs to be raised before the dev turns around in surprise and recognises that this is an issue for a lot of people, Same deal with that bastardization of a RoTT remake, only now are they making mention of the fact that they too are working on a save system...

      There really needs to be a 101 crash course for game devs in this generation: Save games, Graphics Customization, FOV options, key mapping, mouse acceleration off... it truly is incredible how often the ball is dropped.

      Anyway, like others here I too look forward to playing through this game in it's entirely when it's up to standard and patched :)

    17. Joshua R on

      FYI, because it sounds like some people have gotten some bad information: The game is playable *right now* - you can go play it all you want! If you're sitting on your hands and holding your breath because you're not allowed to save every step of the way, then you have issues beyond what a software patch can offer. I've played through the game multiple times and never had an issue with saving. Now and then I'd have to leave the game running while I tended to something so as not to lose progress, but that was the extent of the "inconvenience."
      @drow: I think you're out of luck on ponies, but you should *definitely* ask HBS about their narwhal implementation!

    18. drow on

      Still no update on ponies? I'm beginning to lose hope.

    19. JamieA on

      @Laurent Maire Thanks for the clarification, I must've missed that.

    20. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      Thanks for the update! Linux support will be a big plus. I am not a fan of the existing save system. I look forward to seeing how it may be changed aswell as the Berlin Campaign.

      I actually got my physical goods yesterday and I am pretty happy at how they turned out. Other than the bit of mis-information about the DRM-Free version, this Kickstarter has been great. If you guys do another kickstarter I hope none of the issues that came up in this campaign will occur again!

    21. Missing avatar

      Hardin4188 on

      Thank you for fixing the save system. Good things come to those who wait.

    22. Laurent Maire on

      @SectionOne & Lost-brain the situation vis-a-vis the FIGS translations has been mentioned in the last few updates, possibly you might need to go back a couple.

      @Jamie A the deal with the Dog Tags was explained back in update #49 and subsequent updates. Basically, the game's delay thanks to implementing the Matrix environments and other considerations meant that having the game pre-loaded onto the dog tags during manufacture would have delayed everything by a month or more. In the end - to be able to start pushing out orders straight away - they apologised and left the DRM-free installations of the game, soundtrack, wallpapers and goodies on the HBS account website for backers to download at their leisure.

    23. RC on

      @Vincent I'm aware, Chummer I asked because I haven't checked the linux version myself, and have seen a few problems reported due to the path, and particularly the escaped space on systems with various language support installed. ^_^

    24. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on

      Good news. But have you any word about the translations ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Grenville Wilson on

      Post game support? You shouldn't have! <3

    26. Tom Bratchford on

      I LOL'd, considering the reaction to the last update. Well played, HBS.

    27. Skyl--- on

      @RC: That backslash is normal, that's a path on Linux, the space is escaped with \.

      Linux version has "missing executable" right now, but seems like you guys are on it:

    28. Skyl--- on

      Thanks for the linux update guys! Very excited to test that beta build ! Keep up the good work and please remember, there is always a small minority who is the most vocal when it comes to complaining.... Doesn't mean this represents all of us.

    29. SectionOne on

      No information about the Translations in this Update? Come 1.1 without the other Languages?

    30. Dunkare on

      finally some good news on the savegame system. maybe i'll be able to play shadowrun this year after all.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ori Rosen on

      Save game feature? Faith restored!

    32. RC on

      SteveW 21 minutes ago

      Still an empty folder, even after enabling the public_beta; still propagating?
      ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/Shadowrun\ Returns/"

      Is there actually a backslash after Shadowrun in that path on your system?

    33. S.D. on

      Oh man, same problem as SteveW... enabled public_beta, pushed "Install", and nothing :-(

      Still propagating, guys?

    34. S.D. on

      @Joshua R.: Thanks! Linux Shadowrun, here I come :-D

    35. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Still an empty folder, even after enabling the public_beta; still propagating?
      ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/Shadowrun\ Returns/

    36. JamieA on

      Just received the "Shadowrun Returns USB Dog Tag set, containing DRM-free versions of the game (PC/Mac/Linux) and soundtrack (and maybe one or two other surprises, too)", but it doesn't have a single file on it, is that the same for everyone else?

    37. Jalister on

      I'm glad to see you are sticking with improving the save game system. It is a feature I would truly appreciate.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      it's great to see your commitment to the editor and the save system, I have been working through my backlog of games before I play Shadowrun and it seems it was worth waiting as the game seems to keep getting better. (Just have Bioshock Infinte and Darksouls left)

    39. Joshua R on

      @S.D. The DRM-free downloads should be permanently available in your HBS account page, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use the Steam one as much as you want, then switch back to the DRMless one once the beta is over. I only use Steam and I just checked my account page - all the downloads are still there!

    40. S.D. on

      "Patch 1.1 will see the Linux port of Shadowrun Returns sit alongside its Mac and PC brethren as a first class citizen at last."


      Hey QUICK QUESTION... I'm one of the DRM-free backers, but I love Shadowrun enough to want to help with beta testing. I'm willing to beta test using a Steam key (which maybe is already in my HBS account, unspent? I dunno), and then download the final DRM-free version to really play on and/or develop campaigns. So my question... if I use Steam just to help with the backer's private beta, assuming I quit Steam after the main release is complete, can I still download the final DRM-free version, or Steam an exclusive-or condition?

    41. Laurent Maire on

      Thanks for the great update. Exciting stuff! And thanks for the continued hard work and your perseverance with this project and community. SR:R will be a great legacy for HBS and a classic game.

    42. Marc Aranha on

      Excellent. New toys! Thanks for the update :)

    43. AstroCat on

      Awesome about the Save Game Improvements! I will finally be able to play Dead Man's Switch. :)

    44. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Eagerly awaiting that proper save game system, I look forward to wiping that bad checkpoint only taste out of my mouth, re-installing the game and continuing on and eventually finishing my Dead man's switch campaign.

    45. Brantley Love on

      I like the update on the save game feature, and hope to hear more.

    46. Jim Todd

      Realizing this will shock some, I read this since it auto-updated to my phone...thanks VERY much for this update. Once the save issue is fixed I will be a happier camper....for the longest time no news was presumably BAD NEWS...glad to see you haven't ditched this.

    47. folk on

      Yeah, I see it now under Linux games :-) YAY!

    48. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey, folk - Looks like there's a propagation issue happening. Give it a little bit and see if it works after that. Thanks for your patience.

    49. Will Herrmann on

      Will the "type in your password" dialogs be included in Dead Man's Switch? It was a bit odd to be able to have four choices for a person's password, one of which was correct, when you had no idea what the password was.