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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

It’s Happening

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)
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Here it is: The Official Release Date for Shadowrun Returns is July 25, 2013.

We know we’ve been saying June for some time, but now that we’ve reached this final stage of development, and although our Kickstarter funding was spent some time ago, we've decided to invest additional time in bugfixing and polishing the game. That means a longer crunch period for a tired team, but everyone agrees that it’s worth it.

One of the most common pieces of Backer feedback we've received over the past year is that we should take the time we need to ship this game. We really appreciate that, and we know we've thanked you already about a hundred times already, but we're doing it again because we mean it. Thanks.

You gifted us with your trust as well as your funding and we take that responsibility very seriously. You gave us the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and something we think is worth all the time, sacrifice, and hard work. Soon, we’ll give it all back to you.

It’s amazing that this update is one of the last before Shadowrun Returns gets into your hands. It’s been an amazing adventure, and as we round the final corner and see the finish line in sight, we want to take a moment to reflect - not on how we got here, but on why we started in the first place.

For us, the mission has always been clear - we’re making Shadowrun Returns because we believe that after 24 years of tabletop, console, board, card, and action-figure games, plus all those novels, Shadowrun remains a rich, vibrant, and relevant setting to play and tell stories in and we want everyone to be able to share our love of it.

From the beginning, this whole thing has really been about a shared community experience.

  • Shadowrun itself is a shared world. For decades, tabletop Game Masters have been sharing their Shadowrun stories with players in their living rooms, novel authors have been sharing their Shadowrun stories with readers, Jake Armitage shared his own story in the Shadowrun SNES game, and so on.

  • Our Backers shared a belief in the project, the cost of development, and the year-long + experience of watching the game develop.

  • With the Shadowrun Returns Editor, everyone is empowered to author and share their own stories with the community, to support each other’s creativity, and to improve upon the work we’ve done to get things started.

  • We see our Seattle campaign, “The Dead Man’s Switch”, as the FIRST story of what we hope will be thousands of stories, rather than as THE story of Shadowrun Returns. When the game ships, you’ll have access to our entire Seattle campaign using the SRR Editor, allowing you to use it as a reference and starting point for your own stories. We hope that by sharing our campaign in this way, we’ll accelerate the growth of Shadowrun storytelling.

  • Harebrained Schemes, Catalyst Game Labs, and Cliffhanger Productions all share in the Year of Shadowrun and the management of the community website - a great communication hub and collaboration site for community created content.

Our approach to the project was inspired by our old-school tabletop roleplaying roots - we developed the World (the game systems and art), and the Rule Book (the Editor), and your first adventure (the Seattle campaign).

After the game ships, the power is in your hands. As we’ve said from the beginning, our Seattle story is just the beginning of what Shadowrun Returns can be and we are eager to see what this amazing community will create with the tools we’ve developed.

In fact, it's already happening. 

Backers with early access to the Shadowrun Editor are already building things that surprise and delight us after only two weeks since its release. Check out some of the cool stuff that’s surfaced so far (note that some placeholder art still exists in these videos):

A reverse of our Alpha Gameplay Video by McDougle

A scene by scene recreation of the Shadowrun SNES game by Ledeir 



A thread about The Lost Lamb Mission by Dislexicoder

Some images of cool maps for Deliver Me From Evil Module Conversion by Johnny_Memphis

Shadowrun Identity by Opifer  A call for participation in a full-length (100+ hours) community-made campaign. The goal is to recreate the world of Shadowrun using the original pen-and-paper sourcebooks, published adventures and novels. and

It’s incredibly rewarding to see these folks jumping in with both feet and charting a path for others to start their own creations when they get the game. A buzz runs through the studio when someone finds one of these links and passes it around to the rest of the team.

Oh, and before we go, we thought we’d leave you with these brand-spanking new screenshots of never-before-seen stuff. We hope you enjoy them! 


Important Note for Kickstarter Backers:

Your Steam key (for Windows & OSX) will be available a day early, on July 24th, from the HBS Accounts website, though the game will not activate until July 25th. (If you need help getting access to this site, contact On July 25th, you will also be able to download your DRM-free version of the game and all Kickstarter digital rewards directly from the HBS Account website. More information about physical rewards delivery will be forthcoming in a separate Kickstarter update.

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    1. Panagiotis Papadopoulos on

      It's been known for quite some time that the linux port was going to get released after the initial launch. Iirc the latest info was that it was to be released at the same time as the Berlin DLC. That said an official update on the status of the linux version would definetly be appreciated i think.
      @Cutter those with early access to the editor already have it, as is clearly stated in the update.

    2. Alex Major on

      ... I'm fine with this. Whatever comes out of this, I'm sure A) It'll be a good game and consequently B) it'll be worth my 30 bucks.

      Peace out, can't wait until July.

    3. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Why not release the editor now in that case? This has been 2 delays already. At least it'd give people time to learn it and have additional content out by launch.

    4. Nathan Grass on

      It's good to see a release date for another successful kickstarter game. We are really changing the way games are inspired and brought to the gaming community. It has been a wonderful change over the last three or so years. Thanks for your continued dedication to releasing a well polished and finished product.

