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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

It's On!

Hey Everyone!

As Jordan mentioned in his Developer’s Diary last Friday, we have some exciting stuff coming in the next couple of weeks and the team has been hard at work to deliver.

“What sort of exciting stuff”, you ask?

How about a look at Shadowrun Returns in action!!!

On Sunday, March 10th at South By Southwest in Austin, TX, Jordan and I will do a LIVE DEMO of Shadowrun Returns and take questions from the audience. Also in attendance will be our Guest of Honor, Erik Dahlman, one of our $10,000 Backers (and resident of Austin).

SXSW is another great opportunity to get some press for the game and help get the word out. But don’t worry, you won’t need to attend the show to see the game in action! We’re releasing a VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of Shadowrun Returns gameplay, narrated by Jordan and me, the Friday before the show. We’ll release our first set of REAL SCREENSHOTS, too. 

And don’t forget, we’ll also be at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con tomorrow, March 2, talking about the game, answering questions, and doing the dwarf dance as little as possible. We’ll be in the Gaming Room at 12pm. Hope you can join us! 

To whet your appetite for all that, here are some characters you’ll see in action next week. 

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And here's some concept art from the Seattle campaign.

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And finally, here’s a pic of the studio so you can see the team doing their thing. 

Time to get back to work! 



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    1. Mico Selva on March 12, 2013

      The gameplay video looks great. I really dig the art style. This might become a real RPG classic when it's realeased. Can't wait!

    2. Brian Williams on March 8, 2013

      You guys need bigger desks.

    3. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on March 6, 2013

      James Searles - Sorry for the delay in answering. Been working on the video for Friday. We haven't completely fleshed out our system requirements but it's unlikely that we'll be able to support ARM.


    4. RC on March 6, 2013

      Hoi Chummers!

      Just a reminder about the Shadowrun Universe forums, where HBS answers questions directly (so our Paypal Backer chummers can post too!) and a variety of good conversation goes on about Shadowrun Returns, and all the news happening related to Shadowrun! Check out the Shadowrun Universe at and check out the HBS Developers Q&A sub-forum while you're there!

      Just remember to read the Rules post before posting in the HBS Developers Q&A! ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    5. rocketsurgeon on March 6, 2013

      @Nicholas Sylvain-Obsidian Order: My google fu is weak, it seems. Still, I think it would be good and appropriate to have this information in the FAQ - it is a natural place for it, and given that the original estimate is all over the page, a natural thing for backers to ask.

      I'm sorry if it was my request that caused the other debate about refunds - I have no issue with the delay as such, and believe that it is quite understandable, and expected, given the way the campaign took off and the goals stretched. We will essentially end up getting a lot more game for our money, and I'm astounded that someone who were prepared to fund the original goals would object to that, even if that means that the original schedule slips a bit.

    6. RC on March 6, 2013

      Hahaha I suppose a little white knighting comes along with being a fan, but I'm a happy fan with what I've seen of Shadowrun Returns so far, and I can't wait to see all the AWESOME HBS's put in to the in-game video clip they've got planned for us this week! (How was that? Meets expectations? Should I attack you back for some vicarious thrill? Trying not to disappoint here ya'know!) ^_^

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on March 5, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    8. RC on March 5, 2013

      Sorry to disappoint ya chummer, but I'm not employed or contracted by HBS in any way. I am however, a big fan of Shadowrun and their project. ^_^

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on March 5, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. James Searles on March 5, 2013

      Any idea if Windows version will work on ARM?

    11. RC on March 5, 2013

      Hoi Jacob!

      Crowd funding is not a pre-order, investment or retail purchase. It's a philanthropic donation we make towards the project creators dream, which we share or support. We receive rewards to thank us for our trust and interest in *their* project, but there are no refunds when you pledge money, the way there are when you make retail purchases. Now, I realize based on your comment history, you haven't had much of anything nice to say when you comment on any Kickstarter project, and it appears it's due to your own false expectations. "Delivery" dates on Kickstarter are -estimated- for a reason, and that reason is based on the understanding that once a project begins, there may be unexpected delays, or even expected ones that occur after the project is posted to Kickstarter.

