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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Where’s the Linux love?

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

It’s obvious that there are a lot of very passionate fans out there who are clamoring for Linux support, and we would love to be able to include everyone in Shadowrun Returns.

As we said over the weekend, we’re being very careful not to over-commit to ideas and features (especially just to get more funding).

When we added the Mac version of the game (thanks to your enthusiastic support), we did it because we have the necessary Mac experience in-house and our development environment already supports PC and Mac. We were confident that we could deliver without over-burdening the overall product.

Linux is a bit of a different story, however. While it’s true that we have a great environment for cross-platform development (how else could we target PC, Mac, iOS, AND Android!), it does not, at this time, include support for Linux. Because of this and because we needed to add Linux to our small studio’s skill-set, we felt that committing to a Linux version was unwise, so we (reluctantly) took it off the table.

Since that time, two important things have happened:

  • We reached out to members of the Linux community to better understand the scope and developmental risk that a Linux port would introduce.
  • Our partners at Zipline Games (the creators of our dev environment, Moai) have rearranged their development roadmap to support Shadowrun Returns and add Linux to their list of supported platforms.

So here’s the deal: We can now say with confidence that if we hit our $1M stretch goal, we will be able to partner with the right external developer, port Shadowrun Returns to Linux, and deliver it in a reasonable amount of time after the game is released.

We’ll also add it to the $15 reward level (alongside the PC/Mac versions). Now if you’re a Linux-only user, you’ll have to wait for your version, but from what you’ve told us, you’re willing to do that.

Thanks again for all the support, the constructive comments, and for your patience.



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    1. Missing avatar

      maxztt on

      I pledged $125/$140 due to the GNU/Linux support.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bernd Vaske on

      I just wonder sometimes if that gives the wrong impression to game companys/porters that Linux versions of games can be sold for double the charge.
      Guess I'm not giving a "good" signal since I backed it too with the price of 2 AAA games and I only backed for Linux support.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dennis Ferruzzi on

      For the record, without the linux support I'd not have backed the project. My $150 is paltry compared to the total you folks have accrued, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Linux users are always willing to support a game developer who is willing to port over. Just check out the humble Bundle [buy games for any platform and name your price] folks. Linux donations are always the highest by far and generally double the windows level. Cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Collins on

      Thanks for the linux suport !

    5. nameless1

      I can wait for linux but please make it happen!


      From a supporter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Florian Meinke on

      Such dedication to its fan-base is amazing for any project! You guys are simply awesome. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Staffy on

      Thanks for the linux suport. Please, have my money!

    8. Evgueni Baldin on

      Linux — checked.

    9. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      LINUX IS A GO!

    10. Ketil K on

      I think I might upgrade my $30 dollar to an $125(+15) because of confirmed linux support. Without the linux community I would never have heard about kickstarter. Linux support is the only reason I am supporting it at all because I wouldn't even have read the description of shadowruns without it. Good linux games deserves support. Nostalgia is the only other reason for me to support games, and as I have never tried shadowruns before I would miss it completely without linux support.

    11. Missing avatar

      osumacbeth on

      Let me preface this by saying I haven't read the other 200 comments to see if this has been mentioned. You might want to update the FAQ question concerning getting a physical box now that one is available at $125.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      According to the FAQ Linux is a go, even though the total is under $1M right now. Can you please confirm that? If so, my pledge is going up like I said it would :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Jake Strangeway on

      Judging from the primer that they posted, it looks like they are going with 3rd Edition - prior to all of the wireless hacking - which is great - I love old school Shadowrun, and never fully got into 4th edition.

    14. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      T-Shirts will be addressed in next update.

    15. Patrick on

      The only way I can go more $ is if it went iPad as well. I love the game, but $60 is all I can do without my wife killing me. If it's iPad then I can get it for the kids as well. That would work. I will go $100 if it's iPad as well. Linux is not going to do anything for me. I used to run it when I had the time to care about Microsoft's dominance. Now I am too busy making a living supporting MS products to care about all that.

    16. Brian LaCount

      I'm so excited for this project! It would also be great if it worked on my Kindle Fire. That way I could get both my shadowrun fix and my turn-based strategy fix anywhere I go!

