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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jim Todd

      "It’s still too early to say whether this is going to be possible, but we wanted to let you know that we’re actively investigating it and will let you know more in the coming weeks" - - can we assume that you were lying here, and hoping it would all blow over? I guess perhaps it has - instead of a fix we get advertising for the next big cash grab...."coming weeks" - - on Wednesday it will be two months. Just announce that your people aren't technically proficient enough to make it happen, and I will just delete the game from my system and make sure that my friends don't fall for scams in the future.

    2. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!


      Shadowrun Returns rewards OVER $100+ will begin shipping shortly! The hardcover Anthology's have finally been delivered to HBS's warehouse by that itinerant printing co, and they're starting up picking and packing operations to ship out our rewards! WOOHOOO!!!

      ...and you should check out HBS's AWESOME Golem Arcana digitally enhanced tabletop miniature board game on Kickstarter, that launched today! ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    3. RC on

      Hoi Matt!

      That's correct. The cost to ship most of the rewards now and then the Anthology later is prohibitive, so we're waiting for the printing company to finish up the Anthology and get it to HBS before they can ship us our rewards. We should hear something more about it this week, either letting us know the books are in HBS's warehouse or if there'll be a further delay from the printing company.

    4. Matt on

      By waiting, I mean on the physical rewards?

    5. Matt on

      I'm a backer at $125, so I presume from the comment about the printing of the anthology that I'll be waiting til that's straightened up?

    6. Jon Mentzell on

      I'm still patiently waiting for the Linux version of the game. I got the codes a while back for Steam, but have purposely not been playing it under wine yet (I'm actively avoiding spoilers). Do you guys have an ETA for the Linux version yet? Us ubergeeks are still waiting excitedly.

    7. Daniel Löfquist on

      What is the status of the various physical rewards?

    8. RC on

      Hoi Rhys!

      Chummer, whatta ya mean noooooooooo?! That's an ULTRA RARE collectible!! *grin*

      Take a pic of it, and contact - I'm sure they'll take care of ya, Chummer! ^_^

      (Just give them a little time to respond, they're still busy as drek with the convention circuit and developing the Berlin campaign expasion)

    9. Missing avatar

      Rhys on

      Argh my backer t-shirt turned up this morning with a bad print on it.... noooooooooo

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Schnare

      I just started another run last night and either I forgot how to turn off combat mode or I completely dreamed in that. Probably the later I guess. Sorry.

    11. RC on

      Hoi IDG!

      In a recent Update, HBS let us know that the printing company handling the physical copy of the Anthology turned out to be flakey and delayed printing of the book, twice. We're waiting on word when the printing will complete, then our physical rewards will be shipped out with it (it's insanely expensive to ship everything else, then just the book later).

      Anyone NOT receiving a physical copy of the Anthology either had their physical rewards shipped already, or they're in the process of fulfillment and will ship "now'ish" as they're packed and processed. It may be en route to you now! If you don't receive it by mid next week, ping HBS to let them know. ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    12. Infinite Dreams Gaming on

      What is the status of the various physical rewards?

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Schnare


      It's been a while since I have played but I believe there is a way to 'holster' your weapon with a button in the bottom left that essentially ends combat. I was pretty much done by the time I figured it out so I don't think it is documented anywhere.

    14. Mark L

      Glad to hear that you're at least looking into the possibility of 'save anywhere.' The game save system really needs work - I could live with 'only save outside of combat' but would really prefer 'save anywhere.' I suspect that those not seeing a problem have lifestyles that allow them to sit down and play for a period of time without sudden interruptions requiring the person to shut the game down. I've played the same 'get ready, buy and upgrade supplies, leave the safe house, shut down the computer and do it all over again a few hours later' routine more than once, which detracts from enjoyment.

      On a more positive note, I've enjoyed the game, and it sounds like you're planning a lot of improvements and features, which is great.

    15. Shervyn von Hoerl

      So Harebrained do you actually look at the comments here? Cause when the majority of the people who comment here (who happen to be the guys who made this game possible) complain about the save system you're doing something seriously wrong. And ignoring us ain't going to make this go away.

      And let's just say that unless this gets dealt with rapidly and gracefully I will never back another KS by you guys again.

      Even Doublefine hasn't pissed me off this much yet. And that's saying something.

