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The story of four New York painters struggling to pull off the show of their careers.
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And.... It's Here!! - Your copy of HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT the movie.

Posted by jmartini (Creator)

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Edmonton International Film Festival!

Posted by jmartini (Creator)

Dear Backers,

After a long film festival submission journey we finally have some great news to share: After 10 rejections (12 submissions - 1 more to go) we finally were accepted to a legit film fest!!! HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT will be screening on Thursday Night, September 29th, 2016 (and potentially the following day) at the Edmonton International Film Festival in Alberta Canada!! We will have more details as the event approaches but wanted to share the good news.

Also we have a few key delivery dates to finish up on incentives for Kickstarter Backers. These will be sent to the appropriate backer levels.

1: September 30th - All signed movie posters shipped (they're in and look great!) - Special Thanks to Executive Producer Steve Parker and Levelwing for their design!!

2: October 15th – Backers only streaming and or downloadable version of the film HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT w/ Extras  

3: October 30th – Backers only streaming and or downloadable version of soundtrack .

Warm regards,


HWP Signed Movie Poster
HWP Signed Movie Poster

 Official Hashtag for Edmonton International Film Festival:  #eiff15

Update and Photo Requests

Posted by jmartini (Creator)
Jerome's Visible Man exhibit opens to a packed room in Chelsea, NYC
Jerome's Visible Man exhibit opens to a packed room in Chelsea, NYC

Dear Backers, 

I hope everyone is having a good autumn so far!

September was pretty amazing as the last (hopefully!) shots for the film were completed with Jerome's solo exhibition featuring model Shaun Ross. The exhibition is still running until October 18th. Be sure to check it out if you are in NYC, as it’s well worth your time:

Jerome with model Shaun Ross at exhibit open
Jerome with model Shaun Ross at exhibit open
Jeff Mic'ing Jerome for final Interview at Shaun Ross Exhibit in NYC
Jeff Mic'ing Jerome for final Interview at Shaun Ross Exhibit in NYC

Update on the documentary:

I've been editing away. The private screening of the rough cut of HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT, for our Executive Producers, is currently scheduled for December 13th (we will have details on that once our NYC location is finalized). All of our Executive Producers are invited, along with the painters and a few industry folks, so please mark your calendars if you are in that group.

We will not be able to make this an open screening, sadly, as several film festivals require “first dibs” on screenings in order to enter…so this will be a rough cut showing only and we’ll be looking for feedback on the edit. These notes will be taken into consideration for January as we fine tune the final cut, and start entering all the major film festivals.

I will, of course, keep everyone apprised when the final cut of HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT is complete, and when and where you will be able to see it – I’m excited about sharing the final result!

Where I could use your help: 

I’d like to ask anyone who is able to help supplement some of the visuals I have already - I’m looking for photographs to help flesh out the edit as I push towards finalizing the background sections on each painter. If any of you do have some photos of the painters from their pasts - especially childhood and painting related - that would be great.

There are also some more generally themed photos that would be valuable as well - here are some specific requests:

  • 1) Canada winter shots during the 70’s (or landscapes of anytime) – Can be general, but Edmonton, Oshawa, Calgary would be great. 
  • 2) Outdoor winter sports in Canada – Kids playing hockey! – again can be general but from the 70’s or 80’s would be great. 
  •  3) Any photographs of 1980’s Paris 
  • 4) Any family shots of the painters - stuff relating to their background would be great 
  • 5) Any early artworks from the painters

I do have several images from the painters and friends themselves already, but the more the better as I try to tell background story of each individual. If you have any of the above items and are willing to share them with the film (meaning that you will relinquish copyrights, and allow the film to use them for free) that would be fantastic! Please email me at the below address and we can coordinate. I’m happy to offer a credit in the film to anyone that can assist with this.

Thanks again for your help, support and patience as we pull the film together and continue with the incentive fulfillments as we end the year, and move into 2015. Once again, I’m really looking forward to sharing HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT with all of you soon!



In the Cut

Posted by jmartini (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

First of all, I’d like to say thank you very much for your patience. For myself and the artists, the Round Zero exhibition and making of the HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT documentary has been a massive commitment, taking many unexpected twists and turns, albeit mostly positive ones. We’ve all been spending a lot of time balancing work and life demands (newborns included!) while chipping away at what needs to be accomplished to complete the film and continue to (slowly but surely) fulfill our promised incentives. Again, we are so appreciative for the momentum you were able to provide on this journey - we would not be at this point without you! 

In regards to the film: When we started the funding drive we thought it would take about a year for me to capture what was needed for a great story. Now, looking back at how things unfolded, I realize how important it was to extend filming beyond the original target date in order to continue documenting many additional life events (both good and bad) for the artists that have created an even richer palette to draw from to tell the HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT story in more compelling detail... Our final (FINAL!) footage will be shot in September at Jerome's New York solo show entitled "The Visible Man". The result will be a period of filming spanning over three and a half years. It's the longest-term project I have been involved in during my career to date, and also one of the most exciting. 

As you can probably imagine, all that film takes a lot of time to organize and edit (thus the title of this post). However, I’m glad to say that I’m at the tail end of the most time-consuming aspect of an edit like this – Synching and Cataloguing all that’s been shot, or “wrangling the footage” as I like to call it. 

