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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

May Day! (Not mayday.)

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

It’s May! It’s May!

And it’s also the official kickoff of Shadowrun Returns.

While the majority of the team bug-fixes, tunes, and polishes our new game, Strikefleet Omega, a core group has broken off to lay some of the groundwork for Shadowrun.  It may not be exciting stuff from a player point-of-view but the team is really pumped that we are investing time now to maximize productivity later.

Speaking of pumped, we have to send a special thanks to everyone who hung out with us as we counted down the minutes until our Kickstarter close! It was definitely an exciting night for us. Feeling like we were sharing that moment with you was one of our favorite moments in game development. Together, we brought to its knees! Another achievement unlocked!

A lot of people are asking us if we feel a lot of pressure to make a game with such high expectations. Of course we do! But that pressure is mitigated by your support.

Most of the time, when you start a game, you’re making an enormous guess. You create a concept doc, convince a publisher (and your team) that it’s the right thing to invest in and then spend months or years waiting to see if you’re right. It requires a giant act of faith for many.

This game is different (and strange and awesome) because we know you want it and that you’re as excited as we are.  You’ve told us clearly (and often poetically) in mail, on the boards, and with your generous funding. It’s a fantastic feeling to know at the beginning of a project that you’re about to work very, very hard to make something people really, really want.

Thank you for that. It’s cool to be a part of it.

Okay, let’s talk business!

The Backer’s Survey to determine which city becomes our second location should go out sometime next week. We’ve been listening and a few cities are rising to the top but you still have time to discuss your favorites and why. Don’t worry about lobbying us—talk amongst yourselves! Your (thoughtful, respectful) debates are the best way for us to learn from you.

We’re also figuring out the best way to collect and manage all of your contact information, DocWagon card names and photos, shirt sizes, etc. You should see  that in the coming weeks. 

That’s it for this update. We’ll talk to you next week when we release the survey. Until then, look for us in the Shadowrun Returns forums on (yes, it’s much better now and will continue to improve with time).

Going forward, we’ll continue to update you whenever we have something useful to say—we don’t want to spam you with updates and we don’t have bandwidth to write these three times a week. We need to stay focused on making the game! But we promise to keep in touch regularly. It’s good for everyone.

Take care and thanks again,




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    1. RC on

      Hoi Chummers! Today is the last day the E-mail for the 2nd city Poll/Survey should be going out! Be patient today, check your spam folders, and remember it's coming from NOT Kickstarter! It will have a "surveymonkey" link in it - which is the service HBS is using to conduct the poll! If you do not have your E-mail by the end of the day today, look TOMORROW (Monday morning May 14th in the USA) for a stickied topic in the GAME sub-forum, under Shadowrun Returns, on the Shadowrun Universe forums at - or check the comments here on Kickstarter. Because comments scroll off the page, it'll be easier for you to check the sticky in the forums. A sticky is a post that "sticks" to the top of the message thread list, so everyone can see it clearly. ^_^ And chummers, I can't wait to see the poll results after everyone has voted! Knowing Shadowrun Returns is being developed, getting a chance to contribute ideas, and know they're being heard by the developers themselves, and engaging with a totally wiz Shadowrun community, has me so excited to see SR:R next year, it's like a cranial bomb of AWESOME exploded in my brain!! ^_^

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Westberg on

      Kind of sad that we only got one vote on the 2nd city, because while my first preference is going to be Berlin (both as a nod to the huge fanbase in Germany, you guys deserve some lovin too! and because it's *different* than Seattle), my second choice would be probably Chicago.

    3. Frederick Eccher on

      I would like to suggest Saint Louis. Saint Louis has every element you could hope for. Downtown you see the Historic Arch, Busch Stadium, the Brewery. We have nice uptown districts for the wealthy jobs, we have sidestreets for the down and dirty. We have limestone caves meant to be nuculear fallout shelters. Yes we have nuculear fallout shelters. Woods, hunting, sprawl, nightclubs, Shadows of the old next to the newest conglomerations. INBEV swallowed the AB brandname a few years ago so we have a global power reaching out for the local american markets and as always thats where the money is made in the shadows...

    4. Donny on

      London isn't used as a video game city? Streets of London, werewolves of london, civilization, tomb raider 3, GTA, Sim City, Pro Skater, Gangs of london, hellgate: london, command and conquer, call of duty.