    16. Patrick on

      Could use polish, but I like the game. Played through the Dead Man's Switch 3 times now with different character types. Played a few of the user created things as well.
      I don't like the save system.
      I was annoyed when you get locked in combat mode and can't just move around.
      I would have liked to have more ability to do side quests and kind of proceed through the story arc at my own pace.
      Still, I am happy with the value I got for my money and would do it again.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Save should be changed because there's not design reason to do otherwise. The way it is right now feels like it wasn't even made with gamer in mind, which is not good.
      I have to say that I really liked the story and the assets (too few animation though), but this two thing could really survive without the game, which for me was not delivered. Not entirely at least.
      Gameplay lacks of so many things, there're a lot of flaws in the combat, arbitrary actions, misplacement, combat that doesn't end and force you to proceed with turns, bad icon, useless deckers, bad design decisions. Like the game wasn't actually tested or played at all.
      But the writing was really good and I would rather sacrifice the actual gameplay, remove it entirely and play it as a gamebook (choose your own adventure style of gameplay) because right now the combat is a nuisance between chunks of story. And I don't ever consider the matrix that has added only other bugs and no value.
      The issue is that if we consider the things at the opposite, an editor with a premade campaign, things are even worse because the gameplay is not polished at all and will be the base for all user made content.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gregory Jordan on

      Saves would be amazing.

    19. Shawn Bird on

      I think you have done a fantastic job so far. I loved Dead Man's Switch and look forward to Berlin. You really did a solid job bringing the world of Shadowrun to the PC.

    20. russell on

      I dont care about the save system.....what I care aobut is that its on rails you cant go backwards, you cant go side ways.
      I really hope you make it so there is a city area to explorer/world map/ not house to house to lab to house.
      be able to switch to control my team when not in combat mode. If I hire a decker and im not being shot at I cant make the decker go hack a computer. so you either need to start a fight then hack something or dont bother hacking something.

      look at what shadowrun unlimited is doing with there dlc they make it so you can have a world map and thats with the current flawed system.

    21. Chris on

      Yeah I agree with Christian Klass. The save system was a tragic design flaw. I have been unable to really play the game as being a father of two kids under 10 I need to get up and leave the computer and may not be able to get back in a game for a few days. I have been telling anyone i know with kids that while the game is great it is fatally flawed and i cannot recommend they buy it until HBS implements a real save game system.

      Did you guys really think this thing through? Now how do you plan on implementing this on mobile devices? With this save system? Yeah I see that going over well.

      Actually sorry I Kickstarted this one. Should have waited till the game was on sale on steam (DRM doesn't scare me) and a real save game system was implemented because as it stands now I can't play the game i bought due to a inability to save and walk away.

    22. Kraken on

      @Andrei Pyykko > It's available on your HBS account page since the game release.

    23. Phil Jefferson on

      Really looking forward to Berlin, and very excited that you're looking at changing the save system; the checkpoint system was really my only issue with the - otherwise excellent - base game.

    24. Christian Klass on

      The save game system of Shadowrun Returns really is bad - I basically try to avoid any games that force me to play longer than I can. I too have little children and quickly have to be able to switch off the PC. Not having a decent saving system is just lazy development and not a technical hurdle at all, imho. And it certainly can't be integral for spicing up gameplay. Please change it, as soon as possible. Other than that I like the writing although I would've hoped for a cool voice over. (maybe a mini-spoiler, sorry:) And maybe for more consistency - for instance when you chose not to grab that poor veterans jacket the first time at the first crime scene you cannot go back and give it to him later. Even though the scene hasn't changed at all.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrei Pyykko on

      Still waiting for my DRM free copy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nurot on

      I finally had the time to play the game and it is looking really good! Now I just need to decide what race/class to use for my first real playthrough.

      A way to be able to suspend or save the game in the middle of scenes would be very welcome. I work full-time and can only play in short bursts.

    27. Brantley Love on

      Most excellent news, I hope this happens. I would even say a decent save system should be the main focus of HBS, instead of the Berlin campaign. Regardless, I hope both endeavors are a success.

    28. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Yeah, I won't touch this game without a decent save game system. As a father of 2 with a 60+ hour a week job sometimes I do by get much more than 5 minutes of play time.

      I regret backing this, especially at the level I did. Total waste of my money.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Yeah take your time on your project but perhaps you could release the editor content earlier? This would allow Berlin campaigns to be worked on early and increase the value of the dlc when it is ready.

    30. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      Sounds great. I had an absolute blast with the game and am enjoying the community campaigns. Looking forward to Berlin and beyond!

    31. Nicholas Russell on

      Another thing about saves. It might help us to understand better why this is a difficulty if you wrote a kickstarter update that lists in detail why this would be too difficult to fix now. Because in this respect your game isn't too different from Baldur's Gate Special Edition and that game doesn't seem to have the same problem that you guys are claiming and came out well before your game did for modern machines. This isn't the NES but the PC and the kind of save system we're all asking for is as old school as it gets.

