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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Wow (again) and Stretch Goals

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Let’s get this right out of the way—your extended backing has already enabled us to add the following to Shadowrun Returns:

  • Mac version – available for everyone and also included at the $15 backer level (We can’t change what the description says but it’s true!)
  • Additional languages: German, French, and Spanish
  • And . . . RIGGERS!

Yep, that’s right. We’re going to include Rigger characters and the drones they control, dramatically expanding the game play in all sorts of fun ways.  Again, these are NOT stretch goals – they’re going to be in the game, thanks to your kind support.

As Jordan mentions in the video, the game is set in Seattle and every dollar above our initial goal will go into making a richer, deeper, gameplay setting with more stories with more assets.

But if we hit a stretch funding goal of $1m we will be able to add the following:

  • A second city to explore. Which city? Well, that will be for Backers to decide! We’ll create a list of cool places for you to vote on. More on that later!
  • A more powerful and more accessible (less ugly) mission editor, so more people can tell deeper stories in the world of Shadowrun.
  • A musical score that resonates like the SNES and Genesis soundtracks did in the Long-Ago.

We continue to be blown away by your level of support and your passion for Shadowrun. In fact, we were almost carried away on the wave of enthusiasm over the last couple of days. But yesterday we took a step back and refocused on our core design principals and what we want Shadowrun Returns to be. (That’s why you create core design principals in the first place—to refer back to them in situations like this.)

As part of our review, we came to the conclusion that feature additions such as a Linux version, Multiplayer PvP, and Cooperative Play are beyond the scope of the project and would cause us to lose focus on the game you reacted to so positively (and the game we really want to make).

When Shadowrun Returns comes out (and is the success we all want it to be), we promise to look at these features as the core of a future release.

We are totally focused on our core goals of creating a kick-ass single player game with deep stories and thoughtful turn-based gameplay in world we can all play with. We hope you respect that decision, and again thank you for your enormous support and encouragement. 


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    1. Joshua Gibson on

      CHICAGO : The only good bug is a dead bug

    2. Jose Aviles Jr. on

      Bug city... You can't do anything else second. Just the CZ when the Derek hit the fan. Make it a timeline function (I know current time line has the CZ "liberated") but it would be more impactful. Think powerful spider shaman or maybe the owl shaman doctor who was there from the start is seeking a fetish and has runners track the fetish throught a dream state to find it.

    3. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I wonder if there is a chance they can get some dedicated people from the community here to proof read the german, french and spanish versions. Or at least a small part of them. We have had some really bad experiences with translations. The german localization of Champions Online was "All Your Base" quality, the french apparently the same. Other gamess had/have those problems too.
      So I for one would not just be happy but possitively extatic if I could pitch in with at least the german version as a proof reader.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rainsinger on

      Vegas Baby. Vegas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Michell on

      Chicago. I want the Zone.

    6. Kyle Chalmers on

      Toronto! C'mon home town! Tokyo would be good, but I think Texas would also be important, Salish Sidhe and Aztlan in between Texas and Seattle, you get all those side notes. Washington could work. I totally agree with the Adepts. And who said X-Com? Where?

    7. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Wardlaw on

      Ohhhhhh. You said the word X-Com, and then I gave you money. It's like a pavlovian response now.

    8. Missing avatar

      Arno on

      Hon Kong in Runner Havens was an awesome place, so that's what I'd vote for, if given the opportunity.

    9. Kevin Behrendt on

      1.000.000 Dollar! We did it! Berlin I am coming :D

    10. Andrew Smith on

      I'm loving the game, and it's amazing the amount of money that has been raised since i got on a week ago. I just have one question, if we hit the 2M goal, could we see co-op? If not I'm cool, but I can't think of anything else that really "needs" hit. As a couple people has said, if you're playing shadowrun by yourself...there's probably something wrong. Since videogames offer the interaction of characters I'm fine to go without it, but the promise of co-op would probably increase my contribution, as well as a couple of my friends.

      P.S. My vote is Tokyo or Hong Kong, but I'd be fine with Dubai. Get people out of the states! Explore the WORLD of Shadowrun! Imagine all the spirits and monsters that infest the other parts of the world. Myths are real people bring forth the folk LORE!

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Johnson on

      You had me at "X-Com like game". Please Jebus, let this game be as awesome as I hope it will be!

