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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.


You did it! $1.5 million dollars! Phenomenal!!!

And do we have one little stretch goal left? You bet! And it was your idea.

In this video, Jordan tells you what it is.

You know what to do: Go make some noise. 

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  • Share the images we’ve posted
  • Tweet and retweet on Twitter #shadowrunreturns
  • Make an impassioned YouTube video
  • Uh. . . build a Pinterest board
  • Post some fanart
  • Do one of those goofy flashmob things
  • Call Wil Weaton
  • Call Felicia Day
  • Call the President
  • Whatever

But PUSH. Be creative. BE FAST.

You rule.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      WTF i just checked my bank account... i wanted to donate about 80$ but Kickstarter took only 50$.... is there a way to correct this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Nelson on

      If your going to call Wil Weaton.... Should you Call Dr. Sheldon Cooper too??? LoL

    3. Dana Wang on

      How about we turn it around...


    4. Wayne F Newton on

      Must admit I would love a signed poster of the orignal cover with Saly ghost et all, or of Dunkelzahn and lofwyr Eating a pair of kittens over a BBQ...

    5. Euan Walker on

      Dragon eating a kitten.. OK, time to up the pledge level.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Amonette on

      Hmmm, Dragon eating a kitten would really rock!

    7. Missing avatar

      clemulusrex on

      The prospect of getting PhysAds brings up one of my biggest gripes about CRPGs--Athletics skills. Sure, real-time FPS/RPGs have had the ability to jump and swim, but in too many turn-based games (which I tend to prefer, being a PnP player) the characters' feet seemed rooted to the ground. And it's been a while since I've seen a character CLIMB anything that wasn't a ladder.

      Granted, I understand that programming climbing difficulties into every last surface on the combat grid would probably be a NIGHTMARE, but wouldn't it be awesome if we got a robust, tactical system like Silent Storm where you were also able to vault a chain-link fence, shimmy up a drainpipe, and then leap rooftop to rooftop with your hydraulic jack cyberlegs/physad powers/levitate spell?

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin B. Stevenson on

      As for the video, I TOTALLY want a Dragon eating a kitten.... future Easter Egg?*hint hint* :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin B. Stevenson on

      @Denni - Lucky bro. Wish my girl was a PnP fan..she just doesn't get it...wahn-wahn-waaaahn. :( But I am with you at the $175!! :D SHADOWRUN RETURNS!! Oh and, man with the PayPal donations I HOPE we can hit that $1.75mil mark...32hours to go, and ~$1.66 on site. :D *cheese eating grin*

    10. Missing avatar

      absamide on

      As of this posting, we are just under 1.65 MIL. Do we have an updated PayPal backing number to have an idea just how close we are as we get down into the last 24 hours?

    11. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      I am really lucky, I was on the $125 pledge my girlfriend saw the t-shirts and she paid the extra needed to meet the $175 pledge. I knew getting her into shadowrun would come in handy.

    12. Missing avatar

      kud13 on

      hrrm. I must admit, the presentation of Physical Adepts as "magical ninjas" isn't the strongest thing, for those unfamiliar with the PnP game.
      I'd love up my pledge, but unfortunately I stopped working my seasonal job April 1st to focus on exams, and now i'm done school and have no job for the summer yet.
      May still throw in extra money, though I don't want any physical swag.

    13. Missing avatar

      Poppy on

      I have to say, Dash Magnum = Best name ever! I approve:D

    14. Missing avatar

      Jordan Hampton on

      Took me a second to realize what a physical adept was. Then it clicked that I've only called them PhysAds since I first read about them in the book. Man we used to abuse the rules and mix-max the crud outta them. PhysAd faces were hilarious. We had a guy, Dash Magnum, who could dazzle whole groups mid-combat!

    15. Ed Mayhall on

      We may need a primer on Physical Adepts next to the SR Primer. I have a foul taste in my mouth when people want to play them because of some crazy stuff that happened many moons ago in one of my games. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Bunnehwyld on

      The only reason I'm not increasing my pledge is I don't have the cash - spent it already. I want those physads, though - and I'd love to be able to get a USB key somehow! Any hope of a payment plan, Harebrained? >.>

    17. Missing avatar

      Shire on

      I did the $125 pledge. Now the grand question: buy Photoshop and make a character, or just give them a picture of myself for that Doc Wagon card?

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Viverito on

      Well about 1/2 way there in a little over a day and 41 hours to go they just might make it.