    32. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on

      This is just my opinion but I feel that in order to reach the legendary status that Neverwinter Nights had, you really need to stop being so protective and offer more capability to modders. You might not like new assets, races, classes, and items, but the editor feels severely limited in what it can do compared to something like Neverwinter Nights. If we could pull in more of our own resources, then the game would be better for it.

      I know the reason for this is likely to be able to sell resource packs, I get that. Down the road you need a plan of sustainability, so you want to be able to have something to sell that aren't campaigns. However, NWN was able to continue selling officially made content for as long as BioWare wanted to make it. People are always willing to pay for new stuff, and I think they'd be even more charitable if there were less editor restrictions.

      People aren't dumb; I think down the line, if you do sell asset packs for editor use, people are going to raise an eyebrow at it and be kind of cynical, since you're the only source for new assets. Whereas if you allow people to include their own assets and edit more, they'll be more inclined to buy more. That's just what I think, anyway. But NWN wouldn't have been half of the success it was without unlimited modding, nor any Bethesda game for that matter.

    33. Missing avatar

      Auxilius on

      I can't say I disagree with your forums. A longer campaign with added depth is always welcome. As long as it's not straining your budget and if you can make enough money by selling as a higher price for non-backers, of course.
      I must be the only one who appreciated the linear plot and didn't have any problem with the save system. It felt like a good polar, without any timeout, that I could still follow at my own pace.

    34. Patricia on

      Loved the game guys, despite some issues that I'm glad to hear you're trying to address - like abysmal adepts, saved games & overly linear plot.
      Really chuffed to hear you will be putting more time into the Berlin campaign - & as before, my stance is the same - take all the time you need. I don't mind the delays, just give us a great game in return :)
      And finally a heartfelt thank you to all of you! While the game you released had some flaws, altogether it was a great game with a hellova fun story. Really appreciate the effort there & cant wait for more!
      1 more thing: How are sales going? C'mon, dont keep us in the dark, we're all standing firmly behind you on bated breath & want to know whether those sales figures are anywhere near the success you deserve.

    35. Darklord on

      Not being able to save was a minor issues for me, I died once and had to redo a small section. Depends how good you are I suppose, a poor player may die all the time? I'd be fine with leaving saving how it is, content all the way for me!

      I found Dead Man's switch disappointingly short and would like Berlin to last 30+ hours! :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      More interaction in the game world please, and make said interactions a little less obvious while you're a t it, let there be a couple *real* puzzles for a change. The snes game had a lot and they were good.

      If you're so deathly afraid of modern gamers getting stuck and frustrated reserve the harder stuff for optional/secret asides but really... you've gone so far in the other direction with the main campaign it's not so much an easy and linear game as a straight up visual novel.

    37. Tillerz on

      \o/ Saving is all good to me. A little bit more of freedom in the adventures might be good.

      And I spent a lot into etiquette in Dead Man's Switch, only to find out that I wasted a lot of points which I should have spent elsewhere.

    38. Jacob Reynoso on

      Ooh. Good news all around.

      re: Berlin
      there's a reason I tend not to say "I can't wait for X to come out"'s 'cause I'd rather wait, if it'll mean a better product/experience.

      I'd be willing to wait longer than January, even, if it'll mean a truly awesome Berlin campaign. :)

      Also, that's "let's play" video was quite fun to watch. I'll be looking forward to future episodes. :)

    39. Jarno Lehtinen on

      @James: It's been a while since I last played Diablo II, but I seem to remember that the game saved your xp and loot whenever you quit the game. I don't think your completed quests were reset either if you failed to play each act in one sitting. I don't see how it would make Shadowrun a lesser game if it would let you quit whenever and continue from where you left instead of forcing you to go through all the discussions and whatnot. For me it's a huge immersion breaker in addition to being plain annoying having to roleplay my character again just because I had to quit gaming in middle of a scene.

    40. James Cartwright on

      Don't have a problem with the save system, Diablo II is one of my favourite games and it doesn't have a save when you like option. I would like Berlin to be at least twice as long as DMS as I was left wanting more when I finished it and although it was very good it was quite short. I would like to see lots more side quests and levels involving more ways to complete them with different characters than just shooting everything. I've enjoyed the ways you can use the rigger drones and spirits to access other areas and would like to see more of that

    41. Missing avatar

      Gregyski on

      That's great news, especially about the save system. I hope you can pull it off. Thanks for investigating it!

    42. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on

      That's good you listening, guys. Take your time for produce a good and NON-LINEAR campaign for berlin, that's all I want, no matter how long I have to wait for it.

      besides of this, I suppose the game is selling well if you decide to postpone the Berlin DLC, and that's goo too. Do you have a number of sellings to show us ?