More on the technical side (for those who are curious): Synching audio with the picture is required because I’ve leveraged a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera) for most of this project. The DSLRs give great picture quality but lack in the area of sound, so I’ve recorded high quality audio to separate devices throughout the shoots. But, even with the progress that software has gained in the past few years, it still remains a very time-consuming endeavor to join the two for the edit. After synching I’ve then been cataloguing the footage into organized reels with highlighted sections to grab story points for the final cut-down edit. 

Currently the raw footage spans over 3 Tera-Bytes (about 3.3) with about 101 reels (based on shooting session, time and scene… they average about an hour each), so I've estimated I have more than 100 hours of footage total. The goal is to edit this down to approximately an hour and a half of footage for the final cut of the film. 

To summarize: With the first major milestone in sight (I have about 10% to synch and catalogue left) I feel I have a clearer view of an accurate timeline as to when the film will be complete. You'll find this timeline listed below, along with some of the notable events I’ve filmed since our last update. I can also assure you we continue to work towards delivering the incentives that have required extra time, or are related to the final product, and we can't wait for you to receive them! As always we are very thankful for your support and continued interest as we push towards completion of the HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT feature-length documentary film. I look forward to sharing the next update - this project has taken us on an incredible adventure. As soon as it's finished, we will be gearing up towards hitting the film festival circuit in 2015. Thanks again! Warmest regards, 



Post-"Round Zero" Exhibition filming:

  • Continued Phone/Skype interviews along with several “check-in” style shoots throughout 2013 and into 2014.

Solo shows

  • Tim - retrospective at UNC Chapel Hill Sept 2013, and solo show in Washington, DC, Oct 2013
  • Taha - solo show in NYC March 2014
  • Joe - solo show in NYC March 2014  
  • Jerome - I will be filming Jerome’s solo show in September of 2014 ("The Visible Man" – centered around African-American albino super model, Shaun Ross)

Art Basel Miami - Tim, Jerome and Taha - December 2013

Four Man Final Sit-down Interview – April 2014

Estimated Delivery Timeline (incentives and film):

  • Movie Posters – Shipping in November 2014 
  • Rough Cut Movie Screening/Dinner with Exec Producers (Location TBA – either DC or NYC) - December 6th or 13th, 2014 
  • Exec Producer Original Art work(12x12) – November & December 2014 
  • Festival Ready cut - January 15th, 2015 
  • Digital Download of Film + Extras January 30, 2015 
  • Digital Download of score (mixed and mastered) February 2015 
  • All four Artist Books delivered January 2015

Website & Social Media:

  • Updates – Relevant Article, Pictures - September 15, 2014 
  •  Twitter account updated – August 8th, 2014 
  •  Online Store - t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise made available for purchase - January 2015 
  •  Next Backer Update – mid-September 2014, - after filming of Jerome’s exhibition

Round Zero Show Success & More Incentives in the mail

Posted by jmartini (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Last May's Round Zero show was a real success on many levels. The amount of support and people that came out to show their love was really incredible. The fact that we were able to put on the show because of you meant so much to the painters and myself as the filmmaker. I know I was not able to speak to several of you because I was behind the camera but please know that I was very grateful. Also to those who were there in spirit but not in body – we thank you for your support!  

Here's two excellent articles on the show BTW-

As far as incentives go we are slowly fulfilling all requests and apologize for it taking so long – the $125 level fulfillment have now been shipped so please look out for those. Obviously the incentives from the film side are going to take a bit longer as I am working on the edit. Once that’s done you will all receive information on where to download and so forth. On that note, the edit is taking some time. My goal is to be done in order to hit the festivals for early 2014, meaning that I am about 5 months away. The main production of the film is complete now, save for some final interviews that I will be wrapping up in August and September. I will keep you informed of the progress as I chip away at the edit. The good news is, as I watch the footage, I get really excited, feeling that there is an amazing story here. Hopefully you all will feel the same way when you view the final!

As far as sales go, there are several paintings that are still for sale from the show. Please contact us if you have interest or know of someone who would have interest in the artworks, or other merchandise – T-shirts, Posters, Prints and such. We will be putting all merchandise up on the site this month to sell and will also be asking you to spread the word. We are trying to generate some sales back as we have had to dig a bit to finish the show and film – Amazingly the money goes fast, as we have had to combine from our own resources (the tax man didn’t help us much either last year). 

In closing I’d like to comment about the experience of filming, what I believe was the last shot of the film during the closing of the show. A wave of emotion came over me as I filmed Tim thanking the crowd and again as I said goodbye to the painters. A project that I had worked on for over 2 years (and will probably end up being 3 after editing and promotions) had come to a major milestone. Over those two years I had experienced new friendships with four very talented, struggling artists, seen them go through ups, downs and downs and ups. Watched one artist rebound from disaster from the storm, another pull together a massive amount of work while raising a large family, another’s career grow from the raw beginnings to a major momentum charge and another deal with outside scrutiny about his motives while pushing forward. All four painters continued to create an amazing, diverse body of work while facing trials and tribulations. All four, in my opinion, stayed true to whom they are. And although there were some bumps and bruises along the way, I think each one grew not only in their art but as people and friends. It has been an awesome journey. Thank you all for being a part of it and making it happen! -Much Love, Jeff

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