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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

The Music of the Night

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

There are only 4 days left in our Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter! 4 days!!!

The outpouring of support for this project has been phenomenal and we deeply appreciate all of your comments, suggestions, stories and encouragement.

One of the recurring themes in the stories we hear is how the music of the Sega and SNES Shadowrun games stays with you after all this time. Whenever we read your comments and whenever the team talks about it, the conversation always comes back to, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get the guys who wrote the original music?”

So we did.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Marshall Parker, who wrote the music for the Super Nintendo game and Sam Powell, who wrote the music for the Sega Genesis game, have agreed to COLLABORATE on the music for Shadowrun Returns.

Not only are we excited to have these two talented people working on the project, (we still can’t believe we got them!) we’re impressed by the spirit of cooperation they both expressed. Marshall and Sam really understand what we’re trying to do here and it was a pleasure to hear how happy they would be to work together to bring you the Shadowrun music your generous support deserves.

Speaking of what your support deserves, let’s talk about Rewards!

  • Check out the tasty DocWagon card concept art we added today!
  • We're sweetening the deal for our $30 Reward Level backers! In addition to everything they already get, they’ll also get the IN-GAME DocWagon benefit too!
  • A Reminder: Every backer at the $50 level and above gets their own copy of the SOUNDTRACK! 
  • Reading through the comments about the Backer T-shirts, we see lots of fans for all three designs, so we’ve decided NOT to survey backers about which shirt back you want most. INSTEAD, backers at the $60.00 level and above get to choose which shirt they want!

But what if you still can’t decide? What if you want ALL 3 SHIRTS???

Then our NEW $175 Reward Level is for you! At $175, you get all previous rewards (excluding the All-Digital Bundle) + all 3 Shadowrun Returns Backer T-Shirts.

Did we mention that there are only 4 days left?!

That’s 4 days for you to help the Cause by spreading the word. There are still Shadowrun fans out there who don’t know about our Kickstarter. There are still gamers out there who would LOVE Shadowrun if only they knew about it! There are still people out there that don’t know we changed our $7,500 Reward Level to include a game of tabletop Shadowrun in our studio with Jordan and Mike Mulvihill!!!

This is a call to action, Chummer. Spread the word. Every dollar YOU bring in goes into making a better, richer, and deeper Shadowrun experience.

  • Share the link to our Kickstarter page via Facebook, Google +, Twitter, secret courier. . . Pinterest, whatever.
  • Share the link to the Shadowrun Primer and bring new people into the fold.
  • Use the “Shadowrun Kickstarter Backer” images on your blog, use them as your Facebook cover image, and share them on the internets. (You can find more images here.)
  • Tweet and RT your love. Use #shadowrunreturns so everyone can participate.
  • Use peer pressure (for the right reasons this time) to get your friends involved.

What’s in it for you? You’ll make Shadowrun Return.

Go, go, go!

And thanks,





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    1. Thomas King on

      Are we at the point where we can submit photos for our DocWagon cards?

    2. Wayne F Newton on

      Must admit I would love a signed poster of the orignal cover with Saly ghost et all.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on


      Being in the IT field, I loved playing a Decker for the depth of control and information with my programs and the detailed environment of the Matrix and cracking a datastore. Please make the Decking part of the game extremely in-depth and engaging and not just a mini-game. Being able to take over security cameras and interacting with security systems of say the Arcology is very appealing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on

      One more thing,

      I think a very cool option for backers is to get an original print of the 1st Gen book cover art signed by the team. I still think that the art on the book set the tone of the game and best represents what the game offers. Something like this would look great on my wall next to all of my friend Kevin Long's art.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on

      So, at the rate this is going and the generous amounts being given, I recommend seeing if we can get more backing for a multi-player option. I am not expecting anything on the scale of cloud based but the whole hook for me since 89 was the interaction between other people. Without that interaction the game suffers. I work for Microsoft and we pitched a SR MMO to the Gaming Division and during our research we found that multi-player options was one of the most requested feature. Please consider this before capping funding for new options.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jens on

      Just calculated: if every-one raises their pledge by 8 $ we'll have already enough to crack the level for the next reward.
      I upped mine from 60 to 125.

