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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

A Little Fireside Chat

Last week we announced that if our funding hit $1.5m, we’ll create a special story, just for backers, that connects the plots in the SNES and Sega Shadowrun games. It’s our way of saying thank you for all your support. Your reaction was immediate, passionate, and inspiring.

It seems like everyone is really excited about the mission (we are too!), but an overwhelming number of you don’t want that the mission to be exclusive for backers. You want everyone who loves Shadowrun to be able to experience it.

That’s awesome.

Your generosity of spirit and your support for people who aren’t (yet, we hope) involved in this Kickstarter really says something important about the Shadowrun Community and we’re proud to be a part of it. But we still want to say “thank you” to everyone supporting the project and putting their faith in us.

So here’s what we’re going to do: If we’re lucky enough to get to $1.5m, we’ll create that story and make it available only to backers but for an exclusive period of time. Then, we’ll open it up so that everyone can see how the dots between Jake and Harlequin are connected.

Everybody plays. Everybody wins. Everybody calls DocWagon.

You people are incredible. As of this writing, we have well over 6,000 posts on our Kickstarter page alone. Add to that the thousands more on Reddit, Dumpshock, Facebook, the comments pages of sites hosting articles about the project, and the gazillion private messages and emails we receive and one thing is clear—people are talking about Shadowrun Returns.

Back when Jordan first created Shadowrun, this sort of community interaction just wasn’t possible. The best way (it felt like the only way) to communicate with fans was in person at game conventions. Not a very efficient method, but a fun one! Happily, the Digital Age is upon us and we feel very lucky to have the ability to read your comments, listen to your debates, and write blog posts like these.

As we look across all the myriad websites and forums, it’s become quite apparent that this community needs a place of its own: a Shadowrun Universe website.

  • One place where fans of every aspect of Shadowrun (remember the collectible card game?) come together to learn, to express themselves, and to have fun.
  • One place where everyone we can share a love of Shadowrun: forums, fiction, art, videos, news . . . everything.
  • One place where we can check in with you.

So, in that spirit of community, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cliffhanger Productions, who are developing Shadowrun Online and with Catalyst Game Labs, the producers of the Shadowrun tabletop game, to make this a reality.

Just to be clear: we are not going to use any of the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter money to fund the Shadowrun Universe website.

Our Kickstarter project is about creating a new Shadowrun game with your generous support. The Shadowrun Universe website is about all of us revitalizing and re-energizing a game setting that we’ve loved for years.  

More on this later when we’ve worked through the details. For now, back to crunching!

Thanks again! You make this worth doing!



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    1. Sean Madrazo on

      Captain Chaos actually might be alive...just saying.

    2. Wayne F Newton on

      with a memorial for the Captain.

    3. Phillip Vogel on

      Was hoping the Website might be Called Shadowland. The in game bulletin board.

    4. MotoErgoSum on

      Any chance in hell we'll get up to 4-player co-op user-created runs? I'd double my backing for that.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kit Power on

      Just pledged - really hope we make $1.5 million, but either way ridiculously excited about this project.

    6. Philippe Jofresa on

      If they don't do at the very least an alternate view of the current map for deckers, I'll be sorely disappointed :-/
      A mini game, a la Netrunner, would be cool too! After all, as others point out, this is supposed to be single player, nobody else at the table is getting bored while the decker does his thing!

      Otherwise, while I'm delighted to see a choice of sizes for Tshirts (us Europeans don't all wear XXLs, you know), and even of design! I'm still irked by the choice of colour for that third design.
      I really love the simple lines and abstract-ish background, but ... turquoise? Really?!
      Amber or green (as in old monitors), but turquoise? o_O
      Please, can you at least put that colour to the vote?

    7. Missing avatar

      Trina C on

      I have to step in and agree about Decking needing to be it's own thing. It makes perfect sense in the modern table-top RPG to get rid of the Matrix as a separate thing. But in these games, that was the fun. This is not something that needs to be brought up to 'current'. Please reconsider this before the time expires and I'll put more into backing the game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim Holt on

      I completely agree with Decking. That was my favorite part of both the SNES game, the Genesis game, AND also in the tabletop game. The intricate nature of the Matrix runs gave a feeling of a game inside of a game and should always be included in any Shadowrun games. I believe in this project and I will back it no matter what, but I would beg that Decking be in the game with the way it should be.