      Finally, keep the good works, guys !

    43. Jonathan Krarup on

      AWESOME AWESOME stuff guys!
      Personally I have no problem waiting for Berlin in exchange for a bigger campaign :D And I know you said that you're not promising anything with regards to the save games, but the fact that you're trying to better it and doing your best is good enough for me - I really hope you succeed though!
      Thanks a bunch for listening to feedback, you're the best ^_^

    44. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      I loved the game, but there was some things that would improve it tremendously.

      The save system - wowza, this is the BIGGEST complaint. I do not know how many times I had to leave the computer in the middle of the game and have to REPLAY the whole level again, or die from stupid chance kill. This nearly put me to quiting the game a couple of times. I held through and glad I did. But yea, this should be the first priority to fix. A save anywhere/anywhen would be ideal, but I think we would be happy with at least a ancient save point locations which will still be a billion times better than what is given. This is one thing a lot of people have told people to hold off on the game till this is fixed.

      The shoot everything solution problem - basically, if you did not have a bruser character, you were pretty much useless. It makes sense for you to fight some of the time, but there really should have been non lethal solutions to the ares. My favorite missions involved going under cover and not having to go in rambo style. Would prefer to have more missions like that.

      Levels designed for the different type of players - I felt my decker was pretty useless most of the game. There should have been more stuff, like sentries, or hacking other decker brains to turn them into temporary puppets/fighters for you, or take over enemies cybernetics to lock up/attack. Of course, I think shamons and others got it worse, there was only one level that even had them.

      More matrix, I LOVED the matrix, I would rather have that in every situation where I hacked a computer/network than boring text. Again, should have more to do, like hack into sentries/other decker brains for info/control, files..etc.

      Need an astral version like the matrix version.

      Needs more exploration and more side (shadowrun) missions unrelated to the main mission. Had fun with the few we had.

      More gear, upgrades, powers..etc. Felt kind of limited in the game what we got.

      Need a free core crew with basic skills so if you have no money you wont be boned latter. There was a section in the game where I blew my money on upgrades and then hit a really hard level and had no money but to get one person. Should have the core people you saved/helped at the beginning be free, but they are only basic while the really good shadowrunners cost more money.

      Needs a way to transfer our character, I like my character and want to keep using him in the dlc if possible.

      Again, great game, just needs some tweaking to make it even better.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Miller on

      Agree completely with H Hess. Great game, especially the writing & story. Play through the main campaign and just wanted more. Never even thought about the save system while playing so I don't what all the complaining is about. I grew up in the NES days when games were actually hard and when you died, you start the level over. I think the current save system is a great because it makes sure your making smart calculated decisions and adds tension in fear of having to start the level over. In the same way permadeath adds to Fire Emblem and makes it a better game. Don't let the haters get to you Jordan, take your time with Berlin and jam as much content into it as you can.

    46. Piotr Konieczny on

      Good news, through seeing as fans can create campaigns, I'd rather see more effort directed towards adding missing elements like Astral Perception indeed.

    47. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Agree Cutter, couldn't really care less about the new campaign since we have Steam workshop and a modding community anyway. Just want a proper save system (that we've had in these types of games for decades now.)
      Well you just said it yourself in your sarcastic rant of Jrpgs - Save points. You know, the ability for the player to choose when to save. No it ain't better than the standard traditional 'hit escape - select save - done' that the likes of Fallout or Baldurs Gate had, but its leagues and bounds better than the Dev arbitrarily deciding when and where my progress is recorded (in this case the beginning of an entire scene - much more than 10 minutes of lost progress by my account when I died at one point)

    48. Missing avatar

      Jason Farrell on

      Content is way more important to me than a new save game system. Scenes aren't that long...there's, what, ten minutes at most to replay if things go south? It's a miracle that gamers have been playing JPRGs with save points for decades without collectively slitting their wrists given how much importance a save anywhere system seems to have for some members of the community.

    49. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Really? The big concern is a lengthier campaign? Not for me. I'd rate the savegame system as number one. Hell, I'd happily skip the DLC for a real savegame system and leave additional content to the community. But that's just me...and apparently a great many other people.

    50. Missing avatar

      Anders Markussen on

      I must admit I am perfectly happy with the savegame system. At least where the save points are. Some scenes are a bit long, true, but I think it only adds to the tension. At least it adds to the feeling of accomplishment when you succeed.

      The auto-overwrite-and-rewind system is somewhat unorthodox, I must admit, but I'd rather have that than save-at-will. At least don't save during combat.