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Gale on

      I'm new to Kickstarter and late to thread. I've been looking for any comments pertaining to a possible console version for PS3 or Xbox. Is that flat-out off-the-table, and if so, why? Programming for XBLA isn't exactly a recondite art.

    13. Dustin Carter on

      I hope and pray for the return of Dances With Clams. Please make it so.

    14. The Overmatt on

      Neo-Tokyo and Chiba would be awesome as settings, give it that oldschool Neuromancer kinda feel.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tamara Ryan on

      Lots of great ideas for cities recommended here. I don't think I can recommend anything better than some of the current suggestions. When it comes to a vote, I think each city should get a paragraph long "support/context statement" so that people can think deeper about why it'd be the best choice.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I know it is really two city's but I would like the other city to be Detroit-Windsor. I could see
      Detroit-Windsor becoming one big city in the Shadowrun universe. So my vote is for Michigan & Ontario city's.

    17. Alexspeed on

      2nd City should be Vienna, its not too big, its old, it has flair and its the heart of europe!
      Make it so, please =)

    18. Missing avatar

      mathew bover on

      Any thoughts or taking this to the consoles as digital downloads on the psn for the vita and ps3?
      would be cool to play on the move.

    19. Atarun

      Damn virtual keyboards... I meant to type "precious" and not "previous" extra. >_<

    20. Atarun

      @Bill Davis : I'd like to add something to @merin's answer. Publishers fund projects and DO affect their creative directions. That may not be how you envision funding and that may not be how the creators themselves envision it (maybe that's why they're here, because they agree with you and want no external input that they couldn't avoid with publishers)... But it's not surprising that a lot of people would disagree with you and feel they should be heard because they're funders and customers at the same time.
      For the record, I don't feel entitled to anything but the reward promised at my level. Everything else is a previous extra that I would appreciate and not take for granted, including having my opinion taken into consideration.

    21. Atarun

      I'm curious: has anyone played or heard of a multiplayer turn-based RPG that is not purely a strategy game (like Heroes of Might and Magic).
      How do you guys who keep asking for multi envision it?
      Woud just combat be multi or the whole gameplay?
      Would multi and solo modes be completely separate or seamlessly integrated?

    22. Matt on

      My multiplayer disappointment and the Linux change aside, the locales of note I'd consider would be somewhere outside seattle (something involving more wildness).

      I'm not a fan of 4th Edition's atmosphere TBH, and my timeline for the game stops when they dropped 'drek' for real cursing and put in some ridiculous nonsense to blow up the matrix--so I'm looking at the core narrative of the game when I consider suggestions.

      I haven't paid much attention to any timeline mentions--if this is a standalone project (sorta like the sega and snes ones were) it's hardly relevant. Any one of these cities could be an add on (as could other professions/char builds--not classes, ugh, this isn't DnD, though you can want that if you like the term ), but first? If we're talking same continent, the obvious one is Bug City. C'mon.

      Others in no order on same continent: Denver (in some version), Tir T-whatsit (it's 3 AM, sorry), LA, Vancouver, or maybe someplace that combines aspects of other cities.

      OR: Make the editor epic so we can create and share cities.

      If we're talking abroad, Germany in some fashion is key. What could be done, though, is have it as the first addon or expansion. I'd like to see Germany's fan base get involved with that project, kind of like a throwback to the Germany sourcebook, although I don't know how that went down politics wise among FASA and the people they worked with.

      One could also add the matrix aspects of the genesis version to cover visiting some places too. not sure if it'd be any less coding work, though. I'd likje the ability to just browse and hack into random stuff with some variety of skins thrown in.

      Whomever had the option for non-lethality get spoints. Flavor is big, especially in dialogue. Can't stand another Fallout 3esque game. (I've played that thing for all the trophies on the console. What a disappointment).

      ACTUALLY: Just remembered how great NWN was, and yeah it's multiplayer made it great, and that's not in the future from what i'm reading here. There were single-player modules as well. Perhaps community and HBS could work on creating links between editor-created cities, I dunno.

    23. Noe Ridgway on

      William - I was thinking that, but then again, I'm not a game designer. All I know is that I really, REALLY hope they can manage to make it work. I like being a physically awesome person in shadowrun, but I've never been a fan of cyberware (or bioware). The "all natural" route is my preference.
      We shall see.
      Personally, I think Berlin would be pretty sweet. I'd rather not do Tokyo or any other "mainstream" city, as I'm hoping for a big change in scenery, but if this is meant as a reboot, to help new players get used to the SR universe, then I understand.
      I'm still pulling for Sydney or some other semi-rural environment, though :)

    24. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      On the subject of Adepts, I'm not sure why it would be considered difficult to get them in the game. They're basically Street Samurai driven by magical pixie dust instead of metal and electricity. Unless that's referring to the Mystic Adept, the mixed PhysAd/Caster, which is a right pain to do right even in tabletop. Mechanically, it's simpler than it looks to _create_, but a ridiculous juggling act to make effective.

    25. Laurent Maire on

      Jorn van de Beek, your comment is so full of win three letters can't do it justice. I also agree as with many others that a German setting is a magnificent idea considering the strength of support for the IP from that country. As you say the contrast to the standard American Seattle setting is also extremely interesting. Culturally, visually and thematically.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jorn van de Beek on

      I'm only superficially familiar with shadowrun, but having read up on the Berlin fluff a bit I could not stop imagining it as a really cool setting. Basically, Berlin evolved into a big pro-metahuman socialist anarchist experiment as a reaction to the metahuman riots. This bubbled along for a few years until the corps struck back and drove the anarchists into a few walled eastern parts of berlin.

      I'd like to see an anarchist distopia setting, since most distopias are police states and anarchism is so far removed from that (in theory). I'm imagining a theme inside the walled anarchist commune about crypto-anarchism taken to its extreme. Everyone using old repaired technology, similar to how cubans still keep their old chevy's running you'd see berliner anarchists making do with wired tech, improvised power sources etc, but still having very effective and robust digital capabilities due to decentralized design.

      I'd also like to see some thought given to the effect of surveillance and privacy on your going ons with the corps and anarchists. It would be interesting to have to hide your ability to slip in and out of the walled zones, deal with laundering (I don't see anarchists accepting nuyen), both anarchists and hostile corps being able to find out stuff about you through data mining in their own ways and protecting yourself from that. I'm hoping that will all fit into the established fluff and gameplay well, even though it's a really current issue.

      The big contrast with the seattle setting could be how effective the anarchists are at managing themselves without corp interference. I'd like something far removed from that common theme that every lawless place devolves into some violent gang infested sh*thole. The fact the walls are there is testament to the effectiveness of the anarchists, the corps could not break them. Their society would still be far from perfect naturally, but in both very different and surprisingly similar ways from the corp side.

    27. Missing avatar

      calabi on

      I'd love to see London or other UK city.

      I'd also like to see other options in combat where you dont have to kill all the enemies. Like wounding or disabling, rendering uncouscous, or they even run away or surrender things like that. You dont get that choice in games very often, if ever.

      Perhaps rewards for doing things unconventionally as well. Not achievements(hate them, maybe titles, a score), perhaps npcs view you differently.

    28. Missing avatar

      jph on

      You don't see the difference between "if we hit 1.5 million" and "beyond the scope of the project"? Huh.

    29. SMasterson on

      Wait a minute...I just checked these "other games", such as Wasteland 2, that keep getting referenced as having Linux support. Wasteland 2 didn't even have Mac support, let alone Linux support, until their 1.5 million goal was reached! HBS is going above and beyond by getting Mac support in at less than 1/3 of that.

    30. Missing avatar

      jph on

      It's not like adding a platform is a "creative decision", it's economic. Most of the other games have found it viable, not sure why HBS is a special case. Until our wayward update comes through there's very little left to say about it.