    9. William Graft on

      I agree Decking (and PLEASE quit calling it hackers with a foot note decker, it's DECKERS with a foot note hackers) Was the coolest thing about SR for the Sega. It's what made the game IMHO. As an Avid Decker fan i will be very sad if we dont get to go into the matrix and hack systems and do combat there. Keep in mind this is a single player game and the perfect time for such things. It slows No one else down!

    10. Byron on

      VERY, VERY dissappointed to read an interview that stated:

      Hackers, or 'deckers' to use the lingo, won't dive into the full virtual reality of the Matrix during missions, but will they add their unique technical perspective to the situation

      Which saddens me. The part I loved best in the Sega Genesis was diving into the Martix like that. Hacking into random terminals and battling the ICE, etc. Endless replayability with that.

      Still a backer, but we might as well do away with the decks if we can't use them. :(

    11. Stephen Rose

      @Butangus. Thank you for the "15 run" breakdown - Very vivid explanation :D

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Will Oprisko on

      The DocWagon will be a service everyone can purchase within the game itself. Backers at $50 or more will receive an automatic DocWagon at the beginning of the game (no in-game purchase necessary).

    14. Adam Collins on

      I am confused about the presence of DocWagon in the game in regards to backers. Is it just for backers, or is DocWagon going to be available for all but backers get some sort of free limited number of uses?

    15. Alan Wiggs on

      Something tells me DocWagon will be able to be called in the game regardless of your backing, but backers will get free subscriptions or a certain number of free outcalls, where others will be forking over the nuyen.

    16. Cassandra S on

      "Everybody calls DocWagon."
      Is this a reference to some line in Shadowrun? Or is this saying that everyone's going to get DocWagon, whether they back at that level in the Kickstarter or not?

    17. J on

      you guys should add a $150 or $175 backer level. if you look at the number of people at the $100 and $125 levels, vs the $250 level, i think you've got a bunch of backers who'd step up into that gap if there was even a little bit of incentive.

      i'm already at twice what i'd planned on pledging at first, so i can't talk myself into pledging more for "nothing", but you could squeeze another $25 out of me easy even if all i got was an entry to a drawing for awesome stuff.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric Shepherd on

      I loved the response from the "big" backer. Shadowrun is about the friendships made and grown while playing.

    19. Ricardo T P Lima on

      You have my support and good wishes.

    20. Will Oprisko on

      I love the heart and intent behind what HBS is trying do for us backers. For all practical purposes, I don't think it is going to matter, unless backers receive their copies first or the mission(s) are available at the very beginning of the game. I imagine that completing (or not completing) certain runs will unlock other runs as part of the story telling. So, I wonder much game play time it will take for the player to unlock this special mission.

    21. Aaron J. Peterson on

      Perfect response. I'm heart warmed (by the fire) about the overwhelming sharing sentiment the majority of backers have as well.

    22. Levi on

      @keith, voting with your wallet is the only vote you'll ever get so feel free to exercise it!

      I'm not a huge fan of the timed exclusive stuff(I honestly don't see the point), but its much better than it was before. At least people will all get access to it after a while.

    23. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      "Remember the CCG"? Of course I do, still got it, looking at it right now, still play it on occasion! Can't wait for Shadowrun Returns!

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Davalos on

      Shadowrun was the first tabletop I ever REALLY played. I had dabbled around in others before, but shadowrun was the first one me and my friends REALLY played. Although we struggled a little with the relative complexity of the dice pool system, we had tons of fun.

    26. Matt on

      @Keith If this is eventually free to non-backers what's the big deal? We're just getting it a little bit sooner than they are. I think we need to distinquish between parting out content to nickle and dime fans, versus rewarding backers with a timed exclusive that will eventually be free for everyone to enjoy.

    27. Missing avatar

      Keith Jones on

      Don't do this. One of the reasons I like Kickstarter is that I can not only help bring to market games I'd like to play, but pre-emptively vote with my wallet on game industry 'best practices.' I see DLC and particularly paid exclusives as bad practices because they fragment the audience. I understand you wanting to reward backers, but you can do so without dividing the game between haves and have-nots. I've already pulled a pledge from another game due to a promise of "Day-One DLC" for backers of a certain amount.

    28. Sara Maxine Novak on

      I must admit that I had never heard of Shadowrun before this Kickstarter, but your community is absolutely amazing. I have never seen such dedicated fans! I'm happy to be a backer on this game and hope it ends up being as amazing as you all make the older versions sound. :)

    29. Matt on

      If they add the console mission to the game later at no additional cost via patch, or via the player mission system, is it really a DLC content lock out, or is it just an update that comes a little later for non-backers? I think it's a non-issue at this point, everyone who wants to experience the mission will be able to do so -- backer or no.

