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3D printing digital DragonBite & OpenLOCK STL files. 3D print Miniatures, wargames, RPG, terrain and more with your own 3D printer.
3D printing digital DragonBite & OpenLOCK STL files. 3D print Miniatures, wargames, RPG, terrain and more with your own 3D printer.
3D printing digital DragonBite & OpenLOCK STL files. 3D print Miniatures, wargames, RPG, terrain and more with your own 3D printer.
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    1. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator 4 days ago

      The Multi-level pack you refer to is the 'City Pack' which contains all the blocks, balconies, roof and other modular bits to compose you custom city.

    2. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator 4 days ago

      @Lisa Kellogg,
      You have a minimum of three months to download your files, after which we are not obliged to keep the service going. The only purpose of this service is to deliver the rewards derived from the Kickstarter campaign. We are not a file hosting company or storage service and three months is more than enough time in which to download your files.
      If you need a file hosting or storage company to store your files effectively, try Google Drive or Dropbox which are free.

    3. Lisa Kellogg
      4 days ago

      I am concerned about the limited amount of time you give to receive the files what if I lose my files I worry about this. My files for the last kickstarter have already expired I wish you gave more time thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Wandering_Not_Lost 4 days ago

      Aaaand as soon as I ask, I find it.
      Never mind =)

    5. Missing avatar

      Wandering_Not_Lost 4 days ago

      So, maybe I missed it, has the multi-level city set dropped yet?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan Johnson
      6 days ago

      I am very excited about this KS. SO MANY FILES!!!!!! I just started printing the pyramid from Jungle Fever at full 28mm scale for my current campaign. It is HUGE! It can't wait to drop this on my players. Thanks for some really great material!

    7. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      Thank you very much for your kind words and feedback on our project, We are really glad that you liked the designs and that they are printing out great for you.
      We included an index file for graphic reference of each piece in most directories and a Readme for most pieces, with specific details.
      There was also some example pictures you can use as a guide, but I understand what you mean, it would have been great to include plans and how to, especially with the 'City' pack which has some many options to customize and practically create any architype edifice.
      We might do this on our website in our 'Reveal' section in the near future, stay tuned to 'Lovecraft's' Facebook page.

    8. torrential_terrain on

      What a fabulous Kickstarter! Thank you Iain for these excellent digital sculpts! I am really impressed with the quality of the printed items.
      The only thing missing (for me) would be a guide or suggestions on how to assemble or create houses, parts of streets etc so as to know exactly what to print and how many copies.. but that would just be the icing on the cake!

    9. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Riordon Treylourne,
      We sent you an email two weeks ago, with the documentation for you to fill your commercial license information. We have also left a message two weeks ago in this Kickstarter message box, asking for confirmation of receipt. We have received no reply.
      Please contact us so that we may register your information and proceed with the delivery.
      To contact us use Kickstarter message box or email us at
      Hope to hear from you, Thanks.

    10. Riordon Treylourne

      Hi Iain
      I don't seem to have received any links so far

    11. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Hakan Tandogan,
      The 'Spartacus model(Crucifixion)' comes with the Stretch Goal, but we have not announced or made news of it because this might be sensitive material for some backers, as it has 'religious' and 'Torture' connotations.
      We will be including it though, because it s a historical event and fact. A method of social control heavily used by the romans, so we feel it has place in our showing of the 'Roman way of life'.

    12. Hakan Tandogan

      Impatiently, I downloaded ALL THE GIGABYTES !1!!1!! :)

      One question though: Is the "Spartacus (Crucifixion)" model part of the Stretch Goals? I really would love to add some of them to my dioarama of the twisting road leading to the evil tower :)

    13. Churchill

      Countdown till the Arena....

    14. Missing avatar

      Fons Libert on

      Excellent, thank you Iain!

    15. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Fons Libert,
      'City Pack' is expected today or tomorrow.(31/07/18)
      'Stretch Goals', before the end of the week.
      'Roman Galley' in about 14 days.(Hopefully less)

      There's a lot of Gigabytes to download, so get ready!

    16. Missing avatar

      Fons Libert on

      Hi, can you give us an idea when to expect the City Pack?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gary Bitters on

      Downloaded the miniatures today can’t wait to print and love the different options for bases. Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary Bitters on

      Has anyone gotten their logon yet

    19. Fred Williams on

      Are there any updates? Looking forward to this.