    31. Merin

      @bill davis - You're not exactly right about Kickstarter. Yes, most people who pledge donations to a project do so either because they like the project as described or because they trust the people developing the project - or both. Some people donate, too, because they like supporting creativity even if the project isn't on they personally care about (I donated to Takedown this way - I'm not a FPS fan at all.) --

      But many of these GAME projects that have recently popped up on Kickstarter have EXPLICITLY stated they are looking for input, ideas, and voting from those donating. --- DOUBLE FINE "There will be a private online community set up for the backers to discuss the project with the devs and submit their thoughts and feelings about the game's content and direction, sometimes even voting on decisions when the dev team can't decide." --- INXILE "So, we’re coming to you for support. Financial. And creative. After all, since you’re the driving force behind this game, we want to make sure that we’ll be delivering the game you want. Wasteland is ready for a sequel, and with your help, it’s going to happen. As for why you should want to participate, we’ll let Kotaku point out why making Wasteland 2 happen is very important: FanFundWasteland! With your collective vision, the game that was the godfather to the popular Fallout series will become a reality. Not only will you fund the development, but you’ll have a voice in how the game goes together. We will have forums up for design discussion and soliciting your ideas for what will make Wasteland 2 rock." --- Now Harebrained Schemes with the Shadowrun project haven't directly said in their pitch page that they are looking to donator input, but it's been implied by "they are listening." THAT SAID, I think all these developers would agree, as I do, that they have the creative concept, they make the design documents, for a specific project with a specific vision and any donator input will be on smaller items that fit into the overall, already articulated vision.--- So you aren't exactly WRONG, either. It's just not as clear-cut as you make it out to be.

    32. Missing avatar

      Withers on

      bill, they should have an idea what support can be had because double fine adventure and wasteland 2 proceeded them. as for shooting ourselves in the foot, that seems pretty nonsensical to me - what are they going to do, take the linux port off the table again? in the end this isn't a strictly altruistic transaction, and if all of you disagree then go decline your pledge rewards for the good of the project. in the end, a game without linux support is no game at all for linux desktop users, so there's no vision to contribute to.

    33. Bill Davis on

      On the linux controversy: The issue is that had to have pledge well before Linux was even mentioned or when Linux was an inklingly possibility on the table but never a defined goal level. At that point, you pledge to a game without Linux but with only a vague mention of it possibly being on the table. There isn't and shouldn't and isn't intended to be any sort of "influence" mechanism for a pledge of support. You didn't/can't say "I pledge this because I want you to add Linux".
      As for making it a defined level in excess of the current level, you may note that they haven't really expected or anticipated the level of support they have gotten to date and so can't accurately predict the final level they may get. From the reaction of the Linux base, my fear, if I was the one setting the goals and making commitments, that number set wouldn't be reached, and as demonstrated from the majority of Linux user responses, they'd then pull their support at the betrayal of not getting their port (because they "only pledged to get to that goal"). And anything else tied into that level would get yanked too. And then you'd have to manage all that drama.
      Honestly, sorry to say Linux users, you've probably shot yourself in the foot by being that way, because as a project manager, that would be a major red flag that I would avoid at all possible costs.
      In my opinion, funding a project is done because you believe in the idea and the vision of the creative team. It doesn't give you any right to affect creative direction at all. You don't hold your pledge hostage to get something you want. You pledge because you like what they have already committed to. They have been nice in responding to feedback, but I, personally, love that they are sticking to their guns. They have the vision, not me.... I just gave them a few bucks cause I was a good vision.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Port on

      300+ comments? If you read this you're a more patient man than I.

      Personally I'm thrilled that you're not trying to add MP to the game. If you don't have that in the design from the start, sacrifices and compromises will inevitably be made, and you'll generally end up with two mediocre games instead of one good game.

      PS - How much to make the second city Cleveland? I'm from there, and I'd still demand at least a quarter million...

    35. zacH on

      I pledged, and am pretty pumped to see this game made (hope it will have at least a bit of the old-school snes style to it, at least graphically/music-wise). I really do hope that there will be an eventual linux port, as a lot of people would definitely want it, myself included. Maybe enough requests for it will help sway the current thoughts on such a port. Here's hoping!

    36. Sean Poynter

      I"m looking forward to the rationale as to why Linux is specifically called out as outside of the scope of the project. It will determine whether I keep my pledge or not.

    37. Missing avatar

      daniel on

      If no on the Multilayer, then at least allow us to trade and share custom maps easily. This will greatly enrich communication between gamers and seeking out fantastic maps and adventures beyond the actual game.