    19. Jennifer Moore on

      increased my pledge for physads too heh

    20. Raevyn Fletcher on

      Threw in $65 more on top of my original pledge. Cant wait to see this. Hope that there will be playable races besides human.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ryan Smith on

      If all of the backers threw in an extra 5 dollars we would be at the goal for Physical Adepts. What else will you get for that 5 dollars? A foot long sandwich? Sure, they are delicious, but that'll last you at most 10 minutes while you're eating it, and then you'll be hungry again 5 to 7 hours later. If you contribute another 5 dollars to this you will get countless hours of fun by getting to be an Adept.

      So, make the right choice. Skip a sandwich, be an Adept. In fact, I will throw in my extra 5 bucks right now.

    22. Noe Ridgway on

      Speaking of DLC, what kind of stuff are you guys considering for DLC in the future, and is there any chance of a reward level granting lifetime access to it (it might help your sales a bit ;) )

    23. Sven T Sexgore on

      I love me some Phys-Ads - here's hoping the goal is met or, if not, you consider offering them as DLC once the game is complete and out.

    24. Cynical Felidae on

      @Nick Turner,
      I think you hit the nail on the head. I theorize that once the editor goes live, missions will rather follow the trend of nearly any mods fans make of a game.

      IE: Some stuff will be ultra hard, Tomb of Horrors style crawls where your team will die, always.

      Or, the reverse, where its a cakewalk with lobotomized enemies and super powerful loot.

      The good stuff, balanced and fun, will sadly be the smallest available amount.

      I hope there's something set up akin to Little big Planets mission editor, where the community can flag very well done Runs, a top 100 if you will. To sort the wheat from the chaff.

    25. Syd on

      Pledges increase rate seems to have dropped below snail-speed. I'm no wizard but I can predict we won't go far past the 1.6M mark.

      Don't know for you guys, but Physical Adepts didn't help me promoting the project.

    26. Missing avatar

      No on

      Just pledged 15 dollars. I would have pledged more if I didn't give so damn much to Wasteland 2, haha. Long live classical PC RPGS! :)

    27. Paul Howie on

      Physical adepts would be awesome, but not at the expense of dragons eating kittens. It's a shame we have to choose, but I think we all understand the massive drain on your budget to properly animate the feline-crunching action of an oversized reptilian jaw.

    28. Wayne F Newton on

      Must admit I could listen to the Honcho Weisman talking about shadowrun all day think he needs an interactive page with backers so we can harrass him 24/7 and anyway pass me another kitten this one is over done ala dragon breath.

    29. ShinKagato on

      I love these videos, long may they continue during the game development. Really cant wait to see what this game turns out like, i never finished the SNES or Megadrive games so before the game releases next year i will track them down and play them through.

    30. Laurent Maire on

      @Michael Pointer I'm certain, due to their commitment to a single-player game, that Story is at the top of their list of priorities. They are looking to revive the franchise so story and atmosphere are paramount!

      To HBS pretty much given that I'll bump up to $175 tier now ($190 for me, yikes!). Thanks for offering us this amazing opportunity. PS A dragon with a guilty penchant for kittens ala "Clem" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be an awsome nod to your kickstater backers! Go on, you know what you have to do. GO! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      malifer on

      Love that you guys got the musicians from the old games. This is awesome.

    32. Laurent Maire on

      @Øystein Jakobsen and others. $250K doesn't necessarily equal the cost to make Physical Adepts. HBS intends to keep putting as much money as they can into Content, Balance and Systems and Content for the game they pitched. Basically though, Jordan is saying if they DO manage to make that incredible jump in funds then they will devote the extra resources and planning into increasing the tactical scope. Programming, integrating and balancing Physads. No one needs to worry about the integrity of the rest of the game :)

    33. Visa | Tormented Dreamgoat of Eternity on

      Well I increased my pledge by another $65 for the physical adepts, but if you want all my money (well, all that my credit card limit will allow anyway) I'll need a bigger excuse than that. And even though that Platinum Doc Wagon card is a pretty good excuse, I'd still like something more to spend $500 + shipping for a game. My imaginary girlfriend would never excuse me for that.

    34. WitFondle on

      I really like the shirt in the center, with the Shadowrun Backer logo on a black shirt, but I don't really want the Harebrained Schemes logo on the back. I don't really like anything on the back of a shirt. I would definitely increase the amount of my pledge if I could order that tee without the Harebrained logo. Is this possible? I saw others saying the same thing. Let us know ASAP, so I have time to increase my pledge if this can be done!

    35. Missing avatar

      Mbourgon on

      We played the video, and my wife said _instantly: "no, you may not pledge Even More for them, even if they would be awesome." Man..... :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      Magical Ninjas..... Yeahhhhh! :o) I have played my fair share of phys adepts in my time. I have also used them against my players when i have run games, they are very useful to use tailing errant groups of shadowrunners going through airport security.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      The dragon eating a kitten thing can still happen! If a run involves dealing with a dragon, have it mention that it just ate a kitten in order to piss off the players!

