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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Achievement Unlocked: 1,000,000 pts.

Hey everyone! 

We didn’t expect to be posting this so soon! And it's sunny in Seattle! 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to you.

In this video, Jordan talks about what’s next. 



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    1. S.D. on

      Argh... I want Dubai, Tokyo, AND Venice!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrickr96 on

      Dubai, Tokyo or Venice!!!

    3. Brian Miller on

      I'd say New Orleans, and release the game in February for Mardi Gras!! lol

      But if they do this right , future expansions could be new cities........ could make for the game that never ends. I'd really like to see a few cities in other countries.... can't wait to see the list that we have to pick from.

    4. D. W. Lennon on

      Second City = Dubai or bust.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on

      My vote is for Seattle, Tir Na Nog, Bug City, Tir Tairngire and California Free State.

    6. Will Oprisko on

      I love the idea of Neo-Tokyo/Chiba for the second city, but I think Chicago, Denver, and Berlin offer a better thematic storyline for gameplay.

    7. Missing avatar

      Trina C on

      Neo-Tokyo sounds pretty cool.

    8. Andrew Vallejo on


    9. Young_Gangrel on

      I would love adding, DUBAI, AMAZONIA or SYDNEY to the possible list.

    10. Missing avatar

      Leevi Rasila on

      Neo-Tokyo. No doubt about it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander Seidel on

      I'd love to see a futuristic version of Venice, where you have one half of the town in the old classic look above water, and the other half in a more futuristic style right below.

    12. Will Oprisko on

      I take that list back. Here is my revision: Neo-Tokyo/Chiba, Chicago, Berlin, Denver, or Aztlan.

    13. Will Oprisko on

      My top five cities in order are Neo-Tokyo/Chiba, Chicago, Berlin, Tír na nÓg, or Aztlan.

    14. Joel A. Adkins on

      I would love to see an original city not explored before. Pittsburgh, Pa or Somewhere in New Zealand. Something entirely new.

    15. Missing avatar

      fil-cat on

      I like the idea of making available the whole complete game to everyone very much. I think it's a good solution of giving an extra level to the backers as a thank-you for a limited time and than releasing it to all.
      It's about sharing. I hate DLCs and bit and pieces that you need to get additionally to make something complete.
      The game is amazing. It has this great potent mixture of magic and hightech. Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I loved it back in the early 90's and still, I submerged myself in the novels, I fantasised about it in school.
      I would like for everybody to experience to whole magnificence of this game.

      Thank you for developing it!

    16. Missing avatar

      Merrcury on

      My question is whether this adds to the established storyline of Shadowrun or not? I like James Taylor's request for Neo-Tokyo a lot as I'm a huge fan of Akira, even if it's not established in Shadowrun lore. Similarities would be nice though, if anything.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chazmytee on

      Denver. Please Denver. I'd like to see how a game handles the treaty city, especially when jumping a fence here puts you beyond national boundaries. It would be really interesting to be able to put extraterritoriality in the hands of Shadowrunners as a weapon against the corps. That, and I could never find sourcebooks for the NAN, so getting introduced to their culture would be fascinating.

      BTW, a retrospective thank you to the old Shadowrun dev-team for well researched fantasy. Always a good read, and I appreciate what you all did to give me my childhood.

    18. Jonas Claumarch on

      Please make the mission available for everyone even tho I did pledge 150$
      I would prefer everyone to be able to play and enjoy the mission

    19. Missing avatar

      James Taylor

      I know it's not in the list, but I really think Neo-Tokyo should be in the game. It's a classic element of cyberpunk in general, and there are great opportunities for stories there as the runners may need to obtain something from inside the global headquarters of a megacorp.

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I think Mexico City or perhaps Sao Paulo might be interesting as a second city.

    21. Missing avatar

      Merrcury on

      @Matt Seidl O, thanks man =D I'm new to the whole Kickstarter process. Thanks for the explanation ^^. I just hope we can start spit-balling in a more formal manner soon. Hmm... maybe a forum on their site? Up to them, but it seems it's something on a lot of our minds right now, no?

    22. Matt on

      @Merrcury In the FAQ they explain that the poll will happen after the pledge drive is over. Polling is built into the Kickstarter system, and can't take place while the pledge drive is still in progress.

    23. Kevin Behrendt on

      Definitly something not english, not asian. Something unspent, because we see Tokyo, USA, China again and again and again. Seattle is okay, since it is the home ot it but a second city in the States would be a total waste. And maybe, you even should exclude all of them from the vote so it's secure that the second city is really something different from the common, which is used never or less often in media. Prag, Bangkok, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw, Cario and so on are the way to go.