    17. Robin Ek on

      I diden´t doubt for a second to pledge 60bucks on this bad boy (I would have given more If I could, but It´s really hard times now days...) I wish the team best of luck and success with the Shadowrun Returns project! and yes, I have spread the word around =)

    18. Missing avatar

      Ross Houck on

      With the announcement of Linux Support @ $1M, I doubled my pledge to $60

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Fisk on

      If game avatar complexity is up to it can we have, for $1.2M, character export to 3D printing template so we can print and paint our characters from the game?

    20. DeadLinc on

      I am Linux user showing my support for this awesome project!

    21. Missing avatar

      geektopia on

      Upped my pledge to $115, thanks for showing some Linux Love :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      David on

      $100 just donated that would not have been without this news. Thank you for reconsidering.

    23. Missing avatar

      Leonard Kramer on

      Putting money where my mouth is, just pledged $60.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Sweeeeet!!! I was bummed that there wouldn't be a GNU/Linux version, but there's hope! Nice one guys! :)

    25. Nicolas Guilbert on

      @Laurent You're probably right.

    26. Laurent Maire on

      @Nicolas even if they don't Cliffhanger Productions are developing a very nice looking multiplayer game set to release around the same time over here My feeling is HBS is likely to not want to shaft this sibling product with a similar multi-player focused game. This one sounds like it aims to re-establish the IP with a strong sp story and lots of community scenario-building.

    27. Nicolas Guilbert on

      That's great news. Now is there a chance we will get the multiplayer mode if we hit the 1,5 or the 2 millions goal ?

    28. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      I'm a huge Linux/Android backer... but I'm mostly excited about Shadowrun :)

    29. Laurent Maire on

      @Geo, curses the un-editable comment! ;)

    30. Geo Seven on

      *So DON'T worry about small details like whether it's going to be on mac or linux and give deep so that EVERYONE gets the best Shadowrun game possible with a massive amount of content and a gigantic world for all of us to enjoy.*

      ....Yeah I totally flubbed that :P

    31. Geo Seven on

      @Casey Tompkins

      Yeah Timothy is right, the fact that a Linux port is being added is just icing on the cake. They already let it be known that when we hit a mil they are going to add an entire new city to the game along with more content and that's the cake. This game is only going to be as good as WE want it to be because WE are the ones funding it and it goes a lot deeper than that as well. By supporting this project we are proving to publishers that Shadowrun is not a dead franchise. We are proving that there is still a market for these old school games that are being shelved because the publishers say that no one is interested anymore. We are sending a clear message to the video game industry that we as gamers care more about the fun, the gameplay, and the content of the game than whether or not a game has top of the line graphics or 48 hours of cinematics or if they spent 2 mil hiring Patrick Stewart to voice act for fifteen minutes (not that it wouldn't be badass to have Patrick Stewart in Shadowrun). So worry about small details like whether it's going to be on mac or linux and give deep so that EVERYONE gets the best Shadowrun game possible with a massive amount of content and a gigantic world for all of us to enjoy.

    32. Bryn Snyder on

      I agree with Tim. I don't give a hoot about Linux (though I'd like to see some more Linux users pony up!) but the other 1 mil stretch goals have me salivating! The soundtrack is the soul of a great game, IMO. I don't plan on using the editor, but I think we all have a vested interest in the user created content being as prolific and polished as possible! While double the cities may not mean exactly double the content, it's close enough to get me very excited indeed. If the masses can't get behind that, I'm not sure what they're waiting for.

    33. Missing avatar

      Timothy Fitzgerald on

      The extra city to explore isn't a "mass appeal" stretch goal? Seems like that is essentially doubling the size of the game, do not see how Linux even should matter to us in light of that.

    34. Casey Tompkins on

      Supporting, but not donating more until we get over this Linux hurdle... Why? People on Linux are a subset, a minority, and not what I want to spend my money on.

      Maybe after that there will be a stretch goal that the masses can actually get behind, instead of one for a few geeks who want to play games on their off brand setups.

    35. Marshall Vaughan on

      A mil? Null sweat.
      The linux client pleases, but the extra setting is wiz.
      If we can break a mill before that final-day surge I've a yen for cooperative play.

      Failing that...
      Settings I would back:
      #1 Rio Paulo
      #2 Singapore
      #3 Moscow

    36. Geo Seven on

      Is there any doubt at this point that Shadowrun Returns is not only going to generate a million but more than likely generate much more than that as the days roll on? I know that I will more than likely raise my contribution weekly as my paychecks come in and as my budget allows because I have been waiting for this game for years and have broken out Shadowrun on Sega and SNES to get hyped up for this.

