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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Wherein Our Heroes Learn of a New Reward

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Let’s start with a hearty “thanks” to the MANY fine companies and individuals writing in about composing, translating, porting, marketing, hiring, volunteering and more. We appreciate your action-oriented proactivity and enthusiasm. We’ll get back to you at the right time. Until then, please don’t think we’re rude if you don’t hear from us. There’s a lot to do around here.

For those of you just learning about Shadowrun (welcome BTW, glad you’re here!), we’ve posted an old World of Shadowrun Primer on our website. It provides an illustrated overview of the game setting, plus a handy glossary so you can start talking the talk. The primer is also a great way to share some Shadowrun love with your friends and let them know what all the fuss is about.

Speaking of sharing the love, we made a little something for you. Don’t get all misty on us—it’s a blatant marketing move. One of our artists made a few “Shadowrun Kickstarter Backer” images for you to post on your blog, use as your Facebook cover image, and share on the internets. (You can find more images here.)

Speaking of our artists, we put an About Us section on our website so you could get to know the team a little better. We don’t want to be some faceless corp to you.

And now, on to the meat: We’ve been monitoring your communications for some time and have noted your desire for something . . . physical. Something you could hold in your hands and say, “I made this happen.” We hear you. Downloadable games are cool but there’s something awesome about opening a box containing a game you’ve been waiting for.

So let’s do it! 

Today, we’re announcing a new reward level for our Kickstarter. At the brand new $125 level, you’ll get a Shadowrun Returns Deluxe Box Edition including the game disc, soundtrack disc, a mini-poster, and—check this—a Shadowrun Returns USB Dog Tag set, containing DRM-free versions of the game (PC/Mac/Linux) and soundtrack (and maybe one or two other surprises, too). 

Okay, that’s it for now. Check our FAQ, BTW. We just added some new stuff for you. As we get closer to the $1M mark (seriously?), we’re already hearing people asking us what’s next. We’ll talk about that in our next video update. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Pointer on

      Only concern I would have is the read/write wear on the chip. Over time thumb drives wear out due to usage more so than SSD's and PATA drives. I would be upset if I kept everything on the tag and it failed.

    2. Will Oprisko on

      Some of us are speculating somewhere between 4 and 16 GB. Of course, it will depend on how large the game itself is.

    3. Jeff

      Any one said what size the USB drive will be? And if you will be able to run the game from the drive thus keeping a running game and save file to move from desktop to laptop when on the go?

    4. Will Oprisko on

      Same here. When I saw the dog tags I knew I was raising my pledge to $125, and knowing it would come in a deluxe box helped easy the pain from my burning wallet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dawn on

      Yup, the dog tags sold me to jump my pledge up. Ah, nostalgic memories + cool stuff = please take my money. Awesome project guys!!

    6. Ryan Taylor on

      I'm kind of hoping they back the early access to the level editor down to around $125. I'm at $60 right now but I could easily double it for that kind of incentive.

    7. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I hope they can get more backing, but I too do not care for exclusive missions. Do look forward to my dog tags though.

    8. DIB on

      I have to agree with Kristian Henderson.

    9. Will Oprisko on

      Definitely upped my pledge to $125. I hope the USB drive is 16 or 32 GB.

    10. Kristian on

      I really want to emphasize that as a backer I do not agree with the "exclusive" content for backers only. The entire game should be available to everyone that wants to support you by actually buying the game. One of the reasons a lot of us have turned to kickstarter is to support the companies that do not do things like "preorder DLC" and such. Let everyone enjoy the full experience of the game.

    11. Paul McNamara on

      Upped to $125. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      kdeep136 on

      I know you'll do the right thing, but please be wary of companies offering to help with marketing.

      From Brian Fargo's AMA on Reddit:

      pov_dave: As the kickstarter is reaching it's last few days, have you been contacted by any Big Ass Games companies that you've spoken to in the past about Wasteland 2?

      BF: Of COURSE I have had some publishers call me to voice their interest in Wasteland and of me doing RPGs. I knew that was coming. I had one group that wanted to fund my marketing for a piece of the pie. I politely explained that we have an ARMY of fans who are better than any marketing campaign.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      I would really like the USB dog tags, but I don't really want the other things in the $125 set. Is there any way that you can set it up so that there is an amount which can be added to any order?

    14. Thuddelus on

      Hey, what about doc wagon card, Name in credits and the hardcover shadowrun Anthology in the new level, are they still in there or are they replaced by the Deluxe box?

    15. Josh Flint on

      Drek, totally overlooked the postage, pledge increased.

    16. Rahgac on

      The $125.00 level was exactly what I desperately wanted, it's like they read my mind (or my email). I upped my pledge within 10 minutes of that update going out because I was lucky enough to be taking my lunch at that moment.