    7. Cynical Felidae on

      That concept image looks like a transparent platinum card. I can't think it'd be too hard to make the gold one transparent as well. I just hope the cards are ... substantial. Thick like a credit card perhaps. I wonder what the scan image on the front would do though. What will it show when scanned by a smart phone or the like? Seeecrets.... I love it.

    8. REkz kaRZ on

      A couple suggestions:
      a) make the DocWagon card see-thru (altho looks like it will be silver or gold, oh well)
      b) but the stylish S on the 'S' in ShadowRun rather than the 'o'.
      c) include 'initiation' for the mages/shamans
      d) figure out some way to do multiplayer, even if it's just limited *OR* just for player mods ?
      e) is there any way to do, as we have done in player games, an "all hacker" or "all mage/shaman" team? This allowed us to really go deep into a specific class -- suppose it'd be cool to do all riggers/drones as well...?
      f) fraggit, I don't have an 'f'


    9. Alexander Keith on

      I get to pick my shirt? You're awesome, I love you

    10. Nathan Davis on

      @Laurent Maire, thank you for pointing out the comments, I hadn't read those, hilarious.

    11. Missing avatar

      Skyler Edwards on

      LOL the T's are great and I love the Doc wagon card

    12. Raj on

      ^_^ Please add a 2 SHIRT option @ $125, or $140-$150.

    13. Dan Pritchett


    14. Joel Segerbäck on

      I really hope there'll be some classic FM synthesizer sounds in the new soundtrack, a la the Genesis' Yamaha sound chip.

    15. Missing avatar

      mvi on

      We need stretch goals for the last run!

    16. Will Oprisko on

      I agree, the incentive of the $50 tier has been decreased since those who pledge at $30 will no receive the DocWagon benefit. I think HBS should consider providing 2 DRM free copies at the $50 tier to create a greater incentive for backers to increase their pledge from $30 to $50.

    17. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Thanks for giving the DocWagon to the $30 folks. I'm not one for music without lyrics, though, so the Soundtrack isn't my cup of tea. (Congratulations on getting names fans of the older games know. :) )

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeremy D. Smith on

      I agree with Mbourgon about putting extra money that would go into the cards into the editor instead. Especially if it means we can import art assets such as character portraits - I can only imagine what kind of characters people would create for their shadowruns!

    19. David on

      By adding the DOC Wagon to the $30 tier, that means the only advantage to opting for the $50 digital tier is getting a soundtrack. Few soundtracks are worth $20 IMHO, so it seems only sensible that a number of $50 backers will reduce their pledges down to $30. Hope you get enough new pledges with the change to compensate for that...

    20. Missing avatar

      Mbourgon on

      Guys, honestly, just use the basic DocWagon card that Jordan showed in one of the early videos. I'd rather the extra money go towards the editor. It doesn't need my pic, doesn't need fancy barcodes, etc. Plus, I'd feel guilty if I gave someone carpal tunnel because they had to clip out head shots all day for the cards. : )

    21. Matt on

      @ßöbby So you'll pick the shirt you want them to send, and vote for the second city (that poll is still on as far as we know).

    22. Matt on

      @ßöbby You'll give them you choice then, along with your address I expect.

    23. Matt on

      @ßöbby There'll be a backers poll sometime after the end of the Kickstarter -- it's built into the system and can't happen ahead of time.

    24. Erik Kjellquist on

      My brain feels burnt...

    25. ßöbby Frühmann on

      where do i go to select the shirt i want? i'm glad it's not put to a vote.

    26. Carl Albright on

      You know what you guys have to do now right? Genesis Schattenlauf remix!! :) I also really liked the SNES music

    27. Missing avatar

      TheBlade on

      I just went back to play the Genesis version again yesterday. Yes the music is pretty cool there. I can still hear the music today.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on

      Amazing! I was really excited to hear this. I love what the SNES music did for that game, and I still go back and listen to it (not to mention I still go back to play the game). Haven't played the Genesis version a lot, but from what I've seen the music is pretty cool there, too. This is going to be great, for sure!

    29. Michael Mathey on

      * I stand up and applaud the addition of 2 musical guru's to the Shadowrun Returns project and yet again the addition of more -stuff- * :P Love all you guys working to realise this!