    5. Johannes Musikant on

      Berlin would just be great (!!!), pweeeease add it to your survey :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Graham Schofield on

      I would like to suggest London, simply as it is rarely used as a video game city. Lots of opportunity for London style gangsterism ( all very harsh and nasty), along with lots of old and very famous landmarks. Big Ben ? Now a permanently manned sniper / guard tower for one faction. Tower bridge ? Now the secret Hq of another faction. Just a thought. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Tanner DeLawyer on

      Seattle is already included. It's the default location. We're voting for the other location.

    8. Socrates on

      Still think Seattle should be included just because you guys are based in the greater Seattle area myself...

    9. Duane Sweigart on

      Miami might be a good choice. lets you do stuff with both the cas and the caribbean league.

    10. Chris Frueh on

      It may have been overdone but I'd like a city that is on the forefront of the emerging techno-economy. If you were writing for today, your choices would be something like Shanghai/HongKong. However, since you're writing for a couple decades in the future, plan for how the world will change from now till then. I'd pick something in coastal/central Africa or central Asia. Just my opinion.

    11. Joshua Fennema on

      @Jordan Tabb - What sourcebook contains information on Metropole?

    12. Jeff Hitchcock on

      Chicago. Bug City or bust.

    13. Matt Kerr on

      Definitely would like it to be a city that is very different in feel from Seattle. It should have a unique art style, different inhabitants, and maybe things that shake up game-play in some way (opportunities for character advancement, recruitment, etc).

    14. Aaron on

      Why not Salt Lake City. If there is anything weirder then Cyberpunk elves, it's cyberpunk Mormons.

    15. Missing avatar

      tony peterson on

      lets do some thing new,
      Houston currently home to the thirteenth-busiest port in the world, has a 22 FORTUNE 500 companies HQs, the 2nd largest home in the U.S.
      in time line Aztlan invades Texas, capturing the cities of Austin and San Antonio
      imagine the potential, the greens are facing off against oil co.s, the blood mages of aztlan commiting terrorist attacks to weaken the city for possable take over who doesn't want a port that size, so chaos abounds and the companies see the crisis as an oppertunnity not to be passed over to take from rivals, and climb up the corporate rankings and get to that AA status.
      In the chaos of Houston, anarchy means opportunity,
      opportunity, in game for runs galore and in the real world a place untouched by the game before,before a place solely for this game.
      lastly, no dragons to make deals with.

    16. Benjamin Wenham on

      Gotta be london. Dealing with the green party, and their reign of terror.

    17. Jordan Tabb on

      My two suggestions:
      Chiba, Japan - the best cyberware, the bleeding edge of future tech, this city would be a beautiful neon dream. If you want big city lights, duels with street samurai, and missions for and against the most powerful corporations in the world, Chiba is the place to go.
      Metropole (aka Rio Paulo, Amazonas) is the biggest sprawl in the entire world, stretching all the way from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. A down and dirty megaplex surrounded by the regrown, Awakened Amazon forest. Shadowrunners might smuggle magical artifacts, hunt Awakened creatures, and even catch some sun and surf in this "anything goes" destination.

    18. RC on

      Hoi chummers! For those just catching up to us now, join the rest of the community in the Shadowrun Universe @ Where the Shadowrun Returns forums are! Also, the guys at Cliffhanger Productions that are building Shadowrun Online, and everyone best buds at Catalyst Game Labs who bring us all our printed PnP game books and Novels, have joined Jordan Weisman (original creator of Shadowrun!) and his company HareBrained Schemes, in creating the new Shadowrun Universe.
      If you're a chummer havin trouble with your account at the Shadowrun Universe - then you have a few of options...
      A) post here, and let us know what your handle on the forum is when you signed up!
      B) register with a new account on the forum and leave a message here: and the admins will get your preferred account situated properly!
      C) Drop the guys at Cliffhanger Productions an E-mail - they're the AWESOME chummers workin hard for us on da forums.
      D) You can drop me a line and I'll follow up for ya - I'm a newly minted mod on the forums, so please bear with me chummers! -

      Seeya in 'da shadows!


    19. Andy LeClair on

      Really, I could care less what the second city is, as long as we get the Renraku arcology.

    20. Andy LeClair on

      My two cents: Chicago, bug city

    21. Sofa_Tr0n on

      I think Neo Tokyo would be a beautiful environment for SR!

    22. SMasterson on

      Can't wait. :)

    23. James M Lee on

      Just Kidding. I can't wait guys!

    24. Matt on

      @Peter: Seattle is in the game; the vote will be for the second location.

