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They want you both dead for what you did, but they'll never find you here. Knock at the door. Says he's out of gas. So it begins...

After years of producing award-winning short films on budgets of less than $500, we want to see what kind of magic we can make with a slightly larger chunk of change. We're going to find out when we produce our next flick, Dead Right There. And you are going to make it happen for us.

Dead Right There

…is a story about a wife who’s done something bad to give her and her husband a shot at a better life. It’s about a husband who has worked shit jobs his entire adult life in order to provide for the woman he loves, a woman he now has to both follow and protect in the wake of what’s she’s done even though he knows it will likely cost both of their lives. It’s about another man, a man who came to the door of the place they thought was safe, a man they fear, a man who they find at their mercy, a man whose role in their lives confuses them. And it’s about the decisions each of them make as the situation they tangle themselves in comes to a head. When all is said and done, at least one of them will be a corpse resting in the north Georgia countryside.

This is the first in a series of shorts that we're going to tie together as a feature length anthology that tells the story of an unlikely hit man seeking redemption. 

Who are you people?

The good looking guy with all the talent and smarts is Brian (me). The other guy is John. Not pictured is Tim. We've made movies together since 2005. John likes to hike, Tim rides a Harley, and I got stuck with cancer. I'm doing much better now. We're middle-aged, we're a bit overweight, and we're definitely the least cool guys in the room. We reside in north Georgia, but not together. And we're each married to women who wish we'd find a less expensive and less time-consuming hobby, like space exploration. 

What are you going to do with my money, Chief?

When it comes to filmmaking, $2,000 is a spit in the bucket, even by low budget movie standards. Luckily we have a track record of pulling off some pretty amazing things for next to nothing. Our most expensive short film to date cost around $600, and it went on to win Best Local Short at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and it aired multiple times on the local Atlanta PBS affiliate. Now imagine how far we can go with enough funding to get our hands on better equipment and afford more crew members. Are you imagining it? I'm imagining Kate Beckinsale. Okay, now I'm imaging the quality of movie we can create with adequate funding. It’s sweet!

We budgeted the movie with that increased production value in mind. The funds that you donate to us will go toward renting light kits, renting audio equipment, wardrobe, props, production design, makeup, gaffer tape, compensating cast and crew for gas when we ask them to drive 50 miles to a location, and of course we have to feed everyone. Once we’re through shooting we have to edit the movie, and when we’re done editing we have to pay submission fees to try and enter it into festivals, and once we’re in some festivals we’ll need promotional materials like posters and flyers so folks will choose to see our movie instead of Transformers vs. Rocky IV or whatever else is premiering that same night.

So you can see that when you start crunching the numbers, we're squeezing every penny out of that $2,000.

What are your plans with this thing when it's done?

We plan to completely sell out. My kids really want a pool. But if that doesn't work out, we plan to enter Dead Right There into a few festivals, get it on television (which we've done with another short film of ours), and then get it on the web. I think that the point of any artistic project should be getting it in front as people as possible so you can share your vision. Festivals are fun but they don't offer a wide audience. 

After this, we're going to expand Dead Right There and explore what happens with the central character after the events in this short have played out. Somewhere in this character is a story about finding redemption. 

All or Nothing

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing venture. We have 30 days to raise the $2,000 - which is the minimum we need to produce this movie. If we don't hit that goal, we get nothing and you keep your donation and everyone is very sad and nothing will ever be the same for anyone ever again. Conversely, if we hit our $2,000 goal before the 30 days is up then we continue fundraising until time runs out. Anything we raise above the minimum we need goes toward taking the production up a few notches - we rent better equipment, maybe we can afford to add another day or 2 to production so we can take our time to get things done right - and everyone is happy and the world is a brighter place in which to live.

Thank You!

Thank you for your donation! Please note that you're not just giving away your money to us. Besides becoming a part of this project, you're also earning one of the awesome rewards that you see to your right. The more you're able to donate, the more spectacular the reward. But don't feel bad if you can't donate at a high level - after going through cancer treatments for the better part of a year, during which I was out of work, I'm still struggling to get back on my feet, so I understand if you can't afford to throw even a few bucks our way. But if you can afford to donate, even at the smallest level, every dollar helps and makes a big difference! So again I say thank you! You're the best!


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