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A film-quality set of redesigned handouts and props for Masks of Nyarlathotep, a campaign for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.
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An Update

Posted by Ben Patey (Creator)

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Shipping Update

Posted by Ben Patey (Creator)

Hi Everyone, 

It's been a little while, due to an insane starting schedule at this new job and other regular life things. 

I just want to let everyone know, that, while it slowed down for a little there, shipping is continuing and everything is moving forward. I wanted to take a little time to re-organize the packing process to ensure a minimum of mistakes were made- a few of the first sets shipped had 1-2 pieces missing. 

At this point, about 200 of the basic sets have shipped and we are moving onto the more complicated higher tiers. 

I am working to get this shipped out as fast as possible, and to deal with any problems that arise and I hope you all understand I am doing my best as one person. 


Shipping Update

Posted by Ben Patey (Creator)

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for being out this week. Starting a new job and having my girlfriend move in took most of my attention. 

Current status: 

  • We are finishing shipping basic domestic sets, and will soon move onto international orders. Following shipping of all basic sets, we will be moving onto larger boxes.
  • If you have inquired at any of the email addresses we've provided we will respond to you, it's just super busy at this time, and we're doing our best to keep up.

We have been pulling some pretty long hours doing some pretty tedious work, and I really appreciate all of your patience while we get this out. Once everything has shipped, we will regroup and do everything necessary to sort out any issues.


Our support line is now open!

Posted by Ben Patey (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Its been a really crazy week, and I apologize for the lack of communication. A few notes:

  • The maps are coming, but due to a multitude of factors they will have to be shipped seperately, following everything else. I apologize for this, and in the meantime I will provide PDFs for you all.
  • Soundscapes are coming ASAP as well. More on that later.
  • It looks like a few odds and ends were missed from some of the first shipments. I'm hoping this is due to the packing system we began with, which was quickly optimized. If anyone has any issues, we will definitely get you everything you ordered. To help with this, we have a new email address, 
  • I will be getting back to everyone who has already messaged me ASAP, but have not had the time over the last few days.

    Thank you all for your patience!

Even more shipping (and a timelapse)

Posted by Ben Patey (Creator)

We've been hard at work. 

As of this coming Monday, every single basic set should have shipped, and we will move on to the larger sets and foreign backers. It seems like a few people have confirmed receiving their sets and have posted photos in a few places.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns!