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$20,877 pledged of $65,000 goal
By Matthias Schmitt
$20,877 pledged of $65,000 goal

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    1. Matthias Schmitt Creator on November 16, 2012

      Dear Larry,

      This is Jose Luis Cortes, director of the film The Bohemians.

      First and foremost, thank you very much for your pledge and for taking the time to comment on our post. I’m sorry it took me a little time to reply.

      Here are brief answers to your questions:

      1) As an artist I have been experimenting in different fields such as painting, photography, graphic design, film, etc. This poster was just a little idea that I had in mind. I’m the kind of person who likes to put ideas into practice and my producers liked the idea of showing some of my “other” works in this campaign to backers. The image we used for this poster is, as you noted, the face of the stunningly beautiful Suzanne Kantorski-Merrill but I ensure you that this is not an image of Mimi sick but of the reflection of the moon on her face when Rodolfo is serenading her with the aria “Que gelida manina…” We’ll take your comments into consideration (crowdfunding doesn’t exclude crowdsourcing ideas!) and I encourage you to see the film (I’m sure you will) because this scene in the poster is probably one of the most visually striking parts of this movie. All my cast and crew including myself are very proud of these images.

      2) Since the beginning of this process we have been very concerned about how to explain what we are trying to do without pushing away those that might be “scared” of opera. The other problem we were facing is that we filmed this movie with piano tracks and the voices where recorded on locations to match the pre-recorded piano. To be short, we don’t have yet the recording of the orchestra and that is why we are asking for your pledge. We cannot use any recordings of La Bohème because of copyright constraints. “Laying on the ground” is a song composed by a very talented artist and we are planning to use it on the film, just to give the movie the authenticity we are looking for and add to the core of Puccini’s score in an incremental way. After all this is a modern adaptation of a universal story. As you can see we have added some more operatic music on our new campaign video and we will add more clips as the project progresses but we want to do it carefully because we understand that a potential audience will be people with great knowledge in opera, like you, and we want to make sure that they see and hear the best singing ever. This is a work in progress and I assure you that you will be very pleased and proud of your support to us.

      Please do not hesitate to post more comments and to keep visiting our website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

      Jose Luis Cortes

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry Beston on November 14, 2012

      Two suggestions:
      1) Re the promotional poster, the image of Mimi is ghostly pale. I know that Puccini's Mimi is sickly but it doesn't do justice to the beauty of Ms Kantorski-Merrill. Why not crop the image of her at the microphone and use that in this poster?

      2) When I first saw the trailer, I was turned off wondering how I could ever enjoy this movie. After thinking about it for many days, my opinion is that it is the trailer's music that initiially distanced me from it. I thought that I might not hear Puccini's great arias. The trailer music didn't fit for me.

      Once I watched Adam Margulies' Kickstarter video, I was convinced that this will be a wonderful movie. My point is that you may want to consider alternative music in the trailer. "Laying On The Ground" is distracting. An audio piece that grabs the viewer and assures us that these beloved arias are indeed part of this new movie is what I'm suggesting.

      I am humbled at the opportunity to express an opinion and hope for the success of this movie so that people like me can see this modern adaptation and artistic creation of the world's greated opera.