      That said, PhysAds! Huzzah!

    38. Noe Ridgway on

      If only we had FastJack to co-ordinate our efforts to raise funds... anyone know a good decker or two?

    39. Elvis on

      I really would love to see physical Adepts in the game, because my main Shadowrun PnP Character was one .. i played him for over 5 years before the group split up 6 years ago and i still miss him =) So lets push this to 1.75 million :D

    40. Raj on

      If possible, could you guys please add a 2 SHIRT option to $125 or a new tier at $140 or $150. I LOVE two shirts but have no interest in one of them. Thanks for your consideration!

    41. Missing avatar

      lunitin on

      As cool as Physical Adepts are I would prefer more content in the form of Bioware augmentations! Hopefully we will get them in a DLC.

    42. Nick Turner on

      I'd really like to see the Adept option, but I think 1.75M will be difficult to get. I would have set the stretch goal at 1.6M, 400% of the original goal. I hope no matter what level they reach they manage to get the Adept in there. At the very least they should think about patching it in if their sales revenues are high enough.
      Someone else posted about function > content as a goal since content will come from the community with the editor. My problem with that is that I don't want to have to sift through thousands of crap community missions to find the ones worth playing. I think missions created by professionals being paid to create them are more likely to be worthwhile. More functionality is definitely not a bad thing, however. I'd rather see more functionality than throw-away filler missions if they have extra resources and can't think up an adequate plot.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on

      I think that content is important but overall I agree that we need to focus on the infrastructure first to get the basics down and let the community develop stories. At that point the team can release modules that further the cannon story. If the classes and races are fleshed out and the mechanics are in place everything else will fall into place. That being said, we definitely need a story that takes a long time to complete and gives multiple paths to get to the end with different outcomes.

    44. Missing avatar

      Øystein Jakobsen on

      Im thrilled they reached the 1.5m mark, but really disappointed in their plan for spending the extra cash.

      If you look at the plan outlined in Update#3 *all* extra funds after a million is planned as extra content and stories. This I believe is unnecessary, and given a good level editor the stories and content will come by itself.

      I'd much rather they focused on the level editor and character creation options beyond stereotypes, and let us recreate the characters from yorn. The D&D universe did this successfully, and should be possible in a Shadowrun setting as well. Im not saying its easy - particularly with balancing 1000 different combinations of equipment, implants, magic and skills - but possible and could be what the game needs to gain true staying power.

      I vote the extra funds go to added functionality, not content. You guys agree?

    45. Missing avatar

      magikot on

      Looks like Wil Wheaton has now tweeted about this kickstarter. No word from Felicia Day yet.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      Not quite, an Adept is basically a wizard who's magic field only extends throughout their body, allowing them to increase their stats/skills magically, either semi-permanently in slight to moderate amounts or temporarily in huge power spikes, which tend to leave them a little drained afterward, and fetishes/foci don't tend to work for them if I remember correctly. There aren't any limiting factors like essence points as is the case with cybernetics, so assuming they don't cap Magic at 10, an Adept could hypothetically increase the number and strength of his powers indefinitely, same as any other Wizard. Again assuming if the game is more ShadowRun RPG rather than an updated verion of the NES/Genisis titles.

    47. Missing avatar

      DX_Blaster on

      Just found out about "Shadowrun 2050", well that's definitely sounds interesting to me.
      Old Style SW with new/hopefully better rules set (I don't know anything about the Twentieth Anniversary Edition, hope it's still a D6 system, there are too much D20 systems already out there :D) Would be great to see the CRPG takes place this setting (it's as close to the orginal 1st to 3rd editions as it can get -> and I hope there is no WiIF Matrix :p ).

    48. Missing avatar

      Tod Weitzel on

      Also I tweeted @wilw and @feliciaday on the first day of the campaign saying that they needed to go after the $10,000 level and make a video series out of a tabletop shadowrun campaign.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tod Weitzel on

      Physad was the first shadowrun character I ever played (back in second edition)!

      Physads in a few words and terminology that has been forgotten: You're a mage, but you don't cast spells. Instead, your magic ability is used to beef up your physical strength and agility. You can also use focus weapons which are regular weapons, but "attuned" to you so they hit harder on the physical plane AND do damage on the magical plane.

    50. k1DBLITZ on

      Actually, thanks for pointing out Pinterest as an avenue for creating awareness. I pin stuff every now and then, but never even thought to use it to spread the word about Shadowrun. I've have gotten some positive feedback which will hopefully mean more backers.