    20. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      Great Kickstarter, it was a heap of fun to run! See you on the next one...

    21. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Rastl & Renaat,
      Spectators, rowers, chariots and others, unfortunately are outside of what already is a huge project. There are definite plans to bring you all of this, but it will fall in the domains of 'ROME II' 'The Empire Strikes Back'. (Joking about the title)

    22. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Baphomet & YCSWYD,
      I hope you enjoyed the show :) It was quite spectacular right at the end, like one of our backers said, we were all feeling 'Giddy' when it finished! :)

    23. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Cairn12 & Gianpaolo Tomasi,
      Thank you, and thank you for your awesome support of our project.

    24. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      We will wait the 2 weeks for KS to collect the funds and then wait an additional week to receive the funds. After this we will prepare the files for distribution, it is rather a large project so this may take a week or two, but definite delivery in July.
      We will get in touch with Licensees soon, to sort out the documentation and possibly start with some early test printing for commercial purposes.

    25. Renaat (no more KS) on

      Super kickstarter and looking forward to printing these. So, about those seated spectators, .... ;-)

    26. Gianpaolo Tomasi on

      Congratulations for a fantastic Kickstarter!

    27. Rastl on

      Will there be rowers for the War Galley? And if we ask nicely enough could they be converted to also be seated spectators? I promise this is the last time I'll bring it up. Maybe...

    28. Cairn12

      Congratulations, Iain ! Another great Kickstarter with wonderful rewards. Well worth the price.

    29. Baphomet


    30. Churchill

      I cannot wait to start printing these files. The Factorium is ready for operation!

    31. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Awesome Backer Community,
      Congrats on the complete stretch goal unlock, well deserved!
      Its been a real Mega ending... well 3 hours left still :)

    32. YCSWYD

      Awesome Project!!!

    33. Roberto Elia on

      Goal achieved! Maintain firm Your pledges, please... don't risk to loose this winning for a few euros...

    34. Zamburak

      Another 4 added.
      Ramming speed!!🤨

    35. Cairn12

      Just upped mine by another 2 euros, for a total of 4. Only 126 euros to go and ~4 hours to get there. It's up to the Grognards now, so En Avant, Mes Amis !

    36. Trevor Barton on

      Upped by €4! Let’s get this sassy ship sailing!

    37. Rastl on

      Upped my pledge by €2 to try to get us there!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ryan Johnson

      We are just 2 Colossus pledges away! Who doesn't want a Roman-Mesoamerican mashup? C'mon!

    39. Hakan Tandogan

      Another few bucks from here too, even if I had bought the Appian Way and Terrain tiles before the KS started :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      Upped my pledge too 90 euro for the win

    41. Cairn12

      Current pledge total is 17,645 euros. If every one of the 199 backers ups his/her pledge by just 2 euros, we'll go over the 18,000 required with room to spare.

    42. Cairn12

      Just increased mine from 88 to 90 euros, too. Come on guys, let's work together to get this done.

    43. Roberto Elia on

      Increased my pledge from 88€ to 90€. Let's go, together we can do it!

    44. Baphomet

      €233! Woohoo!

    45. Cairn12

      We can watch overnight to see what develops, but if no new backers come in, all that is necessary to unlock the War Galley is for each backer to increase his pledge by 1 euro. So, we should easily be able to make a clean sweep of all Stretch Goals. Woo-Hoo !

    46. Rastl on

      @Barrie - I'm in agreement on the seated minis. Those are really hard to find. Gladiators not as much and it would be nice to print those as well but the seated ones would have been great to have in the campaign.

    47. Missing avatar

      Barrie MacDonald

      Really looking forward to this would have liked some Gladiators and Seated Spectators for the Games,maybe next time.
      Great work

    48. torrential_terrain on

      only 1,300 left until the war galley..
      C'mon row backers, row

    49. Missing avatar


      The amphitheater is pretty cool. Any plans (or perhaps there are some already) for flame inserts for the braziers?

    50. Iain Lovecraft 3-time creator on

      @Zamburak & Loren 62,
      Thank you guys, its comments like this that keep you going through 14 hour days :)

      Love U guys, Cheers!

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