    24. Kerns Phoegon on

      I'm not in favor of quest/content *story* that is only available to kick-starter backers, as that could make it feel .... a bit mean to those who may not heard of this project in time, and I would propose that maybe it's released as DLC available a few weeks to months down the line.

      I love the idea of rewarding players, but this would feel more like punishing those who didn't back you *despite their reasons* and I don't feel that is right.

      Though congrats on the 2nd city and I hope the game is a wild success at and after launch.

    25. Joe Robertson on

      How is a 'backer only' mission different then any of the 'collectors edition' or 'pre-order' swag that is given out? Nothing is being taken out of the game for those making the retail purchase, but those who kickstarted it (and paid well above retail price) can get something extra. I think a lot of people are really blowing this out of proportion.

    26. Missing avatar

      Merrcury on

      We definitely need a poll going for that second city. The faster we choose, the more time you'll have to crystallize your ideas =). My vote: the Aztec Corporate state (can't remember it's name)

    27. Missing avatar

      Carl Jalm on

      In regards to the second city, I think an international location would be awesome. We get enough coverage of how the Awakening has affected North America. If it were up to me I'd want to travel to one of the big cities in Southeast Asia, like Singapore, Bangkok, or Hong Kong.

    28. Missing avatar

      Spinell on

      I agree, please don't exclude missions. Also i opt for Prag as second city. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Jamon Cline on

      Please don't exclude missions.

    30. Nathan on

      I think excluding missions is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. Perhaps include the mission(s) with pre-orders as well, and charge an additional $5 for anyone who buys after the release date?

    31. Missing avatar

      David Finn on

      Between this and Wasteland I find myself pledging more than I would normally buy a PC game, The rewards are nice , but I love these projects

    32. Missing avatar

      Oskari Koivunen on

      Thank god for Kickstarter... I am regaining hope on gaming.

    33. vDarkEaglev on

      I agree with Thomas I think that even though people didn't back the game like us they should at least be able to play it just not right away.

      But I can't wait for this game my buddy and I are so pumped. Though I wish it had a multi-player mode but do what you guys have to do and maybe one day in the future I hope to see an MMO or something.

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I think we should get a backers only mission that is then released to everybody else after a period of time. That way the backers get something and then a few months later everybody else gets it.

      That or it shouldn't have anything that's going to affect the balance of the game.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rob Poulter on

      First of all, I can't believe how awesome this movement on Kickstarter has been toward making games that I actually want to play. It's great to see projects like this and Wasteland 2 that have a really focused goal that spells out what it is that we're funding instead of the usual model of game development which is really coy about what's being done and you don't get to find out the details until you buy the game and start playing it.

      Secondly I want to echo Kyle's comments about a backer's-only mission. Let's make this about creating the best possible game for everyone, not just backers. I'm just happy to help fund something amazing.

    36. Missing avatar

      Maarten Broekman on

      Congrats on the 1m mark. I think it's awesome that you're giving backers a special mission, but maybe there's a way that everyone who loves the game could 'earn' access to the same mission in-game...maybe with stricter requirements, so backers just get "early access" to the mission instead of exclusive access. Being a backer, it doesn't really affect me either way. Also, I think Dave is on to something with exclusive visual customization for backers.

    37. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      Arright, so I have no strong feelings one way or the other about the exclusive mission. But if we're looking for alternatives to it, here's a random suggestion: how about more options for portraits/avatars/etc. for the backers? I would really go for that. I'm a complete sucker for visual customization.

    38. Kyle on

      Hey Congratulations on reaching your next milestone! I love everything that you have set up for the game all the ideas just sound great. However the thing that I and many other people do not like is the back only exclusive mission. The mission should be available for everybody to play and enjoy, the world of Shadowrun should not have anything hidden where only a certain player can access this mission, it should be open to everybody. I vouch for many other backers right now and hope that you will agree and give out this mission for everybody.

      We have our reward from backing you guys, which is the game it's self which we have been wanting. So I think a lot if not everybody will agree when I say let everyone have access to this extra mission.

      I am extremely happy to be involved in the backing of this project, all the best to the whole team and good luck!