      Unfortunately, does not allow project creators to change their estimated dates in the list of rewards, but a good project creator keeps their Backers informed, and that is what Harebrained Schemes has done. HBS let us know in a Backer Update (which all good Backers read) months ago, that the projects estimated delivery date was moved to May or June. They keep us informed here on with Updates, and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and through E-mail, and they handle many questions on too, because some of our Paypal Backer chummers can't post here on Kickstarter.

      So, I hope this helps you to better understand a little of how crowd funding other peoples projects tends to work, and accept potential delays and unexpected occurrences with patience and support, which I know is difficult when we're all excited about an AWESOME project we can't wait to get our hands on. And more importantly, I hope this doesn't discourage you from continuing to support crowd funded projects, so you don't lose out on some of the awesome creativity and fun so many creators bring to us. But, finally and most importantly, I hope this helps you to relieve some of the distress and frustration you're apparently feeling. We're all eager to get our rewards, and to play the game, and letting frustration get in the way of that only ruins the fun for you, because we're gonna enjoy the DREK outta Shadowrun Returns! ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    12. Kusac Kavka on March 5, 2013

      @Jacob D. Adamo
      It's only been two months after the "estimated delivery." They got well over 4 times what they were expecting, and are using that to greatly improve on the game. I, for one, am looking forward, and hoping the May/June delivery will go ahead, though I'll patiently wait a little while longer.
      Besides, it's a Kickstarter project. You gave money on a potential chance, not a guarantee. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on March 5, 2013

      I never liked the caricature proportions of the troll, but otherwise I love it. Well, the metal things on Jake's coat look pretty stupid, too. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on March 5, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    15. Brandon Smith on March 4, 2013

      I wasn't a fan of the Jake Armitage model shown before, but the isometric image of him looks spot on. That proves you guys know better than I do. Way to go. I can't wait for this thing.

    16. Nicholas Sylvain on March 3, 2013

      @rocketsurgeon - they mentioned in an update a while back they are guessing more like May/June for the release date. (That's a paraphrase, but I think close.) They have seemed confident about keeping to that timeframe since they "adjusted" our expectations.

    17. Vincent_Langlois on March 3, 2013

      I will give my vote for a troll made with "realistic" proportions.
      Great art for all the the others, can't wait to play the game!

    18. rocketsurgeon on March 3, 2013

      It's great to see you making progress, and I appreciate the many updates you provide, but every pledge level comes with the note "Estimated delivery: Jan 2013". Well, it's March and given the state of the game as per your update, it seems unlikely that I will see delivery any time soon.

      Now, I'm OK with that - you expanded the game a lot through the many stretch goals that were met, if nothing else - and I understand that Kickstarter won't let you change the delivery date, but it I have not been able to find a new estimated delivery date anywhere.

      I think "are we there yet?" is a question many of us backer ask, so I would ask that you add a question and answer to your FAQ section addressing this: What is the new estimated delivery date?

    19. Missing avatar

      Splat!!! on March 3, 2013

      I can agree that the Troll here looks out of proportion, but honestly it's something I'm fine with. I ran an augmented troll merc back in third edition of the tabletop who could punch literally like a grenade going off point blank, and I always imagined his body build being a bit like The Savage Dragon. I'm really looking forwards to seeing additional artwork for trolls and their varied looks.

    20. suppafoxe on March 3, 2013

      Awesome arts! Can't wait to watch it in action

    21. RC on March 2, 2013

      Hoi draeron!

      HBS confirmed our Kickstarter swag will be shipped when Shadowrun Returns launches, which is still estimated to be in May or June. ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    22. Missing avatar

      Solid on March 2, 2013

      Jaaaaake! The SNES version is what got me hooked on Shadowrun and the reason I'm a backer!

    23. Roy on March 2, 2013

      Jake Jake! He looks like a 16-bit pixel boy all grown up :) The Elven Samurai looks really cool. The Concept Art is good but the in game models look even better. . I am really looking forward to the 10th. Cudos.

    24. draeron on March 2, 2013

      Speaking of "getting back to work", any idea when the kickstarter merch will be made/sent?

    25. Donald M Pollack on March 2, 2013

      I think the proportions still look a bit to exaggerated. It is most noticeable in the troll, even with some leeway being a brutish character. The others are fine but still a bit to large in the hands and heads.

      Great update and can't wait to see the game being played and in motion!

      The closeups art of the faces is great. But is slightly hit / miss with the 3d models.