    17. Missing avatar

      meje.yayant on

      pledge of $125 is very interesting but what about international shipping? Will I have all this stuff without adding $15 (mandatory for other pledges)? (I live in France)

    18. Missing avatar

      James W M Evans on

      I upped my pledge as well. You sold me on the USB dogtag :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthias Rolf on

      how I hate being a sucker for collector's editions and retail boxes in general... I just upped my pledge.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthias Rolf on

      damn, that box edition really makes me consider upping my pledge.

    21. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      David, that is something I can definitely agree with. I guess when I hear AAA, I just think of a lot of supposedly good games that I don't particularly care for.

      Thanks for bringing my thought process on a more positive track.

    22. David Hostetler on

      Devon said: "Personally I don't think a AAA game is what we desire at all..."

      Hey Devon, 'AAA' means different things to different people. I think most of the Shadowrun backers would agree with you that we don't want HBS to do the things that publishers habitually think broaden the appeal of an otherwise niche genre. But 'AAA' is also often associated with very high quality art/content (models, textures, audio, level design, etc..), because those things can't be produced (in volume) without a large team of talented artists on the payroll. That's why HBS tied the second city concept to the higher funding milestone (commiting to that much more content, on a fixed schedule, requires more staff cranking on the resource pipeline).

      So yes: no 'dumbing down' please. But also yes t o hand-polishing a finely crafted game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      Personally I don't think a AAA game is what we desire at all. To me, a game that appealed to enough people to be classified as AAA would likely have to be dumbed down significantly. This is a niche genre as people who like pnp and turn based strategy tend to want a deeper game. Just a personal opinion of course, but the reason why the publishers don't want to do these types of games anymore is because they want big profits and don't want to do niche games that while loved by certain groups and profitable, they take a lot of thought and planning for the more limited profits.

    24. Julian dimarco on

      *points to one million dollars*

      THAT is how much we love shadowrun. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. We want you guys to make a AAA game in the indie space and damned if we don't think you can DO IT!

    25. Furgas on

      @Dave Talbert: +1 Big nice dragon skull thank you

    26. Aletheides on

      I rather see more content, more depth, more detail instead of multiplayer.

    27. Nicolas Guilbert on

      Ok. What's the next goal ? I don't care if it looks like Shadowrun Online : i'd really like to have a multiplayer mode !

    28. Mitchell Stroicz on

      hell yeah! two major cities!! great job everyone

    29. Mark Clarke on

      @Sean williams: It's probably the same as international delivery for every other reward, $15.

    30. Mark Clarke on

      What happens to this game at 1.5million dollars?

    31. Missing avatar

      Cherubael on

      p.s. congrats: One million achievement unlocked!

    32. Missing avatar

      Cherubael on

      Switched from 60 to 125. T-Shirt AND dog tag. *g* So, for international shipping I assume to pledge 15$ more even for the new 125$ pledge? You didn't mention shipping on that one. Will be a big package though: The t-shirt, hardcover art book etc. ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      Yay! A million gazillion! We're rich! On a serious note, I'd like to suggest that the t-shirts for the $60 level (the reason I chose that level) be black with the classic Shadowrun logo (preferably in color). Any other thoughts on this?

    34. Nicolas Guilbert on

      Youhou ! One million !

    35. Missing avatar

      Gary Hudson on

      You all rock! Here's more of my money to get that sweet dog tag.

    36. Zhivko Yakimov on

      I know I shouldn't be tempted by such silly consumer stuff, but those USB dog tags ... Oh well, I guess if I am spending my money on silly things, at least to be something that I love :)

    37. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      Im so fkkkin IN! Chummers!

      Lemme get home and up my pledge for that sweat Dogtag!

      Are additional 15$ still enough to ship to europe(Germany)?

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Alright... fine.... I'll give you even more! Weeee

    39. Roflmaou on

      if it says "previous rewards" it means ALL previous reward tiers plus the one you select. It'd be nice if they put that in the FAQ though to stop the repeat questions.

    40. Kenny Chik on

      Dear Harebrained,

      Please confirm me that HARDCOVER of anthology is included in $125 Reward. And I think there should be $15 more for international shipping...

    41. Jessica Hawthorne

      F you ;-) you have $125 of my money. Why? Because I was actually looking for a new flash drive like this that would carry well.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sean Huguenard on

      Dear Harebrained,

      Please stop taking my money. I need to eat.


      A hungry fan

    43. Don_Dragon on

      Dammit, just to good to pass up!

    44. Missing avatar

      Galen on

      Yeah also upped to 125, couldn't pass it up.

    45. Sharna Alt on

      Love this! But what I'd really like is to break down this reward just a wee bit - I don't need the physical disc, but I'd LOVE to get hold of the soundtrack! I'm a big gaming soundtrack fan, and I'd love to get access to the soundtrack just by itself. That's not to say those dogtags didn't make me drool - they nearly ruined my keyboard! Any hope for a soundtrack download option?

    46. silvercross on

      @Thomas Go to the homepage ( ) and scroll all the way to the bottom.

    47. Thomas A. Loughery on

      can't seem to find the FAQ. anyone got a link?

    48. Laurent Maire on

      Woops just understood your comment and doesn't look like it provides that granularity.