    39. Missing avatar

      spliter on

      Congratulations on reaching the 1m goal!
      However one thing I don't like: The backer exclusive mission. I would really appreciate if you didn't separate people that like your game based on when they purchased it. It's been one of my main gripes with the current game industry (pre-order DLC and any other form of exclusivity that splits the community), . I believe it would be better if everyone had access to this mission and the reward for backing should be something that doesn't divide the community between do's and don'ts

    40. DIB on

      That’s not the point I was trying to make. The point is: even if you bought the game later, would you still want to see & play the locked content? How far would you go to see/get it? You bought the game, you paid a fair price and fairly remunerated the creators, so why shouldn’t you get to have it too? You’d pay for it, but that’s not an option. Your available options are pretty narrow: hire a team of shadowrunners to ... Well, just download a hacked version. And, with demand being out there, it’ll be easier to find.

      I’m not saying that this is the way to go, I’m saying that this is the situation that will be created. If people want it, people will get it, but it’s also a matter of whether or not you’ll drive real customers to that when they’d happily have paid for it legit.

      1 year from now, if I discovered this game, played it, loved it, and then heard about this “secret” special content that isn’t available to the regular public ... I’d go looking for it, I’d download a hacked version just to be able to see it and play it. Fanatical fans do that - and it’s not out of any sort of maliciousness, it’s because you like the game that much that you’ll go to extremes. The hacked versions aren’t going to be put out there by anarchists and anti-corporate miscreants; they’re going to be made available to the public by fans of the game for fans of the game.

      And what do you do, as the creator of the game, when you later realize that fans, thousands and thousands of fans, kind of deserve the cool content too? Break your deal with your backers? Don’t ever put yourself in that position. Make a whole game for everyone - don’t play “favorites” and punish others. We can get rewarded in “special” ways without going the route of exclusive content. Exclusive content is a cheap cop-out by marketers and distributers, by people without practical problem solving creativity, and that can be avoided here.

      And I hope they can put a product on the shelves. There’s obvious demand for it, why wouldn’t they? Even with people who shop online, even exclusively, they still like to buy hardcopy. I’m one of those people. If it will sell, why would they not? They have an almost tangible measurement of the demand for it, and the financial backing to make it viable, what business would overlook that?

    41. Stephen Rose

      @Noe - Vague rumor of backer only polls and forums only opening once drive has closed common practice across kickstarter?

      Looks like no one has taken up the offer of exclusive assets through this page, well other than the highest reward tier. If you are looking for more backers in the several thousand dollar range, how about adapting a reward I saw in a comic book drive? ... Quite happy with my medium/low reward tier of course ;)
      Describe a location and have it appear in one of the official missions/landscape - The drive I saw was offering static storefronts, but you could open it up to naming a place and giving a one sentence description of the interior/exterior. People might like to see your rendition of their favorite imaginary alley, bar/arcade, or 2050 era house of soy-pancakes. Of course, you'd have to include language about avoiding copyright infringement and acceptable submission guidelines, so it might not be worth the headache even as a sharply limited award...
      I am assuming that we can do roughly the same thing on our own with the level editor, but stuff you guys put out inside of your missions will be relatively more 'canon', which is neat.

    42. Noe Ridgway on

      So, when is HBS going to release the poll so we can vote for the second city?

    43. Missing avatar

      fredletamanoir on

      coop do not mean MMO. point. But whatever, a public poll could show what are the real next goals people are waiting. That was just my two cents.

    44. Missing avatar

      epicgeek on

      Dear Jordan Weisman,

      I would prefer there not be a "backers only" mission. I think everyone should be able to enjoy this game in its entirety. Just wanted to voice my opinion on that.

      Thank you,
      ~ Evan

    45. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      @Shadur: Yeah, save file mobility would be real nice.

      @Jaco & Kyle: Co-op does not mean MMO or MMO-like. Have you ever actually played the tabletop? Our characters are going to need 'runner teams to succeed at anything nontrivial, so gameplay-wise, a co-op mode would be pretty natural. It would take a lot of extra backend, though, which is why they took it off the table in the first place, so I doubt it's coming back.

    46. Kyle Chalmers on

      Oh no... not co-op.... very limited co-op I hope, if this goes mmo, I'm yanking my pledge. I effin' hate mmo. A few good players and a bunch of wankers jumping up and down taking clothes off and making racist comments.

    47. Jaco Gerber on

      Eeep no, please no co-op. Sandbox games in which your actions as a player can affect the story and lives of NPCs in that world are best kept single player. My opinion, of course.

    48. Furgas on

      Soundtrack is at $125 pledge level.