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The story of four New York painters struggling to pull off the show of their careers.

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HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT is a feature length documentary film about four Brooklyn-based figurative painters: Jerome Lagarrigue, Joseph Adolphe, Tim Okamura, and Taha Clayton. They are all at different points in their respective careers, but they share the common struggle to survive the difficult, often grueling, challenges of the art world. Each artist has a unique set of circumstances that presents obstacles in his pursuits, but together their uncommon friendship provides the moral support to spur them onwards. Their artistic efforts will intersect when the four painters attempt to pull off an ambitious collaborative show - putting the purity of their craft, and their ideals, to the test – but also bringing the potential to land them in the spotlight of the highly competitive New York art scene.

Filmmaker Jeff Martini, and the four artists need YOUR HELP to move forward with the planned exhibition and the completion of HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT.

Our Kickstarter campaign provides a fantastic opportunity for you to show your support – every dollar that is donated will be an important, and highly appreciated (!), contribution towards helping us achieve our project goals.


 1)     Production costs for the planned exhibition at the New York Art Directors Club (slated to open December 10th, 2012).

2)     Continued production costs for ongoing documentary filming (begun March 2011, and slated to be completed January 2013) and post-production costs for a completed feature length film (by May 2013, release date TBA).

However, we MUST reach our pledge goal by 5pm on June 15th, 2012 or we will receive none of the funds that you pledge. That’s right, it’s all or nothing - we must meet our minimum by this time to receive this all-important funding which will provide us the opportunity to mount the exhibition and finish the film.

Please take the time to watch the HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT trailer and to learn more about these four fantastic artists and their work. There are many wonderful incentives that you can qualify to receive based on your generosity – including signed memorabilia, limited edition prints, and even original artworks!

Thank you very much for your time – we truly appreciate any and all donations (no matter how small) you can contribute to help us reach our funding goal and make this truly inspiring project possible!

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Great article from New Haven Independent Press


Joseph Adolphe

Born in Calgary, Canada in 1968, Joseph moved to New York City in 1992 to attend graduate school at the School of Visual Arts.  He is currently represented by The Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in NYC and The Kehler Liddell gallery in New Haven. He is a professor in the department of Fine Arts at St. John’s university in NY where he teaches drawing and painting. Joseph lives with his wife and children in New Haven, CT. 

Taha Clayton

An emerging artist with no academic training but rather self-taught, gathering inspiration from his passion of music, the world around him and his vivid imagination. Born in Houston, TX, raised in Toronto, ON and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Clayton’s paintings pulls the viewer into a dreamlike world, guiding them through a story built from his own experiences, environment and fantasy.  His realistic renderings are not only aesthetically refreshing but addresses social and political issues, spiritual and moral virtues, and universal expression in love and life.

Tim Okamura

Born in Edmonton, Canada, painter Tim Okamura earned a B.F.A. with Distinction at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada before moving to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts in 1991.  After graduating with an M.F.A. in 1993, Okamura relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where he continues to live and work.

His artwork has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London, England; galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada; and is included in the permanent collection of the Davis Museum as well as the private collections of  celebrity clients such as John Mellencamp and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson.

Tim Okamura is represented by Lyons Wier Gallery in New York, and Douglas Udell Gallery in Canada.

Jerome Lagarrigue

Born in 1973 to a French father and an American mother, and was raised in Paris. He moved to the United states in 1992 and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (class of 1996).

He has since received several awards for his work, including the Coretta Scott King/ John Steptoe Award  as well as the Ezra Jack Keats Award (2002).

He taught a drawing and painting class at the Parsons School of Design in New York from 1997 to 2005.

In 2005 , he was one of the recipients of the grant and residency program at Villa Medici in Rome. At the end of  his saty, he held a solo exhibition in the villa’s main gallery, entitled “Paesaggio del Viso” (Landscapes of the Face).

In 2007 he collaborated with celebrated African-American poet Maya Angelou, for the illustrations of her book Poetry for young people.

In 2009, Jerome Lagarrigue was commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera to paint Tosca. The painting was part of the opera’s set design (season 2009-2010 opening, directed by Luc Bondy, set design by Richard Peduzzi).

He also created Round Zero, a video project commemorating Rumble in the Jungle, the historic fight held in Kinshasa (Zaire) in 1974 between Mohammad Ali and Georges Foreman.

The artist resides and works in Brooklyn. He is represented by Galerie Olivier  Waltman (Paris/Miami) and Dolby Chadwick gallery in San Francisco.


HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT est un film-documentaire sur 4 peintres figuratifs vivant et travaillant à Brooklyn: Jérôme Lagarrigue, Joseph Adolphe, Tim Okamura et Taha Clayton. Ils sont à des étapes différentes de leur carrière mais ils ont en commun leur lutte quotidienne et les défis, parfois exténuants, que leur présente le monde de l’art. Chaque artiste doit faire face à son lot d’obstacles; mais leur amitié hors du commun leur fournit le support moral nécessaire pour aller de l’avant .

Leurs efforts artistiques s’unissent à présent dans le projet ambitieux d’une exposition collective – leur donnant ainsi l’opportunité d’éprouver la pureté de leur démarche artistique et de se retrouver sur le devant de la très compétitive scène artistique new-yorkaise. 

Le réalisateur Jeff Martini ainsi que les 4 artistes-peintres ont besoin de VOTRE AIDE pour pouvoir avancer dans leur projet d’exposition et terminer le tournage de HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT. Notre campagne Kickstarter vous offre la formidable opportunité de démontrer votre soutien – chaque dollar donné comptera sera grandement apprécié et nous aidera à atteindre notre objectif et à réaliser ainsi nos projets. 

VOS GENEREUSES DONATIONS IRONT AUX PROJETS SUIVANTS: 1/ Coûts de production de l’exposition prévue au New York Art Directors Club (date du vernissage: 10 décembre 2012) 2/ Coûts de production du tournage du film-documentaire (commencé en mars 2011, son bouclage est prévu fin 2012, sa date de sortie est à déterminer). 

Cependant, ils nous faut ABSOLUMENT atteindre notre “promesse de don” avant le 15 juin 2012 à 17heures (ET) sinon nous ne pourrons recevoir aucun des fonds que vous vous êtes engagés à donner. Et oui, il s’agit d’un concept “tout ou rien” – nous devons atteindre notre objectif minimum dans ce délai afin de recevoir ce financement de la plus grande importance qui nous donnera l’opportunité de monter l’exposition et de terminer le film. 

Merci de prendre le temps de visionner la bande-annonce de HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT et de faire plus ample connaissance avec ces 4 artistes-peintres hors-pair et leur oeuvre. Nous avons prévu de nombreux cadeaux-“incitatifs” pour vous remercier de votre générosité (variant en fonction de vos dons) – comprenant des séries limitée d’épreuves signées ainsi que des oeuvres originales! Nous vous remercions vivement pour le temps que vous voudrez bien nous accorder. Nous apprécions sincèrement toute donation (quel qu’en soit le montant). Vous allez nous aider à atteindre notre “objectif de financement” et permettre à ce projet exaltant de voir le jour!


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