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Full color 3D printed table top gaming bases, accessories, battle field markers, creatures, and collectibles.
Full color 3D printed table top gaming bases, accessories, battle field markers, creatures, and collectibles.
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Introducing Forge Prints second Kickstarter, Foundations 2. Forge Prints was created from a passion of gaming, innovation, and technology. With the success of our first Kickstarter, Foundations, we have decided to return with a brand new Kickstarter to close out the year. This Kickstarter is packed with tons of available products for the gaming and table top community in addition to a few new items for the collectable community. We have expanded the concepts of our first Kickstarter to bring you new original accessories in addition to an expansion to our successful bases from our first project.

In this Kickstarter you will once again see the highest level of 3D printing available in the market today in stunning fully colored models. We believe these models will far exceed the quality found with consumer 3D printers commonly used in the market today. 

With this Kickstarter you will have access to more high quality fully colored bases. We have expanded the line to include new objective markers in addition to an expansion of numerous accessories. Finally this project shows the pinnacle of 3D printing with our line of custom models for display. These display models offer an amazing look that is difficult to find in the collectible community today.

Just Added!!!

The Mimic version of our Brown Barrel!

 Mimics taking over the world!


The new Temple Glyph Base Design!

We will be adding in a Mimic version of both Barrels as well as a Mimic version of both Crates! Attached is the picture of the Green Barrel Mimic.


Were down to just 9 Days left and releasing new sculpts at a furious pace! if you have been on the fence there is no better time then now to jump in! We have two updates for you today! the Dwarven Foothills base line, a new lava variation and the Stone Altar!


Were on a roll today! Here is a tall stone book case for your dungeon!  We hope you like it.

Hot on the heels of our treasure chest, and ready to eat your adventurers is the mimic chest!


We just finished the latest accessory and just couldn't wait to share it with everyone!  This is our color 3d printed take on the classic treasure chest!  pick it up in 15MM size or epic loot 25MM size!


At Forge Prints we are always striving to create a better product.  With that said we have updated the process of how we create our 3d printed bases.  We feel our new process is the best mix of quality, durability and value.  We are printing the full color 3d objects as inserts and setting them into the standard black plastic injection molded lipped bases.  This combination we feel achieves a very polished and slick final product as well as brings the durability of plastic to the edges that will get the most wear. 

If you are an existing customer and need more of our original designs to round out your army we can still provide that format, but for all future bases this is the methodology we are currently going to follow.  Attached is an image collage showing all of the designs as well as a few new additions.  Higher resolution versions have been updated in the section below.

The 25MM version is not represented yet, we are waiting on the blanks to arrive but we will update when we receive them.

Everyone who pledges at least $20 will get a stone Portal for free!  This is our way of saying thank you, and to hopefully introduce even more people to our professional quality full color 3d printed accessories!  If you want a matching pair it has been added to the menu for just $8 for additional portals.

Our battle field objective markers are a great way to add a stunning point of interest to any game top. Give your armies something worth fighting for as they clash to gain control of one of our 3D printed objective markers. For those that want a stronger role-playing element, these markers can also serve as additional scenery giving your game table a unique look.

The Mushroom Clump is a great exotic addition to any game table. Whether you want to use several to represent a magical area or just one to serve as a point of interest, our Mushroom Clump will add color and character to your game table.

The Arcane Pillar is a classic objective marker. The ruins of an ancient and powerful location any army would fight to the end to capture this point. If a full army is not your style, your adventures can bravely make their way past the Arcane Pillar to seek riches in a dungeon or ruined temple.

Our Tangled Vines are another addition to our nature themed markers. They can be used as part of a jungle theme or as exotic wildlife on an alien world. The 3D printer is able to achieve a realistic looking model that would be difficult to make by hand.

The Tentacle is a great objective marker to tease your adventurers as to what is about to come from the deep. With our various poses and colors we should have a Tentacle to meet your needs.

The treasure pile is the iconic marker for any dungeon or adventure. After all why would your adventurers risk their lives for glory when they can be rich as kings.

The Dwarven Keg is a must have for any respectable game table. This is the perfect objective marker for any pub scene. If you are not at the pub it will still serve as a marker for the epic battle of ale that any adventurer would give their life for.

Our Dungeon Accessories are the perfect way to enhance any table top scene. We try to bring not only a few classic models to the table but some unique items you may not find anywhere else. While imagination can create an adventure, our Dungeon Accessories will bring your game to life as your adventurers can now see the objects they interact with during the adventure.

Some of our Dungeon Accessories can even serve as a before and after surprise for your adventurers. Your simple marker can turn into an encounter of its own when the model shows its monster counterpart. We feel this offers a unique style and intend to enhance our future product line with additional models to serve this role.

The Ornate Crumbled Fountain is great for any dungeon scene. Use it as a source of safety, mystery, or impending doom. The Ornate Crumbled Fountain is a great way to add a unique style to our table top scene.

The Moss Covered Pillar is a classic accessory to symbolize any location where an ancient structure once stood. It features textured markings with a moss coloring to show its age. This model is a great enhancement for any dungeon adventure.

The Wishing Well is a favorite because it is part of our before and after series. A great point of interest on any game table it also works in tandem with some of our other models.

The Wishing Well Creature can be used as an objective marker, scenery, or even a stand-alone model for your adventurers to do battle against. Used in conjunction with the Wishing Well, you can have a unique before and after scenery piece for your game table.

The Wizard Table is a simple accessory to help build out a dungeon room. With a collection of magical books and candles this is where the magic happens.

The Ornate Chair is another simple accessory that can be used in almost any setting. Give your adventurers a place to rest with the Ornate Chair.

The Mimic Wizard table is a great way to turn an unsuspecting item into the doom of the carless adventurer. While it can be used alone, it is also a great item to use as a trap sprung after the adventurers rummaged through the Wizard Table.

Our Decorative Barrels are one of our most classic accessories. This item can be used in almost any scene and can find it way to any game table. Choose your style and accessorize your game table.

Our Crates are another game standard accessory. Versatile enough for any game table our Crates will add a new layer of style to your game table. Choose your style and accessorize.

A great addition to any dungeon, the Wall Creature can be used as an accessory or a stand-alone model. Have your adventurers set forth and face the Wall Creature that I am sure is hiding great treasure.

The Treasure Sack is another one of our standard accessories. Versatile for any game table the treasure sack is a must have for any adventure.

The Treasure Sack Monster is another one of our multi-purpose models. While it can stand alone as a challenge for your adventurers, it can also be the after surprise when they try rummaging through a treasure sack looking for treasure.

New to this Kickstarter are our Fantasy Creatures. In our goal to bring the community high quality bases and accessories it was only a matter of time before we would round out your gaming experience with our Fantasy Creatures.

Our designers tried to bring our unique style to the game table by providing models in the same medium as our accessories. In addition we wanted to bring some models that you may not commonly see. Now you can complete your gaming experience with our fully colored and high quality creatures.

Our Stone Cruncher is a large 8 legged reptilian monster. Use it to terrorize your adventurers or as a minion for an even larger monster. The Stone Cruncher is a great addition to your game table.

The Water Serpent is one of our original creatures. Springing fourth from the water it can surprise your adventures as they attempt to cross the murky water or stop to drink from a nearby pool.

The Crone is a one of our creatures that can be use individually or part of a scene. Like all of the models it comes fully colored and shows the range of the 3D printing capability with finely blended colors on the robe.

The Cocatrice is another monster that you can add to any game scene. This model can serve as a challenge to any adventurer or a nice addition to your desk.

What would be more terrifying then watching the ground open beneath your feet only to be swallowed by a giant worm? Our Rock Worm will give your adventurers that feeling when they face our newest model.

The Rock Worm comes in two sizes so it can be used as a model on the game table or a decoration for your GM table. Then again you can use the collectible size for your adventure when you want to GM like a BOSS.

Our bases were featured in our first Kickstarter. Our supporters praised us on the quality and detail of our bases. Our bases come fully colored in a variety of sizes. We strive to provide bases versatile enough to appeal to any gamer while maintaining a unique look you can’t find anywhere else. Our bases are a fast and easy way to complete your model and give it a professional look without the pain and suffering of hand sculpting each one. When used to give your army a themed base, our bases save you time while maintaining the standards demanded by any army general.

Our Ship Dock Lipped Base is a great way to give your models a clean foundation to feature on the game table. Weather your fighting on a wooden floor, a dock, or the deck of a boat; our Ship Dock Lipped Bases will add the finishing touches to your model. This is a new base for our Ship Dock theme.

The Jungle Lipped Base adds a quick and clean jungle theme to your models. These bases show the true benefit of 3D printing with the detailed terrain of these bases.

The City Street Lipped Base is a new addition to our base line. Moving into the modern and futuristic themes these bases are great for any model looking to wage battle on the streets of the city. Take control of your game table with these bases.

The Lava and River Lipped Bases show how the 3D printed bases can quickly adapt to a new model simply by taking advantage of the ability to fully color the models. These two bases share a common sculpt but with the addition of color not commonly found in the 3D printing world, our bases can show two distinct themes.

Another popular base from our first Kickstarter, the Flagstone Lipped Base is the best way to show your models on a stone surface.

The Arcane Base is our most unique base. Thinking outside the box, we wanted to provide a base that was as much a focus as the model mounted on it. We feel our Arcane Bases achieved this standard.

Our collectible statues are a new product line being featured in this Kickstarter. While models and accessories are nice for the game table, we also like having cool items to put on our desk when we game or work. Finding high quality fantasy themed collectible statues can be difficult and we use the versatility of 3D printing to bring this to the community. The resolution and color capability of our printers allow us to create highly detailed models more quickly than hand painting ever could.

Our models come with the same quality as our other products and are fully colored with the quality and blending usually only found by careful hand painting. The models will come attached to a wooden base so they can be prominently displayed on any table.

Our Dragon Head Desk Statue was our second design. We wanted a dragon themed collectible and we felt the best place to start is with a dragon head. The head itself is over 4 inches tall and rises tall on its wooden base.

The Grumpkin was our first collectible design. We wanted an original model you would rarely see anywhere else and we feel we have captured that perfectly. The model shows the full range of color blending capable be the printer right down to his eyes. Carrying a bag of goodies he is on the search for anything that may catch his eye. The benefit of 3D printing and design is apparent as we look to offer varieties of this model in future releases.

The Giant is our newest model in our collectible line. A hulking brute he stands on a rocky base ready to crush any who approach with his massive club. We tried to add a high level of texture and shading to this model to bring it to life.

Here is a sneak peak into the dark underbelly of forgeprints! Here is a photo snapped of our production environment. You can see where the magic happens next to our all important wine storage department :)

Risks and challenges

All of the 3d printing hardware and software has already been purchased by Forgeprints so the risk to the kickstarter is very low. We are using the funds from this kickstarter to cover our material and production costs as well as fund new content creation and software development expenses.

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