    5. Joshua Hernandez on

      Woot, comes out on my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me!

    6. Missing avatar

      Arkrite on

      As much as I want to play it now... and boy do I want to play it right now... I say: Take your time.

      I want this game to be as picture perfect as it can be when it gets to release because I want it to do very well in sales.
      Because I want even more Shadowrun in the future!

    7. Veav on

      @John There might have been some confusion from the various updates. Only backers at the $250 tier (or higher) get early access to the editor - us lower-tier plebes have to wait for release.

    8. Dragoon on

      I'm not religious but this is clearly awesome news!
      After the game has ship and the initial tech support rush was handled, I hope you guys get your well deserved vacation rest.
      I expect you guys back in fall with news from your writers team about next after the Berlin campaign.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Adams on

      Am I missing something? I didn't get an email 2 weeks ago in regards to the editor. All backers were to get early access right? But there is nothing in my hbs account, so how do I acquire it?

    10. Gabriel Divine on

      No Problem with delays... it´s done when it´s done...
      Take the time U Need too make the game u wanted...
      But there are 2 Little fears in my mind and heart growing:
      Nr. 1: I don´t like These damage hitpoints System I prefere SR-Rules
      Nr.2: Always repeating again and again that the community will make a lot of stories and Contents----> leads to the conclusion the campaigne could be a short one (10h gameplay and less....)
      I can´t wait playing SR:R ... I love Shadowrun...
      but my fear grows.... and preparing myself for the SR-Universe makes me paranoid....
      Just my 2 Cents
      So long

    11. Valeriy on

      @fredgiblet: Sorry to disappoint you but it seems IMHO that all complains have a ground under them.
      Let's enumerate:
      1) Inventory... too difficult to implement
      2) Saves... too difficult to implement
      3) Shadowrunners sharing (was mentioned during Kickstarter campaign)... too difficult to implement (and "out of the scope", whatever that means)
      4) Stealth (see game forums, section "Developer Q&A")... you know the answer
      5) Linux port... They need time to fix bugs (which, ofcourse don't exist under Mac OS X or Windows)
      6) Others???
      7) Matrix? -- too diff^W Wait! The game doesn't make sense without Matrix! "OK, we need more time to implement Matrix (recolored battle)"

      It seems they hired Jetboy as their decker...
      And, finally (my favourite): ... "Not unless we hear there's a great business opportunity to do so."

      It is obvious they are making money, not the game.

    12. David Henry on

      Keep the game until it is shiny and polished. Thanks for the updates and ALL the hard work DEVs. (including the sweat, blood and tears)

      Looking great.

    13. Lewis on

      Delays are part of game development--not everything aligns perfectly by an intended release date. Kickstarter doesn't change that. Infinitely preferable to a buggy release that could mar Harebrained or Kickstarter. Take your time.

    14. fredgiblet on

      Glad to hear it. Don't listen to the whiners, do what you need to do to make the game great.

    15. Veav on

      Ogre's delays have been well-documented. They showed us at each step where things were, what slipped up, what shortcuts they COULD have taken but chose not to in order to produce a quality product. I only went in for Car Wars but it's been an interesting look at how things work.

      @Cutter It doesn't mean anything, really. Linux and Berlin were always going to be developed post-release.

    16. Christian Steudtner on

      +1 to: when/what about Linux

    17. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Oh yeah, and what does this mean for the stretch goals if the money is all gone?

    18. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Now I'm nervous because is a month at this point really necessary? And if it's necessary will it really make a difference? You were already delayed several months. What exactly is it that you feel yet another delay will make the difference, particularly if you're out of dough. Did you bite off more than you could chew? Not being accusatory here, but really would like to know the whys and hows.

    19. Shashi Mohan on

      I agree that the lack of Linux release is funny, given Steam for Linux. This is the type of thing that gives rise to conspiracies (did Microsoft influence this decision as well?). Hopefully HBS will clarify this soon.

    20. Lee Sweeney on

      We are well programmed to accept delays,
      The title of.the message was a sad choice as reading that hope started and quickly died.
      These days updates on all KS seem to wait as long as they can to deliver news of delays. Almost any update after the KS runs is one of delay or reducing scope.
      From folks doing this the first time is expected, from folks with years of doing this type of work less so.
      This is less about Shadowrun, as with little chatter I think most folks were thinking a dela was coming.
      More on KS as a whole, over promise under deliver.
      Cool Mini
      Realms Works
      If one thing will stop KS it will be established companies using it and screwing up execution, over and over again.
      That and the new trend of omitting truths to increase pledges.
      GL Hairbrain
      Like I said more general KS stuff, got a done of delays this month.

    21. Valeriy on

      The fun part about lack of Linux release is that HBS has no sane explanation!

      Now everyone knows the game uses Unity engine, so it is not about technologies or "porting". It is: "We didn't want to support Linux from the start but were forced to, so we are gonna postpone the release as long as we can up to 1 second before "Berlin" DLC release just for the sake of it".