    25. Socrates on

      Still thinking Seattle sounds great as a player city.

    26. Joshua Fennema on

      LOL - Paranormal Animals of North America, page 23:

      (second comment about the Bandersnatch)

      >>>>>[You into old movies? Pre-Simsense, I'm talking. Check out an old classic, Predator, with Arnold Scwarzenegger before he went into politics. That's what this bleeder looks like, pretty close]<<<<<

      This was printed in 1990 - 13 years before Arnie went into politics...

    27. Joshua Fennema on


      I was just looking through my Street Samurai Catalog and discovered a comment from a supposed street sam named 'Zapper Weisman'.

      Is that you, Jordan?

    28. Joshua Fennema on

      @H Depending on when the game is set (before or after August 2055, if before then how MUCH before) it wouldn't be a bug hunt at all. There is a huge Ghoul population there, and we could be doing runs for or against the Brotherhood before anyone knew what was really going on with them.

    29. Missing avatar

      H on

      I think that Tir is probably the best choice as far as game play goes. Chicago seems like it'd just be a straight up bug-hunt, which would be better as a FPS. DeeCee would be fun, what with the politics, but Denver seems to be the best choice for that.

    30. Matt Ragan on

      Anywhere in Germany (Berlin especially).

      I hate to use the term "deserve" in reference to any kind of game (for fear of accusations of 'entitlement complex'), but really if anywhere deserves language localization and a nod to shared history with the game setting... Germany is it.

      So, speaking as an American from Dallas, TX... pardon the reference... Deutschland, Deutschland über alles .

      My 2 cents.

    31. Joshua Fennema on

      @Kyle Robichaud according to the existing Shadowrun timeline, an earthquake wrecked NYC so bad that the East Coast Stock Exchange was moved to Boston.

    32. Carl Campbell on

      You are welcome. I will leave you with this piece of advice. Don't frag this up. You got almost 2 million of our money. You give us dikatana2 and we will not be pleased.

    33. Drakodar on

      Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex should be the choice for 2nd city

      even today that area would be suitable for Shadowruns ;)

    34. Kyle Robichaud on

      New York would be sweet, a really grimy city on the east coast. It's where Wall Street is, and a lot of really powerful people are in New York.

    35. Johannes Horak on

      So my priority for a second "city" is:
      1. nothing in Noth America except more of Seattle and the surrounding Area so that some cool sneak over the border stories are possible
      2. whatever Jordan thinks would fit best
      3. Panama City or Havana or something where temperature is hot, crime is high and where you get cigars and rum - to sum it up: a nice place to hide

    36. apocraphyn on

      @William Hochella: Incredibly lazy of me, but I've got to dash:: :) And it encompasses a couple other cities in the region, yeah. It's the biggest 'industrial metropolis' in Germany, so I reckon it fits the bill rather well.

    37. Ben Whitehead on

      I mulled it over a while and I think Id vote for Zurich or Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland itself I think lends itself well to shadowrun being a haven for banks and corporations, and being strongly neutral on the world stage.
      (Id be happy with Berlin however which seems the current popular choice)

    38. Brian Widman on

      I second the suggestion of a German city!

    39. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      @Apocraphyn: Does Greater Frankfurt encompass any other modern cities in 2050? Is it more 'active' than Berlin? I don't really know much about Europe in the Shadowrun setting, but I do think the Second City should be _somewhere_ in Germany given the size and persistence of the German SR community.

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    41. apocraphyn on

      The Greater Frankfurt Megaplex sounds good to me (as it does to many others, apparently!!)

    42. Joshua Fennema on

      If Asia, then Tokyo. Why bother with an Asian city, given how common any of them are in entertainment media, unless you're going to include Chiba?

    43. Story Luck on

      We have to vote for Chicago, early and often.

    44. Olivier Giguère-Durand on

      Montréal would also be nice. Just throwing that name in the mix :)

    45. Insaney on

      Oh my gosh! This is such an awesome early birthday present to me! I love the Shadow Run series and I'm happy to see it's return again! lol, and I can't believe I almost missed out on this Kickstarter, though thankfully I found a link for it through the Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter! XD

    46. Ralf Rudolph on

      "The Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex" of course

    47. TMPlar on

      Tenochtitlan chummers

    48. John Lucian Vanek on

      @Geof Aberhart
      Taipei lol...
      u actually reminds me of CIH(chernobyl) virus which was created by a taiwanese..
      nice place for hackers, no?