    26. Jess Montgomery on March 2, 2013

      Love it :) wish i could come see but alas bit of a trip from little old england.

    27. Adam Loyd on March 2, 2013

      Dude its Jake!!!!!

    28. Levi on March 2, 2013

      Jake looks awesome. :) Nice work!

    29. Justice Pie on March 2, 2013

      @ErikDahlman Awesome, enjoy the show! Gonna have to keep an eye out for your NPC! :D

      This might finally be the game to keep me glued to the computer! Go Shadowrun!

    30. Eye-Level Entertainment on March 2, 2013

      Thanks for all the information! Character pictures and concept art looks great!

    31. Albino Dragon
      on March 2, 2013

      Can't wait :-)

    32. Pedro Benitez on March 2, 2013

      P.S. I know the above is a shaman but I believe my comments are still just that and applicable. Thanks again; GO SHADOWRUN!

    33. Pedro Benitez on March 2, 2013

      Agree, love all except for this...half troll? I understand some trolls undergo cosmetic surgery IOT make themselves more marketable to their corporate masters. But, and I believe the fans comments below agree, that its still a troll. LARGE, LOOMING, make you pause for a second while you look UP, with appendages having proportions that make 1,500 year old sequoia trees jealous. Please consider a redo and avoid the Disneyish look. I believe you can still make a Troll Mage look corporate GQ without losing that essential ShadowRun Troll factor we're all expecting. Thanks and looking forward to this.

    34. Nekator
      on March 2, 2013

      veryyy nice, looking forward to see the game in action :)

    35. gandalf.nho
      on March 2, 2013

      Excelent news!

    36. RC on March 2, 2013

      Hoi Chummers!

      Just a reminder that that's lots more AWESOME info about Shadowrun Returns on the Shadowrun Universe forums, especially in the HBS Developer Q&A sub-forum! (If you want to post your own question there, please read the Rules post first!) ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    37. William Goff on March 2, 2013

      Hmmm, wonder who's making Jake dance this time...the dog, the jester, the lizard perhaps?

    38. Bomoo on March 2, 2013

      (WTF you can't edit posts?) P.S. I personally really like the stylization. For me, nothing is more boring than a photo-real aesthetic (or arguably a lack of aesthetic.)

    39. Bomoo on March 2, 2013

      Guys, relax about the top heavy characters. They look out of proportion from a side-view high detail perspective, but from zoomed out isometric they'll look more than fine.

    40. Missing avatar

      Crowley on March 2, 2013

      Looks nice. But I also didn't like the Troll. An normaly I like Trolls. ^^

      As someone else mentioned, make him proportional !!!!!
      Plus, on the image he is as tall as the other caracters. Hope you are kidding.

      Can't wait for the video.

    41. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on March 2, 2013

      Good, to tell the truth, It was really time to show something like this kind of video you will show us next week. Can't wait to see it.

    42. Everett on March 2, 2013

      Oh man, I wish I could try it out. Soon enough...

    43. Malcolm Sharp on March 2, 2013

      I wonder if the Guest of Honour is the same Erik Dahlman who kickstarted the awesome Cthulhu playing cards?

    44. Mike H
      on March 2, 2013

      could you put the setting pics up in 1920x1280? Please or all of them? I love using this stuff as desktop backgrounds on rotation!

    45. Conor Sexton on March 2, 2013

      sdfklsldfkghdsfg so cool. Can't wait for the video! Any chance we could get the tenements concept in desktop background resolution?

    46. Keith Mutch on March 1, 2013

      Awesome!! Looking so good, really can't wait. The reveal of in game screenshots along with the video walkthrough is going to be a great thing to look forward to. I'll be counting down the days for sure :D

      Loving the artwork, but i have a question towards the Elf Samurai's mask. Is the mask an item that can be bought, then equipped on and off the characters we play as? Would be cool if it is, makes me think of the gameplay conditions it can provide such as - enhanced vision, protection from harmful gasses in the environment as well as looking badass, haha.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah on March 1, 2013

      The troll still looks incredibly silly but everything else looks good.

    48. J.R. Riedel on March 1, 2013

      Definitely looking good. The scaling is still off for the larger races but I don't really care about that.
      I can't wait for it to release!

    49. Hideo Kuze on March 1, 2013

      I'm only referring to the troll character.
      The other 2 are looking great.