    30. Chris Vigil on

      AWESOME! My jaw dropped when I read you got Marshall Parker and Sam Powell to do the music!

    31. Dan Masters on

      @Daniel Amos, word to that, but since they're personalizing them, $10 might be more reasonable. I would love to throw down $60 for this project if only to get the Doc Wagon card, but my budget hard caps at $40. :(

    32. Roman Grazhdan on

      Hey, that's great news, I mean the soundtrack!

    33. Missing avatar

      James W M Evans on

      I would also like to have the option to take a mix of sizes (and genders) in the 3 shirts at the $175 level (my girlfriend loves the grey design)

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ferguson on

      "Real shadowrunners" cheat, steal, hack, double-deal and connive. They pay when they absolutely, positively have to. Or when it's a friend.

    35. Missing avatar

      SmashManiac on

      I don't want the free DocWagon subscription that was added to the $30 level! I don't mind using in-game money for DocWagon, but I do mind being forced to have a free subscription cheat simply because I'm a backer. I seriously hope this will be an optional feature for backers.

      Real shadowrunners use Nuyens.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ogre Jehosephatt on

      Ooo! Can I make a Decker with a full-sized mechanical keyboard slung over his shoulder, too?

    37. Ross Levine

      So did the extra money for the improved music then go to getting these guys? Or would they have signed on anyway? Or did you have a less ideal music plan before you met your previous stretch goals that didn't involve them?

    38. William Graft on

      Woot the shirts come in all sizes thank you!!!

    39. William Graft on

      I would upgrade to the 3 shirt pack if i knew what *SIZE* shirts they were gonna be!

    40. Daniel Evanson

      I would also love a 2 shirt $150 pledge... I am just not interested in one of each... maybe mix and match? 2 of the gray and blue and one of the middle one... hummmm... maybe...?

    41. Edward on

      @Shane Tapp. Thank you for clarifying. Some people were talking about ordering just the physical card.

      I can't wait for this game. 50k in about 24hours. If this is the kind of support we are seeing in the closing stretches I think 1.8 mil is where this will top out.

    42. Kristoss on

      Has anyone else scanned the barcode in the docwagon card above? It's a link to a 1990 promo video that Fasa corp made for the game

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin B. Stevenson on

      Upgraded to the $175 pledge, second upgrade now. REALLY wish I could swing that $250 for a signed edition...but alas gotta pay the bills. On a brighter note: So HYPED for Sam Powell and Marshall Parker getting in on this project!

    44. Yamir Ortiz-Morales on

      As I said two comments above, the card would look like this:

    45. FishMAN on

      I just want to say, as a $30 backer, I really appreciate you guys throwing in the DocWagon. That was the one incentive I longed for most from the $60, which I just can't afford right now. Anyway, you've already got my pledge, but I'll be reminding my friends that the deadline fast approaches in case they haven't been as on top of things.

    46. Yamir Ortiz-Morales on

      How feasible would it be to put your favorite's character portrait in the DocWagon card? I ask because most of the character art that players use belongs to someone else, and I wonder how much of a fair-use would it be to just put a portion (the face) in the card.

    47. Gary G on

      I'd like an option to get just two shirts also, maybe in the tier range of $125 - $150.

    48. Missing avatar

      Shane Tapp on

      no edit feature failure... to clarify, if you read the tiers, the Platinum Doc Wagon card does not get rewarded until the $500 tier. No one below that tier will get it. Though, those after the $500 will.

    49. Missing avatar

      Shane Tapp on

      No Ed, the 175 isn't getting the Platinum, they will get a gold Doc Wagon card.

    50. Drew on

      I've had such a shit day, but the moment I was notified of this update via e-mail it made a 180° turn for the better. THANK YOU HBS for getting the same guys that created the SNES & Genesis Shadowrun soundtracks that we all know and love! I was so happy when I read this. More thanks for allowing us to choose our shirt, for the AWESOME Doc-Wagon card concept design (it's pretty fucking cool guys...don't change a thing!!), and finally....The QR code link. (I posted that tidbit of glory on G+ back in October!) :D Keep up the great work guys! /**URL to a QR code (don't want to spoil the QR link on the DocWagon ID!) that forwards to my post**/