    38. Laurent Maire on

      @Greg Hartman then we're 100% in agreement. Like the majority of internet disagreements this probably stems from misunderstanding the meaning or tone of other people's comments. Regardless, don't be disheartened, the sides thing is just an illusion. A product of thousands of people sitting alone in front of computers arguing with people they can neither see nor hear. I'm convinced no one really cares, we're all just people. If we met in person I would never ask you which you used and make value judgements on you for that. Anyone to whom it really does matter has a priority problem.
      @Lloyd: Yes. Harebrained Schemes will almost certainly address this in the next update. Hopefully the discussion thus far will have a positive outcome.

    39. Benoit Mirandette on

      Thk for creating a new game of Shadowrun
      I'm truly happy to help create this new game!.
      Do you think there a way to create a cd of the soundtrack and give it like if you give 30$ you have the soundtrack of the game?

    40. Abner Torres on

      Co-op and New Tijuana!
      And how are you handling the size of Seattle?
      Or how are you handling the leveling?
      Have you taken a look at Crackdown because they had a great Co-Op experience?

    41. Missing avatar

      jph on

      Lloyd: I am perfectly fine with not arguing about linux anymore, because I've already said my piece and been heard. If there is anyone else out there that hasn't then as far as I'm concerned they are more then welcome to do so. Those who don't want to talk about it are more than welcome to ignore it, just like I ignore all of what I think are less important reqests such as adept, coo-op play and which city people favor. You can't just silence a large portion of your (min? ex? potential?) pledgers, which is what many have been trying to do so far.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jarvis Canning on

      Linux is off the table? That sucks.

    43. Abner Torres on

      I vote for New Tijuana!

    44. Kevin Anthony Arruda on

      I hope this extra funding will contribute to a wider vareity of races and classes. Also that there will be content that adapts based on you race/class. Such as interactions with other characters.

    45. Jason Beardsley on

      I love Shadowrun, and though Linux is off the table, you can be sure that people will find a way to play it on Linux anyway. I'd rather see native support for it, to be honest.

      I'd like to put my vote in for Berlin, Germany for the second location. As for classes, I'm hoping to play as an Adept and Technomancer.

    46. Noe Ridgway on

      Agreed, Lloyd.
      So, is anyone else REALLY hoping to see even more classes? I've seen Faces mentioned (though that would, as noted, be difficult to do in a video game format), and I personally would LOVE to see Adepts. This would obviously be something that would have to wait for more funding (possibly more than is feasible), if it's possible at all while keeping the game balanced.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lloyd McKenzie on

      I'd like to suggest that the conversations about Linux be dropped, at least for now.

      HBS well aware it's an issue and have promised to respond. All the discussions about "who said what", "who behaved appropriately or inappropriately", or "who should or should not have pledged/withdrawn their pledge/whatever" is distracting from what should be the focus of these threads - what do we want to see in the game and how can we encourage even more funding participation and thereby increase the chances of what we'd like to see in the game, whether now or in some future release.

      While Linux availability is obviously related to the "what I want" and "how do we get more funding" topics, it's already been clearly stated, justified and countered in pretty much every way it could be, so adding more posts on the topic (pro, con or incidental) doesn't add any more value. But these posts (and the tone of them) may chase away other potential contributors who find it hard to get excited about a Shadowrun project whose forum seems to have degenerated into a discussion of the pros, cons and technicalities of a Linux port. And that doesn't help anyone.

      If we haven't heard anything by end of day pacific time on Wednesday, then sure, raise the issue again. But until then, lets give HBS a chance to formulate their promised response. At the moment, much of the discussion is based on conjecture and guesswork. Taking a bit of a break to wait for the official position and clarification of the facts would benefit everyone.

    48. Abner Torres on

      Multi-player was dropped after I gave my pledge and i have to say that this does make me less excited about helping. My Doc-Wagon card seems less helpful for my single player character. Now this is more like a cyberpunk Skyrim, which many of my friends refuse to play because they only want "multi" (as in we as friends can play together) games. For this same reason some people never buy console because some of the best games were one player only. MGS, MGS2, Oblivion, Deus Ex, GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and many more game they wouldn't try for lack of multi-player. I played the pen and paper game because those same friends wanted to show me something cool we could do together. Now It seems like we will not be getting the chance to relive that same group fun. :-(

    49. Missing avatar

      jph on

      I've been watching this thread since the announcement and there hasn't been one immature post by a linux user since it started. Perhaps I missed one but it's more likely these antagonistic linux posts are imaginary. I have seen antagonistic anti-linux posts however.