    30. Will Oprisko on

      @Mandy I completed agree with you about wanting to see and support games that come DRM free and do not lock out content for certain players. I second this opinion.

    31. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      @ Piotr - from the response, I think it was very clear what people wanted, I wouldn't call that 'nebulous'
      @ Brad - thanks, i did notice that. The other exclusive content doesn't really bother me, I have a problem with story content being locked out though. Not sure why any healthy medium was necessary when no one was asking for the mission in the first place.

      I don't mean to come off as 'whiny' but this sort of thing is why I came to Kickstarter, in the hopes that these games would come free of things like DRM and locked out content, I don't think I'm alone in that and I just want my opinion to be heard.

    32. Missing avatar

      Zack on

      I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

    33. Kenny Chik on

      I think timed exclusive is a good idea, which should satisfy most of the backers including me. ^_^ Great job.

    34. Abner Torres on

      I loved that letter about how all those friends got to play "Together!"

      (hint, hint!)

    35. Antoine Pempie on

      Awesome video ! Loved the letter.

    36. Ravenlight on

      @neoheilos: Personally, I'm in it for the poster. I could take or leave the other bonuses included in the $125 tier.

    37. NH@KS on

      I'm really amused how there are significantly more $125 backers than $100 backers. Tells me one thing: that works. (speaking of the USB dogtag--I doubt people are wanting the poster & soundtrack for that much)

    38. Brad Silvia on

      @Mandy H:

      I don't know if you realized, but if you look at the right side of this page, there are a whole bunch of things that backers will be getting exclusively.

      Having a non-essential in-game digital download mission as a TIMED-exclusive is just a healthy medium for both the backers and the non-backers.

    39. Piotr Pabisiak on

      It's a limited exlusive, don't sweat. Also "what people want" tends to be a quite nebulous area.

    40. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      For everyone still whining about "why don't they make it all available blah blah blah" look over to the right of this post. Fifteen dollars, EXCLUSIVE background, OMG, Thirty dollars, SPECIAL ABILITY HOLY CRAP! Sixty dollars OMG an IN GAME DOC WAGON!
      Why aren't you asking why non backers don't get that stuff?

    41. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      I don't understand why they are so dead set on delivering something that people didn't ask for and don't want. I think it was pretty clear what the fans wanted: no exclusives. This is a halfway compromise so the fans have been halfway listened to. I'm sure many of us can live with this, but it's not what the fans wanted. Does this mean people are going to have to fuss with activation servers? This exclusive issue is just a dark cloud over an otherwise totally awesome project and I wish it would just go away. Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear about the other new developments and hope the project goes far.

    42. Andreas Varotsis on

      This is made of oh so much win.

    43. Indigo on

      You got me again :p just doubled my pledge!

    44. Jakub 'Devean' Radzimiński on

      Yay for making the adventure public!

      And the Shadowrun Universe idea is also grand. I've been longing for a place, where I could discuss all the games (pnp, SR:R, SRO) with the devs' participation. One forum is always better than three forums :).

    45. Nicky Weber on

      I've grown up with Shadowrun, read almost all the novels out there and many many sourcebooks. It's was such a pity that this exciting universe never made it to the digital gaming platforms(except for, well you know).


      Our dream comes true!

    46. Johannes Horak on

      Thanks for deciding to open the story to everyone when we reach the 1.5M !!!

    47. Travis Lee Cheng on

      ALL OF MY YES. But seriously good job on taking comments in stride guys :]

    48. Raymond Croteau on

      Thanks for listening, I was sure you guys were. We're the backers after all, and it didn't sound like too demanding a thing. ;-)

      Now, come on folks, let's get it to US$1.5 Mil!!!

      PS: Much props out to whoever you contacted. That's one of the best reasons I can think of to donate a hell of a lot of money into Shadowrun is a hell of a lot of memories and friends. :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Ben W on

      This is possibly the best game project on the site, for me personally. And mostly because of the things that were mentioned in the video.
      Yeah, I remember the card game. I only had a promo card that came with the only issue of Scrye I think I ever bought (most likely for the card!). No one else wanted to play it anyway, so we stuck to pen and paper.
      So yeah, nostalgia plus this feedback loop, plus the promise of more to come, that is something pretty awesome.