      Take my example and run with it fellow Shadowrun fans. If every 15 dollar backer will just add an extra 15 dollars a week over the next two weeks to your current contribution then it will raise an additional $291660 (based on 9722 backers as of 4/12/12) and that will bring it up over the mil mark and give us a linux version a whole nother city to run in. And we'll also get some of the sweet bonuses for being a higher paying contributor! What more could you want!??

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam Chesi on

      This news just pushed me to be an official backer.

      And Evgueni is spot on, Android is not Linux. All that the Android kernel merging into the main branch means is A. you can call Android's kernel a true Linux kernel. B. You can now install Linux proper on more hardware (although not everything will work properly, IE, phone calls).

    38. Evgueni Baldin on

      @Eric Tan
      Very funny. You see, for running apps you need not only a kernel, but also the environment. That is why full name of the Linux is GNU/Linux and Android != GNU/Linux that is why your imaginary chance equal to zero.

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric Tan on

      I just wanted to remind you guys that most of the android kernel has been merged in to the linux main branch, during the 3.3 kernel update. What that means is that there is an extremely high chance that linux users would be able to run native android apps on their respective distros running linux 3.3+ kernel. So please do not waste your money trying to port it for linux because by the time you are done with it there might not even be a need for a linux port.

    40. Missing avatar

      Shadur on

      Pledge upgraded from $60 to $100. Thank you - both for the explanation and the promise of a port.

    41. Missing avatar

      Natural20 on

      Fantastic news. My $30 pledge is back. Really looking forward to this game.

    42. Ruinous on

      I honestly thought it would have ended up a $1.5mil stretch milestone, the $1mil looks an almost sure thing at this point in time so a big thanks are in order to the devs for making this a win/win for everyone concerned.

    43. Drasill on

      A native linux version would be a very, very good news.
      I'm sick of rebooting :)

    44. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      This is excellent news, and I appreciate both the pragmatism and honesty of HBS on this issue. I'm now a backer, yay! It seems we'll definitely pass $1M, so I'm already looking forward to playing this on Linux post-release. :) I also agree with the people above that said WINE is a pain when it breaks; it's great as a stopgap, but its fluctuating stability-of-support often makes it a hassle for end-users (but it's still a project I respect). Native Linux support will be wonderful.

    45. Evgueni Baldin on

      It's a very, very, very bad idea. That is why we _pay_ for that possibility now.

    46. jemandem on

      I think this game will sell its self very well. So why not making the Linix version later withe the money you made.

    47. Balder Lingegård

      Love you guys! Thank you for listening to us!

    48. Roman Grazhdan on


      the noise and pledges that the Linux gamers make are disproportionate to their numbers.

      There, I fixed it for you.

    49. Evgueni Baldin on

      > Even if we don't meet our funding goal for Linux

      The 1 mln. goal definitely will be met this week.

    50. Isaac on

      I just want to echo what has been said already many times. I was interested in the project and had it on my radar, but was waiting until I saw something firm about Linux. When I noticed it wouldn't be supported, I wandered off in search of other projects and decided not to support Shadowrun. I made that decision not because I wasn't interested in Shadowrun, but rather because as someone who solely runs Linux it wouldn't fulfill my needs. Today I saw your post about Linux support and have come to pledge my support to the project. Thank you again for supporting us as a community.
      As a Linux user I have 3 things to say to 3 different groups of people:
      1) To the Linux users who were rude when they said they were not supporting Linux. I feel your pain, it's hard repeatedly being passed over by companies. It is easy to be jaded and to feel picked on. Being rude, demanding and pissy about it through doesn't represent the Linux community well and is only going to make us look less viable in the eyes of developers.
      2) To the users who think Linux support shouldn't be added. I'm sorry you feel that way, Linux has a rich culture and a devoted fanbase, we are passionate about our OS and it sucks when we are constantly ignored. I hope you never have to experience it for yourself.
      3) To the users (of all OSes) who have been supportive of Linux despite getting nothing in return from it. I think it speaks volumes about you as a person that you want people to enjoy the game no matter what platform they use. Your selflessness humbles me and reminds me that we are part of a bigger community. Thank you.

      I also want to thank the developers for listening to the feedback and coming up with a solution instead of dismissing us offhand. Even if we don't meet our funding goal for Linux, your willingness to work with is more than enough to earn the money I have dedicated to you.