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Complete cast miniature gaming terrain kits containing everything you need for the environment from Dungeon Tiles to Accessories.
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Preview of new Dungeon Entrance

Posted by Forge Prints (Creator)

Hello Guys and Girls!

I wanted to post a quick update and give everyone a sneak peak with some raw cell phone photos of our new Dungeon Entrance piece.  We wanted to create a replacement for our old Grand Dungeon Entrance on our web store, and as always we wanted to keep compatibility with our friends at Dwarven Forge as a key component!

This new piece is 100mm wide and 50mm deep.  A few of the photos have it with the new Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom pieces next to it.  It has two intricate double doors that swing open (this was a popular request from some of you backers!) It also has a magnet port on the bottom similar to the Dungeon of Doom pieces to support terrain trays!

Flanking the double doors are two hooded guardian statues holding mystical orbs, this piece will be thematically compatible with a new Adventurescape Environment that will be going directly to retail in the future.

These photos are from the final production molds and we are getting close to launching this pre-order on our web store.  You will see an email blast and a new kickstarter update when the pre-order is live!

The pre-order is only going to be for the month of July with units shipping out in August.

Kevin why would I want to pre-order my entrance instead of just getting it when its launched?  Well to encourage people to pre-order we are going to be offering it both unpainted and hand painted during the pre-order phase!  We are also going to have the piece come pre-magnatized for all customers.  We are also going to include another soon the be released item with each entrance for free only during the pre-order window!

All of this information and the free item will be detailed out on the pre-order page of our website.  I just wanted to share this information with you our kickstarter backers before we officially announce the pre-order.  We would also love any feedback here in the comments below!

Thanks again,



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    1. Michel Godbout on

      Thanks for the info Rabbit

    2. Rabbit Burner, Lagomorph Hivemind Minion

      @Michel - This Dungeon Entrance is compatible with Dwarven Forge's Dungeon of Doom, which introduced a concept known as terrain trays. These Trays are metal thus allowing anything magnetised to 'stick' to it. Virtually all the Dungeon of Doom pieces can be magnetized making dungeon builds more stable and easily transportable.
      For more info check out Dwarven Forge's Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter

    3. Michel Godbout on

      `Super nice, but I don't get the magnet part thingee. This is for what?

    4. Forge Prints 7-time creator on

      The Statues are not removable it is all a single solid piece.

      Currently the piece is cast as the base the 2 doors and the back wall. We then assemble the two doors into the slots in the base and the back wall. The back wall slots into the base and we actually add resin to the slots after at insert the doors. That effectively makes the entire piece a solid single piece with doors that swing open.

      Would it be preferred to receive the piece in its seperate components and then require you to glue it together? The only advantage I could see to that is you could paint the pieces individually and you could choose to not put in the doors.

      The disadvantage is it no longer is a single sold piece.

      What's your thoughts?

    5. David Drake on

      Very nice! Q's: Are the figures removable? Can they be produced that way? Will you produce optional entrance guardians?

    6. Iceycat

      Gimmie! Lol

    7. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      That's very snazzy. I will definitely order a painted one.