    22. Michaeljack on

      I'm 100% ok with this delay as we now have a confirmed release date. Better to be totally sure the whole thing is working than ship early with crossed fingers. Also seeing the work being done by the community on new stories its pretty awesome too.

      My only problem is that the release is soo close to Tales of Xillia but i guess i'll have to shelve that baby for a while :)

    23. Mihnea Murgeanu on

      great news... made my day
      btw ... when is the Berlin expansion scheduled?

    24. Ben Greene on

      Take the time to get it right folks. I'll happily wait to get it late but working great as opposed to early and broken. :-)

    25. Krey on

      Great news, prepare your servers for the 25th !

    26. Zebulon Pi on

      @Zombra - not June, my friend, July, so a month and a week away!

      Sorry to burst your bubble!

    27. Zombra on

      Wow, just a week away. It's been quite a year. So glad I backed this project. Can't wait to play.

      Please send out the Steam keys early on the 24th so I can get my download rolling before going to work :)

    28. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Well, can't say I'm happy to wait, but HBS is doing the right thing here. We've been waiting almost 20 years for another good Shadowrun video game. Another month won't kill us.

    29. Dan Spezzano on

      There is no way they will give all the backers access to the editor. Then the people who paid $250 will rightfully complain.

      I can wait another month even if I think this news should of dropped long before today. I just don't want to finally get a game with issue and get the "we didn't have the time" line. After 2 delays you have kind of lost the ability to use the time argument.

    30. Nameless Knightshark on

      Why can't we get this now?! ;P

    31. Vivek Ramkumar on

      Hey best birthday present ever ! thanks guys !

    32. Will Oprisko on

      Thanks for the update and all your hard work to make this game great! One question: Is there anyway you can release the editor to all the KS Backers earlier than July 24/25th? Some of us were hoping/expecting to begin creating our own stories by the end of June, and the new anticipation of late July feels like waking up Christmas morning and being told Santa Claus will stop by next month. No disrespect, criticism, or dissatisfaction is implied with this question. My inquiry is simply given in the same spirit as all thankful children who find it difficult to balance their gratitude with their excitement. Thanks once again for all your hard work and taking time to listen our questions!

    33. drow on

      i hope the ponies in SRR are as cool as the ones in the next hobbit movie…

    34. nadeem on

      ops bad news for us linux guys we need to wait as usual for UNKNOWN time

    35. Missing avatar

      Brad Wood on

      You guys are so awesome I can hardly contain myself. I have been saying for YEARS that someone should make a great Shadowrun game (I was imagining KOTOR, but Shadowrun, but I actually think the turn-based approach will work much better). Frankly, I'm floored that you guys took it on and actually pulled it off.

      Thank you for giving me the ability to help participate in this awesome endeavor!

    36. thhmas on

      Cool. I have no issues with the July release (I sort of had a feeling the release would be pushed forward...), if that makes the game better. Looking forward to playing the game!

    37. dulBIRAKAN on

      Can't wait to play it in Linux! So when will Linux version be released?

    38. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      If you have not received an email from us with your HBS Account password and login, please email us at You can't do anything in the system without the account information from us. Thanks!!

    39. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Is the same site we uploaded our pictures to, right? I've got that one bookmarked at home...

    40. Sabin Figaro on


      You should have received your login information to the HBS account by now. I recommend emailing HBS at; and explaining that you haven't gotten your login yet. RC did post a direct email to contact about account info, but I'm afraid I don't remember what it was.

    41. SajBear on

      When will I get my login information to the hbs site? Should I already have received it? I pledged $30.

    42. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Berlin comes later. And yeah, like others, I'd gladly support a KS for additional content down the road. Or grab it through steam - but either way, I'm in.

    43. Dan Spezzano on

      Bah. Wish I could say I was surprised but considering the silence of late you knew this was coming. Game better be polished in July now.

    44. RC on

      @elwro Berlin will be a a full Expansion Pack for Shadowrun Returns that Kickstarter Backers get for free. It'll be available a few months after the game launches, as they still need to develop it. ^_^

    45. Missing avatar

      elwro on

      Just Seattle? Please refresh my memory -- wasn't the game supposed to also have a Berlin chapter?

    46. Marc Aranha on

      I admit, I had to read it twice before my eyes turned June into July :) Glad to see an end date in sight, though. Looking forward to the game! I probably missed it, but what's the word on our 2nd city dlc? Is that coming this year?

    47. Missing avatar

      static0verdrive on

      I should add - I'd be happy to help kickstart an expansion for next year!!

    48. S.D. on

      Linux version for me! ^_^

      Getting excited, but the six month wait after main release has me a bit gutted (as our English friends would say). :-(
      I guess the Linux community should just not participate on the forums & such until or version is released, so we don't have the storyline spoiled by those completing the campaign before us. A Shadowrun without surprises just isn't as much fun.

    49. Missing avatar

      Emeraude on

      "See you all next week during the massive server crash ?"

      Meant see you next *month*...

      Revealing lapsus.